Podcast: Louisville’s Top A-Pros

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Podcast: Top A-Pros in Louisville 2015

Last weekend’s Bluegrass Nationals was the third stop on the 2015 USA BMX National tour. The A Pro class has been amped-up at all three stops, owing largely to the fresh influx of talent flowing in from the am classes.

Kenneth Gustafson took home two of the three top podium spots in the Derby City (Saturday/Sunday). Friday’s win was the first Pro topper for Tyler Whitfield.

In his first weekend as a pro, Cole Tesar hit the podium all three days, with a second and two thirds. Jeremy Smith, who was also racing very well in Louisville, was the only other guy to podium at the Bluegrass, with a second on Saturday.

So, for this week’s Announcers Tower Podcast, we brought Kenny, Tyler and Cole together to talk about their experience in Louisville, and cover some of the points that you would never hear otherwise.

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We had a great time with this episode, and look forward to seeing these three fold-well into the Elite ranks at the upcoming Pro Series races. We think they will serve up some surprises, so get on the fenceline if you’re there, or watch BMX News for the story when it happens.

—Mike Carruth

Top photo via Cole Tesar’s Facebook


Kenneth Gustafson on Twitter

Kenneth Gustafson on Instagram

Tyler Whitfield on Twitter

Tyler Whitfield on Instagram

Cole Tesar on Twitter

Cole Tesar on Instagram

While you’re listening: Check out the photo galleries from the Bluegrass Nationals

Photo Gallery: 2015 Bluegrass Nationals – Friday

Photo Gallery: 2015 Bluegrass Nationals – Saturday

Photo Gallery: 2015 Bluegrass Nationals – Sunday

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Free Pro Gate Clinics Friday in Rockford

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Pro Gate Midwest Nationals Clinics

After a pair of very successful clinics at the Grands last year, Pro Gate is back on the schedule with two free gate clinics at this week’s Midwest Nationals in Rockford.

Pro Gate has lined up some awesome instructors for the sessions, all of whom get props for the work they do with up & coming riders on an on-going basis.

It just so happens that Rockford is Pro Gate’s home town, so they will be around all weekend with the UCI Gate trailer, so you can sharpen up your gate at Friday’s clinic, then keep it dialed til the EZ-ups come down.

So, before motos are posted on Saturday, get in on one of these two free clinics.

Friday, June 27 – Morning Session
10:00AM – 11:00AM
Olijuwon Davis – Factory Doublecross
Tyler Whitfield – Factory Ssquared-Answer
Justin Richmond – Factor Ssquared-Answer

Friday, June 27 – Afternoon Session
12:30PM – 1:30PM
Donny Robinson – Factory SE Bikes / Pedals 2 Medals
Lauren Reynolds – Factory Ssquared
John Paul Pfeiffer – Factory Hyper

Both clinics will definitely fill up, so enter your info below and join the fun.

**You must pre-sign in order to participate. Use the link below**

Sign Up Now

Free Pro Gate 2014 Midwest Nationals Gate Clinic

Tyler Whitfield Wins Cajun Nats Photo Dash

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Tyler Whitfield - Winner BMX News Photo Trophy Dash

The BMX News Photo Trophy Dash for the 2014 Cajun Nationals is complete. With five full days of voting and over 650 likes on the eight finalists, it was fun watching how the votes were going.

Tyler Whitfield of Ssquared Answer won the dash with 219 likes. That means he gets a 20×30 canvas print of the above photo. Adrian Sanders from Leawood, Kansas was one of the fans who liked the winning photo, and we drew her name at random to receive a $50 Dan’s Comp gift card. Congrats Tyler and Adrian!

Tyler told “News”
“I want to thank all the friends, fans, and family who shared and liked my photo for the Trophy Dash! Big thanks to my mom Delores for tagging every friend on her friends list and Mike Carruth for putting me in the contest! I can’t wait to see how the picture looks on the canvas. Thanks again to everyone.”

About the Photo:
It was captured in the 17-18x Semi on Saturday. Most of the shots that ultimately make it to the Photo Trophy Dash are “Naturals,” meaning I pretty much know as soon as I look at the LCD on the back of the camera that it is one of “those” photos that will either make it in to our race coverage, or the Photo Trophy Dash (if we have one).

Those who know me know I love shooting indoors, and that jump on the last straight was perfect for great action. The shot of Derrick Blackmore in this Trophy Dash was also shot on that jump. I love me some nice motion blur, but the eyes have to be sharp to make the cut. In this case, Tyler’s determined, “eyes-on-the-prize” expression was nice and sharp, with plenty of action blur to tell the story of speed, with or without a caption.

What is a “Trophy Dash?”
Trophy dashes have a long and rich history in BMX Racing. In the early years of the sport, the winners of the pro, top expert and open classes would meet again for one final lap (the last race of the day, usually), and race for the overall title of “Trophy Dash Winner.” This was the “winner among winners.” In fact, the very first BMX Racing World Champion was decided when Anthony Sewell won the 14-Over Trophy Dash at the Jag World Championships in 1978.

Keep an eye out for more Photo Trophy Dashes in the coming months.

—Mike Carruth

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Vote Now in the Cajun Nats Photo Trophy Dash

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Vote in the 2014 Cajun National Photo Trophy Dash

Its been a while since we have run a BMX News Photo Trophy Dash. But the photos from the Cajun Nationals were especially well-received by the fans, so we just had to gate-up the top eight images from the weekend, and have a sprint-to-the-finish of Facebook likes, to see who gets the coveted people’s choice award.

Of the eight images in the group, the one that gets the most Facebook likes by 5PM Central Time on Monday, March 17 will win a 30×20 canvas print of the winning image for the rider named in the caption.

Also, one luck liker of the winning image will receive a $50 gift card to Dan’s Comp.

So, take a gander at the top shots below, click the link at the bottom to vote for your favorites, and ring up some friends to do the same.

John Anderson of ORP in the Cajun Nationals Photo Trophy Dash

John Anderson of ORP/Rickard Bikes

Olijuwon Davis of Doublecross Bikes in the Cajun Nationals Photo Trophy Dash

Olijuwon Davis of Doublecross Bikes

Ashlee Hill of CCH Bicycles in the Cajun Nationals Photo Trophy Dash

Ashlee Hill of CCH Bicycles

Vote Derrik Blackmore in the 2014 Cajun National Photo Trophy Dash

Derrik Blackmore of Phoenix/Box

Vote Tyler Whitfield in the 2014 Cajun National Photo Trophy Dash

Tyler Whitfield of Ssquared/Answer

Vote Brandon Ceslok in the 2014 Cajun National Photo Trophy Dash

Walker Finch of Haro/Promax

Vote Brandon Ceslok in the 2014 Cajun National Photo Trophy Dash

Brandon Ceslok of Ssquared/Answer

Vote Alec Nesbitt in the 2014 Cajun National Photo Trophy Dash

Alec Nesbitt of Lindsey Wilson Cycling

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Vote Now in the 2014 Cajun Nationals Photo Trophy Dash

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Podcast: Olijuwon Davis on Pro Gate Clinics

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Pro Gate Grands Clinic Podcast

The free clinics promoted by Pro Gate as last month’s USA BMX Grand National were very popular, with over 250 riders signed up for the two sessions. In the morning session, Mariana Pajon, German Medina and Greg Hill spent more than an hour with the kids, coaching them as they gated up on their form and other things that go in to getting rippin holeshots consistently.

In the afternoon, Tyler Whitfield and Olijuwon Davis rocked the house, Rockford style, with serious tips & tricks for over 100 attendees.

We caught up with OD to talk a little about how the clinics went, and get some tips on how you can give your self a gate clinic every day (both mentally, and on the bike).

Since recording the Podcast over the weekend, we learned that Olijuwon finished at the top of the A-Pro points chase for 2013. There is no title in that class, but we’re very happy for our buddy, nonetheless. Congrats, OD!

Here are some photos from the clinics

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Listen To The Podcast Now:
iPhone users: paste the link below in your phone’s browser


Pro Gate Junior Info Page

Doublecross Bikes website

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Ssquared-Answer Was On Fire in Orlando

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Ssquared-Answer 2013 Disney Cup Race Report

Strictly speaking, they were on fire BEFORE they got to Orlando, as a trailer brake line sparked up just before they hit the mountains on the 17-hour drive from Illinois. But, hey, it’s just like wrenching on bikes (except with 18-wheelers whizzing-by your head at 70 MPH). The roadside repairs were done with plenty of time to get back underway, and set up at the Silver Spurs Arena.

With a total of 51 entries on the moto sheets, the team had a full cast of characters on the Disney Cup stage.

Katy Deters is out with a broken femur suffered at a cheerleading competition last month, but was showing some major BMX team spirit, riding down to Orlando with mom and brother Nick to cheer on the rest of the crew.

Tyler Whitfield won 17-18x on Friday with 36 riders, but had to skeedattle before his main on Saturday to catch a flight to North Carolina for the USA Cycling Collegiate MTB National Championships. It was Tyler’s second MTB race for Marian University, and the team missed him lots, but got down to business like the, ahem, varsity operation they are.

Tanner Sebesta made the AA Pro main on Friday with 33 riders slammin and jammin for the final gate of eight. T-Bone ended up seventh, which was impressive considering he is still nursing an injury he suffered in Chula Vista. He rode well on Saturday, but did not make the final, and by Sunday, it just wasn’t happenin’, and he hit the exit ramp before the first gate, opting to heal up for the Grands.

The team had a couple double-triple performances for the books, with Jamie Windholz and Nick Deters both winning all six main events (15-16GC and 15-16G for Jamie and 14C and 14x for Nick), talking home two Disney Cups apiece.

Nitro Brody Cole was right behind those two, with five wins three in 9x and two in 9c, with the “spoiler,” if you can call it that, being a third on Friday.

Justin Richmond had some juicy battles with Cameron Moore in 15c, and took home triple-deuces. On the 20-incher, he logged a fourth on day one, then rallied back strong for the win on day two. As for day three, he was putting the squeeze on the comp into the first turn, but the Juice had the pulp knocked out of him, with a spectacular launch over the berm that showed up on YouTube and Facebook from a couple angles. He’s OK, and prepping himself to gobble up the comp on Thanksgiving weekend.

We have been keeping an eye on the hunting and fishing habits of Ryan Zinzow via Facebook, and he took aim on 16x in Orlando. His goose got cooked in the quarters on day one, so he was on the fenceline for the main. Saturday, things got a little better, with him in the main, but ending up with a snowman. Sometimes you bite the bear, and sometimes the bear bites you. Sunday was the funday for him, with a win in the 40-rider class.

Big B, Brandon Ceslok put a few more win stamps on his Tulsa ticket, winning 17-20 cruiser on Friday and Saturday. CJ Fisher got ahead of him for the win on Sunday, and our man was in the two spot. Good to see Blake Sawyer back in the results too, with cruiser main appearances all three days. Big B did not fair as well on the small bike, with a series of wardrobe malfunctions in the clips that kept him out of the main on Saturday and Sunday (7th on Friday).

The newest addition to the team, Brandon Elmore, was puttin’ down some beastly first straight pull at Disney. He won the Friday and Saturday mains in the mega-stacked 19-27x class. And then there’s Sunday. Brandon had it goin’ on for the first two straights in the lead, then got the fuzzy end of a hi-low lollipop from Rusty Nesvig that sent him careening into a crowd of adoring fans. The race video had 12,000 YouTube views and hundreds of Facebook comments by Tuesday night, so go check it out.

Overall, the team put 25 main event wins in the books in Orlando, along with 12 second places, a third, a fourth and 6 MEQs. A way-solid weekend, for sure! The team sheet scores (236,236 and 244) were enough to send the 2013 Factory Team Disney Cup back to Illinois, and put the team in the Factory Team overall points lead heading into Tulsa.

Be sure to stop by the Ssquared-Answer pit in Tulsa, and say “howdy” (as they do in Oklahoma).

The Ssquared-Answer Factory Team is proudly sponsored by (links will open in a new window):

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Top photo by gOrk


Ssquared Bicycles Website

Answer BMX Website

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Marian Knights Suit Up for 2013

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Collegiate BMX - Marian University Cycling Team

As we reported in another story on News today, Marian University’s 2013-2014 school year is now in session. Arriving on campus for the first time are BMX Freshmen (freshpersons?), Felicia Stancil, Kristen Bob, Lain Van Ogle, Shay Glynn and Tyler Whitfield.

The Marian Knights Cycling Team suited up for an all-hands photo recently. Can you spot your favorite BMX stars? It is not as easy as you might think.

Check the link below for a larger version of the photo, as well as a full roster of the team.

Best of luck to all the BMXers, Marian and otherwise, heading off to college this month!


Marian University Knights Cycling Team

Marian University Signs Van Ogle and Whitfield

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Van Ogle and Whitfield Sign With Marian University

On April 10 last year, BMX News brought you a Podcast with Justin Posey, BMX Program Director, Ryan Birk and Coach Dean Peterson–Head Cycling Coach at Marian University. The topic of discussion was celebrating JP’s signing with the Indianapolis institution (which we reported on March 4), and to give some details on Marian’s plans for BMX. In late 2011, BMX became part of the USA Cycling Collegiate Cycling Program.

It has been 10 months since we last spoke to the Marian Team, and they have been busy adding Bryce Hocking, Chase Hines, and Felicia Stancil (starting in Fall 2013) to the program. Last weekend in Louisville, Coach Peterson had some scoop for us, just after the last main crossed the finish line.

Lain Van Ogle and Tyler Whitfield have now officially signed on to the program. We were lucky enough to pop off a few photos, and get some quotes from the guys.

Tyler said:

I have known about Marian for a while now, and when I first heard about it, I wanted to go. Who wouldn’t? I’m so excited to attend Marian next year so I can chase my dream of having a career, seeing my friends every day, and doing what I love to do; racing my bicycle. I know we’re gonna be a killer team, and I look forward to being a part of Marian BMX and Marian Cycling, in general.

My ultimate career goal is to become a pediatrician. In BMX, my goal is to make the Olympic team. I think Marian will help me make those dreams come true, and give me a life experience I will never forget.

Lain told News:

Almost all things in my life have to do with school and cycling (outside of those two, I like to snowboard). My high school GPA is 3.78, and at Marian, I plan to enroll in the business program. My BMX career goal is to make the 2016, then the 2020 Olympic Team.

I currently race for Phoenix Pro Cycles, and have over 100 national wins in my 11-year career in BMX Racing.

I can’t wait to become a Knight! The people, school, and cycling program make Marian the right fit for me!”

We caught up with Coach Peterson after the shoot, and he said:

We’re excited to bring Lain and Tyler into the program, joining the great squad we already have. It’s great for our program, but I’m also hoping it sets an example for other schools to get on the horse.

We want this model to be useful for the volume of BMX riders that are out there, looking for schools. Other programs should see that there’s a pot of gold of high-level young people, with skills far beyond the bike, that can contribute, and need a place to go.

As a follow-up, News was curious how, exactly, the scholarship program worked for BMXers. Coach Peterson helped bring it into focus–at least in terms of the Marian program:

There are three factors (for scholarship): academics, athletics, and community involvement / leadership. We look at GPA and test scores, at level of experience and results, and at who you are as a person off the bike and out of the classroom.

The bottom line is, grades, performance, and community. Scholarship goes up as all of those things go up.

We’re creating opportunities for BMXers to do great things, in addition to racing their bikes, as they look to their future.

Driving back from Louisville, we always pass the Lake Sullivan Cycloplex, which is the training facility for the Marian Cycling team. It’s the home of the Major Taylor Velodrome, and also a freshly-revived Lake Sullivan BMX Track.

After signing a long-term management deal with the City of Indianapolis in April 2011, Marian did an amazing job bringing the track back from years of neglect, after one volunteer group after another was unable to get traction on a restart.

At the tail-end of last season, they installed the first ProGate “Crescent” starting gate in the United States, and plans are to plus-up the facility even more in 2013, as part of the $200,000 per year commitment the University made with the city to improve the Lake Sullivan facility.

Collegiate BMX will take center stage in a couple weeks at the USA BMX Winter Nationals, as the 2013 Collegiate Championships run as part of the program. Marian will be fielding a full team in Phoenix, to include Posey, Hines, Hocking and multidiscipline athlete, Jason Blodgett for the men, and Allie Dragoo, Crystal Kalogris and Shelby Stacy in the Womens program.

—Mike Carruth

Above Photo:
(Top) Ryan Birk, Kelsey Van Ogle, Lain Van Ogle, Leslie Van Ogle, Lorin Van Ogle and Coach Dean Peterson
(Bottom) Ryan Birk, Jim Buchanan, Tyler Whitfield, Shawn Whitfield and Coach Dean Peterson


Marian Cycling Website

Podcast with Justin Posey, Ryan Birk and Dean Peterson

BMX News coverage of Marian’s Commitment to Lake Sullivan Cycloplex

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TLD No-Squeal Uniform Deal

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J&R Product Spotlight: Tyler Whitfield in the TLD Cyclops

The new year is here for TLD fans. J&R just posted the 2013 line, and we are stoked to bring it to you, in time for a letter to Santa, or your Team Manager (whomever you are on better terms with).

Pictured above, on the person of Mr. Tyler Whitfield, is the Cyclops Black uniform package. We met up with TyWhit at Rockford BMX last month to get some shots for the Troy Lee Catalog and, you might say, we had our “eye” on this kit. We think it is going to be one that we see a lot of in the viewfinder.

TLD Cyclops Black Uniform Package at Uniform packages consist of jersey, pants and gloves–everything you need to be the picture of style when in the public eye.

A total of 15 different TLD uniform packages are available for 2013, and range in price from $162.85 to $212.85. The Cyclops Black, as shown is $192.85. Note: helmet, goggles, shoes and super-dialed Ssquared scoot all sold separately.

We are also big fans of the Hot Rod Black and Hot Rod White package. Understated, and just waiting for your co-sponsors to be ironed on…or go for an old school look and sew those patches on. We are ever-grateful to the style gods for permitting a basic black and a basic white kit to come forth, without any random splashes of color, or other “technicolor dreamcoat” elements.

Pricing came in a lot lower than we thought, which should put them solidly into “no-squeal” territory for most budgets.

Jerseys available in sizes Adult Small-XXL, Pants 28-40″, and gloves x-small to XXL.

Bonus!: Order up a Uniform Package and receive a FREE J&R Bicycles T-Shirt! Also, Free Shipping during September.


TLD Cyclops Black Package

All Uniform Packages

Product Spotlight is Presented by: Product Spotlight, Presented by J&R Bicycles

JD Camp Crew Serves up Some ‘Pong

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We hear things are going great at the current USAC Junior Devo camp in Chula Vista. On-track and off. We pinched this photo off Facebook yesterday–some of the group taking some down time of the Forrest Gump variety.

Tyler Whitfield (center) seems to be master of the paddles when he’s not in the pedals, routing fellow campers 11-0 in a couple friendly games.

Above (L to R): Bryce Betts, Jacob Abbe, Cole Proctor, Tyler Whitfield, Maliek Byndloss, Cole Tesar, Tyler Wagner and Felicia Stancil.

More on the June JD Camp next week.

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