Elliot McGrath Joins Staats-Ciari

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Elliot McGrath Joins Staats-Ciari
We don’t usually have any tasty team change news til right after the Grands, but leading in to this weekend’s USA BMX Fall Nationals, News just got wind that “The Big Guy,” Elliot McGrath signed a deal with Staats/Ciari, and will be in the uniform and on the bike, effective immediately.

We caught Elliot just as he drove in to Lake Perris BMX on Wednesday evening. Here’s what he tols us about his new ride:

When I started BMX 14 years ago I remember going to nationals and seeing top riders like Paul Lange and Mike Day riding Staats. I thought the bikes were awesome, Mike’s chrome bike, in particular. Mike also came to my local track for a clinic shortly after that and I thought that was pretty cool.

Now it’s gone full-circle and *I’m* in that position, racing AA and inspiring the next generation. It’s a dream come true to be riding for Staats and Ciari. I’ve been riding my new bike for a few weeks and it feels amazing, it’s the perfect geometry, size, and stiffness.

The products offered by Staats and Ciari are unique in a very good way. The fork is a monocoque design, meaning it’s all continuous carbon, even the steer tube is carbon! The frame has a couple cool features, the one I like the most is the rear drop out and how easy it is to adjust your chain or change a flat tire.

I’m excited to get the weekend kicked off in Perris, CA with my new Staats bike and Ciari components! I want to give a huge thanks to both Jonathans, Seth, and Jennifer for this opportunity and the people that have supported me through out my racing career.

Back at Staats/Ciari HQ, the mood is high-stoke as well, with one rep telling us:

We were impressed by Elliot—both on and off the track. He is a “heart of gold” type of guy who loves working with younger riders, coaching and encouraging them in their racing. On the track, he shows a lot of promise and he will take his program to new levels now that he has some solid factory support. We could not be happier about our partnership with him; he is exactly the kind of person we want representing Staats and Ciari.

As we noted above, Elliot is on-site at the Lake Perris track already, and gave us a little preview of how things are lookin on the ground, ahead of the mass arrival of West Coast BMXers, later today.

The Lake Perris track is going to have some great racing with a big starting hill, long straights, and new asphalt turns. The track has a couple technical obstacles that can separate people and it will be interesting hitting the pro set during races. Mike Redman and the crew did a great job! The only thing that could be better is if this race wasn’t the same weekend as Okeeheelee and we were able to race both tracks. Maybe next year.

Keep an eye on BMX News this weekend for story and photos coverage from Lake Perris, as well as some action shots of Elliot in action aboard his new Staats steed.

—Mike Carruth

Top photo courtesy of our buddy Steve Diamond Elements.


Staats Bicycles Website

Ciari Parts Website

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A New Era for Staats and Ciari

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Staats Ciari Update

After a few months of off-the-bike training, Staats and Ciari are gating-up for a strong start into the thick of the 2016 season. Setting the table for their return to the headlines, brand owners Jennifer Hung and Seth Clippard teamed up with John Sawyer and Advantage Bicycle Corporation to handle distribution of both product lines–as reported on BMX News back on March 28.

Jennifer and Seth have owned both brands since they took over from Jason Halverson in 2009, and have been the manufacturing muscle behind household-names you would recognize, since 2001. In 2013, they partnered with Richard Huvard, who was in charge of sales and brand management, but the two sides parted ways in December of 2015.

Staats and Ciari have new products in the works, and you’ll find their current line, plus the new stuff, when available, in all the popular places very soon. They will be picking up a few strategically-placed riders, and we expect them to remain a fixture in BMX for a long time to come.

Keep your eyes on BMX News in the coming weeks and months for the latest developments in the new Staats and Ciari programs.

Top Photo: A “Team” build of the Staats Bloodline “Granpremio,” featuring the full set of Ciari parts, especially the all-carbon Ciari Victor I fork.


Staats Bicycles Website

Ciari Parts Website

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Scoop: Huvard, Day and Sharrah See Daylight

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Daylight Cycle Company

You know it’s gonna be a good day when a story shows up that has three scoops in one. And these three scoops are tastier than Baskin-Robbins on its best day.

Over the past three years, we have covered the progress of Richard Huvard, and his resurrection of the Staats and Ciari brands. In that time, he and his posse have built an impressive line of products, a top-drawer team, and one of the flashiest pit areas on the USA BMX circuit.

Today, Richard brings news that the whole crew is making a big change for 2016–with the launch of Daylight Cycle Co., which will be out this Spring with an American-Made product line. That is scoop number one.

Scoop number two is that Mike Day is back on the scene, joining the new company as Director of Product Development and Sales, presumably leaving behind the MTB career he has been building since his last BMX race about 18 months ago. Along with that, he has parted ways with GT Bicycles after a very long stay.

Which leaves the final scoop–and this one is of the megawatt variety. Corben Sharrah and Haro have parted ways and Corben will join Daylight as their anchor AA Pro. This being an Olympic year and all, Corben is one of the guys who we’ll be watching as the Rio qualifying gets going in earnest, so we may-just see Daylight atop the big hill, come August.

Wowza…Now that is some sizable scoopage right there!

Here is the official release, seen for the first time anywhere, right here on News:

After three years of directing the rebrand and resurgence of Staats Bicycles and Ciari Parts, Richard Huvard and Eugene Bustillos, and their NeedThree (N3) Design have launched the manufacture of a new American-made BMX race frame and line of complete bikes, Daylight Cycle Co.

A division of their growing SoCal retail store and coming BMX online outlet, Gold Coast Bicycles, Daylight also brings together two of the most formidable U.S. racers in the last ten years to steer product development on and off the race track–BMX Olympic Silver Medalist, Mike Day, who joins Daylight as Director of Product Development and Sales–and one of this year’s top US Olympic hopefuls, Elite/AA Pro Corben Sharrah.

Prototyping is underway with a target release this spring, and a new parts company is also in the works. “We wanted to build a bike and brand from inception that was all our own and all American.” Huvard explains, “or as it will say on the bike, ‘Hand Built on the California Gold Coast’.”

“I’ve known both Corben and Mike since they were kids racing BMX. When the opportunity to work with them came together with a first rate design and manufacturing team right here, like a racer breaking through the pack, we saw daylight and knew where and when we had to go.”

Huvard’s Factory Staats/Ciari team will immediately transition to Factory Daylight Cycles and will continue to receive support from sponsors and marketing partners including O’Neal MX, POC Sports, Stealth Hubs, and Vittoria Shoes. And as the latest addition to their brand offering, Gold Coast Bicycles will also be the exclusive distributor of Faith Wear race gear in the U.S.

Look for Corben Sharrah and the team to debut their new colors next month at the Pro Series opener, the 2016 USA BMX Winter Nationals in Phoenix, AZ.

For dealer inquiries or to see daylight yourself, contact Daylight Cycle Co. at 855-269-7853, or online at Be sure to like Daylight Cycle Co. on Facebook.

Well, this development will certainly add to the excitement and intrigue of the new pro season, which starts in only 36 days, and it will be great to see MDay365 back at the races in his new off-track role. Be sure to keep it right here on BMX News for all the headlines leading up to the 2016 USA BMX Winter Nationals.

—Mike Carruth

Top Photo: New logo for Daylight Cycle Co., with partners Eugene Bustillos and Richard Huvard; incoming Director of Product Development and Sales, Mike Day; and New Daylight AA Pro/Elite, Corben Sharrah.

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2015 Factory Team Changes – Part II

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2015 Factory Team Changes - Part II

We got some big props on part one of our 2015 Factory Team Changes feature yesterday. Thanks to all who sent in text messages, Facebook likes, shares and comments, and emails. Part two has even more in store for team watchers, with some late-breaking news, and a couple new teams joining the fray for 2015.

It’s pretty clear that we will have at least one other follow-up to this story, as the January 1 team announcements get the green light from the powers-that-be. BMX News will be there, with a glass pressed against the wall (more like a laser-mic from across the street), so be sure to check back early and often.

And now, without any further clackity-clack, here are 10 more teams with 2015 pickups.

Cameron Moore is on Haro/Promax for 2015
Donavon Long has made some strategic additions to the already-beefy top team of 2014.

Cameron Moore – 17x (Above)
Ryan Goodwin – 11x
Ronnie Kim – 8x
Shayla Blackmore – 16 girls

J&R Bicycles / Chase
J&R Bicycles Team Changes 2015

The top bike shop team in all the land will be letting a few off the bus, and taking a few onto the bus for 2015. Yeah, this is a “Factory Team” article, but “Factory” is really a state of mind, more than words on a team sheet, isn’t it? Team Manager Scott Angus told News:

I’m proud to announce that Karter Montellano, 6x NAG #1 from Riverside, California, Mia Downes, 6g from El Cajon, California, and Justin Seitz, 10x NAG #11 from San Bernardino, California will be joining the team.

The Shriver sisters (Katja, Richelle, and Esja), Zack Van Kammen, Ryan Pettigrew, Ty Beadle, Dahvin Childs, Leinani Peralta, Joe & Josh Sontag, Josh Veron, and Michael Weatherford will return for next season. Weatherford will be joining the Vet Pro ranks mid-season after winning the Grands and getting his first NAG #1 plate.  Ryan Pettigrew and Zack Van Kammen will be doing both the National circuit and some SX races.

Meybo USA
Meybo USA Factory Team
Meybo is a new brand on the US scene. Wildly-popular in Europe, Oklahoman Ben Tabor is bringing the brand to our shores with a large squad of mostly Midwest talent to promote in a big way. Here’s what ben told News:

We started Meybo USA because we wanted to offer a race frame that was different than the usual brands. Being a racer that liked to ride a bike that not everyone had was my driving force. Our goals for 2015 are to compete as a factory team at some nationals and help our riders achieve their racing goals through mentoring, social media exposure and any other marketing opportunities we can be a part of. While it seems like there are a lot of riders, everyone will be competing regionally and at select Nationals. All our riders are super excited to be the driving force behind the brand and be a part of something new. The team is supported by AXO, Maxxis, Onyx and It Works.

Thomas “Thrillbilly” Wagner, 36-40x and Cruiser
Hudson, OH

Daniel Galusha, 36-40x
Las Vegas, NV

Jim Bunsey, 41 – 45C
Oberlin, OH

Trevor Bunsey, 11x
Oberlin, OH

Kasie Kalal, 16G and 16GC
Valley View, OH

Tyler “Happy” Gilmore, 15x
Bakersfield, CA

Chris Peterie, 17/18x and 17-20C
Jenks, OK

Justin Roeser, 15x
Wichita, KS

Cole Below, 13x
Fremont, OH

Scott Lachanski, 41-45C
North Royalton, OH

Ben Taber, 36-40x
Edmond, OK


Jim Buchanan has one of the largest and most fierce teams on the circuit. Jim tells us that it’s a little early to say what, if any, additions will be made for the new season, but did give us two for publication that we were already aware of:

Kaynen Burg – 10x
Carson Leet – 12x

We will have more for you on the Ssquared/Answer roster as soon as it is available

Lain Van Ogle Staats/Ciari

On September 30, BMX News reported that Lain Van Ogle would move from the disbanded Phoenix BOX team to Staats/Ciari in the new year. That is not necessarily news, but we are re-adding it here so we have a more comprehensive list. Lain, and Trae Proctor, will wear both the Staats and Ciari uniforms throughout the season.

Luke Segal was on BlackCrown til the Grands, and will now suit up for Staats as well.

>>>BREAKING:There is late word from the West Coast that Kelsey Van Ogle and Peter Choat will also move to Staats in 2015. It was expected that Kelsey and Peter would be joining Doublecross (as we reported yesterday, and as has been out in the community for a while now), but circumstances seem to have changed.

Kelsey told News today:

“I know the Huvards very well and ultimately decided Staats would be the best fit for me. Really excited to continue my racing career with my brother and glad to be back with the Huvards*. Can’t wait for 2015!”

* Kelsey raced for the Huvards on the Redman team, starting when she was six years old.

Stay Strong
Tanner Sebesta signs with Stay Strong
This was a late-breaking change, with Tanner Sebesta moving over to be the first US AA on the new Stay Strong frame we showed you a couple weeks ago.

Here’s what Tanner posted on Facebook this morning:

“Stoked to announce I will be riding for @staystrongbmx for the 2015 season. Stay strong will be releasing their new frames shortly and the frame is no joke designed by @dbetcher44 stiff and clean as the best on the market. Looking forward to the fresh season rocking new colors with new hype. Thank you Marco for this opportunity, let’s get it!”

2015 Supercross BMX Team Additions
With Kim Hayashi at the helm of the team for the new year, Factory Supercross will step boldly into 2015 with six new riders added to the already-strong squad.

Kim has been a part of the Supercross / Speedline family for the last five years and shares the same vision of fun coupled with performance as Supercross owner Bill Ryan.

The new additions (Clockwise from top left in above photo) are:

Gavin Bowers – 13x (NAG 7)
Portland, OR

BJ Ensey – 16x (NAG 14)
Redding, CA

Ryan Puckett – 15X (NAG 6)
Redding, CA

Sadie Thompson – 15-16G
Phoenix, AZ

Anna Johnson – 14G (NAG 4) / 16-16GC (NAG 5)
Garland, TX

Annabella Hammonds – 9G
Apple Valley, CA

All six will make their debut in the Supercross jersey at the 2015 Silver Dollar Nationals in Las Vegas next month. *Photo: BMX News composite

Tangent 2015 Factory Team Additions

The Tangent Cartel is bringing a high-wattage team back to the tent for 2015. Here’s what Team Manager, TJ Johnson told us:

Rich and I here at Rift-Tangent are super excited for the upcoming 2015 season. This year was like no other, we were able to set the new roster before the USA BMX Grandnationals even took place. Adding to our already-stellar roster of Riley Stair, Jacob Abbe and Breanna Winter, starting in Las Vegas we will have:

Bryant White – 14x (NAG 1) from Santee, CA

Nate Romero – 10x (NAG 8) from Victorville, CA

Kody Kolshinski – 9x (NAG 9) from Redding, CA

These three riders fit in great with our current group of riders, and will complete awesome roster for the 2015 season and beyond.

2015 Yess BMX USA Factory Team
As reported last week here on News, Yess BMX has welcomed Jerry Bradford to the operation to serve as US Factory Team Manager. This team will operate independently of the storied Canadian team that often ventures South to whoop up on their Americano pals.

The five-rider squad will be:

Maynard Peel (15X, NAG 1)
Kohl Piluso (11X, NAG 3)
Christina Cunningham (7G, NAG 2)
Jayce Bartley (9C, NAG 2)
Patrick Coo (12X, NAG 1)

That is all we have for this go-round. There are half-a-dozen more, in addition to the 15 teams we listed in this two-part feature, so watch for an update when those details are made available to News.

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2015 Factory Team Changes – Part I

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