Ssquared Adds “VP” to the Business

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Ssquared VP Frame - Blue

The Ssquared CEO frame is one of the most popular BMX Racing frames on the market, there is no denying that. For some racers, however, the $509 retail price is a bit lofty, even for their lofty goals in the track.

Leading in to the 2018 season, Ssquared has announced the release of their “VP” frame model. The VP has the same geometry as the CEO, but is made in Asia, under the exacting standards of quality you have grown to know and love from John Sawyer and his crew. Retail price: $409 in the C-suite, a c-note saved can make all the difference between an extra national entry fee or two.

The VP is on its way America, with the Pro XL and Pro XXL sizes first in the suite to arrive (more to follow). The frame rocks a sophisticated silver finish, with your choice of three accompanying decal kit colors (Red, Blue or Black).

Ssquared VP Frame - Black

Ssquared VP Frame - Red

Available for pre-order now, and arriving in time for Christmas, check the link below for specs, and ordering info.

VP is a respectable rung as you climb the “gettin-down-to-business” BMX ladder.


Ssquared VP Frame – Pre-Order Page

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Answer/Ssquared to Expand Factory Team Westward

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Answer Factory Expands Westward

Shawn Pischke has run the SpeedTech grassroots team for the past several years from his home base in North Carolina. The team is one of the top grassroots teams for Answer and Ssquared, and influences a lot of racers in the region by their presence at the local, state and regional races—to say nothing of select nationals they hit each year.

Shawn just accepted an awesome new day-job, for which we offer big congrats. The only issue is that it requires a cross-country move, to Southern California.

It would be tough to run a North Carolina team from So. Cal so, after much thought about it, he posted the following on Facebook over the weekend.

After thinking long and hard over it, I’ve decided the final chapter for SpeedTech will come to a close at the Grands. This team has been a huge part of my life past few years, and has given me much more than I’ve given to it.

I wanna thank all the riders who’ve put on the SpeedTech colors over the years, and the sponsors who”ve supported the team.

This will not be the end of the road for me with BMX, and I’m very excited to get started with my new opportunity. I’ll share details with everyone when the time is right.

Sometimes life deals the cards, and you have to play them just-so to turn them into an even-bigger win.

Shawn and Ssquared/Answer jefe, John Sawyer got together, and hatched a plan to make some exciting new plans that will leverage Shawn’s new location to plant the Ssquared and Answer flags on the West Coast, with a new expasion arm of their Answer/Ssquared Factory Team.

Alongside the new plans, Shawn told News the following:

In a month full of changes I’m excited to share that I’ll be staying in the SSquared and Answer BMX camp as team Manager for the soon-to-be-launched West Coast eddition of the Answer Factory Team.

I’ll be at local tracks, gold cups and state races to work with teams and riders interested in joining the SSquared and Answer bmx family.

I’m looking forward to getting out to California, and getting things kicked off.

I’m stoked for the opportunity John Sawyer, Blake Sawyer & Michelle Senger have given me to help expand the factory team and grow SSquared / Answer team and grassroots footprint in California.

Shawn also told us that they want to get the word of the coming expansion team out now (hence this article), so they can talk to riders as their 2017 commitments are coming to an end (between Grands and Jan 1), and get them suited up for the first National of 2018 (wherever that is, since we do not yet have the new schedule).

If you’re a top-hand West coast rider looking to make a move in 2018, or an out-West grassroots team interested in talking to Shawn about making a switch, hit him up at

A big BMX News high-five to Shawn for the new West Coast gig, and for making BMX work out as he and his family start their new life in the BMX epicenter of the universe.

—Mike Carruth


Answer BMX Website

Ssquared Bicycles Website

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Advantage: Sawyer

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Advantage Bicycle Corp.

In a little-less than seven years, John Sawyer has gone from BMX dad and Oldsmar Track Operator, to the shot-caller in one of the most important groups of BMX brands in our sport (in addition to his on-going role as BMX dad, Oldsmar Track Operator, and life-long entrepreneur).

BMX News has covered his progression the whole way, from our first article about a new company called Ssquared Bicycles (January 20, 2010), to his acquisition of Answer BMX in October of 2010 and, most recently, acquisition of Clayborn Bicycles on the eve of Interbike 2015.

In that time, Ssquared Bicycles has gone from a startup brand, in the staging area with the hundreds of others BMX Brand startups that cross our path, to a multi-time USA BMX Golden Crank Award Winner. John saved Answer BMX, literally in the final hours of its existance, and turned it around to be more relevant, and more popular than ever.

Through it all, there has never been one “umbrella” structure to his BMX operations–ala “General Motors,” with brands under the parent–but now, there will be.

Late yesterday, our “Big Ears” news ticker picked up some talk about some new moves in the Sawyer camp, ultimately leading us to the following release explaining some big headlines in BMX Industry circles.

Here is part of that release:

The owners of ANSWER BMX and Ssquared Bicycles are excited to announce the formation of their new parent company, Advantage Bike Corp (ABC) to oversee operations, branding, and sales of not just those brands but several new brands moving forward. Clayborn Bikes, ANSR Race Wear for the BMX market, and the soon to be released Solution Race Products component brand will all fall under the ownership of Advantage Bike Corporation, to be known as ABC.

Something you may not have known is that the popular ANSR clothing line, worn by Golden Crank-winning teams Answer-Rennen and the Ssquared Factory Team, flows through ABC to the BMX market.

Another big-news item that the full release (below) reveals is that ABC will become the USA sales and marketing arm for Staats Bicycles and Ciari Parts brands. Staats and Ciari dropped below the radar temporarily after splitting from then-partner Richard Huvard & Co. in the early hours of 2016.

Here’s the rest of the official release:

The BMX race market is a very unique and rapidly evolving industry with customers that are extremely brand loyal and demanding of the brands they choose to use. We realize that not every racer out there wants an Ssquared Bike or ANSWER BMX parts, therefore, why not have a “menu” of sorts with different options and styles to support the diverse BMX race market?, stated Ryan Birk of ANSWER BMX.

By offering several different frame and component options and continuing to offer the same level of quality, service, and market branding that people have to come to expect from Ssquared and ANSWER, we feel we now have something to offer everyone, keeping in mind each brand has their own unique style, quality, and image.

We have plans for a new complete line of Ssquared Bicycles complete bikes, the launch of the new Solution parts brand, and new Clayborn frames in the works. We are also happy to work with the owners of Staats Bicycles and Ciari Parts to help them grow their brand. We are also continuing to work with ANSR Motocross to handle the distribution of their race wear in the BMX market globally.

Obviously by adding these new brands to our portfolio we are looking at the big picture and preparing for significant growth, hence the need to form the ABC Corporation, Birk continued.

Advantage Bike Corporation will remain based in Palm Harbor Florida and plans are in place to increase staff, infrastructure, and resources to complete brand integration for all the separate individual brands. New websites are currently under construction for the new ABC company as well as each individual brands respective website.

No question, there are some big things afoot from John and his crew. We wish our good friends all the best in their expanded footprint, and we can tell you true, that we will bring you all the awesome details of their further progress as it happens.

—Mike Carruth

Top Photo: John Sawyer (in the blue Ssquared shirt), flanked by his core crew: Michelle Senger, Marissa Caprara, Blake Sawyer and Ryan Birk (just after taking a dip in the pro set gator pit), moments after winning 2015 Golden Crank Bike of the year at the 2015 USA BMX Grands.


First Ssquared Interview – January 2010

Answer BMX Acquired – October 2010

Clayborn Joins the Family – September 2015

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10 Takeaways from Interbike 2014

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Interbike 2014 Takeaways

So much of the time, a trade show like Interbike boils down to a tidy list of tips, trends and never-do-agains. Here are ours from Interbike 2014, in no particular order.

1). More than a few companies missing from the show floor this year. Redline, GT, DK, all kept their exhibits in the warehouse for Interbike 2014, opting instead for more hand-to-hand dealer experiences before the show, hosted on their terms, where the hospitality coffee was not $50 a pot.

Speaking of which, the expense of doing a booth at the show is cost-prohibitive for many BMX companies these days–upwards of $15,000 when all is said & done. With the number of dealers carrying BMX racing products always a challenge, many BMX companies have opted, instead to display product with the distributors who rep them to dealers. Household-name companies like Supercross, Speedline, Yess, Alienation, Profile and Tangent all buddied-up with either Fly/WPS or QBP. That worked out very well, as it turned out, since it was a “BMX Central” of sorts, and show-goers got to meet company representatives, then sit down to write orders with the distributor.

2). Fat tire bikes were everywhere. We have seen them growing in popularity at the past few Interbike shows, but this year, fat is where it’s at in terms of innovation. Could BMX tracks leverage the fat-tire boom by having dedicated races for them?

The Godfather of Mountain Biking, Gary Fisher, told it true to

Ssquared Strider bike
3). Lots of companies doing co-branded Strider bikes, catching the wave of getting the 5-unders on their brand early. Ssquared was one of those showing a Strider, and we expect those will be featured prominently on the new Oldsmar dedicated Strider track next year. Some companies also doing their own balance bike, such as the Staats “BBX.”

Speedline Carbon Cranks
4). Carbon BMX componments. We’ve seen a lot of carbon race frames come into the scene, but there hasn’t been much focus on carbon components. With Speedline, and RaceFace pushing carbon cranks into racing, as well as multiple companies dabbling with carbon rims, its likely we will see a lot of carbon come Rio 2016. On that same point, it was nice to see the “carbon” issue of Pull Magazine available for the taking on the magazine racks in the show lobby.

5). We are still trying to get used to the “new” show location at Madalay Bay. We definitely liked the food court adjacent to the show space, offering something other than the haut-cuisine or snack bar grub at the Sands. Still, we got lost a lot this year, ending up half-a-mile from the end of the hall where we wanted to be.

6). BMX Industry Gathering. BMX racing needs an industry-gathering at Interbike so we can all get together in one place. We missed seeing so many people in the sky-scraper-lined aisles of road bikes, fat-tire bikes and MTBs. We’ll see many of them at the Grands in just nine weeks, but the others? Just feels like a missed opportunity to catch up in person for once.

Tram to Mandalay bay
7). Stay near the Bay. If you’re not staying at Mandalay Bay, Luxor or Excalibur are the best alternatives. There’s a free tram between the three MGM properties, which really helps curb the cab fares. Still, it took 40 minutes to walk from our room to the show floor, even with the tram. The scale of these resorts is massive! Three weeks before the show, rooms at Luxor were $58. Warning: Excalibur does not have in-room Wi-Fi, but does have a wired connection, if your laptop still has a port for it.

8). Dead Tree Edition. Printed brochures at the show are going the way of the do-do bird. We usually see people toting heavy tote bags around the massive show floor. Not so much this year, as folks opted for the free-hands approach, and told exhibitors they would check out their products online. The “badge capture” system, where an exhibitor scans the attendee’s badge into their system is an essential aspect to not letting those leads get away–especially important with the amount of investment the show requires.

9). Cell while you sell. For as big as the show floor was, cell coverage was surprisingly good. We had lots of dead spots at the Sands, where even texts could not get out.

10). Tires. With Alienation pushing tubeless, Tioga working on a new tire, plus their O/S 20 format, we are seeing many more options spinning-up for BMX racing tires. Vee told News that Cisar is riding a tire that is different from those on the market today. Could “tire choice” soon become a “thing” at different tracks?

We had a great time covering the show this year, and wish to extend our thanks to Interbike show management for their hospitality, and making it easy for us to bring you the coverage. Also to the BMX Industry companies, whether exhibiting or “co-showing” with their distributors. Everyone took the time out of the busy show schedule to walk us through their latest and greatest, and we really appreciate it.

If you enjoyed this article, we would appreciate if you would share it with your friends:


BMX News Interbike 2014 Day One

BMX News Interbike 2014 Re-Cap

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Time 2 Shine Re-Caps 2012 and Talks 2013

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Time 2 Shine BMX Talks 2013 on

Matt and Sabrina McEvoy have done a great job bringing Time 2 Shine from industry up-and-comer, to firmly-rooted online dialin’-in center in the span of about 10 months. Their team has been at the front of the pack, they always have some awesome deals up on the web site, and are sprinting in to 2013 with some serious new moves to take it to the next level.

Matt sent us the following re-cap of their 2012 season, and also kicked-down the details on what the 2013 program looks like.

With 2012 officially in the books, Time 2 Shine’s first full complete season as a race team was a very memorable one. The T2S team won the Virginia State Series, had several Top 3 Redline Cup Riders, and also the following riders earning NAG Plates this year:

Mika McEvoy – NAG 4 in 7 Girls
Jamie McHenry – NAG 7 in 10 Girls
Jamie McHenry – NAG 2 in 10 Under Cruiser Girls
Niles Austin – NAG 3 in 21-25 Cruiser

Notable Mentions:
Niles Austin – NAG 11 in 19-27 Expert
Ashton Raum – NAG 19 in 17-27 Girls

We have seen great progress in our roster, and our grassroots program. We are excited to continue to help develop our riders to get to the next level in the sport.

Shining Brighter in 2013

The new year brings some new and exciting opportunities for Time 2 Shine. Our website (link below) is booming, and has become a leading online BMX Mail Order Site, with over $1m in stocked inventory, and industry-leading customer service!

The RollOutCalc mobile app, which T2S and Niles Austin partnered on last year is gaining momentum on the iTunes & Android Marketplace, and brings a much-needed convenience for riders who need to calculate the rollout of the gearing on their bike. will be vending at the Stars N’ Stripes Nationals at South Park BMX, and at the Empire State Nationals in Kingston, NY.

We are happy to announce some exciting co-sponsorships that will get going in 2013. George Costa’s Answer/Rennen Factory Team, Jim Buchanan’s Factory SSquared / Answer / TLD team, and Shawn Pischke’s SpeedTech / SSquared Bike Shop Team. Also, Brian Nygard’s “The Nationals” BMX Race Team, which features a few hundred riders across the US.

Time 2 Shine’s own team roster has some edits as well. Jamie McHenry & Niles Austin will be heading over to the Answer/Rennen Factory Roster. It truly has been a pleasure working with these two riders, and we are excited to see them grow in the sport of BMX.

We would like to welcome the addition of Bryce Easter – 11x who previously raced for Factory Doublecross, Nate Cremeen – 13x who previously raced for Deluxx Bikes, and Caleb Horton – 10X who previously raced for Werkz Racing. Time 2 Shine will be welcoming back Mika McEvoy – 7 Girls (NAG 4), Ashton Raum – 17-20 Girls, Chris McHenry – 9x, Max Philion – 7x, and Cody Lynn – 16x.

Time 2 Shine has added sponsorships from SSquared Bicycles, Rennen Design Group, SIDI America, NEMA Cycling, and Answer BMX to support our race team for the 2013 season.

None of this would be possible without the hard work and dedication of our riders and their parents! We would like to thank everyone involved for a wonderful and memorable 2012 Season.

2013 Time 2 Shine BMX Co-Sponsors:
Rennen Design Group, Ssquared Bicycles, Answer BMX, Nema Cycling, Sidi America

*note: links placed by BMX News to highlight companies who are also BMX News advertisers).

Their team kit looks tight (in a good way), and will look awesome in our viewfinder, come Lousiville next month.


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Oldsmar Gets New Again

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2013 USA BMX Gator Nationals will be awesome at Oldsmar BMX

Hard to know what is going on in this photo at first glance. Is it a photo of the North rim of the Grand Canyon? The world sliding into oblivion as the Aztec Apocalypse makes its way West? Or some kind of BMX shot?

Well, C is the Correct answer. We pinched this one off Rusty Dial’s Facebook page. While we’re up here in Chicago with a gloomy 39 degrees and rainy day, the crew at Oldsmar BMX is underway on an end-of-year rebuild. This is a detail of one of the SoilTac-encrusted straightaways, getting a scoop-up in one of John Sawyer’s front-loaders.

Oldsmar BMX gets a rebuild ahead of the 2013 USA BMX Gator Nationals
No down-and-dirty on how the dirt will be distributed for 2013, but we know it is going to be fun for the entire family, and may make some need a fresh set of Freeguns.

More on the Oldsmar BMX rebuild as it takes shape.

Thanks to Factory Ssquared flyers, Rusty Dial (top) and Maliek Byndloss for the photos.

Limited Edition TLD Ssquared/Answer Kit

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Interbike 2012 coverage on

This bad boy was on display at the Answer/Ssquared booth. John Sawyer did not have a lot of details on the when, where and how much, but did say he would give News the heads up early in the process.

What we did get from the chat was that this will be a limited-edition (maybe 100 or so sets in the whole wide world) offering, with Stars & Stripes paint by the masters of all things colorful, Troy Lee Designs.

Ssquared Limited Edition Stars & Stripes Paint by Troy Lee Designs

Stick with News, and the Ssquared Facebook page for more on this Patriotic pony.


Ssquared Facebook

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Photo Gallery: 2011 Young Guns Shootout

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Justin Richmond wins 2011 Young Guns Shootout
Our fourth trip to the Young Guns Shootout at Steel Wheels BMX had a lot of the earmarks of the first trip. Lots of 13 and under race action, an abundance of familiar faces and a house full of fans, families and photogs.

Rider count this year was 125, sorted into five classes: 7-Under Boys, 8-10 Boys, 11-13 Boys, 10-Under Girls and 11-13 Girls

Justin Richmond has been the most consistent and successful rider in the history of the Young Guns series, having never lost a lap in the four years of racing the event. He closed out his Young Guns career with absolute dominance in the 11-13 class, and was joined on the podium by two of his Snap Factory Teammates, Nick Deters and Tyshawn Carr. Nick just joined the Snap squad after the Grands, and is looking good in the new threads. The Snap guys have some new things afoot for 2012, showing some early signs via the corral of Ssquared frames in their pit, replacing the Redman rides. More to come on that.

In the 11-13 Girls Class, Rennen-Intense Michigander, Elida Beeman was up front in all the rounds and put the punctuation on a good season.

DK’s Ohio Express, Spencer Cole, brought the fight to the 8-10 boys class in a big way, winning the main by a beefy margin. Coletrain was rockin the new DK Magnesium frame, which we know lots of people are anxious to get their hands on in the new season.

We don’t have the official results yet, and will update this post when we do, but before we head back to Steel Wheels for today’s Future Pro Challenge, we wanted to get the photo gallery up for y’all.

Check out the Photo Gallery

Logo-free photo downloads and prints are available for purchase on the site. Free downloads for your facebook profile or website must keep the bmxnews logo in tact. Purchases directly support our efforts to be at the races.

Get Down To Business With an Ssquared CEO Frame

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Ssquared BMX Racing Frames

We first got a glimpse of the Ssquared frame at the 2009 Disney Cup, where Josh Meyers was tearin it up on a polished prototype. Since then, the company–Captained by Oldsmar BMX Track Operator, John Sawyer and long-time Florida BMX Racing scene guru, Geff Ssengoba, has released a full line of sizes, and is under some rocket-fast talent.

Disney Cup 2010 was the debut of Jr. Devo sensation, Maliek Byndloss in the Ssquared jersey, and the rest of the team ranks have filled in nicely with go-getters like Samantha Cools, Ashley Lynch, “Bad-to-the-bone” Lexa Jones, and other lightning-catchers.

All this on-track heat has forged some great product in the last 16 months. A full-spread of 11 sizes
(Mini, Junior, Expert, Expert XL, Pro, Pro XL, Pro XXL, Junior Cruiser, Expert Cruiser, Junior Pro Cruser, Pro Cruiser) offers something for any generation of BMXer your family can throw at it. Click the link below to see a table with specs on each size.

The CEO Frame is offered in three stock colors (Black, Red or Blue), as well as Josh Meyers “Speed White,” raw aluminum, or mirror polished (trust us, the extra $150 is oh-so-worth-it).

Top test riders we respect say the CEO frame is “Stiff, stable and ready to table.”

Available at J&R Bicycles for $449.95 (+$150 for Mirror Polished)

Check out the CEO Frame, including sizes & specs on

*Oh, and By the way…it’s pronounced “S-Squared” (Sawyer/Ssengoba…get it?)

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