Josh McLean Parts Ways With Factory Yess

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Josh McLean Parts Ways With Factory Yess

Last time we saw Yess BMX Factory Flyer, Josh McLean, was a few weeks back at the Tangent Pro-Am in Wisconsin (he took 7th in the main). Today, Josh and Yess BMX jointly announced his departure from the Factory Team. No specific reason was given on why the change was being made, but he handled it with class, and it’s clear that his departure is on good terms all around.

Josh told News, in a statement:

As of today @yessbmx and I will be parting ways. I have had a great 6+ years representing the brand. Have met a lot of great friends through the team and made many memories. A massive thank you to Bill and Renny for all the support and opportunities over the years.

It’s good to be leaving on good terms and we will be staying in touch with each other. I will still be continuing with my other sponsors for the remaining of 2018. I wish all the best to the @yessbmx crew!!

Yess BMX VP, Renny Husada said this, of the change:

We’re sad to see Josh leave the Yess family which we have enjoyed watching him grow up and excel through the ranks. We wish him the best of luck as he makes his Olympic run for Tokyo 2020! Happy to have been part of his journey!

As Renny alluded to in his statement, keep an eye on Josh as a Team Australia 2020 Olympic hopeful.


Yess BMX Website

Josh McLean on Instagram

Production Ready: Yess BMX “MX-Y” Frame

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Yess BMX MX-Y Frame

We first saw the Yess BMX “MX-Y” frame in the days leading up to the 2017 Grands, with a code name of “show stopper.” Bill and Renny Husada at Yess have a long tradition of showing off concepts at the Grands, designed to spur conversation and make you go “hmmmm.”

Fast-forward seven months, and that “escaped from the lab” experiment we saw in Tulsa has been further refined and put into production as part of the regular Yess product line.

Now called the MX-Y, the new frame features an “abbreviated seat stay” which allows a belt or chain to be installed without opening up the chain or seat stay, as was necessary with previous models.

News asked Bill Husada about the motivation to build the MX-Y frame. Here’s what he said:

Bill: We designed the MX-Y because, after four years of producing the Elite World Cup (EWC) frame, there was always huge interest in sizes other than Pro.

News: Why not build the Elite World Cup frame in Expert and Cruiser, in addition to pro?

Bill: Because there is no “expert” (size) or cruiser racing in the World Cup category. I felt it best to stay true to that “elite” tradition. That’s one reason why we developed the MX-Y in Expert, Pro and soon-to-come 24″ sizes.

The other reason was that people were always badmouthing the split seat stay of our belt drive frame–even though there was ZERO evidence of any loss of stiffness or other problems with it. Some people just could not get past the fact that you had to open up the seat stay to run the belt drive.

The MX-Y removes those objections, because it works with a belt (or chain) without any special modifications.

The next hurdle we face in terms of belt drive is that Gates does not make a shorter belt–so don’t start asking about MX-Y minis, just yet (laughs).

Here’s Yess BMX Factory flier and trusted test pilot, Jeff Ingram, with some on-camera facts about his experience riding the MX-Y these-past several months.

The MX-Y is available in expert and expert XL, as well as Pro, Pro XL, Pro XXL and Pro XXXL, shipping now from your favorite BMX hot shop or mail order outlet. MSRP is $795 for Expert sizes and $850 for pro sizes.

The detailed geometry is linked below in a PDF, which is actually for the Yess “Type X” frame, but the Expert and Pro sizes share specs with the MXY.

If you’re in to the exotic stuff, consider going oversize with your new MX-Y. Yess can make it OS/20 compatible by special order.

While you’re at it, pair it up with some Yess Reach aluminum forks ($200 MSRP).

All this awesomeness has us rubbing our hands together, waiting to see what the 2018 Grands may bring to the display stand at the Yess BMX pit. Only 134 days, and a wakeup, til we find out.


Yess BMX “MX-Y” Frame Geometry and Specs

Yess BMX 2017 Grands Concept Frame

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Yess BMX 2017 Grands Concept

Over the past several years, it’s almost as traditional as goodie bags and gravy to see the release of the latest concept bike from Yess BMX, served up fresh, right here on News, before its debut at the USA BMX Grands.

This year, we had a little appetizer to the reveal, in the form of the UCI rule change for 2018 that will expressly allow belt-driven bikes in BMX competition (but not other disciplines). That restarted the belt drive discussion (boy, did it ever).

That story was a good warm-up act for today’s news, as we reveal, for the first time anywhere, the Yess 2017 concept bike, code named: “Show Stopper.”

It’s a concept that lends itself to belt drive (in that it that does not require a split in the chain or seat stay). But you can slip a chain-driven drivetrain on there just-the-same.

Here is some back & forth with Yess BMX shot-callers Bill and Renny Husada on this project bike, and also the recent online discussion involving belt drive.

Tell us the motivation behind your annual Grands “concept bike.”

With our in-house manufacturing resources, we can contribute to the sport by promoting innovation, not gimmicks. We’ve said this before, but not everything that appears as a “concept” will end up in the marketplace. We like starting conversations about what’s next.

The USA BMX Grands is the “Interbike” of BMX Racing—the time when we showcase what we can do in our shop, and some of our ideas for the future.

We have treated the Grands as such for quite a while now, and seeing other brands showing off their concept work in Tulsa validates our reasoning. Hopefully, it brings things to a new level, both for the industry and the riders coming by our space.

We may or may not have something new to show every year, but we are very excited with what we have to offer this year.

This year, the “Show Stopper” breaks the tradition of what a typical race frame looks like. When critics say “why re-invent the wheel?,” there’s an equal amount of people saying “BMX has no innovation” and is stagnant. From the beginning of time, every inventor has had their detractors, and their fans.

Yess BMX 2017 Grands Concept Bike
Folks will visit the Yess BMX booth in Tulsa to see it in the flesh, but give us a paragraph or two on what you are trying to accomplish with this design?

It addresses few key points that can actually benefit today’s riders.

At first glance, some skeptics may dismiss the design, purely on aesthetic grounds. Just like our Elite World Cup frame, the initial version of which we unveiled as our 2013 Grands concept (the “no seat” bike, BMX News, November 25, 2013).

Today, that model is very successful, with satisfied customers around the world.

For the 2017 Grands design, we evolved last year’s “Jaw-Dropper” concept. The Show Stopper features an “abbreviated” seat stay on the drive side of the frame and, thus, no traditional brake mounts.

Disc brakes are starting to gain momentum in BMX racing, so we committed to building a disc-brake-only frame, allowing us to “abbreviate” this stay, with no separation needed to install a belt.

This design helps Chain drive users as well; you don’t need to separate the chain to remove it. You can carry a spare for popular gear changes without a chain break. Quite handy for traveling athletes.

 What is the one misconception you’d like to clear up about belt drive, as it applies to BMX?

One misconception that needs to be cleared about belts is that they are NOT indestructible. A belt can break, just as a chain can break. The biggest reason belts break is due to mishandling.

For the record, we do not work for, nor are we affiliated with Gates Corporation. Technical questions about the drive system should be directed to them, not Yess BMX.

The belts that Gates makes today are different from the original product initially tested. We’ve already had Gates address one of the initial weaknesses of the system by having them produce a stronger Belt ring. All of these steps will improve the technology, over time. 

There will be more trial and error to come, much like any developing technology.
 Can you give us a peek into any other concept project you’re working on? 

We want to continue moving forward where improvements can be made, but we never make something just for the sake of adding more products to sell. There needs to be a specific performance or ease-of-use achievement in each of those concepts.

There are a few projects on the “finishing table,” back at the shop, but too many items detracts from the “showcase” aspect of the Grands, so we’re focusing on the items that are ready for primetime.

Any final thoughts?

We believe the carbon belt drive has a bright future in BMX racing. Yeah, a lot of people disagree, but a lot of people are keeping an open mind to it.

Building a belt drive frame is not easy. It’s not like building a regular chain-drive frame. It takes a new level of precision and materials-management.

As we mentioned above, the belt drive system, itself, is not manufactured by Yess.  The system is patented by Gates Corporation, an American company located in Denver Colorado. Yess only builds the frame, which uses their system.

What do you think about the comments on the article last week for the UCI Belt Drive released?

We have had a lot of fun reading the comments this-past week, but we don’t understand why there are so many haters. No one is forcing them to use the belt drive, it’s just another option for riders to consider. Of course, we’ve seen similar threads on carbon forks, carbon frames and carbon rims, so it’s to be expected. People are running those items in greater numbers than ever.

Just like in those other cases, haters say carbon belt drive will make riders run, screaming, away from the sport, because it has become too expensive. The reality is that you can get the Carbon Belt “drive chassis” (belt drive compatible frame, tapered alloy fork, and Gates drivetrain, all for around $1,100.00— about the same price as a carbon frame, by itself.

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Bill and Renny for giving News the scoop on their 2017 Grands concept. Be sure to stop by the Yess BMX booth when you hit town in Tulsa.

—Mike Carruth

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Yess BMX 2017 Grands Concept

UCI Clears Way For Belt Drive in 2018

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UCI BMX Rule Change for 2018 Allows Belt Drive

The UCI BMX rulebook can be a confusing place to spend your time. It contains mysterious passages, and ill-defined provisions that can cause a rank-and-file BMXer to rub dirt in his eyes for a clearer view.

We all nitpicked the pants rule to death in the run-up up to the Rock Hill Worlds this year. Read more

Yess BMX Adds Taper to Fork Line

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Yess BMX Reach Taper Fork

Yess BMX has been gradually, but gainfully, coming through the pack of top fork brands on the market. Whether you’re a connoisseur of carbon or a “steel is real,” you may-just want to take a look at what Yess BMX is offering up-front.

Their aluminum fork is one of the lightest out there, and has been available in nine sizes, from 18” micro to pro 24” in 20mm.

Today, News is pleased to bring you the scoop on two new models joining the Yess BMX fork line. A pro-sized aluminum fork with a Tapered steer tube.

Along with the joyous addition to the fork family, Yess BMX honcho, Renny Husada tells News that the fork line has also been re-branded as the “Reach” Fork. Here’s what he told us in an exclusive statement.

We are very excited to release the tapered fork to the public. After some serious on-track testing, it’s ready for the world. With the flexibility we have in running fabrication in-house, we can cater to pretty-much every BMXer, with the full-spectrum of sizes. This is the next logical extension.

The entire line of Yess BMX forks will now be known as the “Reach” Fork.

If you have a set with the Yess BMX logo on them, and want a free “Reach” decal kit, please send us a photo of your fork, as well as proof of purchase and your address to

Across the line, we offer Matte Black and Matte Silver as standard finishes, but custom colors are available.

Western Powersports will be receiving their shipment of the new pro taper model this week.

Product Spotlight is Presented by: Product Spotlight, Presented by J&R Bicycles


Here are the specifics on the full line of Yess BMX Reach forks

Micro 18″ – 13.1oz – MSRP: $180
Mini 20″ – 14.8oz – MSRP: $180
MIni 24″ – 15.4oz – MSRP: $180
Expert 20″ – 1lb – MSRP: $180
Expert 24″ – 1lb 0.6oz – MSRP: $180
Pro 20″ 10mm – 1lb 6.2oz – MSRP: $200
Pro 24″ 10mm – 1lb 8oz – MSRP: $200
Pro 20″ 20mm – 1lb 6.4oz – MSRP: $200
Pro 24″ 20mm – 1lb 8.3oz – MSRP: $200
Pro Taper 20″ (20mm only) – 1lb 7.1oz – MSRP: $225
Pro Taper 24″ (20mm only) – 1lb 8.9oz – MSRP: $225

*Weights are based on the raw fork. Powder and top cap will add a bit to the above numbers. 20mm forks will adapters will also be additional.

The Reach fork cuts a nice jib for the profile of your race ride. It has the looks, lightweight and fabulous finish. Check out the links below for some of the in-stock models at J&R.


Yess “Reach” Forks at J&R Bicycles

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Yess BMX Reach Taper Fork

Yess BMX Announces 2018 West Coast Leader

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Jean-Marc Durviaux and Renny Husada
As we get started on 2017 Grands season, the initial moves by teams are starting to take shape. Today, Yess BMX announced that they will have a new show-runner for their West Coast Factory Team in 2018.

Jean-Marc Durviaux, a Yess BMX Factory Team member will step-in to the West Coast Team Manager role after the Grands.

Yess BMX VP, Renny Husada told News:

With a new Year comes new changes. We are excited to formally announce the new Team Manager who will be taking on the reigns for our West Coast Factory program after Grands next month to be Jean Marc Durviaux.

We graciously thank Jerry Bradford and David Velador for their total commitment to our factory program over the last 3 years and wish them well for the future.

As an end to one program and a beginning of a new, we are also stoked to have a fresh look for our factory pilots using a new design next season thanks to Rolando Camacho of Blotout Graphics. He would be the only one that can correctly evolve our identity which we have proudly worn around the world.

—Renny Husada

Lisa Motley, East Coast Factory Team Manager says, of her new West Coast counterpart:

I am really excited that Jean-Marc (John Mark) will be the new West Coast TM. What Jean-Marc brings to the Yess BMX family perfectly compliments our existing program.

His lifetime of Bmx racing experience is a new fresh perspective. I am very much looking forward to working with him. 

—Lisa Motley

And, last, but not least, it is great to hear from the in-coming West Coast Factory Team Manager, Jean-Marc:

I’m beyond stoked and very optimistic about the year ahead. Building a new Yess team on the West Coast is a very exciting prospect, indeed.

I have been involved in BMX for many many years, and this particular endeavor is a new level of involvement and investment in this sport that I love.

When Renny and Lisa presented me with this opportunity, I knew it was the right fit. I love Yess products and have raced on them for two years.

I believe in the power of the Yess brand — being out there, technologically, while at the same time, down to earth culturally.

I look forward to assembling a talented group of like-minded riders, and continuing to foster this Yess family spirit.

I have no doubt it will lead to more successes, memorable milestones and broader horizons for all involved.

—Jean-Marc Durviaux

We congratulate Factory Yess, and Jean-Marc for getting together, and for putting an early-stake in 2018. All-the-best!

TOP PHOTO: Jean-Marc Durviaux and Renny Husada at the 2016 USA BMX Grand National.


Yess BMX Website

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Jean-Marc Durviaux and Renny Husada

2017 Golden Crank Award Elevator Pitches

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2017 Golden Crank Awards Elevator Pitches

If you have ever watched the hit TV series “Shark Tank” you have a pretty good idea what an “elevator pitch” is. If not, we can tell you that it is an entrepreneurial method to condense the most important parts of your story down to the very-brief time it would take to explain in an elevator ride. Read more

Cameron Moore Joins Factory Yess

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Cameron Moore Joins Yess BMX

The BMX News “Big Ears” ticker never rests, not even when the Easter Bunny is visiting. We picked up a Sunday scoop that’s so sweet, it would put any Cadbury egg to shame.

Cameron Moore—one of the most notable A-Pros joining the class in 2017 will be touching down at the Lone Star Nationals this weekend in Factory Yess colors. That is a way-solid pickup for Lisa Motley and her East Coast team. Such an addition is all-the-more newsworthy when it comes mid-season.

News caught up with Cam in the late hours of the weekend, and he had this to say:

I’m super-excited to be joining one of the best teams out there. Factory Yess has such a great atmosphere and I’m happy to represent such an influential company!

Thanks to Donavon and Traci Long for the support for the past three years, I wouldn’t be the person and rider I am today without them.

Lisa said the following of adding Cameron to the crew

We at Yess BMX are thrilled to have Cam join the family. Like most of the BMX community, I have been watching Cam win races with style and grace since he’s been a little kid.

He has had a spectacular start in his pro career. Cam has been the most consistent rider in the class and is currently leading the A pro point standings.

Cam brings a lifetime of racing experience to the Yess BMX pro line up. We are looking forward to having Cam and his family in the Yess BMX pit this season.

As we noted up-top, watch for Cam in his new gear this weekend when the 2017 USA BMX national series stops in the Austin, TX area for the Lone Star Nationals.

A big BMX News congrats to Cameron on the new ride, and also to Lisa, Renny, Bill and the rest of the Yess BMX family on adding a true hotshoe, and all-around great guy to the roster.


Yess BMX Website

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New Product: Yess Aluminum Pro Fork

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Yess Pro Aluminum Pro Fork

Back on August 9, News reported the coming-to-market story of a new all-alloy mini fork from Yess BMX. Today, the fork family gets bigger by one, with the addition of a pro-size brother.

Like all the products in the Yess BMX line, their new aluminum pro fork is a thing of beauty, and gives burly BMXers a third choice between chromoly and carbon.

Here’s what Yess BMX VP, Renny Husada told News about the new blades.

As soon as we reintroduced our mini fork in August, there were numerous inquiries on when we would release an alloy Pro fork. There has been a lack of alloy forks in the marketplace when a majority of frames are still alloy.

The big brands have invested their efforts in promoting carbon as the material of choice for their fork offerings. We are excited to introduce a Pro Alloy fork. The development didn’t happen overnight, as we went through many different iterations in testing.

The fork above says #noglue because it is fully-welded 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum, which undergoes the same heat treatment process as all of our frames. We’ve seen too many failures where steer tubes and bonding sections fail, rendering the fork useless. Many of these failures occur on high end, high quality products.

This new design is equal to, or less than, the weight of carbon products available, while at the same time providing peace of mind to the rider that, in the event of beyond-the-scope conditions, any evidence of bending, cracking and/or stress marks will occur long before catastrophic failure.

The cost, the weight and the flexibility of colors will definitely help steer interested consumers back to Alloy.

All of our distributors and dealers will have access to these forks in the second quarter of 2017.

Until then, we are taking pre-orders at the Grands, so be the first in line when we start shipping them!

Sizes: 20″ and 24” (1-1/8 steer; no tapered-headtube option)
Weights: 20”: 617g 24”: 650g

We know that Renny and Bill have been laboring hard in their Vancouver-area workshop to dial-in all the details in time for the big face-to-face rollout next week in Tulsa. Be sure to stop by the Yess BMX pit to check them out in the proverbial flesh.

But Wait, There’s More!

Yess has been famous for showing a “concept” bike at the Grands in recent years. This year, it’s the “TypeX,” which is a concept-solution to the issue of a split-seatstay frame so a carbon belt can be slipped through. All-the-more reason to stop by the Yess BMX pit in Tulsa.

Yess BMX Type X

Yess BMX Type X


Yess BMX Website

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Podcast: Fox and Palmer on China Trip

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Nick Fox and James Palmer in China

Over the past few weeks, we have been following the social media posts of Yess BMX Factory stars, Nick Fox and James Palmer on their trip to China to train up some of their long-term Olympic hopefuls.

It was our friends’ first trip to China, and they were ready to soak up every bit of the culture and hospitality for which the Chinese people are known the world over, in addition, of course, to getting down to business at the Training Center.

BMX News caught up with Nick and James just after their return to North America. In this 13-minute “Podcast Short,” the guys talk about their experience, and the respect they gained for the riders they came to coach.

iOS users: paste the URL below in the browser of your device to listen

Nick Fox and James Palmer with their Chinese studentsWe really enjoyed hearing about their experiences, and the professionalism they exhibited in talking about their trip and interaction with the riders under their tutelage.

Next stop for Nick is the USA BMX Grands in Tulsa. James will be taking some time off in his native Canada, and will get back to racing after the holiday break and subsequent off-season.

Thanks for joining us, guys!

—Mike Carruth

The guys put together five vlog posts on their experience. Here’s one of them, and the others are linked below (on Nick’s YouTube channel).


Vlog Posts on Nick Fox YouTube Channel

Nick Fox on Instagram

James Palmer on Instagram

Yess BMX Website

Now…watch the new James Palmer edit by Moonrider Productions

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