Podcast: Factory Redline 2018

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Podcast: Factory Redline 2018
The last time we saw someone rockin a Factory Redline jersey was at the 2016 Grands, most notably, on Alise Post hoisting the cup on the Saturday night, as 2016 the #1 Pro Woman.

Redline paused the Factory Team program in 2017, as a corporate shake-up changed the game. Read more

George Goodall: Thanks Redline!

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George Goodall Thanks Redline

This letter from George Goodall came in to the BMX News Reader letter box back at the end of January. We held off on running it because we wanted to get a shot of him in his new Supercross kit…then the four-race-weeks-in-a-row month of death occurred, and we lost track of the letter, until now. Definitely awesome that George had such heartfelt sentiments for his long-time sponsor and teammates. Kudos for taking the time to send this in.

Dear BMX News,

Wow, funny how time flies and it seems the older you get, the quicker it goes.

Since March of 2005 I have proudly given away, promoted and wore everything Redline makes. Shirts, hats, bandanas, pants and of course a “Factory“ jersey.

In fact, per my wife, three-quarters of my closet is BMX related and more specifically red, black or grey and bearing Redline logos.

Things started simple at Redline and just grew year after year. I threw my leg over a Redline frame at countless races–locals, nationals, Grand Nationals and even World events.

I became part of the HFS (Hot Factory Squad) and friends and teammates with some of the most famous and fastest riders in the sport. We nearly all have held that illustrious silver cup over our head at some time and some of us multiple times.

However, at this time with a heavy heart and mixed emotions, I have decided to part ways with Redline. I have been very blessed to be a part of such a prestigious team and would like to thank all the great folks at SBS, Redline Bicycles, Behen, gOrk and Jason Carnes for ALWAYS being supportive of my BMX dreams……ALWAYS !!!!

I am honored to have been around such awesome teammates past and present, Carly, Senger, Hudson, Klatty, Upshaw, Pelham, Denzel, Tory, Sam, Alise and Jason, all the international riders I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and chilling with over a bit of Chipotle. All of my co-sponsors affiliated with Redline and those that support me alone like Profile. I feel very fortunate and blessed to have been on one team for such a long time and with that strong support base under my feet, I have evolved and continue to grow into the BMX racer you see today.

In conclusion, to those that know me, I hope as we roll into 2016, I am not judged by the jersey on my back, but by the person most people know, I’m just “George” or “ Goodall” or “Gorgeous” or even “hey you!”– yep just another old school BMX racer.

Wow! — how 11 years have passed — but I guess it’s time to turn the page.

Gorgeous George Goodall

George Goodall SupercrossWell said, George! Here he is in his new Supercross kit out at his local track, Black Mountain BMX. All the best with your new ride, Gorgeous!

—Mike Carruth


Supercross BMX Website

Redline Edit: “Racing Every Weekend”

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Redline Edit: Racing Every Weekend

It’s always great to see the work of Corrine Walder on the big screens here at the BMX News Global Command Center. Even better when it’s a pulse-quickening Redline edit with Sam clocking some serious office hours.

Here’s the latest along those lines, featuring some classic footage. Read more

Redline MX-24 Complete

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Redline MX 24

Redline has been producing great high-end products for decades. But not a lot of people know that under the same proverbial Factory Redline tent as the “Flight” frames and bikes is a great entry-level line of complete bikes, called the “MX.” In today’s J&R Product Spotlight, we’ve chosen the two-four to take a look at.

The Redline MX-24 cruiser complete is a perfect starter bike for any 20″ pilot looking to long-bike it, and those dads coming back to BMX with their kids after all these years. Now’s their chance to ride Redline, cause mom & dad said no, on financial grounds, throughout the 80s.

At just under $400 at J&R this bike is ready to hit the track right out of the box. With cool graphics, an aluminum frame, a pivotal seat, three-piece cranks, and Tioga Powerblock tires this bike is loaded with respectable, race ready features. This bike would be perfect for getting anyone off the sidelines and into the action (cough, mom & dad, cough).

At any given race, the fences are packed with passionate parents. Often times, the parents are cheering for their kid telling them things they should and should not do on the track. You will hear the phrase “pedal!” with more repetition than Pitbull’s song lyrics. But very rarely do the parents giving directions truly understand just how hard it is to do what their kids are doing on the track.

The best, and easiest, way to understand they joys and challenges of racing is to experience the sport for yourself. BMX Racing a fun way to stay active, but it also is a great tool to help your child progress, and strengthen the bond between you. Simply getting on the track with your rider, showing them the line you want them to do in a turn, or where to pedal could really help, all while you (the parent) are having fun too!

And let’s not forget the racers already in the action on a 20-inch. Your USA BMX membership now includes cruiser as well, and has for a while now–so no extra charge for a special cruiser membership.

See the link below for more info and to order. BMX News readers get 15% off when you use discount code “JRSPOT15” at checkout.

MSRP: $399.95

More Info/Ordering

Redline MX-24 Complete

Product Spotlight is Presented by: Product Spotlight, Presented by J&R Bicycles

Podcast: Jason Carnes on 2015 Flight Schools

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2015 Redline Flight School Podcast
The Redline Flight School tour is the widest-reaching and only factory-supported clinic tour in the United States. Lead instructor, and Factory Redline Team Manager, Jason Carnes, is out there for 50 clinic stops a year, at tracks from coast to coast and border to border.

For the second installment in our 2015 clinics series, we sat down with Jason for a podcast on what he has planned for the year, as well as the type of material he covers for those who may not have had the pleasure of the Flight School experience.

Listen Now
iOS users – paste the link below in your device’s browser

Check out the link below for the 2015 Redline Flight School schedule. And be sure to stop by the Redline pit at the 2015 USA BMX Music City Nationals next week in Nashville.


2015 Redline Flight School Schedule

BMX News Promax Top Story, Presented by Promax Components

Factory Redline Rockin BOX Forks

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Factory Redline riding BOX Forks

Picked up by our spies on the ground in SLC this weekend: Collin Hudson was rockin BOX forks on his Flight Carbon. Was this a one time thing, or was something new afoot under the Redline tent?

Turns out, Redline and BOX have formally expanded the deal we reported on earlier this year, which was brakes, seat clamps and plates, so Collin wasn’t going rogue with the BOX bling on his Salt Lake scoot.

Sure enough, we had a press release waiting in our inbox as we powered-up the BMX News command center this Monday morn.

In the release, here’s what Toby Henderson said about the new co-spo:

We’re extremely excited about this new deal with Redline. It’s a major coup for us to be working with Sam Willoughby, Alise Post, Tory Nyhaug and the rest of the team, as well as Redline, as a whole. We look forward to a long relationship with Redline.

With this switcheroo also comes the jump to 20-mil hubs. This phat move to the fat axles won’t happen overnight, and it’ll be the riders’ call to switch when they’re comfortable.

Michael Gamstetter, product design maestro at BOX, and told News the following about the change to the 20mm way of life:

We understand that this change, as well as any possible differences in geometry, might take some getting used to. With this in mind, and taking into consideration their upcoming race schedule, we are giving the riders some leeway. But we’re confident that once they put the stiffer forks and 20-mil front hubs on their bikes, they will be quite pleased.

The full Redline roster will be “BOXed up” for 2014: Sam Willoughby, Alise Post, Tory Nyhaug, Josh Klatman, Collin Hudson (Above), Hunter Pelham, Carly Dyar, George Goodall and TM, Jason Carnes.


BOX Components Website

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Redline 40th Anniversary Flight

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Product Spotlight - Redline 40th Anniversary Flight

Back in 1979, a white “Red Line” (it was two words back then) was the absolute top of the BMX racing food chain–the bike every kid in the neighborhood drooled over, on display in the window of the local bike shop.

The rich kid in town had one, and it had a “hand brake,” along with every kind of exotic part you could imagine (“three-piece cranks”, “alloy” rims, “double-clamp neck” and “v bars”). That dude even had a number plate with an inspection sticker from the local track–which most of us had never been to, at that point.

He showed up at the local trails (yes, we had them back then), and the rest of us on our Schwinn Scramblers and Mongoose Motomag bikes would stop riding to watch the Red Line guy do his thing.

Looking back, he didn’t have that much game, but he could do a “cross-up” on the biggest jump we had, and that was enough to drop the chins of a posse of 13-year olds who dreamed of racing, but had not yet convinced our parents to take us the 16 miles to the local track.

Fast-forward 35 years, and Redline is celebrating its 40th anniversary in BMX with a special Flight colorway that pays tribute to those untouchable whips of yesteryear.

Naturally, it has all the new school tech and geometry that the present-day shredder demands, but has the graphics and paint of Dad’s pre-Reagan-era ride.

That means a BB86 bottom bracket, convertible dropouts (for 3/8″ or 15mm axles), and Redline’s special R7 aluminum tubing onboard.

Three sizes are on-offer in the Flight 40–Pro, Pro XL and Pro 24–which puts it in the purchase zone for the dad who wants to finally get his dream build underway, or his lucky rider that will be the beneficiary of that unrealized 1970s go-fast fantasy.

Whether you were racing in the 70s or not, the 40th Anniversary Flight is just right for your 2014 race ride.

Here is one of those 1979 Red Line builds, fully era-correct, as built by vintage BMX master Jeff JT Tollefson.

1979 Red Line Proline

Challenge: The first person to build up a modern-era version of this ride, and send it to us, will receive a $100 gift card to J&R Bicycles.

The 40th Anniversary flight frame is shipping now from J&R at $419.95 — BUT, BMX News readers get 15% off when you use the discount code JRSPOT15 at checkout.

—Mike Carruth

*P.S. As for me, I finally got my Red Line, in 1980, thanks to “Beavers Bicycles”–my local bike shop sponsor. Here’s a throwback shot of me rippin’ up the second turn at that track we all wanted our parents to take us to (Itasca BMX in Itasca, IL). Runnin the ABA plate at the NBL track, when nobody was lookin! Thanks mom! Photo by cousin Karen

Mike Carruth on a 1980 Red Line Proline

More Info/Ordering

Redline 40th Anniversary Flight Frame on J&R Bicycles

Product Spotlight is Presented by: Product Spotlight, Presented by J&R Bicycles

Redline adds Pelham and Hudson

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Hunter Pelham and Collin Hudson Join Factory Redline

One of the big secrets that everyone seemed to know at the Grands was the post-race change that would be occuring in the Redline team roster. We caught up with Carnes & Co. just before the semis, where we were able to snap the above shot.

Redline has been pretty light on the amateurs the last couple of seasons, so the addition of Hunter Pelham and Collin Hudson to the squad puts some Red, White & Black on the track a little later in the moto order.

Hunter comes over from Donavon Long’s Haro Promax Team, and Collin has been in Crupi green for as long as we can remember. Though still amateur, these guys handled the transition like pros, telling News the following about the 2014 switch-em-up:

I have watched the best– from Carnes to Purse, Stein to Harris, and Nyhaug to Willoughby, and never, in a million years, did I think I would ever be be presented the opportunity to represent Redline.

I remember when I was four years old my first-ever bike was a John Purse signature Redline bike, and to think that I now have a full factory ride with the bike it all started on, absolutely amazes me.

I’d like to thank Steven Behen at Seattle Bike Supply and Jason Carnes at Redline for helping to make this happen for me.

I would also like to thank my 2013 sponsors: Donavon Long, Derek Betcher at Haro, Michael Gamstetter, Tony D, Ray at Fly, Aki at Stealth, and Alan at Bell for all they have done for me. Without y’all, last year would not have been possible.

Redline is the next step in my career, and I am ready to ride with the team of a lifetime.

—Hunter Pelham

I’m super-excited to join Factory Redline for 2014– it’s like a dream come true. Can’t thank the guys at Redline enough fpr this opportunity!

I also want to send out big thanks to everyone at Crupi. They did a great deal for me, and I enjoyed being a part of their program.

—Collin Hudson

Hunter Pelham takes his new Redline for a test flight.
Reno is 35 days from today, so we will look forward to the first photo of Collin and Hunter suited-up. Meanwhile, Hunter posted this shot yesterday, to give a little appetizer of his factory-freshness.


Redline Bicycles Website

Interbike 2013, Day One

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BMX News at Interbike 2013, Day One

Story and Photos By Bryce Betts

Day one in Las Vegas is over, and all of the exhibitors seemed to be at ease–secure in the knowledge that all of their hard work has finally accumulated into a great product.

For me, it was awesome just walking around and appreciating the attention-to-detail every company put in to designing their booths. Just from looking at a booth for 5 minutes you can instantly see the image and creative direction they are going for, but you could also spend 30 minutes at any given booth, sopping up the last bit of gravy on all the great new products.

After I received my media credentials I walked into the section “D,” where the BMX companies are hidden between various road and mountain bike companies. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t intimidated, I truly felt like a little fish in the ocean. At first I was overwhelmed with the size, and amount of people everywhere and the deafening din of deals being made and pitches being pitched. But I quickly settled in as I started to see familiar faces, then dove in to the pool for my first appointment, with Redline.

Later, wandering through Shimano, it was hard not to notice that their DXR line was a no-show among their line up of great road and MTB product. Seeing this, I knew the rumor-mill would be well-fueled in saying this staple product line could become extinct. The truth of the matter is that DXR is still in the Shimano line, but is not being displayed in the show, and occupies a postage-stamp-size corner of the 2014 catalog.

But, with “large” brands scaling back, or leaving the sport, comes a great chance for BMX brands to fill the void. This seemed like a theme this year, as I heard from multiple exhibitors that certain products in their line that once competed with Sinz product (as one example) is now flying out of the warehouse, and off dealer shelves. Some examples include MCS’s 5-bolt chain rings, and Hyper’s sister company “Snafu” has a new 2 piece alloy crank, that comes in 140-160mm, with a bottom bracket, retailing at $149. (Editor’s Note: We are starting to see more Snafu parts on the Hyper race team’s bikes…stickers on the number plates, etc. so racers…it is “OK” to cross the Race/Freestyle aisle and buy it)

Here are some photos from Interbike 2013 Day One.

BMX News at Interbike 2013, Day One
Each year the features in the high end gear seem to trickle down the line and eventually reach the F16 line. This is the best selling uniform in all of BMX, and looks great at that. You can’t beat their low price point of $24.95 for a jersey and $69.99 a fresh set of race leathers. Match that with their default helmet for only $109.99 and you’re bound to be one of the best looking riders on the track for just around $200.

BMX News at Interbike 2013, Day One
Fly also had the new XLR8 tire on display from Atisun. Although Atisun isn’t a household name in BMX (yet?) they are a well known brand in the Mountain and Road bike industry. Matt Baisley and FLY have been working hand in hand with them on this new tire, and they came out with something that rolls smooth with that has a long life. These tires come in all of your standard 20″ and 24″ tire sizes, and you’ll have the option of a wire beaded tire at $30, or a folding tire at $40. These tires should be ready to ship from the WPS warehouse by the first of the year.

Vee Rubber at Interbike 2013
In more tire talk, Vee Rubber Co. is already making a name for itself in the sport with their speedster and mk3 tire. The 1.6 speedster tire weighs in at only 12 ounces, we were told that compared some tires on the market this could save a half a pound of rotating weight. They’re coming out with a full array of sizes. The 20 inch widths are already in stock while cruiser sizes are still in the production. Also, be on the look out for limited edition colors to come out in the next two months. At the show they had blue, black, and red walls on display, as well as gum walled tires with blue and red rubber on the top of tires. I was skeptical when I heard this, but I was pleasantly surprised with how it looked on the dKoi display bike.

BMX News at Interbike 2013, Day One
Phoenix seemed to have bikes with disk brakes all around the arena. Here’s one parked at KOOL-STOP’s booth. The red spikes sticking out of the top of the disk brake on the bike instantly caught my eye as I had to stop to ask what it was. KOOL-STOP rep Anthony Tangalin informed me that those spikes are their new style of disk brake pads that help “kool” the brake pad. This isn’t their disk set up, but they are in the process of creating their own disk set up. I am skeptical of disks catching on in the sport, but I do like how they feel, and the look without brake mounts could be clean. Anthony isn’t sure if it will become mainstream as well, but they are ready if it does happen.

Profile Elite Chainwheel
Profile is sticking with most of their current line line, but they do have one new product on display. Gus said its not officially named, but he calls it “The Elite single gear for the Elite Cranks”. It gets rid of the spider on the crank, and replaces it with the classic chain wheel, on the spline drive. This will be a custom add on to the crank set, and should be ready to check out at the Disney Cup.

DK Bicycles Booth
DK has completely revised their Elite complete bike line, and everyone at DK was really proud to show off the new bike. They corrected the geometry, and outfitted the whole line with BOX components, and even gave the full size bikes even have 20 mill hubs. For only $699 you can get a complete Pro XL that weighs in just over 19lbs by November.

Carbon tube road bike frame
Some of the coolest things for me were seeing the out of sport products. It seems like for every company I knew there were 3 companies that I’ve never heard of, all with products that were interesting to say the least. Interbike truly has something for everyone.

Well, I worked on this way-later than I thought I would, and need to get back to the show in the A.M., so stay tuned for more tomorrow.

Speedco Top Story, Presented by Speedco Bicycles

It all Starts With a Redline Strider

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BMX News - Redline announces Pushboss Strider Bike

The success of the Strider program in USA BMX, both on the national and local level has brought a whole crop of young BMXers-to-be into the fold. This week, two industry greats came together to put out a new bike, ahead of this month’s Interbike trade show.

The Redline “Pushboss” comes in rockin Redline red and blazin’ blue and, at 6.7lbs is light enough for the tikes on bikes to muscle it around the track.

Strider President Ryan McFarland said:

The new Redline STRIDER is a natural fit for us after being involved with BMX racing for the past three years through our Strider Racing program,” says Ryan McFarland, Founder of Strider Bikes. “It’s amazing to see kids get the thrill of being on the track for the first time. We know the Redline STRIDERS will bring that joy to more children at USA BMX tracks and bike parks around the country!”

The Pushboss will be available in early Novbember, ahead of the Christmas rush through both Strider distributors and Seattle Bike Supply.

Price is TBA

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