“Youth BMX Blueprint” Puts Best Pedal Forward

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Youth BMX Blueprint

Notwithstanding the polar punch in the mouth many of us in the midwest felt last week, it’s about to be spring time, and the return to outdoor racing in the Northern Hemisphere.

This means you can stop duckin those indoor parking garage security guards and return to a life of sprinting on the straight & narrow, and getting your general conditioning, back to peak condition.

Coach Jake Stephenitch of Spark BMX Training is out with the “Youth BMX Blueprint,” an eBook and step-by-step training program developed especially for riders 7-16 years old. The eBook is 50-pages thick and dives-deep into all the important aspects of training younger riders. The program also comes complete with a library of companion videos to help both rider and trainer understand the exercises.

Knowing what type of training is appropriate for 16-unders is not easy; there are special considerations to observe. This book will give you the knowledge to understand what physical qualities should be emphasized at each age and stage.

Jake told News, in a release:

Youth BMX Blueprint training programs are broken up into three stages of development. Each stage has multiple training programs written specifically to help build coordination, strength, power, and fitness, safely for young BMXers. There are 16 different training programs as well as a video exercise library of over 200 coaching videos. Most programs require minimal equipment.

Finally, each purchase comes with free access to the Spark Kids private Facebook group. Here you will receive extra videos and help from coach Jake. You can post videos, ask questions, and show off results from the program.

Here’s some additional info on the goodies you’ll have access to as part of your investment:

- Youth BMX Blueprint eBook
- 16 total training programs
- Over 200 coaching videos of fundamental and unique exercises
- Huge Exercise library with many extra videos for each age level
- Printable workout sheets

The Blueprint requires minimal gym equipment and is on sale now for $39.95. Check the link below for more info and to order yours today.

More about Jake:
Jake Stephenitch is an NSCA certified personal trainer, Functional Movement Specialist, gym owner, parent, and longtime BMX racer. (and BMX News contributor, we’ll hasten to add)


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