Podcast: Derek Betcher on Speedco Velox Carbon

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Derek Betcher on Speedco Velox Carbon
Back on April 16, 2014, BMX News broke the scoop that the Speedco and Sinz brands would be coming back to market, after falling silent after VSI Products exited the BMX market back in mid-2013 (link below).

In the time since taking over the brands, MOJO BMX Distribution honcho, Kirk Morrison, has been busy getting things in place for a triumphant return to the market. Last September, he hired Derek Betcher, formerly of Haro Bikes, as Speedco / Sinz Brand Manager, and point man on all the development that lie ahead.

Earlier this year, News watched social media eagerly, as Kirk and Derek made their way through the Far East, slurping noodles, shaking hands, and sketching BMX products in sketchy conference rooms.

Speedco Velox Carbon BMX Frame
Fast-forward a few months, and behold: the first prototype of the Speedco Velox Carbon.

In this episode of Announcers Tower, DB talks about the development process, and how it differs from creating an aluminum product. He also answers our question on how old or how big a rider should be before they will truly see the benefits of a carbon frame. Plus an update on the resurgent Sinz product line, and much more.

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Derek posted a bunch of detail shots of the Velox on the Speedco website, so head on over there (link below) and check them out. And keep your eyes right here for the latest on Speedco, and its return.

—Mike Carruth

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Speedco Bicycles Website

Speedco and Sinz Coming Back to Market – April 16, 2014

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Scoop! – Speedco and Sinz Coming Back to Market

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Speedco and Sinz Brands Return to BMX Racing Market

On June 6, 2013, BMX News reported that long-time BMX Racing holding company, VSI Products–owner of then wildly-popular brands like Intense BMX, Sinz and Speedco–was pulling back from the BMX market, and putting the brands up for sale.

At the time of the announcement, there was also substantial inventory on the shelf at VSI’s Cerritos, CA warehouse, and those assets were also put up for sale as a “one-money-gets-it-all” package.

Around the end of September, News caught wind that the inventory was sold, but the Speedco and Sinz brands began to fade into BMX history, with no buyer to come and perform some serious CPR to breathe new life into them.

Fast-forward past the holidays, and the trail started heating up again on March 13, when a thread appeared on Vintage telling tale of a new website for Speedco, complete with a Delaware-based phone number.

The crack detectives on the Vintage thread mentioned a company called “MOJO BMX Distribution” as being involved, so we did a bit of digging on our own, and came up with the full story on a new-era for Sinz and Speedco, and we’re rocking it out here, as a BMX News exclusive.

Seems we know both the “Mo” and the “Jo” in the MOJO equasion–newlywed dynamic duo Kirk Morrison and Delaney Johnson, who hail from the Tampa, FL area. You may recognize those names also as the top brass at J&R Bicycles.

That said, when News sat down with Kirk and Delaney just after Oldsmar, it is not quite as the Vintage posters had it pegged. Here’s how it breaks down:

NEWS: Tell us about the revival of the Speedco and Sinz Brands.

MOJO: First, it is important to understand that there is total separation between J&R and MOJO BMX Distribution–the two have common ownership, but MOJO has its own warehouse, and is operating as a separate company entirely.

We purchased the remaining Sinz/Speedco inventory VSI had in its warehouse, went out to So. Cal, performed an inventory, packed up a couple semi trailers, and drove it off within a few days. Mr. Hong (President of VSI) was gracious enough to include the brands as part of that transaction. The brands, and all of the inventory, were moved to MOJO BMX immediately from VSI and were never brought to J&R.

NEWS: Many people see this as a move to make Sinz and Speedco a pair of J&R “house brands,” any truth to that?

MOJO: No more than any other brand sold through J&R. Again, the two are separate entities, and we look forward to doing business with any/all retailers who wish to carry the line. J&R purchases from MOJO as it does from other suppliers. Of course, you may see more of those products in J&R at first, but we are confident that as retailers get re-acquainted with the brands, and the product we are offering, they will pick up the line as they did when it was with VSI. If you walk through the J&R warehouse, you will not see any more Speedco or Sinz than you would Crupi, Answer or any of the other top brands J&R sells.

NEWS: Speaking of the product lines, will you be doing new products as well, or simply depleting the inventory you have on-hand, and calling it a day?

MOJO: We have purchase orders in for new products, even as we speak. There were staple items in the Sinz line that will continue, a few items that are discontinued, and some new items in the works for 2015. We have visited the factories in Asia, and they have been very accomodating in helping us bring the new Sinz and Speedco product to market as quickly as possible, with an eye on quality, of course.

NEWS: One of the things that allowed Speedco and Sinz to achieve such solid penetration in the BMX market is the team and rider support they had in place. Will you be supporting riders and teams in the new “MOJO” era?

MOJO: MOJO is looking at developing some riders for the brands. We believe there is value in sponsoring a few top riders to represent each brand. There is a lot of work to do be done, and management to put into place, to make those things happen effectively.

NEWS: If a BMX retailer wants to get in touch with you to get more information, who do they call?

MOJO: They can reach us at 302-750-6017. That is the MOJO Distribution number. Also online at The MOJO website will be getting updated soon to include current and future product.

NEWS: Best of luck in bringing these great brands back to BMXers the world over.

MOJO: Thank you!

BMX News will have more on this story as it develops. Congrats to Kirk and Delaney on their new venture. We know that, with these two at the helm, we will be seeing some solid product very soon.


“Speedco and Sinz, New Owner?” on

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BMX Wedding Bells

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BMX News - Mike Day gets engaged

Saw this on Instagram last night. Mike Day and long-time girlfriend, “Amazing” Leigh Walter were engaged over the weekend. Sorry ladies, now he’s taken for keeps. No word on the big day just yet, but we wanted to extend a big BMX News congrats to Mike and Leigh, and to compliment Mike on picking some tasty carats of the carbon variety.

In other wedding bell news, J&R Bicycles owner, Kirk Morrison got engaged a few months ago to his gal, Delaney Johnson. Wedding is set for early November, strategically timed during the lull between Disney Cup and the Grands. As any BMX wedding should be.

All the best to the brides and grooms-to be!