Win T-Hoff’s Bike!

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Tony Hoffman is giving away his Haro BMX Race Bike
We are big Tony Hoffman fans here at the BMX News command-and-control center. Back in April, we posted about one of his regular talks to high school students in and around Fresno, CA. Tony does this as part of his “Freewheel Project” youth outreach program, and we are always stoked to hear what he has cookin as the next click on the freewheel of life.

This week, Tony announced, on his website (link below), that he was starting a social media challenge for his fans. You have to watch the video on his site to get the full skinny on how to participate, so check the link below.

The whip he’s giving away is one of his actual race-rides, with AA-level parts…and rings the register at about $2000. News is always impressed by T-Hoff’s desire to give back, spreading the word about the utter destruction drugs will inevitably cause those straying over the line. Staying on the straight & narrow is the way…via BMX Racing.

And if you have not yet listened to his talk to the Senior class at Buchanan High, take some time to do that now…it is something not to be missed (see link below)!

Get on over there and jump in!


Tony Hoffman Bike Giveaway

Tony Hoffman Speaks at Buchanan High

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T-Hoff Speaks Truth to High Schoolers

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Tony Hoffman Speaks to High Schoolers About Decisions

On February 28, 2011, BMX News welcomed Tony Hoffman on episode 35 of our Announcers Tower Podcast. In the 40-minute interview, Tony spoke, in detail, about his long battle with addiction, and his road back to the track from a prison cell. It’s been a little over a year, and T-Hoff has been ticking off goals on his daily planner, mostly concerning his outreach ministry, The Freewheel Project.

Part of that work is going into schools all around Central and Northern California to talk to kids about “decisions.” It is not a “say no to drugs” talk, as much as a “this is what can happen with ONE bad decision–so choose carefully.” The video below was recorded at “Senior Day” at Buchanan High School yesterday, April 25, 2012. It’s 30-minutes long, but a very eye-opening program, which we think every audience over 13 should listen to (there are a few instances of language in the talk, so parental discretion is advised for audiences younger than 13).

Nice job, T-Hoff! We are anxious to hear more about The Freewheel Project, and your initiative to give away 100 bikes, complete with USA BMX memberships and 12 days of racing/coaching.

And to our readers who may have the means for charitable contributions, we know Tony would love to hear from you–it’s a great cause on many levels (helping at-risk youth, spreading the word about BMX racing, and providing a mentorship and role-model component for many kids who may not have that in their daily lives). You can contact Tony via his Websites (below)

There are not a lot of visuals to the video, so if you’re rather listen to audio only, as a Podcast…


iPhone users: Paste the URL below into your phone’s browser


Tony’s Personal Site

The Freewheel Project Site

If you are in the Clovis, CA area, The Freewheel Project is doing a benefit concert tomorrow night, with Donny Robinson as guest speaker, and musical guest “Diamonds in the Rough.”