Retirement For Willers

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Marc Willers announces retirement

It’s always tough to hear that one of our sport’s favorite stars is hanging up his clip shoes and moving on from the rare-air of the Elite class. But, at the same time, when it happens, we’re happy for our friend, and wish him much-happiness and success on the other side of this incredible experience we call BMX Racing.

Thursday, word came in to the BMX News Global Command Center that Marc Willers would be retiring at the end of 2015, and that this weekend’s Supercross in Angelholm, Sweden would be his last “international race.”

Here’s the press release, sent by Marc’s lead sponsor, BOX Components:

This weekend’s UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Angelholm will be Marc Willers’ last international race as he winds down his 12-year pro career and retires at the end of 2015.

Marc laid out the reason for his retirement in his usually-frank manner: “It sucks losing. And that’s been happening for so long that racing isn’t fun anymore. The last thing I want is to start hating the sport I love.”

After leaving New Zealand to live and race in the United States full time in 2010, Willers’ career took off, peaking in 2011 with the ABA National #1 Pro title, a bronze at the World Championships, two World Cup wins, a nearly unbroken string of ABA podium spots, going back to 2010, and winning the NORA Cup. That also was the year he signed with BOX Components.

“Marc impressed me from the first time I met him. He walked into our booth at Interbike with confidence and swagger. I knew he was the guy who could beat Maris. And when we decided to hire someone for Speed, Marc was our guy,” said Toby Henderson, CGI’s founder.

Following a solid 2012 when he narrowly-lost the USA BMX National #1 Pro title to Sam Willoughby at the Grands, an off-season back injury delayed the start of his 2013 season. He only managed a couple of USA BMX podium spots that year, but salvaged the season with a silver medal in front of his home country at the World Championships in Auckland. That was the last time, to date, he stood on the podium.

“Marc’s decision doesn’t come as a surprise, but that doesn’t make it any less of a bummer. We’ve known how disappointed and frustrated he’s been. But we’ve also seen glimmers of his former-self and hoped things would turn around,” said Michael Gamstetter, BOX-parent CGI’s marketing manager and senior brand manager. Gamstetter added: “It’s been an honor to have worked with him the past four-plus years. I’m very fortunate to have been a witness to his successes, and to have played a small role in his career.”

Although he hasn’t written off a Vet-pro comeback, or a future in coaching, Willers’ immediate career plans will come as no surprise to his social media followers. “I want to try and finish some cars and start flipping them. I want to be the next Chip Foose.”

Building custom cars is not new to Willers, who worked as a professional auto painter from age 17-20.

Willers has competed in 31 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup races (Angelholm will be his 32nd), two Olympic Games, 15 World Championships and won 18 ABA/USA BMX Nationals. His last race will be the 2015 USA BMX Grand National in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

This is one of our favorite off-track rider photos of all time (Oldsmar, 2013).
Marc Willers in 2013

And while we seem to be talking about Marc like he just kicked-the-bucket unexpectedly, dude is set to go big, based on his champion heart and laser-focus on doing it right. He could not have proved that more than by his time on the BMX track.

Our natural reaction is to say “No…Not yet!,” but that’s a selfish reaction. Thinking about it for a few minutes, we’re happy that Marc is looking to his future passions, while leaving the door open for us to see him on the track again in the hot-and-heavy Vet Pro class. He has an obvious talent for auto restoration, and we look forward to seeing his skillful-builds come across our Insta-feed.

Marc, thank you for the great commitment you have exhibited since we first met you, and for all the younger riders you have helped rise-up in their careers. We wish you all-the-best in your new endeavors, and reserve the right to hit you up for some resto-advice when the need arises!


Marc Willers on Instagram

BOX Components Website

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Vote in the June Photo Trophy Dash

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BMX News Photo Trophy Dash - June 2013

With two big races in the month of June (Nashville days two and three, and Rockford, we had more than enough shots qualify for the Photo Trophy Dash. The eight you see below are the office favorites–the final gate of eight for June 2013.

Click through at the bottom to vote. The image that gets the most votes by July 4 at Noon Eastern time will earn the rider named in the caption a 30×20 canvas print of the shot. Also, one lucky liker of the winning image will win a Rennen Smart Sprint, courtesy of Rennen Design Group.

Marc Willers – BOX Components/DK Bicycles
Vote for Marc Willers in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash June 2013

Jamie Patterson, Hutch BMX
Vote for Jamie Patterson in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash June 2013

Dylan Shipley, Morphine Industries
Vote for Dylan Shipley in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash June 2013

Cameron Moore, Answer/Rennen
Vote for Cameron Moore in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash June 2013

John Miller, Black Crown Products
Vote for John Miller in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash June 2013

Maliek Byndloss, Ssquared Bicycles
Vote for Maliek Byndloss in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash June 2013

Justin Posey, Dan’s Comp
Vote for Justin Posey in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash June 2013

Bubba Harris, Badd & Company
Vote for Bubba Harris in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash June 2013


Vote In The June Photo Trophy Dash

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Win Marc Willers London 2012 Backup Frame/Fork

March 12, 2013 by · Comments Off - Win Marc Willers Backup from London 2012

Just as TSA was giving us a very proper body scan at Tampa airport yesterday, we got an email from Marc Willers. Seems he is looking to jump his social media game to the next level, and is offering a trophy of historic proportions for one lucky media mate.

He’ll explain the details below, but this is the backup DK Frame and Fork that was with him in London, standing by, if duty called. We’re sure the actual game frame is on a wall somewhere in the Willers warehouse of BMX trickness, so this is about as Olympic as any common spoke bloke can get.

Marc gives the details on how the giveaway will go down:

I’m giving away my DK Bicycles frame and fork that was built as my backup bike for the 2012 London Olympic Games. No catch, no small print, I will simply send it anywhere in the world.

For your shot at the win, all you have to do is:

1). Follow me on Twitter ( AND Instagram (

2). You must then hash-tag #TeamWillers and mention @dkbicycles, on either Twitter or Instagram (but still follow on both), explaining why you deserve it the most.

The frame will go to whichever comment I feel needs it most, or is simply the funniest! The winner will be decided on Monday, March 25th. You must be following on both Twitter and Instagram on March 25th to be eligible.

Way cool, Willy!

BMX News will bring you the results when Marc decides who’s the wittiest or most deserving of all.


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Disney Cup Runneth Over for USA BMX

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BMX Racing at the 2012 Disney Cup on

All roads lead to Orlando last weekend, as the final national of the 2012 season set the table for three tasty scores before the big Thanksgiving weekend points buffet in Tulsa.

Elite, amateur, NAG and team title races are starting to show the plot lines we’ll all be glued to on Saturday and Sunday night’s all-out action at the Grands. And The Fall Nationals put down plenty of outline waiting to be filled in, just 23 days from now.

Early in the week, weather watchers were wringing their hands, as every meteorologist with a pocket protector was calling for a 60% chance of rain on Friday, and 70% chance on Saturday. And, admittedly, News bit the bait, hook, line and stinker. We were all checked in for our 6:20AM flight Friday morning, plenty of time to get out to the track by 2PM for the final practice laps. Then, we pulled the plug.

Hurricane Sandy was posing an undeniable threat offshore, and it could go either way. One thing we can’t do is shoot in the rain–and we flinched. It’s a bummer…because we desperately wanted to be down on the infield, tweeting, and back at the hotel posting hundreds of awesome action photos from all three days. It could just as easily gone the other way, and been an unmitigated mudfest, so no going back. You live and you learn.

Notwithstanding our absence, class was in session at ORL BMX. Marc Willers had a great weekend, with wins on Friday and Saturday, and a deuce on Sunday to take the Disney Cup in Elite Men. Caroline Buchanan performed a “hat-trick,” sweeping all three days of Elite Women.

Dom Daniels, usually good for at least a couple wins in a three day outing, had some bad luck follow her East from Fresno. She suffered a brutal wreck in practice at the Redline Cup West Championships, which left her front wheel tacoed, and her helmet mangled like she just went 10 rounds with the Terminator. Her bell was rung, big time on that one, and they left Fresno just as racing was getting underway.

In Orlando, after a first round win on Friday, 3D (Which, of course, stands for Doublecross’ Dom Daniels) looped out on the second straight while battling with Caroline, and was down hard. Amazingly, she was back for third round, and managed a second place. The title points are going to get very interesting, with Dom booking an 8-2-3 for the weekend, and Caroline, as noted above, put down three firsts. Caroline picked up five wins in a row between Fresno and Disney, so now has seven wins and three seconds, going in to the Grands–pushing closer to Dom’s prior 1000-some-odd-point lead.

Down the card a notch, Felicia Stancil is the sole owner of Junior Women’s class–adding wins to her GT wings at will. Add another three to the tote board. Obviously, there is not title to chase in Jr. Elite, but in 17-27 Girls, she likely took the lead with her three class wins in Orlando. And she was 14 points out of leading the National Girls points as well. The Grands looks like it will be all-the-way-live for Fly’n’ Felicia.

The hat-trick trolly rolled on into Jr Men, as Intense BMX star, Rusty Nesvig took home three wins, to make it three of four UCI classes with triple-winners. Razzleberry did not fare as well in class, as a day one digger took him over turn one, and off the moto sheets for days two and three. Decided to dice for the cash instead.

Team wise, the plot thickens, as Answer Ssquared leapt into the lead, possibly by one point over Answer Rennen, leading into the Grands. The fun part is that the National Number one Am title is also woven into the team story, in that Justin Richmond for Answer Ssquared) and Austin Loebe (Answer Rennen) are now TIED for the cup. So those two will figure prominently in our Grands coverage.

Only 23 days to Tulsa.


2012 USA BMX Disney Cup Results

Above photo courtesy of USA BMX

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BMX Offers Euro Bettors Shrewd Action

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Skybet offers betting action on Olympic BMX
There is a European website called “SkyBet,” which takes betting action on all kinds of sports–the Olympics, among them.

And as part of their Olympic betting products, BMX Racing is part of the action.

Facebook friend Shaun Issitt from the UK posted the above iPhone screen shot, which has the current Men’s odds lines for BMX in London.

Maris and Joris Daudet are equal favorites, at 5/2. Meanwhile, the odds start getting interesting when you get to Sam, who is 7/2; Connor, at 13/2 (7.5 to 1), and Willers at 9/1 (though that line seems to have changed from when the screen shot was taken, which had Marc at 14/1). So, a £10 bet on Connor would return $75 if he won the gold.

If you’re a Nic Long or Khalen Young fan, fortune may be smiling upon you, as the SkyBet oddsmakers have them as 40/1 and 50/1 longshots, respectively (so a £10 wager on KY will return £510 if he wins the gold).

On the Womens side, they have Shanaze Reade as a massive favorite, at 7/4 (1.75/1), and are giving pretty good prices on some riders with a real chance at the win. World Champ Magalie Pottier is 4/1, Mariana Pajon is 9/2, Caroline Buchanan is 9/1, Arielle Martin is 9/1, and Alise Post is 16/1–all of whom have a shot at being there, come August 10.

Skybet also has a “Doubles” option, where you can pick the winner of the Mens and Womens Gold, as a pair, with a 34/1 return.

The maximum bet SkyBet takes on the BMX program is £27.78 for the straight bets, and £13.89 for the “doubles” bet.

Unfortunately (fortunately?), Americans are excluded from creating SkyBid accounts, due to online betting laws in our country. In fact, only players from the following countries are allowed in: United Kingdom, Ireland, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Finland, Gibraltar, Greece, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, Sweden.

So, we’ll be cheering on our favorites, with no wager on the line, except bragging rights of saying “I knew him/her when…”


SkyBet Elite Men BMX Page

SkyBet Elite Women BMX Page

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Vote in the Photo Trophy Dash: Salt Lake

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Vote in the Photo Trophy Dash

We came back with some great photos from the Great Salt Lake Nationals. Enough, in fact, to qualify a gate of eight to a Photo Trophy Dash Main Event!

In case you’re joining the program, already in progress, the Photo Trophy Dash is a contest we run, where we take our best eight images from a national, and the BMX News readers vote for their favorites, via our Facebook Page, and a dedicated Photo Trophy Dash Facebook page.

The image with the most Facebook likes at the end of the contest (In this case, Noon, Central Time, on Tuesday, July 10), wins.

“Wins WHAT?,” you may ask… Well, the rider depicted in the shot, who is named in the image caption on our Facebook page will get a one-of-a-kind 30×20″ gallery-wrap canvas print of the image (a $250 value).

The eight contenders are in the image above, from Top Left (click to vote in a new window):

Dominique Daniels – Doublecross Bikes

Jonas Harmon – GT Bicycles

Marc Willers – Box Components/DK

Alex Tougas – Yess BMX

Rusty Nesvig – Intense BMX

Donny Robinson – Hyper Bicycles

Bryce Hocking – Intense BMX

Tristan Mitchell – J&R Bicycles*

You can keep track of the how the votes are trending by liking the BMX News Facebook Page, and the dedicated BMX News Photo Trophy Dash page (links below).

Congrats to all the finalists in the Photo Trophy Dash, and may the best photo win!

—Mike Carruth


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Photo Trophy Dash Facebook Page

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* We originally identified the photo of Tristan Mitchell as his brother, Kyle. They both had NAG 4 plates on in Salt Lake (one in Cruiser and one in Class), and we did not realize that, until pointed out by Facebook friend Dawson O’Gorman. Thanks DOG.

Salt Lake – Day One Photos and Recap

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Marc WIllers Wins Elite Men on Day One

An awesome day of racing on day one of the USA BMX Great Salt Lake Nationals. With temps in the 90s, it was tough to stay cool…but the moves on the track were so hot they were cool. Lots of passing in the final feet, and in the turns. The unusual first jump gave some of the sport’s top riders fits for the early part of the day (Sam WIlloughby probably had the smoothest form over it, among the elites–he basically pedaled it like it wasn’t there).

The Elite Men’s main was unreal. Sam jumped out to an early lead, with WIllers just to his right. Marc rode the last 1/3 of the first straight on his back wheel…which looked like it might spell disaster for his day…but sometimes, it’s those “blazer’s edge” moments that make for a magic lap. Down the second straight, it was still Sam, but Marc was closing the gap quick, AND was on the inside going into turn two. Mark had pulled pretty-much even by the time they entered the turn, then took it high to make sure Sam had to stay where he was–in second. But the World Champ wasn’t finished yet…nor was Corben Sharrah, who was a strong third from the first turn on. He railed down the third straight, and pulled even with Marc, just as the last turn was coming into view…and Willoughby was on rails, up the inside, to pull even, then maybe a few milimeters ahead into the last turn. Marc quickly put a stop to that, via his line selection for the turn–a low carve, that pinched-off SW91′s daylight, and exited the USA BMX champ with a bike and a half on the World Champ. Corben was still in third, but was feeling the jet-powered charge of Khalen Young down the last straight–another 20 feet of track, and KY may have hit the podium, maybe even higher than third.

Here’s a iPhone TwitVid posted by Pete Dylewski (sponsored by BMX Racing Group)

Elite Women was a class to watch–where newly-crowned Redline Olympian, Alise Post matched up against her long-time rival, Dom Daniels. Dom was rockin a new jersey and bike (a Doublecross, as previously reported here on News). Also in the mix was Supercross hauler, Dani George. Dom won all three motos, and Alise went 3-2-2 (behind Dani first round). Over in the other Elite Women’s moto, Caroline Buchanan and Lauren Reynolds took it to the front throughout the day (with a 1-1-1 and 2-2-2, respectively).

In the main, the pack was fairly tight coming down the first straight, and we ened up losing Alise and Lauren just after the first jump. Dani George jumped to the early lead, and led what was left of the pack into the second straight. Caro was in hot pursuit though, and closed the gap quick, passing Dani down the third straight. Dom got balled up a bit by the first straight carnage, and was in way-last down the second straight. She “freight-trained” a comeback, which we thought was incredible, and passed two to cross the stripe in fourth. Final order was Buchanan, George and Ashley Verhagen, whom we haven’t seen in a while, and are stoked to see back up on the box.

Here’s the Elite Women’s TwitVid posted by Pete Dylewski (sponsored by Chase BMX)

In the team chase, GT Won the Factory Sheet on day one, with a solid crew that included some hometown talent in Jack Kelly, Sophia Foresta, “Ageless” Jonas Harmon–and San Diegan Sean Gaian–all of whom aced up (well, Jonas got second in 28-35x, but won 31-35 Cruiser). We also saw Cannonball Jack get second first round in…wait for it…11-12 open (no joy in the main, but wowza!)

We have more to report from Salt Lake, but we gots to hall bananas outta the room, to get over for Day Two.

Meanwhile, give the Day One Photo Gallery a look.


Elite Men
Marc Willers – Box Components/DK
Sam Willoughby – Redline
Corben Sharrah – GT Bicycles

Elite Women
Caroline Buchanan – Speedco Bicycles
Dani George – Supercross
Ashley Verhagen

A Pro
Logan Collins – Diamond Back
Jeremy Rommel – Supercross
Paul Wassenaar – Bellflower Bikes

Vet Pro
Cristian Becerine – Free Agent/Rockstar
Matt Pohlkamp – Dan’s Comp
Javier Colombo – SE Bikes

Jr. Men
Rusty Nesvig – Intense BMX
Jordan Miranda – GT Bicycles
Nick Koehler – Speedco Bicycles

View amateur results now on USABMX.COM

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Willers To Ride DK Frame in 2012

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Marc Willers Signs on to Ride DK Frame

Just got the word that Marc Willers will be on a DK Frame in 2012. The freshly-crowned (well, as of November, anyway) ABA National Number One Pro, who will debut his #1 at next week’s USA BMX Gator Nationals (and UCI North American Continental Championship), was previously committed to riding the frame of his former sponsor, Speedco, after a jersey change to Toby Henderson’s new “Box Components” line.

The official press release from Cycle Group, Inc. (parent to Box Components) tells it as such:

Last week, the staff of Cycle Group Inc. (CGI) and DK Bicycles spent the day in a rented meeting room in Fullerton (CA) finalizing the details of a one-year deal that makes DK the official frame sponsor of Marc Willers and the BOX Components Test Team.

Negotiations with DK started last year, when the company was among a half dozen frame suppliers that approached CGI about sponsorship.

“We’re excited and really looking forward to working with DK. The company has a long history in BMX going back to 1979 and a very strong presence in the sport,” said Toby Henderson, CGI’s founder.

“We were very fortunate to get several offers to sponsor Marc and BOX Components. But in DK we found a strategic partner not only willing, but ready to work with BOX Components as we develop new and innovative BMX products,” he added.

The day after Toby and Bill Danishek, DK Bicycles’ director, agreed in good faith to work together, DK product managers started the process to build Marc a frame.

“All of us are really excited about all the possibilities of working with BOX Components. Toby’s successes as a product designer and innovator are a big part of why we wanted to team up with the brand. It’s also great to have a rider like Marc Willers on a DK frame. We’re looking forward to a long-term relationship,” Bill said.

As it turns out, both companies were on the same product development path. DK began working on a 20-millimeter frame last fall. With BOX, Toby plans to continue developing 20-mil BMX components, which he successfully introduced some 18 months ago. Marc Willers won the 2011 ABA National Number 1 Pro title, 10 ABA Nationals and two UCI World Cup races using Toby’s 20-mil products.

Coincidentally, Marc’s good friend and fellow New Zealander Corey Stafford is DK’s rep in Australia. It was him who urged DK to develop 20-mil frames and components. The deal means DK can focus on building frames and bikes while BOX supplies the 20-mil parts.

“We’re working on a lot of new products and technologies for BMX. We’re very lucky to have a partner like DK that is willing to work with us as we develop our line,” Toby said.

BOX Components also will provide support to the members of DK’s factory team, including Barry Nobles and Tommy Zula, whenever possible.

Marc and the BOX Components team’s other sponsors include Promax, Fly Racing and ODI.

It bears noting that the bike in the above photo is a DK-stickered Speedco frame, which Marc will ride in Oldsmar, and until the 20mm DK frame is ready, which is expected March(ish).

Boomerang BMXer: Danny Caluag Back at VSI

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Danny Caluag on Speedco Team

We last saw Danny C in Intense colors at the 2010 ABA Grands. Following the “spin cycle” between Grands 2010 and Reno 2011, Danny got a new deal with Dance Factory Racing out of the Midwest, Marc Willers moved over to Speed, and David Herman stayed as-is.

For 2012, the board looks different. Danny C is going back to VSI joining Kory Cook and Caroline Buchanan in Speedco Colors. Marc Willers will still run the Speedco frame, but do it in the colors of Toby Henderson’s new “Box Components” brand. The Hermanator wheeled his duffle bag over to the Free Agent pit to rock the house with Dale and Maris.

Danny looked good at the 2011 ABA Grands, racing a “one-race-only” deal with Yess BMX. We’re anxious to see how the new support charges his batteries for 2012. Word is that Danny will still ride for Lindsey Wilson College in the Collegiate portion of the USAC BMX National Championships at the end of March. Congrats to all involved.

Willers Box Threads Unwrapped

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Marc Willers Box Components Jersey

Last week, just as the one-horse-open-sleigh was ready to push off to Grandma’s house, we got this nugget in to the BMX News control center. It may not be much of a “sneak peek” anymore, with a few days in the rearview, but here’s a gander at Marc Willers’ forthcoming Box Components kit. It’s just a mockup, to show the colors are dialed, and all the logos will fall in the right spots in photos (absolutely essential for the full factory effect–as are the “A” and “B” jersey colors)…but we thought it’s be cool to post.

The uniform has Fly pants and a Fly helmet bookending the torso treatment. One thing we did not see on the jersey was a Speedco logo. As you remember, Marc would be riding the Speedco frame, even though he was no longer on the team. We asked Box marketing man, Michael Gamstetter about the omission, and he underscored that this is just a mockup. Final jersey logos are still inbound, and placements are still being worked on by the designers. So, no “grassy knoll” moment in this photo.

With the change in the 2012 ABA schedule, look for Marc to debut this kit at the ABA Gator Nationals in Oldsmar, FL on February 11-12.

—Mike Carruth

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