Podcast: John David on 2017 Pro Pay & More

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Podcast: John David on 2017 Pro Pay & More

The talk has been thick over the past 14 days or so about the USA BMX announcement relating to the pro pay scale for 2017. For all the hundreds (maybe thousands) of social media comments on the topic, plus a BMX News article relating to the subject, we have not heard the official USA BMX side of things.

On this episode of the BMX News Announcers Tower Podcast, USA BMX COO, John David, joins us to provide the inside-the-walls account of how the decisions were made, and also some points that affect BMXers at every level.

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What stands out about this episode is that John gives us a rare look at how USA BMX views the pro class, the relationship with UCI, and how that affects the operational decisions made, as well as how cultural shifts in present-day America impact BMX Racing at every level.

Comments are open below, and we invite your opinions and feedback.

—Mike Carruth


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Logan Collins is Down With the Crown

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Logan Collins joins BlackCrown BMX Factory Team, via

Fresh in the AA Pro class, the Nice Guy from Nashville put the word out this week that he’ll be racing for the Crown in 013. BlackCrown, that is—-and our buddy, Rob McAllister could not be happier, telling News:

We are excited to have Logan represent BlackCrown Products. We’ve watched Logan for the past several years, race as a top amateur and then moving into the A pro class. We look forward to seeing Logan develop in the AA class and feel like our products can help him reach his goals!

We’re stoked for Logan, because he’ll be leading pro motos, and likely some top-class main events in the 2013 season. We know his 2012 sponsors did well by him, and they are all on our Good Guy list too, for sure. That said, there is no substitute for a dialed factory uniform to make our viewfinder find just the right photo op–and we’re all about that, as you well-know. Rob’s design talents have the Crown crew dressed like kings, which now includes Logan, so the stoke is high all-around.

For his part, LC had some flowing phrases for us on the topic:

The “Throne” is not only an awesome (USA-made) BMX frame, but I will be BlackCrown’s first AA pro, and that’s an honor! Rob and his crew believe in me and have followed my racing career–they know me, my riding style, and my history. It’s awesome to represent a growing company whose roots are in BMX racing, and I’m glad to be a part of the team.

Aside from Rob (McAllister), I also want to give Special Thanks to Ryan Birk at Answer BMX and ALIASMX.

It will be awesome to see Logan tearing up the track in the red, white & black. You can bet BMX News will be there with the first photos of his new rig from the new gig.

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P.S> Logan, please approve our Facebook friend request :D

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Answer Holeshot Award at 2013 Pro Races

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Answer BMX to sponsor 2013 Holeshot Award at all USA BMX Pro Races

One of the awesome elements of excitement during the Pro Spectacular in Tulsa each year is the various Holeshot awards for the Pro classes. First one to a designated spot–generally on the first straight–gets the bonus cash.

For the 2013 USA BMX Pro Series, Answer BMX is bringing the Holeshot Award to all 24 races on the schedule. The $250 award will be given for AA Pro and Pro Women classes at USA BMX Pro Series races. A separate $250 award for Junior Men and Junior Women will be added in with the Elites at the UCI races on the calendar.

Editor’s Note: We have been told by unofficial sources that there will be four UCI races in 2013, which is a break from the past few years when all pro races were UCI races (with Elite Men, Elite Women; and Junior Men and Junior Women when there were enough entries to make a class). BMX News has submitted questions on how, exactly this will work, and we will report the details of this once we receive the official word.

The winner of the holeshot award will be determined in the main event of each eligible class. Before the weekend’s racing starts, Answer BMX and USA BMX officials will set the location of the Holeshot line, which will be placed based on fairness to the racers and visibility for the audience. The line will be clearly marked and branded with Answer BMX Holeshot Award signage. Then during the main events, a group of judges will watch the line and collectively decide on the winner. Video will be taken as well to resolve any close-calls.

The winners of the Holeshot award will receive recognition in a special podium presentation, complete with “big check,” during the weekend’s regular Pro Podium presentations. We also hear that there will be some special trackside flash that will occur when an eligible main event hits the designated spot on the track (similar to how they do it in AMA Supercross).

The whole Holeshot Award happening harkens back to a promotion Answer BMX Veep, Ryan Birk did back in the early 2000s when he was at Sun Ringlé. We asked Ryan about that, and here’s what he told us:

During the 2000 and 2001 seasons, and then again in 2005, during my time with Sun Ringlé BMX, we offered the “Sun Ringle’ Holeshot Award” for the Elite Men during the NBL Pro Series main events, but only one day during the weekend. It was a great marketing tool and also a way to give a little something extra to the Pros that provide us so much entertainment during the races.

Our reasons for bringing the Answer BMX Holeshot Award to the 2013 series is really three fold: First, we see it as a great way to raise brand awareness for Answer BMX and support USA BMX as a series sponsor. Second, it’s our way of spicing-up the action and, again, giving a little something extra to the Pro Men and Women (and Juniors at the four UCI races). And lastly, we see it as a great marketing tie-in for the release of our new Holeshot Pro hubs that will be coming out in 2013, which we’ll be promoting heavily.

We’re definitely looking forward to the first Pro Series race of 2013–at the USA BMX Winter Nationals in Phoenix on March 1–to interview the very first winners of the series.

Who is your pick to win the most Answer BMX Holeshot cash in 2013? “Answer” in the comments below.


Answer BMX Website

2013 USA BMX National Schedule, With Pro Stops (PDF Download)*

*This PDF does not include the TBA Redline Cup West Pro stop in September, which is not part of the regular National schedule.


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