Wheelie Swervers Feel the Heat

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Long Island Wheelie Kids Feel the Heat

In Nassau County, New York— about 50 miles East of NYC, on Long Island, the issue of wheelie riders “swerving” local motorists and other cyclists in the streets has been coming to a head among administrators, citizens, merchants and local police for about a year now.

On September 4, 2017, the area’s “News12″ ran a story about what they called “a disturbing and dangerous national trend.”

Earlier this week, BMX News spotted the flyer above on social media, released by Nassau County Police, alerting the public to the dangers and legal jeopardy of “Reckless Bicycle Riding.” The communication made it clear that parents bear responsibility for the actions of children under-18, and that bikes can be confiscated.

Then, Tuesday evening, the Nassau County Police Department posted the video below to their Facebook page (It is via CBS News York, but we are not sure when it ran originally).

Reckless Bicycle Riding

#ICYMI: check out this story from CBS New York on the fad among adolescents in which they ride their bikes into oncoming traffic, performing a wheelie, and at the last moment swerve out of the way to avoid a collision with an oncoming vehicle. This is EXTREMELY dangerous and can not only result in serious injury or death, but it can also result in arrest. Parents, please talk to your kids about how to ride their bicycles safely and properly. #NCPD #NassauCountyPD

Posted by Nassau County Police Department on Tuesday, September 11, 2018

We have to admit that swerving a pair of city buses and a bunch of soccer moms on Main Street is not the most neighborly move a rider can make (though the bus incident was reportedly in Staten Island).

That said, one of the riders interviewed by CBS made a great point, saying: “If we’re on the sidewalk, we get yelled at, and the cops tell us not to…we ride in the road, we get yelled at.”

Is there a showdown afoot in Islip, which pits law enforcement against kids riding bikes? We sure hope it is NOT a showdown, but a sit-down of all the interested parties to help make it easier for kids to ride bikes in their community. And, we hasten to add, that solution is NOT confiscations, and citations.

In an unrelated, but similar story (in as much that it features the BikeLife movement), SE Bikes Brand Manager, and out-front evangelist for the BikeLife movement, Todd Lyons, organized a trip for some NYC wheelie kings to hit the BMX tracks in New Paltz and later, under the lights, at Kingston, NY.

This may-just be the solution Nassau County administrators are looking for: give the kids a place to ride, so everyone’s happy and safe. Not necessarily a BMX track; but a place set-aside for them to do their thing. Maybe Nassau County can take the lead and create the world’s first “wheelie/swerve park.”

Here is the video of Todd’s group and their trip from Harlem to New Paltz and Kingston, NY for the “BikeLife at the BMX Track” day.


It’s Official: Donny Robinson to SE Racing

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Donny Robinson signs with SE Racing - BMX Racing News

On February 8, BMX News reported that Donny Robinson had split with Hyper Bicycles, after a fruitful relationship of six years. The secret of what jersey he would slip into, come the 2013 season opener was not really a secret, and could probably be best characterized as the worst-kept secret in BMX Racing.

But today we got the art, so we are bringing you dR with his freshly-assembled PK Ripper, ready for departure to Phoenix, A-Z. Is he rockin a beard, a five-o-clock shadow, or just a lighting shadow in that photo??

Donny said this, in a release:

“SE is BMX racing! I’m excited to continue my career with a brand that has been here since the beginnings of BMX. I’m hugely-grateful to SE for believing in my abilities and signing me to a multi-year deal. I’m stoked to have the backing to be out there for years to come & put on the best show that I can.”

The release also said, of the bike dR will be aboard:

Donny will be racing on the all-new 2013 PK Ripper Elite frame. This frame was completely redesigned for maximum stiffness in 2013, with a new bi-oval downtube and direct-weld ovalized chainstays.

“We really went back to the drawing board with this year’s frame design. The tracks have changed dramatically over the past few years with the UCI World Cup series. So we needed a frame that could not only keep up, but one that can win races and be on top of the podium. And Donny’s just the right guy for the job. He’s been on top of many podiums over the years and he’s no stranger to winning,” said Todd Lyons, SE Brand Manager.

Looking forward to seeing that first Elite moto of 2013 , come Saturday at High-Noon at Black Mountain BMX.


SE Racing Website

Speedco Top Story, Presented by Speedco Bicycles

Chase Hines Signs with MCS

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BMX Racing News - Chase Hines signs with MCS Bicycles

Just getting un-packed here in Reno, have a few browser window windows open to check the forums, real-world news headlines, twitter and email…then, it all tunnels in, around some sponsor news…Chase Hines, long of SE Racing, just announced a new ride with MCS Bicycles.

No official release or communique from HQ, but Team Manager Brian Fell commented on the thread, with stoke, so it’s for real.Former TM, Todd Lyons, kept it classy, wishing Chase the best with his new sponsor.

The move seems to include former SE Factory Boy, Tyler Wagner, as well.

We’ll keep you posted on further developments, and when his new HT20XL is together and ready for the camera.


MCS Bicycles Website

The Wildman Snaps the Gate, then Pops the Question

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Todd Lyons Proposes Marriage at USA BMX So. Cal Nats

It was great to see The Wildman, Todd Lyons, in Chula Vista– suited up in his SE attack gear, and doing battle on the track, this time with the 36-40 Cruiser class. He made the main both days at the USA BMX So. Cal Nationals, scoring an 8th on day one, and a fourth on day two. Not bad for that stacked class.

Then, on Sunday, just before the semis jumped off, Todd and his long-time girlfriend, Mare Galletti, joined Mike Redman down by the finish line for an improptu “filling some dead time in the program” interview. After a few minutes of banter, Todd said:

“You know…I’ve done a lot of crazy things on a BMX Track in my life…backflips during a race, 360s during a race…but the craziest thing I have ever done at a BMX track…is goin’ down right now.”

With that, he produced a hinged box (from where, we don’t know, as he had his full race kit on), turned to Mare, got down on one knee and…POW! popped the question.

Here’s the video (via Rich Montalvo), complete with her acceptance

No word on a wedding date just yet, but we’ll keep ya’ posted.

Congratulations to the happy couple!