Ohio Dreams Cancels 2019 Summer Camp

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Ohio Dreams
The concept of a BMX-racing-centered Summer Camp is an idea that makes BMXers young and old howl with delight. Situated in the Ohio countryside, about an hour north of Columbus, is Ohio Dreams, which has been operating for the past 11 years.

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Get Some Gate Coaching at Pro Gate

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Pro Gate Coaching at the 2015 Grands

Thursdays in Tulsa are famous for a few things. BMX friends meetin’ up for the first time in a month or two, thanksgiving-dinner-ala-pit-space, and fine tuning your gate start game at Pro Gate. This year, they’re changing things up a bit, with free coaching from Noon-4PM, offered alongside your Pro Gate punch card.

Here is the schedule of coaches waiting to help you out on Thursday:

Noon to 1PM: Donny Robinson and Carley Young
1PM-2PM: Olijuwon Davis and Tyler Whitfield
2PM-3PM: Justin Travis and Justin Richmond
3PM-4PM: Heather Collman and Zach Alexander

No need to sign up for anything, just show up at the Pro Gate area on Thursday, purchase a punch card ($20 for 25 gates), and watch the magic happen. The coaching will be underway continuously from Noon-4PM, so they’re rollin as long as you’re snappin.

And, of course once the coaching is over, the Pro Gate area will still be open til deep into Sunday afternoon, so you can stay sharp and ready to rip some major holeshots when it’s for real.


Donny Robinson’s Pedals 2 Medals Website

Carley Young on Instagram

Olijuwon Davis on Instagram

Tyler Whitfield on Instagram

Ohio Dreams Website

Justin Richmond on Instagram

Heather Collman on Instagram

Zach Alexander on Instagram

Pro Gate Website

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Ohio Dreams Summer 2014 BMX Highlights

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Ohio Dreams 2014 BMX Racing Edit

This one has been out for a couple weeks, but it only had 400 views on it, so we’re thinkin you probably haven’t seen it yet. Ohio Dreams camp is out with a two-and-a-half minute edit with some highlights of their 2014 BMX Racing sessions. We see the various types of riders who take the trip out to Ohio, as well as some of the riding they do–on the big hill, on the pump track, on the regular race track, etc.

The edit opens with some of the non-BMX fun that Ohio Dreams has for campers–including the mega slide!

We have heard great things about the program Justin Travis and his crew put on every year, and we need to get our cameras out there in 2015 for a visit!

Before that happens though, give the vid a look as an appetizer.

Ohio Dreams will also be heading down to Tulsa town for the 2014 USA BMX Grands this week. Stop by and say hi and see/hear more about the camping experience.

When there’s no doubt, share it out!


Ohio Dreams Website

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Ohio Dreams To Add SX Hill and Straight

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BMX Racing News - Ohio Dreams Will Add SX Hill and Straight

Some headline news out of the Buckeye State today, where we get first word that Ohio Dreams is working on a regulation-height Supercross Hill and first straight for use as part of their wildly-successful BMX training program.

News traded email with BMX Program Director, Justin Travis, who gave us some of the finer points on the new feature.

About the Hill
The SX Training Hill will be full size and spec in height, transitions and angles, but will be 16 feet wide, with a two-man gate, allowing riders to become comfortable on the hill next to another rider, but allowing more room than an eight-man gate might. This will reduce the chance of rider entanglement. The hill is also equipped with the same Brower timing system used in Chula Vista, which will allow for accurate comparisons between our hill and theirs, when riders attend camps at either facility.

About the first straight
The first straight was also carefully thought out to help riders progress to an SX environment. The first thing we did was to move the position of the first lip a little further away than normal from the bottom of the SX hill. This was done so riders are able to get used to the speed and compression they feel at the bottom of the hill, without having to be instantly set up for a large first jump. The next thing we did was to mellow the first jump out a little and make it a table top so riders can become used to hitting a jump that large at full SX speeds. Finally we allowed for a good amount of pedal and set up room before the final jump which is a very large Step-Table that mimics the size and height of the traditional step-triple at the end of many SX first straights but with the second and third rollers filled in so riders are able to learn to safely boost a long, tall, step up at full speed.

With many multiyear campers entering the junior development age and some even heading to the junior development camp next week, we wanted to add a feature that will help riders be better prepared to move into that program, and beyond. Since we already have a “Progression Center,” with steadily increasing SX jumps that everyone can attempt, and two 300’ long SX-size rhythm sections the only thing we were missing to help riders progress even further was a full size SX Hill.

A little about Ohio Dreams
As with everything we design and build at Ohio Dreams, safe rider progression is our main goal. The safer a rider feels, the more confident they can be, and the more confident they are, the more we can progress them. Right now Ohio Dreams is the only facility out there designed with all racers needs in mind. Currently we are sitting on 66 acres and feature a full size, downhill BMX Race Track, a covered pump track, a sprint area, the Progression Center and Rhythm Sections, a Weight Room, Trails, class rooms, a great staff of instructors and guests that includes Olympians and the USA BMX Coaching Director and plenty of additional features to keep training fun!

The project is planned for completion in time for the first day of camp on June 23, so be sure to watch for the first photos here on BMX News.

—Mike Carruth


Ohio Dreams Website

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Danny Caluag: London Dream, via Ohio Dreams

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Justin Travis of Ohio Dreams and Phillippine BMX Olympian Danny Caluag
In our Tweets on the worlds last week, we had a burst about Danny Caluag making the Olympics for the Philippines. His challenge was a little different than the “making the team” challenges we are used to on the US Olympic Team side. In Danny’s case, he knew he would be on the team–but the question of where The Philippines would get a country slot in the London Games was the question.

By making the quarterfinal, Danny earned one of six available country slots left open for countries who did not qualify on ranking points.

So, Danny C is headed to London, and could not be more stoked about the opportunity.

News talked to Danny yesterday, as he was getting ready to do a pre-national clinic at Nashville’s Music City BMX with Weston Pope.

Danny said the support from his sponsors this year has been incredible, and that the guys at Speedco “welcomed him back with open arms,” and have been “a dream come true” since he slipped the Speedco jersey on, after a one year hiatus.

One of the things that struck us about the chat, was that, despite being an Olympian-in-training–for the race of his life–coming up in 67 days, he is still keeping his commitment to be the resident pro at Ohio Dreams this summer.

We talked about the Ohio Dreams Summer 2012 program a little in our Oldsmar coverage, back on February 10, but Danny had committed to be a resident pro for several of the week-long camp sessions, beginning June 24. And he wanted everyone to know that he’ll be there, right up to the time he has to wing on over to London.

Ohio Dreams Program Director, Justin Travis, said that they are sold out for many of the week-long sessions, but have a waiting list started. They also have three week-long sessions, in which the normal Ohio Dreams staff will be joined by guest instructors from the likes of:

GT Bicycles (July 8 – 14)
Madera BMX (July 29 – August 4)
Yess BMX (August 12-18)

Danny is a great guy, and an old friend of BMX News. Big congrats on earning a slot, and all the best!


Article on Danny in The Business Mirror (Phillipines)

Justin Travis Talks Summer Camp at Ohio Dreams

May 27, 2011 by · Comments Off interviews Justin Travis on Ohio Dreams Summer Camp

With Summer 2011 about to jump off, we decided to bring you inside Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp in Ohio. Like all summer camps, it has woods, trails, lots of activities, the chance to meet new friends and hang out with longtime pals.

Add in the fact that it is a BMX Racing specific summer camp, and you’ll be packing your 10 pairs of socks, eight pairs of underwear and two toothbrushes before the end of the show.

Ohio Dreams Program Director Justin Travis takes us into a typical day in the life of an Ohio Dreams BMX Racing camper (they also have camp for Skateboarding, Inline Skate, Scooter, Ski & Snowboard and BMX Freestyle).

We also ask Justin to talk about the differences between a clinic you might find at a local track, and a sleepover camp like Ohio Dreams…and how his staffers are chosen and trained to keep your kid a (we can’t resist…) happy camper.

Definitely worth a listen, whether or not you are considering a summer stretch for your 7-17 year old.

The intro and outro music is from the classic 1963 campy song about camp; “Hello Muddah Hello Faddah” by Allan Sherman, via YouTube.

Listen Now

…or, if you are listening on a mobile device, use our direct listen link

Video Short: “A Camper’s Story”

More info on the Ohio Dreams website

Janey, Jam with Jamie this June at Ohio Dreams

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Jamie Lilly will be teaching a week at Ohio Dreams BMX Camp
Justin Travis and his posse at the Ohio Dreams Action Sports camp have been busy getting the program dialed in for the 2010 camp season. Part of the good stuff this year is a girls-only training camp, led by megawatt lady pro and holder-of-all-BMX-titles-known-to-man-or-beast, Jamie Lilly.

The week will undoubtedly focus on girl-specific tips and tricks on the track and in training. Jamie and her co-leader, Carley Young, have been there, done that for decades, and will have some high-value nuggets of knowledge to kick down.

The week-long camp is $849, and you can sign up by downloading the camper application