“Big Line” at Louisville Mega Cavern

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The Big Line at the Louisville Mega Cavern

On September 16, BMX News reported some early details of the 320,000-square-foot bike park coming to the “Mega Cavern” in Louisville. Course builder Joe Prisel has been spending a ton of time, moving and shaping tons of dirt in recent weeks, and now we get our first glimpse of the “Big Line” getting some early run-in.

Thanks to Max Eden for posting it up!

Keep an eye on News for more on this future hot-spot, including the happenings around opening day, and what is going down over there during the upcoming 2015 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals, February 6-8.

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BMX News Article on the Mega Cavern Bike Park

Some Cyclocrossers got a crack at the Mega Cavern too last week, here are some photos
Neon Velo Cycling Team at the Mega Cavern

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Louisville Mulls Derby City BMX Upgrades

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City Mulls Derby City Upgrades

Last month, BMX News reported some early details on the 2015 USA BMX North American Supercross Series (NASX). Among those details was the number of stops for the inaugural season. On the 2015 USA BMX Schedule, the Derby City Nationals over Labor Day weekend was originally designated as an SX series event, making the season five stops in all. That designation has been removed on the most current posting of the schedule. In our interview for the October 20 article, USA BMX COO John David said the Louisville stop for the SX series is pending, as funding for track upgrades is sorted out.

The 2015 Derby City Nationals will, of course, go on regardless of the Supercross upgrades–but not as part of the NASX. But a recent news story in Louisville media points to the possibility that the 30-year “Louisville-on-Labor Day” tradition could be at risk in future years if the $250,000 in track upgrades are not made.

Those upgrades are yet-unspecified, but we have heard talk of reworking the first straight to accommodate a dual-hill configuration, as well as lengthening the first straight beyond it’s current position. It may also involve some additional improvements, but those were the few we have heard bandied-about, and make the most sense, given the SX direction things are taking.

The segment, which aired on local station WDRB, said that the funds for the upgrades to Derby City will likely come from city, state and “private” sources. The report also said that USA BMX will commit to bringing the Derby City Nationals back to Louisville for 10 years, if the upgrades are made. The Louisville Sports Commission, who has been a big supporter of BMX in the Derby City for many years, says the economic impact of the track, once the upgrades are made, will be $27 million over the next 10 years. That makes the $250,000 price tag to keep the big race seem both a great investment, and hopefully close to being in the bag in time for the 2015 running.

That said, there was no indication of where the city/state funding bodies alluded to in the segment were in the process of pondering this princely plus-up.

BMX News will keep you updated as more details emerge on both the North American SX Series, and the Derby City upgrades.

—Mike Carruth

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See the segment on WDRB News

New Details on USA BMX SX Series

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Underground Bike Park Coming to Louisville

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Louisville Mega Cavern indoor bike park

We were in Louisville three times this year: once for the Bluegrass Nationals, once for the USA BMX Summit and, most recently, for the Derby City Nationals over Labor Day. We love that town!

As if we needed another excuse to make the five-hour trip down I-65, developers of a 4-million square foot Read more

Re-Cap and Photos: Derby City Nationals

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Sam Willoughby wins three days in Louisville

The 2014 USA BMX Derby City Nationals brought half of the North American BMX population to Louisville for the annual three-day national. The other half was in Reno for the three-day Blackjack Nationals. Well, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, since there were plenty of local tracks running races for the hometown crowd, so forgive us if we freestyle it a bit. These races also serve as the Eastern and Western Division finals, respectively. Over the three days, points were accrued toward the final overall winner in each class, and those riders were recognized in a special podium presentation after Sunday’s race, complete with a championship jersey.

Our Labor Day trip to Louisville always promises sunshine, clouds, rain, heat and a world-class farmer’s tan. We got all that this year, but thankfully, no lightning strike, as was the case in 2013.

Three-day nationals add an endurance component to the festivities–for the riders, of course, but also for parents and us media types who, by Sunday afternoon, have shot every angle on the track two or three times. By semi time on Sunday, even many of the riders were saying they were ready to knock the rest of this weekend out and get on down the highway.

The rain came at the tail-end of the second round on Saturday, and persisted ’til the last main had crossed the line. And while it was a miserable way to end day 2, the wet weather added just the wildcard that some classes needed to not be on lock for all three days by the same rider. Not exactly good news for those hotshoes who ruled the realm in the dry, but for the spectators that braved the soaking rain to watch from the fenceline, it is nice to see some mixin-it-up action.

The Soiltac really helped keep the surface of the track in tact through all conditions. Rider feedback on the 2014 Derby City track refresh was overwhelmingly positive after the Thursday and Friday practices.

Saturday was the high-moto-count day, with 244 on the boards (221 on Friday and 188 on Sunday).

Here are some photo highlights of how it went in the classes:

Top: There is just no stopping Sam Willoughby this year (or last year, for that matter). Three Elite wins in Louisville, and over $6,000 in prize money going back to San Diego–along with three commemorative Louisville Sluggers that USA BMX gave as podium trophies.

BMX News Coverage of the 2014 USA BMX Derby City Nationals

Friday Morning, 9AM–just as the first practice was hitting the track. The weekend is so full of promise at this point–everyone with their own plan to triple-up, and take home the Eastern Championship jersey. Regardless of how it ended up on Sunday afternoon, a great weekend of racing is in the books for Louisville 2014.

Justin Richmond at the 2014 USA BMX Derby City Nationals

The Juice, with lots of pulp. Justin Richmond pounded the 21-rider 16x into submission, with three wins.

Hayden Fletcher at the 2014 USA BMX Derby City Nationals

In 15x, Hayden Fletcher from Australia came-a-callin, and took two of the three wins. He was leading the Friday night main as well, but Bubba Gonzales got by him in the last turn. Nick Deters had the scores to take home the Eastern Division Championship jersey with two third place finishes and a second. (edited 08/04)

Anna Johnson at the 2014 USA BMX Derby City Nationals

Crupi clobberer Anna Johnson took home two of three possible wins in 14G in Louisville. The triple-treat was thwarted by Cassidy Crotty on Saturday (Anna was second). 13-14 Girls Cruiser was also some good racin, between Anna and Stephani Morin on the Star Products. Anna got the Saturday/Sunday wins and Stephani was on the top step on Friday

Eric Rupe at the 2014 USA BMX Derby City Nationals

Big Daddy going big. It seemed that 14x was the point at which guys started going left, to the pro set. Then, after 19-27x the number of riders hitting it tapered dramatically. We were shooting the am side of the third straight, when here comes the big wheels of Eric Rupe’s Extreme cruiser boosting it first round on Saturday. Aces across in 51-55 Cruiser.

Jeremy Thompson at the 2014 USA BMX Derby City Nationals

Jeremy Thompson had a fruitful trip to the Derby City. Five out of six wins in the books, save for a Saturday upset by Scott Moreland. Scotty used the old school foot-out-in-the-turn move to both protect the inside, and prevent a slip & slide in the rainy second-to-last main event on Saturday. It was a lap ridden very gingerly, and with great skill by all eight in that main.

Gavin Freewalt at the 2014 USA BMX Derby City Nationals

The G-Man, Gavin Freewalt was on fire in Louisville. We spotted him on Saturday with such a wide lead that we could barely fit him and the second place rider in the frame. Here’s the Friday night 11x main event. Haro Promax teammate, Leo Hile, got the wet-weather win on Saturday, and it was G back up top on Sunday–with the Eastern Division Championship Jersey.

BMX News coverage of the 2014 USA BMX Derby City Nationals

Speaking of those custom-made bats, here they are, from Friday’s podium presentation. All six of the Elite winner bats (three for Elite Men and three for Elite Women) went home to the same address—the San Diego homestead of Sam and Alise.

Austin Hiatt at the 2014 USA BMX Derby City Nationals

Austin Hiatt was rippin-up A-Pro on Friday. We knew he was only a few bucks aways from the big move up to AA, and this burly lead in the Main Event sealed it. He made the semis on Sunday, but wrecked in turn one.

BMX News 2014 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp

BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Todd Parry at the 2014 USA BMX Derby City Nationals

Todd Parry took home five of six possible wins 46-50 Cruiser and 46-Over Expert. Cody Smart got past TP in the final feet of Saturday’s Expert Main to disrupt the perfect.

Sean Gaian at the 2014 USA BMX Derby City Nationals

Sean Gaian may-well have made it a triple-up weekend, having won 17-18x Friday and Saturday. Sean tells News that he did not plan on racing SUnday–to give him some rest-up time leading in to this weekend’s Argentina Supercross. After the drippy conclusion to Saturday’s racing, a lot of riders pulled out for Sunday as well (Saturday-Sunday moto count dropped from 244 to 188).

Aiden Otten at the 2014 USA BMX Derby City Nationals

7x in Louisville had a bad case of the “Rottens,” in the person of Aiden “Lil Rotten” Otten. Triple-wins in class and an Eastern Division jersey to take back to Lakeside, CA. Dude has an air game as well, as you can see.

Jud Ciancio at the 2014 USA BMX Derby City Nationals

2014 marked the 30th year that BMX racing was in Louisville over labor Day weekend. On that first Labor Day, in 1984, Jud Ciancio–then a 16-Expert–was asked to ride for Profile by company founder, Jim Alley. Jud stayed with Profile for a long time after that, and many of us who were around in the 80s knew Jud strictly as a Profile rider. To commemorate the occasion, Jud left his new-era Hyper kit back in New Jersey, and rocked the Factory Profile colors.

Muck in the mud i n the pits at Derby City

Various forms of tire self-protection were in use on Saturday and Sunday. From the old “carry the bike to the gate” to trash bags over the wheels, to some just saying “muck it!, I’m riding up there.” This was second round on Sunday, just as the drizzle was starting to put a fizzle on the dry conditions. Big prepper-props to Heather Parker, who pulled those sturdy red rain boots from her bag-o-tricks and kept on as though the bog was no biggie.

Jamie Staff at the 2014 USA BMX Derby City Nationals

If Vet pro were a movie, it would be “The Usual Suspects,” with Cristian Becerine or Javi Colombo trading wins, but usually locking out all others from the top-step. On Saturday, in Louisville, though, the rain brought a rare opportunity for Jamie Staff to get there before all others. Becerine got the Friday Win, and it was Javi on Sunday, so a good variety show for the fans. Doublecross dude, Beau Richards rode well in Louisville as well, hitting the podium all three days (3/2/3). Looks like Jamie is rockin Tyler Faoro’s helmet in this second-round shot from Saturday.

DK Bicycles Caroline Buchanan Signature Balance Bike

DK is introducing a Caroline Buchanan Signature balance bike later this year. Spec and pricing are still to be determined but they are aiming for $139 or below. Look for it in time to be under the tree for Christmas 2014!

Clayborn BMX Sharktooth chainrings

A few new products ready to launch over on factory row. Clayborn BMX is making its return to the market after being on a low-simmer the past couple years. Bossman Richard Bunt showed News their new sharktooth-style chainrings. Made in USA and available now.

A huge thank you to the Derby City BMX board for their always-awesome hospitality to all the BMXers who come from far & wide. We always get the real-feel impression they’re glad to see us, and we know that when we roll up, fresh from a good night’s sleep, chances are, most of them have already been at the track for a few hours to prep (if they went home at all). It does not go unnoticed, and the year-on-year professionalism of the crew, the facility and the local businesses keep this race a must-do on thousands of BMX travel calendars. So, until 2015…


2014 Derby City Nationals – Friday Photo Gallery

2014 Derby City Nationals – Saturday Photo Gallery

2014 Derby City Nationals – Sunday Photo Gallery

2014 Derby City Nationals – DannyD Videos, via YouTube

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Rapid Road Trip: Louisville

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Derby City BMX

It’s 14 days til the annual Derby City Nationals get under way in Louisville, KY. This was, of course, the date and place previously occupied by the NBL Grand Nationals. In the USA BMX era, the boys and gals in Gilbert have done much to keep the weekend prestigious, by establishing the Derby City Nats as the Eastern Division Finals (Western division finals are in Reno the same weekend). The three-day score, on a great track, in a visitor-friendly city like Louisville are all big reasons to go, on their own–but combined, impossible to resist.

News headed down to Louisville on a “Rapid Road Trip” this week to see how things were shaping up. This RRT entailed a five-hour drive from Chicago to Louisville, a Chipotle stop, three hours at the track to shoot practice, a double-scoop of “Coconut Almond Fudge” at Pie Kitchen, then a five hour trip back–all in the same day.

Each year, the Derby City crew gives the track a little refresh leading in to the big race. They usually work on one straightaway each year, and this year it was the third straight. The third straight at Derby City is the site of their pro set and, on the right side, where amateurs who are not airing-it-out set up their prey for a swoop in the last turn. Word is that the rebuild made the pro set “two bike lengths faster” than going right.

Here’s what Derby City BMX board member Keith Bohne said about the concept for the third straight rebuild:

We wanted to make it bigger and have more of a downhill flow into the third turn. Along with making it bigger we were aiming to make it more technical, though there is one less jump on the straight than there has been in the past, there are rollers in between the jumps.

For the pro set, we added case pads on both jumps and there is also an added roller before the jump into the third turn. Ever since we took out the two 90 degree turns in 2006 is has been our goal to make the pro side faster than the am side, I think we have finally done it!

You can see the layout in the photo up-top. In watching practice, the positioning definitely does provide some…what’s the word…obstacles in getting through it effortlessly. Mission accomplished on that part.

The track crew also put down a coat of Soiltac to make the track surface a little less-susceptible to the rains which have been known to blast us on race day (NOT this year though!).

Some pre-race track time would prove very helpful, and the good news is you still have plenty of opportunities to do that.

This weekend, they have single-point locals scheduled on both Saturday and Sunday (Saturday is a “Battle of the Villes” series race, which always brings out a nice crowd from places like Nashville and Evansville, among others).

The Wednesday night practice had 49 riders, which we thought was pretty good, though locals tell us there are usually more out there (Wednesday was first day of school for the local districts). Among those 49 riders, five states were represented (Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Ohio and Illinois)–pretty awesome for a practice.

Here are a few photos we got on the trip–and a link to the photo gallery with 40-or-so more.

Carson Leet at Derby City BMX

Local BlackCrown hotshoe, Carson Leet, was out for Wednesday night practice, stylin and profilin on the first straight for the BMX News Nikon.

Jared Johnson at Derby City BMX

Our trip was unannounced, so we were impressed by the fact that all the factory riders on site were rockin a full kit for practice (number plate included!). Gotta rep those sponsors right, so props all around. Jared Johnson came over from Ohio to get some time in on the Derby City dirt.

Hot Air Balloons at Derby City BMX

It’s kind of strange when, all of the sudden a hot air balloon rises from behind the trees, out of nowhere. Didn’t expect that. Now we know what our “fight or flight” response will be if ever attacked by the Stay Puft Marshmallow man. Our response will be “Wha?”… Splat! That aside, the majesty of these silent birds overhead is awesome–moreso against a “golden hour” BMX gate sesh.

The G-Man, Gavin Freewalt at Derby City BMX

It’s The G-Man, Gavin Freewalt, rippin it up in to turn two. 11x is going to be high-heat at the Derby City Nats. (Note: What’s missing in this shot?)

Thomas Petillo at Derby City BMX

Thomas Petillo is the Track Operator at Nashville’s Music City BMX (and is also a top-hand photographer), but still makes time to suit up for some Wednesday night Louisville laps.

Spencer Cole at Derby City BMX

DK destroyer Spencer Cole braved the traffic from Dayton to get his ducks set up for some Derby City domination, come Labor Day weekend. Darn! We forgot to hit him up for one of those spiff new Coletrain shirts Kid DynaMite released last weekend in Pottstown.

We look forward to seeing y’all down in the Derby City in two weeks. Don’t forget to check out the photo gallery (link below). Also, watch for our Derby City Nationals “Hot Points” feature to help make your trip the best it can be–that’s coming next Friday.

—Mike Carruth


Photo Gallery – Rapid Road Trip: Louisville

Derby City BMX on Facebook

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Recap: 2014 Bluegrass Nationals

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Ryan Zinzow and Justin Richmond - USA BMX Bluegrass

Indoor BMX in Louisville has been on the road to getting it right for a while now. The 2009 NBL Christmas Classic was in the Broadbent Arena, which was definitely too small for our modern tastes. Last year, as USA BMX brought the February race to the Derby City (from Morristown), this time in the larger Freedom Hall (site of the 2001 UCI Worlds), and we breathed a sigh of relief with the extra elbow room. But vendor and pit space was stuck outside, and the reception turned a bit frosty. For the 2014 installment, the vendor/pit space was solved, with the expansion of the footprint into an adjacent, oh-so-awesome, granite-floored hall (with heat and all the creature comforts of home).

Both the 2013 and 2014 races had challenges with the dirt brought in for the racing surface. In 2013, it had a heavy concentration of wood chips, which made it tough to pack into the form of a BMX track. This year, the quality of the dirt was 1000% better–primo clay–but moisture mucked up the motobility. More on that below.

USA BMX seems committed to making indoor racing work in Louisville. We’re glad to hear that, because the geographic location and amenities the city has to offer makes it worth getting things dialed. Louisville is a good racing town, and the people are very hospitable.

The 2014 Bluegrass Nationals had 273 motos on Saturday, and 251 on Sunday. The centralized location made it an easy-do for drivers and flyers alike. We saw license plates from Minnesota, Connecticut and Florida, as well as bike bags heading back to California, Washington State and Nevada. A truly “national” flavor, where some riders who never “see” each other apart from Grands weekend get to do battle.

Here’s a photo/caption re-cap of some of the highlights. Check the links to the full photo galleries (including free image downloads) at the bottom.

BMX News Race Coverage Sponsored by Dan’s Comp (link will open in new window)

Top – Ryan Zinzow and Justin Richmond met in 16x for the first time in Louisville. The two Ssquared/Answer teammates are insanely-fast, and a pretty close race, as you can see. So close, in fact, that the Saturday main (above) had them in a type of BMX three-legged race, matched bottom- bracket-for-bottom-bracket, entering the second straight. Ryan was on the right, and ended up on the wrong side of the white line, sending him into the soft stuff, and down-hard, with a bell-ringer and what ended up being a separated shoulder. The Juice doubled the class on the weekend. Ryan will be back in about a month.

BMX News Coverage of the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

The dirt on the dirt. The talk of the town this weekend in the Derby City was the track surface. We have seen the so-called “Play-Doh” surface before–most recently at the last NBL Christmas Classic (Columbus) in 2010. It was a spongy clay mix that, despite extraordinary effort by the crew, never really firmed up to a hard pack. It was way better for Sunday’s mains than it was for Friday’s pre-race, but people were still twisted in knots over it all weekend. The culprit was the freezing-too-cold temperatures in Louisville that froze moisture in the dirt while it was being stored outside, then thawed once brought inside (more than a week in advance of the track build).

The USA BMX crew suffered as much as the riders in some ways, as they knew it was less-than-optimal, and did everything they could to remedy the problem–but there was just no hurrying the drying process along in the time we were there.

The racing was, more or less, in “slow-motion” for much of the weekend. The moment you stopped pedaling, you slowed to a near-stop. That made for slow-but-contentious racing, with leads changing often, as frontrunners ran out of steam. The program, itself, ran with the usual clockwork-precision USA BMX usually serves up. Saturday’s race ran about seven hours; Sunday’s, just under six.

Also, because of the consistency of the dirt they were working with, the crew was not able to build a traditional rhythm section. They opted, instead, for a combo of larger obstacles in the third straight.

Steve Buttleman at the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

Steve Buttleman, the official bugler for Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby was on hand to start off Saturday’s race with a rendition of the National Anthem. He also belted out a traditional “Call To The Post” to start the Strider races. Here’s Steve, snapping a quick smartphone photo of the Striders doing their thing on the third straight.

Maliek Byndloss at the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

Louisville was the pro debut for Maliek Byndloss, and he cashed top-step checks on Friday and Saturday. Answer/Rennen’s Max Egdorf is back from his Grands injuries, and prevented the triple-up by winning the overall on Sunday. Maliek’s 2013 National Number One Amateur plate never saw a single gate drop, and we had a chuckle about that after the race. The latest in a long lineage of never-run #1s.

Gavin Freewalt at the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

Louisville was the first race in the new Haro/Promax kit for The G-Man Gavin Freewalt. He left the cruiser in the stable this trip, and was lookin good on the spiff new sled. Got stopped-out in the Saturday Semis, but rallied on day two, with a second in 11-12 Open, and a third in 11x.

Spencer Cole at the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

Spencer Cole had a pretty solid weekend in Louisville, with a second in 12x on day one and a win on day two (and a crash / win in 11-12 open). But it was what he did after the racing was done that made our “key moments” list for the weekend. He and RadRo were battling for the lead in the Sunday main, and tangled just before the second turn. Roman got the worst of it, and ended up on the ground…

Roman Jaworsky and Spence Cole at the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

…Coletrain kept it on two wheels, and retained the lead, winning the lap. Seconds after crossing the line, he ran back to the second turn, where Roman was still shaking off the digger, to see if he was OK. It took a minute or two, but RadRo was back up, and walked off the track with his competitor by his side. Coletrain did it because he’s a good kid, not as a “show.” He scored some serious good guy points with us, and all who looked on. RadRo won on Saturday, by the way, so the pair split the weekend’s 12x wins.

Rob McAllister at the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

BlackCrown bossman Rob McAllister suffered a broken hand and a concussion at the Grands, just 10 weeks ago, but was back on the bike at the Bluegrass Nats, and put some passion to the pedals. Pair of aces for King of the ‘Crown in 46-50 Cruiser.

Aram Schwinn at the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

After winning 12x at the Grands, Aram Schwinn brought some serious fast to the 13 yr old classes in Louisville. He won 13 Cruiser both days, and took second in 13x both days (to Haro/Promax heavy-hitter, Bryant White on Saturday and Answer/Rennen rocker Markwane Billingsley on Sunday).

Payton Ridenour at the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

First time out in the new Answer/Rennen kit for P-Nut Ridenour. Her and Leyna Jones (who was also in new sponsor colors in Louisville, for Phoenix/Box) were in separate motos both days, and Girl class watchers were ready for a clash-of-the-titans type showdown in the main. Payton crashed hard in the 11-12 Mixed Open main on Saturday, causing her to sit out the 11G main. Win to Jones on Day one. On Sunday, Payton came back to take the “W” in the class main, with Leyna in second.

Pete Choat at the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

Pete Choat gave 9x a whoopin on Saturday, but laid it down in turn two of Sunday’s main event.

Kevin Pauls at the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

Kevin Pauls hauls the mail in 14x, delivering four aces back to Simi Valley (13-14 Open x 2 as well).

Kenneth Gustafson at the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

As you might expect, 19-27x was turbocharged, with nitrous, topped with plutonium sprinkles. This guy was the atomic dog both days– Doublecross Bikes baller, Kenneth Gustafson. Dude designs a pretty mean number plate too #234designs

BMX News Coverage of the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

If you find a horseshoe in your BMX dirt, is that good luck or bad luck? Supposedly, this one is going back to the Alpine villa of a guy who makes his own luck–Alberto Ciari, himself.

As Freedom Hall emptied out on Sunday, the talk of the mushy track was fading, in favor of a “hey, less-than-perfect track, but a great weekend of racing” vibe. Every BMXer carries stories of the mud races, the time the power went out and we raced the mains at midnight, and the time a tornado ripped through the city during the semis, causing the announcer to scream “RUN!…NOW!”

The “perfect” races might be remembered for the moment, but the ones were things went less-than-optimal are sometimes the ones we REALLY remember.

Believe it or not, we’re back in Louisville next week for the 2014 USA BMX Summit. This is where all the new plans and ideas come together for next year, and we’re excited to be bringing you all the details–stay tuned for more beginning next Thursday (February 20).

BMX News Race Coverage Sponsored by Dan’s Comp (link will open in new window)


2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals – Day One Photo Gallery

2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals – Day Two Photo Gallery

BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Photo Gallery: Bluegrass Nats Day Two

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Kenneth Gustafson 19-27 Expert

The 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals is now in the history books. Day two ran smooth, and the track was slightly improved, after some post-race work on Saturday night.

Sunday saw 251 motos on the sheets, and some good back & forth racing in practically all classes in the main events.

A-Pro was amped-up, with 24 riders. Maliek was lookin strong all day, but in the end it was Max Egdorf from Answer Rennen who got the overall win after the three mains. Maliek was second and Corey Ross from Lindsey Wilson was third.

Top Photo: Kenneth Gustafson (above, in the Sunday Semi) had a great weekend in the Derby City, scoring twin wins in 19-27x.

Lots more to report from Louisville, so watch for our photo/caption re-cap Monday night before lights out.

Meanwhile, here’s a pixelicious appetizer in the form of the day two photo gallery.

BMX News Race Coverage Sponsored by Dan’s Comp


2014 Bluegrass Nationals Day Two Photo Gallery

And…if you haven’t seen Day One yet, Click to open in a new window.
2014 Bluegrass Nationals Day One Photo Gallery

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Hot Points: USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

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BMX News Hot Points: Louisvilel 2014

BMX News is charging up the gear and clearing off the memory cards for tomorrow’s trip to the Derby City for the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals. Last year’s move from Morristown to Louisville was a big success, and USA BMX has promised bigger pit space and better dirt for the 2014 installment.

A few details you might be interested in before you leave the driveway.

* Louisville is on Schedule A Practice – download practice schedule PDF

* Parking is $8 per day with no in & out privilege. In & out will run you $12 per day, or handle it all at once on Friday for $36 (in and out for the weekend, plus zoom past the dolts waiting in the day-pass line). Last year, they only accepted cash when we rolled through, so be sure to hit up the ATM first if you normally pay with plastic.

* The host hotel is the Crowne Plaza, which had some good specials last year in the restaurants and bar. Food was decent, and the waits were on-par with any other place that gets slammed with a few hundred BMXers all at once.

* The BMX News “Local Option” pizza place is Spinelli’s. Eric Bess and Kid DynaMite had a hallway pizza party at the Crowne last year, and the pies were primo. Thanks to our iPhone’s “total recall,” we were able to look up the text Carley Young send us with the name of the place. Spinelli’s Pizza – 502-568-5665 – Menu Link

* Last year, Saturday’s race was 286 motos. Sunday was 265. Hard to say if this year will be bigger or smaller, as the weather is wreaking havoc from the Rockies, eastward. Lots of “see you this weekend” text messages coming in to the BMX News control center, which is a good sign.

* Speaking of the weather, there is a thread on Vintage with updates on road conditions, both in the Louisville area, and inbound to Louisville. Check it out.

* This being the area around the Airport, it is kind of an “island” in terms of food and stores. If you like to grab some provisions before the weekend, probably best to do it on the way in to town. Otherwise, for provisions, there’s a Walmart about six miles away (East on 264 to Newburg Road, then South, and it will be on the left).

The closest “restaurant row” of sorts is East on 264, and off at Bardstown Road (North). There, or off Breckenridge, you’ll find a full compliment of BMXer favorites (though no Chipotle within range). We’re also told that the Hall of Fame Cafe on Crittenden Drive, just outside the Fairgrounds is worth checking out.

It all kicks off tomorrow at the Kentucky Expo Center. Point your GPS to:

Kentucky Exposition Center
937 Phillips Lane, Louisville, Kentucky 40209

Photo Above: Answer Rennen’s Justin Knapper won the Photo Trophy Dash last year with this shot from Saturday’s main event.

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Vote in the Photo Trophy Dash – Bluegrass

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Vote in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash - Bluegrass

Whenever we come home with some especially solid shots from a race, we put it out to the fans and readers around the world to vote for the king of the set in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash. It harkens back to the early days of BMX, when the winners of the top expert classes would race one last time to see who was the fastest and bestest of the day.

We have assembled a stunning “gate of eight” for your review. Click the link below to go to the official Photo Trophy Dash Gallery and cast your vote (by liking the image). You can vote for more than one, if more than one photo deserves the “like”

The image that has the most likes on the gallery page by Noon Central time on Saturday, February 16, will win a 30″ x 20″ canvas of the winning shot for the rider named in the caption.

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Then, head over and like the BMX News Facebook page and follow @bmxnow on Twitter (links below). We will pick one lucky liker of the winning photo, and if you are a liker of our Facebook Page and our Twitter, you will win a $50 Gift Card to J&R Bicycles.

Here are the candidates:

Nathan Thalhamer – Revolution/Fly/Supercross
Nathan Thalhamer - in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash

Justin Knapper – Answer/Rennen
Vote for Justin Knapper in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash

Spencer Cole – DK Bicycles
Vote for Spencer Cole in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash

Chase Hines – MCS Bicycles
Vote For Chase Hines in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash

JJ Grieve – Doublecross Bikes
Vote For JJ Grieve in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash

Chandler Denton – Profile Racing
Vote For Chandler Denton in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash

George Goodall – Redline Bicycles
Vote For George Goodall in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash

Collin Hudson – Crupi BMX
Vote For Collin Hudson in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash

We will announce the winner on Monday, February 18, 2013. Be sure to share the image from the Photo Gallery page so all votes count (likes give on other than the gallery page do not count).


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Photo Trophy Dash – Bluegrass Voting Page

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2013 Bluegrass Nationals Full Photo Gallery – Saturday

2013 Bluegrass Nationals Full Photo Gallery – Sunday

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Photos: USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

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2013 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals on

It was an action-packed weekend of racing, as the third stop on the 2013 USA BMX National Tour touched down in the Derby City. It’s hard not to love Louisville: lots of great BMX memories here, easy to get in and out of town, hotels close to the venue, and solid, neighborhood-joint pizza, just a phone call away (Spinelli’s…bookmark it!).

The last time we were in town during the Winter months was for the 2009 NBL Christmas Classic. That race was shoe-horned into the “Broadbent Arena” at the Kentucky Exposition Center, and was generally not very pleasant. We were over-the-moon stoked to learn that NBL was bringing the Classic to Columbus–or anywhere other than the Broadbent Arena for 2010.

This year’s USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals would be in the said-to-be-larger Freedom Hall. Truth be told, it did not feel all that much larger than the Broadbent–though we’re sure someone could/will point to blueprints that say otherwise. The reality is that the KEC, as a whole, is an awkward setting for a BMX race. Parking was $36 for three days, which is their standard rate for all events, but we thought was testing the limits for a BMX crowd. Some had the option to ride the shuttle provided by some of the close-in hotels– a nice bonus that effectively shaved $12/nt off their room rate.

There was no team pit space, so the social factor of strolling around and seeing friends was pretty-much nonexistent, as everyone adjourned to the arena seats (or back to the room) after locking their bikes in the provided bike lockup area, out back.

This was the first year at the KEC for USA BMX, so we anticipate many of the creature discomforts will be addressed for next year. Louisville loves BMX, and we know they want what we want: the best possible BMX race.

For its part, the track was wedged in to the floor space available. It was a similar theme to all the other indoor stops on the tour, aside from the Grands. People are always going to complain about the indoor tracks–like death and taxes. Of course, the truth is everyone has to ride the same track. Once racing got underway, you saw passing on the straightaways as well as the turns, which is a good sign–on any track.

The last turn gave the most ominous first impression, with its tight radius and wall ride-esque facing. There was a heaping helping of drama there, especially in Sunday’s mains, where even the younger girls classes were riding the comp “high and over.”

Billy Allen and his crew did a great job of keeping the track in shape during the weekend. The dirt was not exactly awesome–mixed heavily with wood chips and some kind of moss-like protomatter that was neither dirt, nor wood. Like trying to make snowballs out of oatmeal and ice chips. Still, they held it together til the last main crossed the line.

The Bluegrass Nationals brought 286 motos on Saturday and 268 on Sunday. Lots of teams made the trip, looking for beefy rider counts. Donavon Long’s Haro/Promax team won the Factory honors on Saturday, George Costa made it out of Boston just ahead of the blizzard of 2013. His Answer/Rennen team rained on the parade of all the other Factory Teams on Sunday, turning in the top sheet.

Louisville was the last race before the Elite season starts up at the Winter Nationals in Phoenix. And we were impressed, as we were in Reno, with the level of stoke the crowd exhibited for the 23 A Pros who made the trip. This was Justin Posey’s Pro class debut, and he raced it like an ace. In fact, he WAS an ace, winning every lap both days–the first day for Dan’s Comp, and the second for his Collegiate team, Marian University. The USA Cycling Collegiate BMX Championships are being run alongside the Winter Nationals. You have to like JP’s chances at the title, if you saw him race this weekend.

We are going to have more on the Bluegrass Nationals Tuesday morning, including a Photo Trophy Dash. Leading up to that, give a gander to the photo galleries from the race.


2013 Bluegrass Nationals Photo Gallery – Saturday

2013 Bluegrass Nationals Photo Gallery – Sunday

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