Greg Romero Previews USA Olympic Uniform

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Coach Greg Romero previews olympic uniform

Facebook recently rolled out their live video streaming feature to the general user base, and it has been very well received. Widely used to broadcast random races, or tell stories in a very rich fashion, Greg Romero has used the capability to successfully chronicle live training sessions with his athletes. Read more

Review: Greg Romero’s Race Day DVD

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BMX Training Race Day DVD

The fifth in Coach Greg Romero’s DVD series covers every-aspect of race day preparation, visualization and positive-response. The 30-minute program packs-in four high-impact chapters, plus some closing thought that will help you prep at the local track before you hit the parking lot on the day of the next big race. “Race smarter and use your head to win” is how G frames it in the opening titles.

Chapter One: Preparing for the track.

In the opening chapter, Coach G covers the all-important preparation leading in to race day. This is material that is not normally covered, and gives viewers insider tips on how to arrive and thrive with a “Business Focused Approach.”

Chapter Two covers warmup strategies. One of the key quotes in this chapter is “Don’t over-do it. It’s not a training session, but a quick session to wake up the mind and body.” Coach G gets into the granular details on how to structure your warm up, whether you have 10 minutes between laps, or several hours–making it primo for any rider, in any class.

BMX News Training and Coaching, Presented by Pro Gate
BMX Training and Coaching, Presented by Pro Gate

Chapter Three is all about making the most of your practice time at the races. You may think it’s just about ripping a gate, and trying to get out ahead of the guy next to you. But there is so much more you should be doing to optimize your few laps on the track before race time. Coach Romero gives us three goals to stick to for all practices. One of the things we liked most about this chapter was the advice Coach gave on working with different gate set-ups, and how you can adjust your form to get the best start.

The heart of the program is the fourth and final chapter: Race Strategy. “BMX Racing is a very quick and competitive chess match” is how the chapter starts, as he sets the tone for the lessons to follow. Again, Greg goes super-granular and shows more than a dozen examples of actual race footage, where he critiques the on-track moves of both elite and amateur riders, then gives live-tips on how to best execute your race strategy when faced with these scenarios.

“Tactics are a big part of racing. Sometimes riders lack the bravery to employ racing tactics and all they want to do is ride in their own lane the entire track.” This quote gives a blunt peek into the real-deal world of what a BMX coach does. He is there to make you race smarter, and at your best–and sometimes, that means confronting the elephant in the proverbial room and helping you get past your “nice guy” ways on the track.

Coach G closes out with some solid advice you should use in practice and training sessions at the local track. “Work on race simulation in practice,” and “practice executing when the pressure is on” are both key tips, among many others, to help you in those important sessions when it is not down to a 20-minute practice session before a group of super-important race laps.

BMX News screened the DVD with a couple trusted reviewers–”Coach Dads” themselves.

Here was some of the feedback:

“This video is great. The narration is kind of dry and emotionless, but the material is definitely on-point. There is a lot in here that we work on in our own “coach dad” sessions, but it will mean a lot coming from Greg Romero to reinforce those points.”

“I’m ordering a copy so I can sit my rider down and make him put on the headphones to watch it (a few times).”

The tagline for the whole program is “Prepare, Strategize and Win!” This DVD delivers on the first two in a big way. Order it, watch it repeatedly, then the third part is up to you.

At the end, you’ll find an exclusive link to a bonus-content PDF on goal setting. The five-page PDF gives you goal setting advice, examples of how you might set your goals, and a form you can complete to get on the proper path to setting your own goals–which is important for anyone who is truly-serious about taking their racing to the next level.


Order the Race Day DVD

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Review: Greg Romero’s “Sprinting Secrets” DVD

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Review: Sprinting Secrets DVD

Coach Greg Romero is out with his latest DVD: Sprinting Secrets. This follows up his last DVD, Faster First Straights, to add another puzzle piece to your gameboard of race day game.

We solicited the help of two co-reviewers who do sprint training on a weekly basis to help evaluate the information and its digestibility.

Things get down to business right out of the gate (yuk, yuk), by laying out the three sections the training will cover. Benefits of Sprint Training, Sprint Training Metrics and Sprint Training Methods. The program also takes us through a sprint training session, start to finish–which was helpful to be able to see if “we’re doing it wrong.”

Corben Sharrah is back again as the featured rider, and makes it all look so easy.

One thing this DVD is NOT, and you need to know this up front, is a DVD of “edits.” It is not an entertainment DVD, it’s a TRAINING program DVD. There are some great insights into the WHY of sprint training, and it will help you up your program, for sure. But there is not a lot of “ooh and ahh” here. It’s business hours, straight-up.

And while the “why” of a BMX sprint training program may seem obvious, Coach G frames it in a way that makes you feel smarter, just by doing it–something he covers six minutes in by talking about focus and rider confidence through sprinting.

In the Sprint Metrics section, Greg breaks down the eight metrics that go into a proper sprint workout. Our panel said that most people who are already doing a regular sprint routine will be doing most of these eight steps already–but also noted that some new ideas were delivered, and hearing it presented in a more formal manner caused them to make their own eight steps more deliberate, and focused. This is important, in that the video will be of value to both experienced sprinters and those just getting started on a program.

The Sprinting Methods section dissects the proper form for each type of sprint. This is especially helpful for parent coaches who need to know what the proper form “looks like,” and also how it should be executed by their rider. Riders who are self-training can use the DVD alongside their own video of their session to make sure they are in the zone. This section puts heavy emphasis on holding the “forward acceleration” form while you’re sprinting, as opposed to the pop-a-wheelie giddy-up of a gate start launch.

We like the fact that the DVD provided specific information on building-out your own program. As one example, when talking about Box Sprints, we are told how many pedal strokes a proper sprint “effort” should be, how long the rest interval should be, and how many efforts (how many actual sprints) you should be doing when you are building strength, maintaining or peaking. That is solid actionable intel.

One thing that got a “busted!” chuckle out of our panel was when Greg said downhill sprinters should always walk their bikes back up the hill. “Yeah, I never do that.” And, also that uphill sprints shouldn’t be done the week of a race because “the demand is very, very hard on the body.” “Oops!” was all that was said by one of our panelists.

At the halfway mark, we start getting in to some great tips for warming up, and strength training exercises you can do without heading to the gym.

In the homestretch, the “Putting it all Together” section does exactly what it says it’s going to do–tie it al together for you in a neat little package you can then take an begin to act upon. That includes specific sprint methods, intervals, warm-up and post-sprint work. It’s everything you need to get started today, and a program you can follow to hit those next levels of improvement. There are some great common sense tips as well, like “do one type of sprint per session.” Both of our co-reviewers confessed to doing flat ground and downhill (for example) in the same session.

The concept of sprinting your bike from point A to point B seems pretty straightforward, and uncomplicated. “Get on, go fast, rest, repeat.” But when you are making said effort in order to optimize your training and improve your racing, it benefits you greatly to know the “why” behind a lot of this stuff, and the “how” of doing it right. That’s the difference between training “by chance” and training “with purpose.”

So, if we were giving “Sprinting Secrets” a sub title, it would be “Beyond the Obvious,” because Coach G takes us in to such deep detail on the anatomy of a proper sprint program that it really is one of those things that make you go “hmmm.” One of our reviewers said it best: “Overall, this video takes a ton of the guess work out of sprint conditioning.” That right there, is worth the price of admission.

Sprinting Secrets is available as a DVD or digital download if you’re the instant gratification type (like us). Either format is $29.95 (plus shipping, if you opt for the physical DVD). A three-thumbs-up value to get the most out of the big bucks you spend on racing each year.

Here is the official trailer:

NEW Sprinting Secrets BMX Training DVD from on Vimeo.


Sprinting Secrets Info/Ordering Page

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Blast the First Straight Faster

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Greg Romero Faster First Straight DVD

Coach Greg Romero’s latest DVD, “Faster First Straight” was released just before the Grands. Already, thousands of your competitors have been watching it on a constant loop, pulling every morsel of gate-to-turn meat off the proverbial bone.

Of course, it’s never too late to join the first straight power posse, as Coach G’s sage advise is timeless–so order-up, and face-off against the aforementioned binge viewers in the gate with absolute confidence.

The one-hour DVD starts with the “Art of the Holeshot,” as exhibited by some rockin race footage, featuring the oh-so-sweet slo-mo of Justin Kosman’s camerawork. It is all in-aid-of leading you through rippin-great gate starts, then on to sprint and strength training–all the components needed to clean up on race day.

The show is voiced by Coach G, himself, and we can tell you true that he worked hard, as he always does on all of his DVDs, to put together a program that delivers on the promise of the title.

Here’s the official trailer:

Shipping now from J&R at $29.95. BUT, BMX News readers get 15% off when you use the discount code JRSPOT15 at checkout.

More Info/Ordering

Faster First Straight DVD

Also, if you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you…Coach G’s previous release…

BMX Racing Skills DVD

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Train-Up With the New Coach G DVD

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Greg Romero and Corben Sharrah in the BMX Racing Skills DVD

The time is almost here–you know…the New Year’s resolution to train like you should have been training all of 2012. And 2011. It’s OK…we’re a big club.

Well, “tomorrow” gets here today when you press play with Coach Greg Romero and Corben Sharrah. The 45-minute video goes into every aspect of your trip around the track–from gate to last straight. As producer, Greg gives the gee-rific granular bits of proper form, body placement on the bike, and what you’ll look like when you are not in the proper position of power.

This DVD is not necessarily “entertainment.” You’re not going to see tons of awesome race footage and be stoked to go out and try to be like the pros. NoSir, this disc is racing home school–for the BMX technician who wants to optimize and strategize. The kind of person who wants to be first to the finish line, and the last called onto the podium. You are going to watch it again and again, getting more prime nuggets with each play. That said, there is race footage, which is used to illustrate the points being made (complete with the gah-narly first turn crash of Mariana Pajon and Amanda Carr in Chula Vista this year).

We’re big Corben fans here, and his involvement and solid mastery of all-things-smooth really plusses-up the presentation. Coach G’s narration is spot-on–but the pause and rewind buttons are going to be your friend, as you process what was just laid down, so keep your remote in hand at all times.

It is probably best for riders 12 and over, and dads/coaches of 11 and unders, since the true benefit will be in the analysis of how Corben and Greg are teaching the subject at hand (Greg joins in on some of the riding to demonstrate turns and other strategic offense/defense stuff). The little ones can obviously sit in too, but don’t be stressed when their attention span expires.

BMX Racing Skills DVD at
We really liked the motion graphics (above) that diagram-out the primo positions and pro-tips. Paired-up with razor-sharp, high-definition slow-mo, it really puts you right there, just like a live clinic.

We hit up Coach G for some inside insight into the how-and-why behind the DVD. Here’s what he said:

The BMX Skills DVD was an opportunity for me to share the development model I have acquired over many years of coaching young kids, beginners, women and Olympians. My skills methodology addresses the mechanics from the fundamental perspective. I am big on mechanics, as it’s everything when it comes to efficiency– whether developing usable and sustainable power down the first straight, or carrying track speed on any configured jump or turn.

Today’s coaching is all-over-the-place in terms of addressing skills and strategy, so this will also help people train and configure their eyes to make corrections and actually expand their effectiveness as a coach or a parent-coach.

I used Corben Sharrah as my model rider because, not only is he an athlete that I coach, but he executes all the fundamentals very well. As far as production goes, I hired Justin Kosman to be an advisor on the project, and he was instrumental in capturing all the real clean slow motion stuff. We shot that at 240 frames per second so there is a ton of detail. I did all of the narration, editing, DVD authoring, etc. This is my third DVD, and I love making educational products. I have another project in the pipeline, so I will be in head-down mode again. Stay tuned!

So, in our best Siskel & Ebert impersonation, BMX News gives the BMX Racing Skills DVD two thumbs up!

Available now at J&R Bicycles for $29.95


BMX Racing Skills DVD on J&R Bicycles Website

BMX Racing Skills DVD Promo Trailer

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Podcast: David Herman On Being a BMX Olympian

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2012 US Olympic BMX Team member David Herman

Last Sunday’s UCI BMX World Championships crowned Sam WIlloughby and Magalie Pottier as 2012 World Champions. But a second race was happening simultaneously that was all American…the race for the top of the USA Cycling BMX Power Rankings points. Following Sunday’s Championship main event, one man and one woman from Team USA would earn the “Automatic Nomination” slot to London 2012.

The second of the three mens slots will be decided at the US Olympic Trials race on June 16, in Chula Vista…and the third and final slot for the men will be the so-called “coach’s pick” (which is actually a selection committee of eight cycling luminaries who nominate the final rider based on pre-determined criteria).

Connor Fields went in to the World Championships with a 137 point lead on David Herman for the automatic slot. With Connor crashing out in the quarterfinal, David could make up the 138 points he needed with a sixth place or better in the main event (which would have given him 140 points).

David ended up with a fifth for the day, which put him over the top, and landed him in the first Team USA slot for Mens BMX Racing in 2012.

Now back at his home in colorado, BMX News sat down with David today to talk about the weekend, the moment he realized he would be on the team, and what the next 69 days leading up to the first gate, on August 8 will look like for him.

Listen now.
iPhone users, copy the URL below and past into your browser:

Congratulations to David, his sponsor, Free Agent Bicycles, and Coach Greg Romero from all of us here at BMX News! We look forward to following your collective progress, on through the medal ceremony on August 10.

Editors Note: will have a Podcast with Team USA Women’s Automatic Nominee, Arielle Martin, tomorrow. And coming up Monday, Elite Men’s World Champion, Sam WIlloughby.


David Herman USA Cycling Profile Page

David Herman on Twitter

Free Agent Bicycles

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Interview: Coach G: “Winning is Fun!”

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Coach Greg Romero is Mike Carruth's guest on the Announcer Tower Podcast
In the above headline, we are not stating some hyper-obvious fact and dressing it up as copy. But in the training practice of Coach Greg Romero (“Coach G,” to his many A-list clients), the method behind such a statement is so simple, yet so profound, it borders on Eastern philosophy. Greg joins us on this episode of Announcers tower to talk about how the non-elites out there can refine their racing regimen, and get gains from gate to stripe. We talk about the training services he provides, both on-site in the San Diego area, and remotely to clients in as far-flung locations as South Africa. And Greg talks about his recent foray into the slapshot world of hockey, and how his own development in that sport has helped him make you a better BMXer.

We were surprised that the kinds of coaching he kicks down are not limited to the Mike Day and Jill Kintner types, at the highest level the sport has to offer. In fact, he has a rack-ready program which anyone can plug into, and specifically addresses the older cruiser rider, and the lil bike tyke, alike.

Listen Now

Rennen Gets Third “G” With Romero

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Coach Greg Romero joins George Costa and the G-Cog Team

Rennen Design Group has their share of “Gs” around the shop. There is the “Original G,” founder George Costa. And of course, their wildly-popular innovation, the G-Cog. And now, word from the coast is that another G is coming aboard. In a BMXNEWS scoop, George tells us that Coach Greg Romero will join Rennen Design Group as the head of sales and marketing for the G-Cog product line. An advance copy of the press release says:

Rennen Design Group is pleased to announce that highly-decorated BMX pro and coach, Greg Romero (Coach G) will join the company to specifically head up Sales and Marketing of G-Cog “The world’s first true BMX powermeter.” Greg brings over 28 years of BMX experience to the table, including an impressive pro racing and coaching resume. Most notable was his coaching of Team USA Olympic Medalists Mike Day and Jill Kintner. “Coach G” was hired by Kintner and Day (through Red Bull North America) to manage their performance programs and goals of qualifying for the Olympic games, and ultimately earning medals in Beijing. 

George: “Coach G has a way to think laterally and his vast experience in racing and coaching at the highest level is unparalleled. We’re looking forward to plugging Greg into areas of the company where he can enhance the brand, the product, and the awareness of the G-Cog power meter. Specifically, one of Greg’s tasks will be creating an educational video series showing users not only how to install/use the device but also how it enhances and can quantify their training.”

Greg: “I am looking forward to being a part of such an innovative company and am very excited to help bring to light the usefulness of the G-Cog powermeter. As you may know, many top countries and BMX athletes are using powermeters to quantify and test their training and equipment. In the road and MTB industry, powermeters are the standard over heart rate monitoring systems and traditional speedometers. Having personal experience using other powermeter systems such as the SRM and Powertap, I believe that the G-Cog and the data that it renders is second to none. Rennen/G-Cog wants to grow and I am looking forward to not only being a part of the growth but to enhance key areas to make sure the growth plan is executed.”

Rennen Design Group will have a better west coast presence this year and individuals can find Greg at our booth at select races. He can also be reached directly at his email

We at Rennen Design Group are excited about the addition of Coach G and we look forward to working with him to bring innovation and technology to BMX racing.

Congratulations to both parties for joining forces. BMXNEWS has the highest regard for both George, and his products, and for Coach G. We wish them the best in their new partnership.

As for his on-track colors, Greg will be rockin his Sun Brü colors for the foreseeable future, but capped off with the G-Cog helmet (just like the above shot from the ABA Grands).