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Chandler Denton wins A Pro in Vegas

The 2015 season kicked off in the Silver State over the weekend–but not in the location we have all inked on our calendar for the past several years. This time, the Southern Route was taken, as the BMX universe descended on the giganto South Point Resort in Las Vegas.

South Point is the site of the summer race, so nothing overly “new” about BMXers and that place, but in winter–well, we almost typed “RNO” into variuous travel websites, multiple times.

This was said to be the largest season opener on record–with 356 motos on Saturday. A couple notable points, which we’ll cover in deeper detail in tomorrow’s recap: the Junior Devo class has been eliminated from the program for the new year. That is not to say that the Jr. Devo camps will be eliminated. Just that Jr. Devo will likely no longer be a separate class that anxious-for-the-supercross-props 15 and 16 year olds would sign up for. No final/official word on how the Jr. Devo program will determine invitations, but a few hints that it may go the direction that the girls program went a teay or two ago. That is to say: via points in the regular national program.

Also moving the needle in Vegas was the fresh crop of new pros for 2015. A rule change in the 2015 USA BMX rulebook states that when an amateur races a UCI Junior Elite or Elite race, s/he will be moved up to USA BMX Pro (or words to that effect). Thus, lots of guys and gals who want to take a shot at the UCI BMX Junior Elite world title in Belgium later this year would be moved up to Pro in August anyway–so are just getting it going sooner rather than later.

You probably caught the feature Bryce Betts filed on the topic last week. Well, turns out there were a few more on the moto sheets, com Saturday, than even we had anticipated. Tyler Whitfield, Chandler Denton and Hunter Pelham were all holding their own throughout the weekend. The exodus in those am classes definitely made it a little more interesting to watch–all eyes fixed on who would take the main event gate positions usually filled in by our new money makers.

BMX News race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp

BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Lots more to report, but they’re calling final boarding call here at LAS for the late night hop back East. We will have the photo/cap re-cap Tuesday at Noon Central, so be sure to check back for that.

Meanwhile, here are the photo galleries we came back with. Some great stuff to get the season started on the good foot.

Top: Chandler Denton (Center) wins his A Pro debut on Saturday. Teammate Tyler Whitfield and Supercross BMX star Kalvin Davis were also on the day-one square on Saturday.


Photo Gallery: 2015 Silver Dollar Nationals – Saturday

Photo Gallery: 2015 Silver Dollar Nationals – Sunday

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