Podcast: Factory Redline 2018

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Podcast: Factory Redline 2018
The last time we saw someone rockin a Factory Redline jersey was at the 2016 Grands, most notably, on Alise Post hoisting the cup on the Saturday night, as 2016 the #1 Pro Woman.

Redline paused the Factory Team program in 2017, as a corporate shake-up changed the game. Read more

First Ride: Tioga OS20 Tire System

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Redline Test Rides the Tioga OS20 Tire System via

Yesterday, we shared-out a Facebook photo posted by Redline, showing a Flight Carbon frame running the new Tioga OS20 (Oversize 20″) tire system. News first reported on OS20 as part of our Interbike 2012 coverage, and promised an update when the first ride was done. Well, here is the first of what we expect to be many updates on this topic before it hits the market early next year.

For a little on-track reporting, we tapped Redline’s product development dude, Steven Behen, for the first-lap 4-1-1. Here’s what he said:

When putting it together, the rear wheel fit in the frame fine, but with less forward-dropout adjustability due to larger diameter of the tire. We also quickly found the brakes needed to be swapped to something with greater adjustability as the pads missed the rim. (Slapped some Paul’s on and we were good to go). Front wheel fit in the Answer Dagger fork fine, but we will need to research the fit in chromo forks.

At the track, we immediately noticed the stability improvement. It does NOT ride like a cruiser but more like a 20” with the Squirrel factor removed. For part of the experiment, we left stock 44/16 gearing on the bike. This will need to be changed as well, in addition to some small frame modifications. As this was a lunch session we were not able to do gates, look forward to testing this in the near future. We’ll keep you posted!

Doing some math and getting some of our top riders to test the wheels will be our next priority.

Just the tasty teaser we were hoping for. Looking forward to seeing what SW91 has to say about ‘em.