Podcast: Olijuwon Davis on Pro Gate Clinics

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Pro Gate Grands Clinic Podcast

The free clinics promoted by Pro Gate as last month’s USA BMX Grand National were very popular, with over 250 riders signed up for the two sessions. In the morning session, Mariana Pajon, German Medina and Greg Hill spent more than an hour with the kids, coaching them as they gated up on their form and other things that go in to getting rippin holeshots consistently.

In the afternoon, Tyler Whitfield and Olijuwon Davis rocked the house, Rockford style, with serious tips & tricks for over 100 attendees.

We caught up with OD to talk a little about how the clinics went, and get some tips on how you can give your self a gate clinic every day (both mentally, and on the bike).

Since recording the Podcast over the weekend, we learned that Olijuwon finished at the top of the A-Pro points chase for 2013. There is no title in that class, but we’re very happy for our buddy, nonetheless. Congrats, OD!

Here are some photos from the clinics

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UCI Gates Up Again With Pro Gate

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Pro Gate and UCI Renew Partnership

Great news out of Rockford (IL) today, as Pro Gate announces a fresh four-year deal with UCI to be their starting gate guys, through the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio–and everything in-between.

Whether it is the bigness of the Supercross World Cup series, the stripes-on-the-line seriousness of the UCI World Championships, or the ultimate world-stage BMX event of the Olympics, the podium has been decided by a Pro Gate falling perfectly, for a good-long time.

UCI posted the following official release to make the great news official, complete with remarks by “Mr. Pro Gate,” Pierce Barker III:

UCI has renewed its partnership with BMX gate manufacturer, ProStuff, LLC, makers of the “Pro Gate” line of products. Under this agreement, ProStuff will be the sole supplier of BMX gates for the next four years at all UCI BMX Supercross World Cups (managed by GSX), the UCI BMX World Championships and the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

It is essential to ensure a safe, reliable and consistent starting system for riders throughout the season. ProStuff will also provide upgrades and new systems to the World Cycling Centre (WCC) in Aigle, Switzerland, consistent with the latest technology available. This will support the WCC’s development work with the best BMX riders in the world.

ProStuff has been a major force in development of starting gate and control technology for the sport of BMX since 2002. As a market leader and a long partner of the UCI, ProStuff has worked hand-in-hand with the UCI to improve the sport’s safety and technology in BMX.

ProStuff President, Pierce Barker, III said, “We bring innovations to the sport to help the rider be more competitive and successful no matter where he or she trains, rides or competes. As this branch of cycling continues to grow at a very rapid rate on six continents, we are pleased to announce that our partnership with UCI will continue to grow and prosper. We are excited and honored to be selected as the sole supplier for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.”

UCI Sponsors Coordinator Emmanuel Blanchard adds: “This collaboration with ProStuff enables us and event organisers to rely fully upon a professional start gate we can all trust. The ProStuff team pro-actively responds to the technological challenges of the fast evolving discipline of BMX Racing.”

The best part is that the rock-solid Pro Gate technology is now available, and ready to ship to your driveway, via the Pro Gate Junior. Check it out using the link below.

Pro Gate Junior, by Pro Gate

Top Photo Courtesy of UCI

More Info

Pro Gate Junior on

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ProGate Junior Off to Great Start

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ProGate Junior on

Last month at the USA BMX Midwest Nationals, Pierce Barker and our pals at ProGate unveiled a product that we have been hearing whispers about for the past year or so. The “ProGate Junior” has all the ProGate quality, craftsmanship and technical knowhow baked into it, but without the Porsche pricing that comes with their mainline products.

The typical one-man gates we have seen in driveways across America are usually cobbled together with parts from many sources. They tend to be heavy, have sketchy controls, and may or may not stick once in a while. Nobody looks forward to doing gates on one of those.

What we love about the ProGate Jr., and the reason we have been so excited for its final arrival in the marketplace is that it has purpose-built, aluminum construction, the rock-solid ProGate air ram and controls, and comes with the sizzlin service for which they are internationally known. If you have a question, or issue surrounding the product, the man who built it (and the gate used at the Olympic Games, too, by the way) is just a phone call away.

We steeled ourselves for the big moment, after asking the question “How much?” Gate, ramp, air ram, “brain box” hand control, lights, and speaker for $1,597. That is a VERY approachable number for a gate–especially when you add in the aforementioned quality and engineering that goes in to it.

We wanted to give it a month or so, before bringing you a story on what they had going on–just so production could get…ramped up (pun intended). And after trading email with Pierce last week, things sound like they are off to a great start with the Junior.

Pierce told News:

“Response to the ProGate Junior has been overwhelming! The ProGate Junior provides improved performance, coupled with all the safety features that are built into our ProGate Safety Gates, but at a lower cost. No other gate system manufacturer can provide safety and value at this price point, all from one source. And, of course, it is all backed by our “No-Bull” warranty”

We don’t like writing “cheerleader” articles, as a rule, but this is one product that we think will really change the game for at-home training. Pair it up with Rennen’s G-Cog, and a Coach G program, and you have yourself a full-on BMX training lab.

Meanwhile, in London…

Danny Oakley was the starter for the BMX events at the 2012 Olympic Games

In other ProGate news, it was cool to see National BMX Hall Of Famer, ProGate collaborator and honest-to-goodness rocket scientist, Danny Oakley (above), high atop the starting hill at the London Olympic Games this month. Danny served as the official starter for all the BMX events (not in some kind of ceremonial role either…Danny actually pushed the button on all those gate drops).

Photo supplied by ProGate, via USA BMX.


ProGate Website

Podcast: On the Gate with ProGate

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The forthcoming ProGate Crescent BMX Starting Gate

We all drive cars, but not a lot of people think about the engineering miracles that actually get you from point A to point B. Until, of course, one of those little belts, bolts or bulbs blows up, and puts sharp focus on the finer points.

The same holds true in BMX Racing, where we all rely on a mechanically-sound starting gate to get the group off to a fair, even and safe start, and on to what lies beyond the 30-foot line. But when something doesn’t go to plan…when the gate sticks, or shakes itself apart after 1200 slams in a weekend, you knows it’s time to call the pros.

Our friends at ProGate are celebrating their 10th year in 2012, and we sat down with bossman, Pierce Barker, to talk about the company, the upcoming Olympic Games (which will be using their gate, as in Beijing), and life, in general, “on the gate.”

We also get in to an important topic for every BMXer, parent and Track Operator…namely what can tracks can do to keep their starting gates functioning to spec. This means not sticking when they are supposed to drop…and not dropping when they are supposed to be up. The fix is surprisingly simple, and approachable on almost any budget.

Pierce flys to all the UCI Supercross races, to be on-site just in case something goes awry, and has some great stories from the road.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy this segment as much as we enjoyed producing it.


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Above: Danny Doherty, Jay Patch and Pierce Barker (far right) of ProGate take a moment out of setting up the very first of their ProGate “Crescent” BMX Starting Gate Systems in their Rockford, IL factory. BMX News photo by Mike Carruth.


ProGate Website

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