Morphine Changes Hands

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Morphine Changes Hands
In the pre-dawn hours of last week’s Grands lead-up, the BMX News ticker tapped-out a tasty industry scoop. We weren’t there to see it, because we were probably at a QuikTrip fillin up the News rig on the way to Tulsa ($1.65/gal!). But, now that we’re back, it’s ready to serve up.

Morphine Industries has been a favored components brand for several years, and many household-name hotshoes rocked the pink & black on their way to star status. Last year, the company released a frame, the Remedy, which had some solid interest.

On the ticker was news telling tale that the company has changed hands, from Founder Jonathan Reeves to new honcho, Bert Morrison. Bert has long ties to the company; he handled marketing for them for a few years. If Bert’s name rings familiar beyond that, it may be through his familial ties to Kirk Morrison & Co over at J&R.

Jonathan told news:

I am excited for the future of Morphine Industries as it transitions into new leadership. It has been a life changing experience to be part of the BMX industry as a manufacturer for the last 10 years. The relationships and memories will always be cherished. I look forward to enjoying BMX from the other side and watching Morphine Industries continue to flourish as a dynamic BMX brand.

With Bert in the driver’s seat, the brand stays in Florida and has some new energy moving it forward. Here’s what he told us about the acquisition:

I am excited to get back into the sport I grew up with. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the industry for a long time on the retail side so now it just seems right to take on the manufacturing side.

Jonathan did a fantastic job building the brand and I am ready to take it to the next level. There is a great team structure, a quality product line and some really good ideas for expanding our offerings.

We will release new contact details in the near future.

BMX News will stick with the details coming out of the new Morphine HQ as it becomes available, and fill you in on product news and team tidbits for 2016.

—Mike Carruth


Morphine Industries On Facebook

2015 Factory Team Changes – Part I

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2015 Factory Team Changes

With the 2014 USA BMX Grand National in the rearview, many of the top factory teams are rearranging their rosters for the 2015 season. Some are adding new talent to top-off team sheet strength, others are adding riders in expanded parts of the country. Still others are bringing on new shredders to show-off specific product lines of their sponsor companies.

Whatever the strategic reason, we have seen blips on the social media radar for a few weeks now (longer in some cases), foretelling “big things to come” and “on-the-downlow-pickups,” but if you were not tuned in to one of the 15 or so social channels, you likely missed all that run-up talk.

This two-day feature highlights some of the most notable rider additions out there. A few teams can’t make announcements until Jan 1, and we will bring you those once they can be made public. So, without further ado, here are the first six:


Answer/Rennen 2015 Factory Team Change
Team owner George Costa told News: I would like to welcome to the team one of the Youngest riders we have ever signed: 8 Expert, Marshall Gehrke. 

Marshall is from Rockford IL area and is a busy little kid, full of energy. He enjoys wrestling, velodrome racing and go-kart racing, in addition to BMX. He has proven himself on the BMX track, racing the best riders in the country on The Nationals-Ssquared team for the last few years. 

2015 BlackCrown Factory Team
Under the leadership of new owners Scott Swanson and Tobi Ashworth-Harbas, and the on-going management of founder Rob McAllister, Factory BlackCrown will field a team of nine riders for 2015.

New Riders (Clockwise from left in above photo):

Scott “Swanny” Swanson (above) – 46-50 Cruiser, John’s Creek GA
My first race for BlackCrown will be Louisville in February (might make it out to Las Vegas)

Bullet Points:
1. Racing for about 40 years.
2. Most of the BMX community knows me from racing on the Fullerton Bikes Team as “SWANNY”. Biggest BMX shops in Southern California. Rode for them for the past 10 years.
3. Most recent big wins: tripled at Disney cup National. Overall Disney cup winner. Georgia State Champion.
4. Podium finishes this year at Kentucky both days, Tennessee all three days, Florida all three days
5. Raced for RBC, and Factory Hi-Tech in the 80′s and 90′s
6. Raced A Pro for 2 years. 88,89
7. Favorite Track is Black Mountain in Phoenix
8. Favorite racing class was when I raced 17 and over expert.
9. My Nemesis for 2015 will be again Robert Raymonde.

Joshua Nevins – 9 Expert, Seymour, TN
Recently part of Firedog Racing. First race with the team is Louisville KY Indoor
Josh says: “Excited to represent Factory BlackCrown, can’t wait for this season!”

Matt Wilcox – 19-27 expert, Kennesaw GA
I turn 28 end of March and move up to the 28-35 class. First National you will see in BlackCrown will be at the Bluegrass National in February And the first National as 28-35 might be Desoto or the Dixieland National. I am very excited to have the opportunity to ride for and represent a great product like BlackCrown BMX. So pumped for 2015!

Tyler Smith – 19-27 expert, Douglasville Georgia
First race I will be in BlackCrown colors will hopefully be Vegas but for sure Kentucky in February. Ending the 2014 season by going out in semis at Grands I’m looking to build of a decent season of podiums and top 4s. With winter training and new programs by my trainer Steve Norton I am looking forward to having a good season in 2015 along with representing such a great company such as BlackCrown. Can’t thank the people at BlackCrown for believing in me and picking me up for the season looking forward to it.

Returning to the team for 2015 will be Rob McAllister, Shawn DiPrete, Brad Lewis, Dylan Dellinger and Addy Shreve.

Jordan Miranda 
Back on Clayborn

2015 is bringing many changes to the Clayborn family and one of the biggest is Clayborn Bicycles will be sponsoring newly-turned Pro BMX Racer, Jordan Miranda! Jordan is returning to the family and will be riding a 2015 Pro XXL. Jordan will begin his pro racing career in the Clayborn kit at the USA BMX Silver Dollar National! We’re very excited to have Jordan back in the Blue and Orange. Jordan will not only be racing, but will be helping in several aspects of the team, from t-shirt and jersey design to working with our R&D guys on new frames and products!

2015 Crupi Factory Team

We are proud to announce our 2015 Factory Team. Look for all of our riders in their new Crupi uniforms, at the USA BMX Season Opener in Las Vegas, NV this upcoming January at the Silver Dollar Nationals!
“I’m looking forward to next season. Everyone at Crupi has been working really hard. With a brand new look and new riders; we will be a team to look out for in 2015!” 
–Nick Koehler
The team (above)

Anthony Bucardo, 16 Expert
Hometown: Canyon Country, CA

Colin Whittington, 15 Expert
Hometown: Arlington, TX
NAG #5 15 Expert

Nick Koehler, A-Pro
Hometown: Tustin, CA
Jack Bakken, 10 Expert
Hometown: Lone Tree, CO
NAG #6 10 Expert, NAG #2 10 Cruiser
Ryenn Capitani, 10 Girls
Hometown: Vacaville, CA
NAG #5 10 Girls, NAG #1 10 Girls Cruiser
William Parker, 13 Expert
Hometown: Tallahassee, FL
NAG #11 13 Expert, NAG #4 13 Cruiser
Not pictured, just-before-press-time addition:
Ramiro Marino, Elite Men/AA-Pro
Hometown: Bueno Aires, Argentina


Austin Loebe is on C-Yaa

AA Pro Austin Loebe has signed on with the C-YAA Factory team for 2015! This move reunites Loebe with Bizzarro BMX Inc, the managing partner of the C-YAA team, after a three-year hiatus. Austin will be riding the Triple-X model C-YAA frame. Along with racing duties, he will also have a role in mentoring and coaching younger team riders. Welcome home, Austin!

2015 Doublecross Team Changes

Doublecross Bikes is psyched to welcome Ryan DeRoche and Charlie Hunt to the factory team for the 2015 season & beyond. Ryan will be repping DC in the 19-27 expert class, while Charlie starts out the year in 28-35….but when CH3 hits the ripe old age of 33 in the spring, he’ll be on a mission to rattle the cage in the Vet Pro class.

Ryan will be teaming up with Kenneth Gustafson in 2015 for their DoubleCross-country tour, where they will host clinics to pass on the knowledge that has helped them get to the top of their class.

Morphine Industries 2015 Factory Team

Morphine Industries inked a deal at the USA BMX Grands with 16 Expert, Justin Gagnon and 41 – 45 Expert, Drew Motley. We’ve been watching both Justice and Drew for a while and stoked to add them to the factory roster for the 2015 season.

Justice and Drew are a great add to the factory team as we push forward for the 2015 season. We launched our new Remedy race frame at the Grands and they along with the other factory riders, Dakota Cody and Noah Reeves will be great ambassadors for the brand and the sport for the 2015 season.

2015 Morphine Industries Factory Team Roster
A Pro: Dakota Cody
41-45X: Drew Motley
17-18X: Noah Reeves
16X:Justice Gagnon

First race of the Year: Las Vegas (New uniforms and new Morphine “Remedy” Frames)

Thanks for checking out part one. Please check back tomorrow for part two of the 2015 factory team change report.

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2015 Factory Team Changes – Part II

Companies mentioned in this article

Answer BMX Website

Rennen Design Group Website

BlackCrown Products Website

Clayborn BMX Website

Crupi BMX Website

C-YAA BMX Website

Doublecross Bikes Website

Morphine Industries Website

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Morphine Steps up For Tanner Sebesta

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Tanner Sebesta at the USA BMX Super Nationals

The BMX News Team missed a great race in Georgia a couple weeks back. People are still talking about it–that’s how awesome it was. One guy it was not so awesome for was Tanner Sebesta. As we reported in the re-cap from the race, the Ssquared/Answer Elite was coming off of a podium, and a win on day two in Desoto, and was riding high coming in to the Dixieland nationals.

In the Sunday Elite Men semi, Tanner was involved in a bad wreck, which left his wrist in bad shape.

Here’s how BMX News contributor, Carl Lein, said it went down:

Tanner got squeezed out of the gate and was off the back.

He tapped the brakes and cut over to lane one behind the pack; diving inside in the first turn; coming out in fourth behind Maris, Joey the Bomb (I think) and Willers. They were bunched up in the first turn, but Stair managed to ride the high line and came out of the turn with a lot of momentum. It looked like Riley was coming up right behind Willers with a lot of speed and made kind of a diagonal move across the doubles mid-straight to avoid running into Willers and perhaps pass him, but ended up tagging Tanner.
They both lawn darted into the face of the next doubles (going into turn two).

Riley took the hit on his head and I think he was knocked out.

Tanner took the hit with his outstretched right arm and his wrist looked like a lightning bolt. He was very upset and in a lot of pain.

Once back home in Texas, he had it looked at by his local docs, and they made the decision to do surgery right away to repair the broken wrist, and some detached ligaments caused by the wreck.

Jonathan Reeves over at Morphine Industries–a long-time friend and co-sponsor of Tanner announced today that he will be offering a 10% off discount code in their Morphine web store (“TANNER”), and will be donating a portion of every sale made on certain items between now and June 30 to help Tanner offset his medical expenses, and aid his recovery efforts.

Check out the link below to learn more, and a big BMX News Get Well card to Tanner on a quick return.


Tanner Sebesta Promotion Page on Morphine Industries Website

Lisa Motley To Manage Morphine Factory Team

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Lisa Motley To Manage Morphine Factory Team

Last fall, just after Labor Day weekend in Louisville, Morphine Industries announced it would be changing around its factory team for 2014, and that many of its 2013 riders would be free to find new rides elsewhere. BMX News reported on two such changes, as Doran Bradshaw and Olijuwon Davis departed for Doublecross.

Fast forward a few months, and we see the newly-trimmed-down Morphine roster, on new Pure BMX bikes, and with “evolution” on the brain for the 2014 season.

Along with that, comes a new Team Manager minding details under the tent.

Jonathan Reeves sent News the following statement about the announcement:

We are stoked to announce that Morphine Industries has joined forces with one of the best in the industry – we welcome Lisa Motley. Lisa comes with a long resume of involvement in BMX on and off the track. She is not only a long time rider with more plaques, trophies and titles than we can list, but also brings solid BMX industry experience. Lisa will be managing the Factory team, with a focus on maximizing the exposure of our riders to best promote our brand and our sponsors’ products.

-Jonathan Reeves

Lisa told us:

It is very exciting to join the Morphine Industries family! This is a wonderful opportunity to share ideas, as we collectively embrace the vision of our endeavor. I am honored to be part of this team of talented individuals and we look forward to sharing the enthusiasm of our new product roll out with you. Please stop by the Morphine tent at an upcoming national to meet the team and check out our products.

-Lisa Motley

We’ve known Lisa a long time, and have no doubt she’ll be a great fit for Johnathan and his ever-evolving brand. Watch for more from the Morphine posse (including a spectacular publicity shot of the new TM) in the coming weeks and months.

Sebesta Picks Up Co-Deal with Morphine

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Tanner Sebesta Co-Sponsor Morphine

We have been watching, with great interest, as some of our favoritest American AA’s make their way to Chula Vista to train full time. Some are doing it to escape the plunging temps in the mid-section of the continent, others are doing it to be as close to the epicenter of Team USA Olympic BMX as possible.

We caught a sweet vid the other day of Tanner Sebesta rippin some first straights at the OTC’s USA BMX track. Dude is lookin better and better every time we see him. He hit the podium on Saturday at the Season Pro Opener in Reno, behind Sam Willoughby and Donny Robinson–good company to be in for an early-career AA.

Today, we caught wind that Tanner would be picking up Morphine Industries as a co-deal alongside his Ssquared/Answer parts ensamble. Good recognition for one of the good guys.

Morphine honcho, Jonathan Reeves told News, in a release:

Tanner has proved himself on the track with an impressive amateur career that included three World titles and multiple National and State titles. Tanner has quickly turned heads as he starts his AA career with a podium spot in Reno. In addition, Tanner is setting himself up as a true pro BMXer as he makes himself available to new riders as a mentor, and through teaching clinics.

Tanner was part of the Morphine factory team in 2010 and 2011 and we are glad to reconnect and support his rise to the top as one of his co-sponsors.

We caught early-riser Tanner in the 6AM hour (Pacific Time), where he told us:

After running Morphine stem and bar combo back in 2010-2011 I haven’t found a better set-up since. With Morphine coming out with their new Str8 Truth Bars (8.25″ rise, 29″ wide with 6-degree back- sweep, 1-degree upsweep), Jonathan and I felt now was the time to team up again, for a co sponsorship deal. Huge thanks to Jonathan for the opportunity.

Big congrats to both Tanner and Jonathan on the new deal.

In Other Morphine News…

Morphine will be rockin the new (well, new to the USA) Pure frame as their factory team sponsor for 2014. Watch for the BMX News bike check we’ll post after Louisville. But, for the moment, here’s a sneak peek:

Factory Morphine Pure BMX Race Bike


Ssquared Bicycles Website

Answer BMX Website

Ssquared Answer Factory Team Facebook Page

Team News: Bradshaw and Davis to Doublecross

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Doran Bradshaw and Olijuwon Davis to Doublecross Bikes

More team news from the show floor at Interbike 2013. Long-time Morphine Industries stars Olijuwon Davis and Doran Bradshaw will trade the pink & black for Orange & Black as the join Bob Deily’s Doublecross Bike Factory Team. The change will happen immediatey, with OD and DB likely suited up in time for the Disney Cup.

Doran told news:

I’m really excited about joining Doublecross Bikes! Bob is an awesome guy that has done great things in such a short amount of time. I am looking forward to helping Doublecross take it to the next level!

Olijuwon texted us the following:

I want to thank Morphine Industries for everything they did for me over our five seasons together. I look forward to continuing to chase my dreams with Factory Doublecross Bicycles and would like to thank Bob Deily for the opportunity to represent them.


Just before we hit “publish” on this post, we also learned that Charlie Hunt and Ryan DeRoche will be out of their Morphine kit, and into BlackCrown colors at Disney.

Photos by Ben Hogan and Delores Whitfield, via Facebook


Doublecross Bike Website

Speedco Top Story, Presented by Speedco Bicycles

Inflate Your Win Record: Helium Bars

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BMX Product News - Morphine Helium Bars
Your handlebars. They are the primary interface between your upper body power, and the bike beneath you. All the Hulkification you set in motion in training comes down to a strong relationship between hands and bars.

The Morphine Helium V2 is the newest product developed out of the pink & black pack. Valuable factory team input has defined and refined the already-awesome Helium Bar line into the brand new V2 series. Precise bends, fresh finishes, and a little something special that we just cannot put words to make the V2 the “Very-Very” real deal for the sub-120 pounder who wants to plonk the pedals to the top of the podium.

Available in three rise-sizes (4″, 5.5″ and 6.5″), the V2 is 6061 Heat-treated aluminum tubing, butted for strength exactly where it matters most.

Five colors (Red, Blue, Black, Blue and White) pair-up well with any parts package you’re playin’ with.

Here are some more specs:

4″ Rise Junior
No Crossbar
Width: 24″
Back-Sweep: 7-degrees
Up-Sweep: 2-degrees
Weight: 10.8oz
Rider Weight Limit: Call

5.5″ Rise Expert
Width: 26″
Back-Sweep: 7-degrees
Up-Sweep: 2-degrees
Weight: 14.8oz
Rider Weight Limit: 120 lbs

6.5″ Rise Expert XL (Shown Above)
Width: 26″
Back-Sweep: 7-degrees
Up-Sweep: 2-degrees
Weight: 15.65oz
Rider Weight Limit: 120 lbs

Shipping now from J&R (Prices Below)

More Info/Ordering

Morphine Helium V2 Junior Bars – $37.95

Morphine Helium V2 Expert Bars – $49.95

Morphine Helium V2 Expert XL Bars – $49.95

Product Spotlight is Presented by: Product Spotlight, Presented by J&R Bicycles

Grip & Grin

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BMX Racing products - Morphine Pleasure Grips
The art of the firm handshake is something every businessman must master in order to climb the ladder to the top. Morphine Industries has taken this time-honored concept and adapted it to the business machine clipped to your feet. The New Morphine “Pleasure” grip set will lock on and never let go, til you say so.

The classic “mushroom” tread will give your hands a no-slip trip every time, and four ano-color choices on the lock rings adds a factory-fresh finished look while you’re bangin bars with the big boys.

Not a whole lot more to say, aside from the fact Jonathan and his posse are always manifesting cool stuff out of the Morphine product laboratory. Watch Product Spotlight for more peeks at the production line.

BAR FIT: 7/8″
LENGTH: 130mm grip/147mm total length
OUTER DIAMETER: 1.18″/30mm
LOCKS: Four alloy locks with bolts, Included

PRICE: $27.95


Morphine Pleasure Grips – On J&R BMX Superstore

Morphine Industries Tar Heel Nationals Report

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Doran Bradshaw of Morphine Industries 2013 Tar Heel Nationals

Submitted by Jonathan Reeves, Photos by Carl Lein

With a solid crew of riders equipped with the stealthy Haro Blackout frame, Morphine descended upon Charlotte, NC and Hornet’s Nest BMX for a weekend of racing and hangin’ “wit” the boys.

Here’s how it went on the track:

A Pro – Olijuwon Davis, in usual fashion started off the weekend as usually hittin’ the Friday night race. With the PRO series in the house, Friday was stacked with AA and A pros. OD started by warming up the rubber with a solid 4th.

Saturday and Sunday showed off ODs hard work and style as he rolled to the same podium spot with double deuces.

Vet PRO – Tim Dinger was welcomed back by all to his first race at his hometown after a long hiatus due to double injury setbacks. He wasted no time to let the class know he is back with a sloid 4th place just off the podium.

Sunday, going for it in true Dinger fashion, Tim went down in the motos to take a bar-end to the stomach. However, he continued on to make the main but was hindered by the injury and rolled to take the 8th place at the line.

36-40 Expert/Cruiser – Doran Bradshaw, strapped on both bikes for the weekend and did them both with style as usual. In class, Doran rode to a podium spot both days with a 3rd and a 3rd. In cruiser, He stepped up the game and took a top spot, 1st, on Saturday and a 3rd on Sunday.

In between, his riding Doran took the whip for a photo shoot for a bike check in PULL. Be sure to check it and see what a NAG #1 drives.

17-18X – Ryan DeRoche, showed what grit he is made of during the weekend riding with shoulder injury. Putting determination over pain, Ryan rode to the podium both days with doubling up on the deuces.

17-18X Jared Johnson, Showing the same determination has is partner in 17/18X, Jared continued his come back with a solid podium spot taking a 3rd on Saturday. Jared was on track to repeat looking solid in the semi on Sunday but got caught up with another rider in turn 1 and went down to end his day.

Noah Reeves of Morphine Industries
16X – Noah Reeves, staged up on the gate Saturday with a stacked class and rode his way to the main taking a solid 5th at the line. Sunday proved to be better as Noah was headed toward the podium but getting a little loose on the final straight keep him just shy with a solid 4th.

11X – Dylan “Dweazey” Shipley, showed of his style for miles riding making his way thru class and ending the day just off the podium with a 4th. Dylan strapped it on again for day 2 with a repeat at the line and adding a 4th to his weekend.

Overall a great weekend for the team and our sponsors with a solid weekend of 9 podiums out of 16 gate drops. The next stop for the team will be NashVegas and the Music City Nationals.

Be sure to stop by or catch the riders on the track to check out the new “5 Star” Chromo forks. Our new Chromo fork designed in true Morphine style with custom dropouts/steer tube and coming in under 800 grams. Coming to you soon!

Factory Team Sponsors: Haro Bikes, Fly Racing, Alienation, Hawk Racing, Rennen, DNA Energy, HRP Designs

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Morphine Heats-Up Hotlanta for Dixieland Fun

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Doran Bradshaw of Morphine Industries at the 2013 Dixieland Nationals

Submitted by Jonathan Reeves

Almost at full strength, the Morphine crew descended upon Atlanta for a little Dixieland fun at Powder Springs BMX. With a solid turnout of just under 250 motos the weekend was stacked with great riders and the weather was playing out to be perfect for racing.

A Pro – Olijuwon Davis, in usual fashion started off the weekend racing on Friday night. Wasting no time to line his pocket and rev his ponies, OD made his way to the top podium spot to start the weekend.

Saturday and Sunday continued to fight his way to the main event and came away with another podium spot on Saturday with a 3rd and a solid 6th on Sunday.

A Pro – Brandon McCoy, continues to impress and we moves his way into the A Pro ranks with a lace on the main gate both days. Unfortunately, Brandon got tangled up on Saturday to bring up the rear with an 8th. Sunday was a new day as Brandon narrowly missed the podium with a 4th.

36-40 Cruiser – Doran Bradshaw (top), decided to kick back and concentrate on one bike for the weekend and it paid off. Doran command both days defending that N.A.G. #1 and took the top spot on the podium with 1st.

26-30 Girls – Ashlee Hill, made her second national appearance in the Black, Pink and White on her home track doubling on both 20 and cruiser. Not losing a lap all weekend, Ashlee made a statement with 4 top spots on the podium.

17-18X – Ryan DeRoche, another hometown boy raced hard both days. Missing the main of Saturday, Ryan came back in a super stacked class to make the main and take a solid 5th.

17-18X Jared Johnson, battled hard all weekend putting in some fast laps. Jared rode hard but narrowly missed the main both days.

16X – Noah Reeves, racing in the biggest class of the weekend with 35 riders laid down some great laps to make the main event both days. Losing a battle of the high side of turn one saw Noah cruise to a 8th place spot. Sunday, Noah returned to the gate and finished a few spots better in 6th.

Dylan Shipley of Morphine Industries at the 2013 USA BMX Dixieland Nationals
11X – Dylan Shipley, hit the track with some stlye and speed. It was obvious who has been doing his sprints since the last race. Dylan smoked all his motos and took his spot at the main gate for both days. Saturday, Dylan had some brake issues that caused problems but he was able to turn in a solid 6th. We has a talk with his mechanic and they assured us that the issue would not happen again!

Sunday, Dylan was determined to make up for Saturday. When the dust cleared, Dylan took a spot on the podium with a 3rd.

Morphine will be making their way to the Cajun and the Tarheel national for the next spots on the BMX tour.

Be sure to check out our riders at the next few national as they will be sporting some new Morphine Industries parts – The “Pleasure” grip, a new lock-on flangeless grip along with the “Lockdown”, an adjustable seatpost clamp.

Factory Team Sponsors: Haro Bikes, Fly Racing, Alienation, Hawk Racing, Rennen Design Group, DNA Energy, HRP designs

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