Kye Affoo: USA BMX – I loved it!

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Kye and Shaune Affoo By Kye Affoo

My dad and I recently traveled from Brisbane, Australia to race the USA BMX National Series. We were out to experience new things and to see what it had to offer. I raced the Lone Star Nationals in Texas and the Great Northwest Nationals in Oregon.

It was my first trip to the USA to race and we had no idea what to expect. The atmosphere was amazing as everyone seemed to have a whole new level of passion for BMX Racing.

The first thing that hit us in our USA BMX experience were the moto sheets. “2-2 to semi, 3-4 to final,” etc. etc. We needed help! Everyone we met was so helpful, maybe it was the way we spoke or the totally-confused look on our faces, but we were made to feel extremely welcome.

In Australia we race the UCI format (three motos, total points) so we tend to do more laps on race day, but I really enjoyed the shorter transfer system, because it rewards your efforts, but the days are still really long. The tracks I rode were technical, but fast at the same time.

The trophies, WOW! They are big, and I couldn’t believe one guy spends all day building trophies only to return the next day to build another mountain of them, I don’t want his job!

Kye Affoo - The Dark KnightEveryone in America has a nickname, and it’s used by the BMX community everywhere. Some I heard were “Skittles,” “The Snake,” “Fireball,” “Wild Thing,” “Sugar Cookie,” “Slingshot,” “Ultra Violet,” “The Russian,” “Pistol Pete,” and more. After my first day of racing, I was awarded my own nickname— the “Dark Knight!”

Kye Affoo at the 2016 USA BMX Great Northwest NationalsThe racing was hard and fast, but great. I raced 15x and 15-16 open and the plan was to try and make every main. I did a little better than that, finishing with three first-place finishes, two second-place finishes, three third-place finishes, one fourth-place and one fifth. I am so stoked at how it all went. A highlight at the Great Northwest Nationals was being asked to race for J&R Bicycles/Chase/Box for the weekend’s team sheet. I would like to thank team manager Scott Angus for this opportunity, and Kirk Morrison for his hospitality and spot under the J&R tent in Austin.
(Above: Kye at the 2016 USA BMX Great Northwest Nationals. Photo by Lee Cejalvo)

Kye Affoo at Venice BeachOutside of BMX events I became hooked on Taco Bell! I love those cheesy potato burritos. I wanted to spend most of my time racing, so sightseeing was not high on the agenda. But I had a quick five-hour tour of LA and spent some time at Venice Beach, which was really fun (above).

I am currently working on a more permanent racing schedule involving the US, and I can say that I am happy to be coming back to race very soon.

I would like to thank Mum and Dad and everyone we met on our trip, you all rock. Special mention goes to Mike Carruth for this opportunity and Lee Cejalvo for the cool photos.

—Kye Affoo

Top Photo: Kye and Shaune Affoo at the 2016 USA BMX Great Northwest Nationals. Photo by Lee Cejalvo.

A big BMX News thanks for sharing your experience with us, Kye! We enjoyed watching you race, and look forward to seeing you shred the USA BMX series in the future. -MC


Kye Affoo on Facebook

Kye Affoo on Instagram

J&R Bicycles Website

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2015 Factory Team Changes – Part II

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2015 Factory Team Changes - Part II

We got some big props on part one of our 2015 Factory Team Changes feature yesterday. Thanks to all who sent in text messages, Facebook likes, shares and comments, and emails. Part two has even more in store for team watchers, with some late-breaking news, and a couple new teams joining the fray for 2015.

It’s pretty clear that we will have at least one other follow-up to this story, as the January 1 team announcements get the green light from the powers-that-be. BMX News will be there, with a glass pressed against the wall (more like a laser-mic from across the street), so be sure to check back early and often.

And now, without any further clackity-clack, here are 10 more teams with 2015 pickups.

Cameron Moore is on Haro/Promax for 2015
Donavon Long has made some strategic additions to the already-beefy top team of 2014.

Cameron Moore – 17x (Above)
Ryan Goodwin – 11x
Ronnie Kim – 8x
Shayla Blackmore – 16 girls

J&R Bicycles / Chase
J&R Bicycles Team Changes 2015

The top bike shop team in all the land will be letting a few off the bus, and taking a few onto the bus for 2015. Yeah, this is a “Factory Team” article, but “Factory” is really a state of mind, more than words on a team sheet, isn’t it? Team Manager Scott Angus told News:

I’m proud to announce that Karter Montellano, 6x NAG #1 from Riverside, California, Mia Downes, 6g from El Cajon, California, and Justin Seitz, 10x NAG #11 from San Bernardino, California will be joining the team.

The Shriver sisters (Katja, Richelle, and Esja), Zack Van Kammen, Ryan Pettigrew, Ty Beadle, Dahvin Childs, Leinani Peralta, Joe & Josh Sontag, Josh Veron, and Michael Weatherford will return for next season. Weatherford will be joining the Vet Pro ranks mid-season after winning the Grands and getting his first NAG #1 plate.  Ryan Pettigrew and Zack Van Kammen will be doing both the National circuit and some SX races.

Meybo USA
Meybo USA Factory Team
Meybo is a new brand on the US scene. Wildly-popular in Europe, Oklahoman Ben Tabor is bringing the brand to our shores with a large squad of mostly Midwest talent to promote in a big way. Here’s what ben told News:

We started Meybo USA because we wanted to offer a race frame that was different than the usual brands. Being a racer that liked to ride a bike that not everyone had was my driving force. Our goals for 2015 are to compete as a factory team at some nationals and help our riders achieve their racing goals through mentoring, social media exposure and any other marketing opportunities we can be a part of. While it seems like there are a lot of riders, everyone will be competing regionally and at select Nationals. All our riders are super excited to be the driving force behind the brand and be a part of something new. The team is supported by AXO, Maxxis, Onyx and It Works.

Thomas “Thrillbilly” Wagner, 36-40x and Cruiser
Hudson, OH

Daniel Galusha, 36-40x
Las Vegas, NV

Jim Bunsey, 41 – 45C
Oberlin, OH

Trevor Bunsey, 11x
Oberlin, OH

Kasie Kalal, 16G and 16GC
Valley View, OH

Tyler “Happy” Gilmore, 15x
Bakersfield, CA

Chris Peterie, 17/18x and 17-20C
Jenks, OK

Justin Roeser, 15x
Wichita, KS

Cole Below, 13x
Fremont, OH

Scott Lachanski, 41-45C
North Royalton, OH

Ben Taber, 36-40x
Edmond, OK


Jim Buchanan has one of the largest and most fierce teams on the circuit. Jim tells us that it’s a little early to say what, if any, additions will be made for the new season, but did give us two for publication that we were already aware of:

Kaynen Burg – 10x
Carson Leet – 12x

We will have more for you on the Ssquared/Answer roster as soon as it is available

Lain Van Ogle Staats/Ciari

On September 30, BMX News reported that Lain Van Ogle would move from the disbanded Phoenix BOX team to Staats/Ciari in the new year. That is not necessarily news, but we are re-adding it here so we have a more comprehensive list. Lain, and Trae Proctor, will wear both the Staats and Ciari uniforms throughout the season.

Luke Segal was on BlackCrown til the Grands, and will now suit up for Staats as well.

>>>BREAKING:There is late word from the West Coast that Kelsey Van Ogle and Peter Choat will also move to Staats in 2015. It was expected that Kelsey and Peter would be joining Doublecross (as we reported yesterday, and as has been out in the community for a while now), but circumstances seem to have changed.

Kelsey told News today:

“I know the Huvards very well and ultimately decided Staats would be the best fit for me. Really excited to continue my racing career with my brother and glad to be back with the Huvards*. Can’t wait for 2015!”

* Kelsey raced for the Huvards on the Redman team, starting when she was six years old.

Stay Strong
Tanner Sebesta signs with Stay Strong
This was a late-breaking change, with Tanner Sebesta moving over to be the first US AA on the new Stay Strong frame we showed you a couple weeks ago.

Here’s what Tanner posted on Facebook this morning:

“Stoked to announce I will be riding for @staystrongbmx for the 2015 season. Stay strong will be releasing their new frames shortly and the frame is no joke designed by @dbetcher44 stiff and clean as the best on the market. Looking forward to the fresh season rocking new colors with new hype. Thank you Marco for this opportunity, let’s get it!”

2015 Supercross BMX Team Additions
With Kim Hayashi at the helm of the team for the new year, Factory Supercross will step boldly into 2015 with six new riders added to the already-strong squad.

Kim has been a part of the Supercross / Speedline family for the last five years and shares the same vision of fun coupled with performance as Supercross owner Bill Ryan.

The new additions (Clockwise from top left in above photo) are:

Gavin Bowers – 13x (NAG 7)
Portland, OR

BJ Ensey – 16x (NAG 14)
Redding, CA

Ryan Puckett – 15X (NAG 6)
Redding, CA

Sadie Thompson – 15-16G
Phoenix, AZ

Anna Johnson – 14G (NAG 4) / 16-16GC (NAG 5)
Garland, TX

Annabella Hammonds – 9G
Apple Valley, CA

All six will make their debut in the Supercross jersey at the 2015 Silver Dollar Nationals in Las Vegas next month. *Photo: BMX News composite

Tangent 2015 Factory Team Additions

The Tangent Cartel is bringing a high-wattage team back to the tent for 2015. Here’s what Team Manager, TJ Johnson told us:

Rich and I here at Rift-Tangent are super excited for the upcoming 2015 season. This year was like no other, we were able to set the new roster before the USA BMX Grandnationals even took place. Adding to our already-stellar roster of Riley Stair, Jacob Abbe and Breanna Winter, starting in Las Vegas we will have:

Bryant White – 14x (NAG 1) from Santee, CA

Nate Romero – 10x (NAG 8) from Victorville, CA

Kody Kolshinski – 9x (NAG 9) from Redding, CA

These three riders fit in great with our current group of riders, and will complete awesome roster for the 2015 season and beyond.

2015 Yess BMX USA Factory Team
As reported last week here on News, Yess BMX has welcomed Jerry Bradford to the operation to serve as US Factory Team Manager. This team will operate independently of the storied Canadian team that often ventures South to whoop up on their Americano pals.

The five-rider squad will be:

Maynard Peel (15X, NAG 1)
Kohl Piluso (11X, NAG 3)
Christina Cunningham (7G, NAG 2)
Jayce Bartley (9C, NAG 2)
Patrick Coo (12X, NAG 1)

That is all we have for this go-round. There are half-a-dozen more, in addition to the 15 teams we listed in this two-part feature, so watch for an update when those details are made available to News.

Links will open in new window

2015 Factory Team Changes – Part I

Companies mentioned in this article

Haro Bikes Website

Promax Website

J&R Bicycles Website

Ssquared Bicycles Website

Answer BMX Website

Meybo USA Website

Staats Bikes Website

Stay Strong BMX Website

Tangent Website

Yess BMX Website

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Insight Plates = Great Visibility

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Insight BMX Number Plates

News recently ran an article on the absolute necessity to run your plate at all times you happen to be at the track, and it was a HUGE hit. Over 15,000 views from Team Managers, moms, dads, track operators, factory hotshoes, with hundreds of shares out to team and club pages around the world. Massive agreement that the right way to rock the house is with a plate on the bars.

BMX Racing Group has one of the most factory-fresh plates on the market with the Insight 3D Vision series. It’s the choice of guys like Maris and Connor, as well as lead riders at all the big races you’ll show up to…so be one of them.

What we love about the Insight plate is that it goes on easy, with four pieces of included Velcro, and makes it hard to miss all those co-sponsors you have stuck on there. Yeah…and that clean-and-clear number that Jen needs to score you right at the next national.

Not much more to say. Get one and keep it strapped-on your ride, in perpetuity–not much reason to remove it.

Two sizes (Expert and Pro, specs below), and four colors that go with whatever parts and kit you are taking to next week’s win.

Expert: Width: 8.5″ – Height: 6.5″
Pro: Width: 9.5″ – Height: 7.5″

Material : 3D injection-molded shape
Fixment : Four pieces of black velcro and 2 plastic grip closures.

$17.95 at J&R, so now’s the time. Click below to get that factory flav.

Use discount code JRSPOT15 for 15% off your order of $75 or more at checkout


Insight 3D Vision Number Plate at J&R Bicycles

Article: Why are Bare bars So Lame?

And, for those who want to customize, download the templates

Insight 3D Vision Expert Template

Insight 3D Vision Pro Template

BMX News contributor Bryce Betts cranks out some of the best custom plate skins out there. Here’s one he did for David Herman. Click the link below to see some of the others. You can contact him via Facebook if you want to order one up.

David Herman Insight Plate by Bryce Bettsx

Bryce Betts Designs on Facebook

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Topeak JoeBlow Pro Pump

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Product Spotlight Topeak Joeblow Pump

As part of our story on Yess BMX striking a co-deal with Topeak, maker of tools and other bike maintenance products, we literally spent 45 mins on their site, checking out their products. One of two items we rated as “gotta have” here in the BMX News Global Command Center is the “JoeBlow” Pro Pump. Hard to believe that so much tech can be packed into such a seemingly-simple product, but Topeak did it, and then some.

We love the “Smarthead” that lets you select Presta or Schrader valve stems with no begging-to-be-lost adapters (somewhere around here we have five or six of those things, which we will inevitably find when we move out, or step on during an all-night photo editing session some day. Well, no more! Flip the magic lever on the front of the valve head, and you are ready to air it up before your rider airs it out, whatever he’s riding.

Dialing in the right pressure is also an easy-do, as the JoeBlow gives you a chronograph-style gauge to set your target pressure. If you happen to be just-that-stoked that you overshoot the mark, under the valve head, there’s an air release button to bleed-off some pressure. But wait, there’s more! It goes to 200psi. You may never need it, but there it is when you do.

It’s built for the long-haul, and is probably the last pump you’re ever gonna need. Shipping now from J&R for $81.95. Use discount code JRSPOT15 for 15% off on this and any other items on your order.

More Info/Ordering

Topeak JoeBlow Pro Pump at J&R Bicycles

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Chase BMX Exploding Into 2014

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BMX Racing Group 2014 Program

It’s been about three years since Christophe Leveque founded BMX Racing Group, and his Chase BMX bike brand. Connor Fields has been the face of the brand on the race track since day one, and will continue to be so in 2014. But Connor will have a ton of company under the Chase BMX tent this year.

BRG marketing maestro Pete Dylewski has been busy wining, dining and signing quality talent all over the world for a big push in 2014. In a nuclear-powered update sent to BMX News yesterday, here are some of the highlights.

The Chase Bicycles Elite Factory roster will include Connor Fields and Vincent Pelluard from France (both above), plus Romain Mahieu, also from France. In addition, Jamie Staff will break his 12-year retirement from BMX racing, and be back on the track at a few USA BMX events in 2014. BMX News asked Jamie about the return to the gate in an interview we did with him on the 2014 USA Cycling programs. Click below for what he had to say.

Listen Now

iPhone users can paste the URL below in your phone’s browser

Pete also tells us that there will be one other rider addition up here in the coming weeks, so stay tuned–we’ll bring it to you as soon as it hits the inbox.

BMX Racing Group has also launched a formal “Racer Support Program” to work with stand-out teams and prime moto-movers. We reported on the first of these last week, via the Dale Holmes Chase BMX/Stay Strong team (link below). That is going to be an incredible force on the national and clinic scene, so we will be stoked to bring you some first photos very soon.

Along with DHR, BRG is adding J&R to the mix. The multi-time USA BMX bike shop team champions will be aboard the Chase RSP 2.0 frame, as well as be rockin selected Elevn parts.

The Chase BMX continental taste & charm is not solely reserved for North America. The BMX program at the UCI World Cycling Center in Switzerland is getting some sponsorship love from Southern California. Thomas Allier is the show-runner out there, and the program has been cranking along (yuk,yuk) in high gear.

Then there is the constellation of Elite stars and BMX legends that are running BRG product in one way or another. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t rattle them off, just as Pete put them down:

Sifiso Nhlapo @SifisoNhlapo – Two-time Olympian from South Africa, who now calls Southern California home–and Chase BMX his bike of Choice!

Renato Rezende @Rezende500 – This young Brazilian BMX star has made a name for himself by not only racing in the 2012 Olympics, but by becoming a major force on the UCI BMX SX world Cup tour.

Melinda McLeod @MelindaMcleod Back to Back Australian Elite Women’s National Champion had a setback with a shoulder injury last season, but look for Melinda to be back stronger and more focused than ever in 2014!

Daniel Franks @Franieldanks The BMXer from New Zealand may have cut off his trademark beard, but don’t worry fans, he will still be cutting off riders down the first straightaway this season on his Chase BMX bike world Wide!

Teagan O’Keeffe @TeaganOkeeffe A Past world Champion, Teagan knows what it takes to win BMX races, and her frame of choice to do so is a Chase RSP!

Maris Strombergs @MarisStrombergs The two-time Olympic Gold Medalist chooses the Elevn Brand to make sure his bike is always ready to take him to a win.

Marian Pajon @Marianapajon The 2013 USA BMX #1 Pro Woman and 2012 Olympic Champion says there is only one choice for Handlebars – Elevn Racing!

Shawn DiPrete @xShawnD76x The 2013 USA BMX #1 Amateur Cruiser rider know what it takes the best parts in BMX to have the the winning edge, and his new race bikes are outfitted with items from Elevn racing!

Javier Colombo – Javier is back with the SE Racing squad for another race season, and once again, he will be running the Elevn bars and Insight number plates

Cody Smart a staple on the USA BMX Vet Tour, Cody is one of the longest riders to have raced in the USA and we are proud to support him with Chase RSP 2.0 fully decked out with items from Elevn, Insight, KingStar, and Excess.

Billy Griggs is no stranger to BMX racing, but he hasn’t been on the scene too much lately. Last year, he was honored as a inductee to the National BMX Hall Of Fame, and this gave him the BMX race bug. He hit a few races and is now looking to hit a bunch more in 2014 — all on a Chase BMX bike loaded up with Elevn parts.

The stoke meter just broke from going way-in-the-red after all that news.

Check the links below for more on the BRG family of products.


BMX Racing Group Website

Chase BMX Website

BMX News Story on Chase/Stay Strong Team

Meyers Moves from Ssquared

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Josh Meyers Moves on From Ssquared

Though no official announcemnt has come yet, there is an apparent 2014 team change for long-time Ssquared AA Pro, Josh Meyers. Josh raced this weekend in the first SSA Florida Cup weekend in Tampa, and was suited up in a Redline jersey, riding a Free Agent bike.

Josh had been on an Ssquared bike since the very first prototype John Sawyer showed at the 2010 Disney Cup. This fact was not lost on Josh, who posted the following on his Facebook page on Dec 2, after the 2013 USA BMX Grand National:

(I) want to give a huge thanks to SSquared Bicycles and answer BMX for all the support through the years. Bike of the year ain’t a bad feet for a bike company that’s only been around for 4 years. Huge thanks great to be involved and a huge part of a company from the start.

Reading that tidbit now, it seems pretty obvious that was a “farewell” post.

When asked about the new team situation, Josh posted the following response on Facebook:

It’s a Florida based Redline / J&R team. I don’t have a bike yet so I borrowed Juan Marin’s bike for the day first time on a bike since grands.

We’re pretty sure this was is the same team Justin Riddell was on before leaving for MCS just before the Grands (possibly called “Redline J&R Alias” for 2014). We don’t know much more about them.

BMX News will bring you more on Josh’s new ride, and whether Ssquared will add a new AA to the team, or elevate Maliek to the captain’s chair (Maliek told us on a Podcast last month that he was turning pro in Oldsmar).

Incidentally, Josh placed second on Sunday, with Jeff Upshaw getting the Sunday win, and Austin Loebe in third.

Photo: Josh posing for a quick-pic with two of his new teammates. Via Facebook, photographer unknown.


J&R Bicycles Website

Retro Haro Vans are Awesome!

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Retro Haro Vans Shoes - BMX News

We wrote a little about this a few months back, but the retro Haro Freestyler Vans are now in stock, and shipping out to fashion-forward fellas lookin for a flashback fix. Available in low top ($54.99) and Hi-Top ($64.99), they both have the Bob Haro-era Haro Freestyler colors and graphics on the tongue.

Whole and half sizes from 3.5 – 13 available, but popular sizes are flying off the shelves.

We spied the pair shown above on one of our hooked-up Facebook Friend’s pages, but we pinched the prices and sizes off the J&R site, where you can buy ‘em now.


Low Top (Green Checkerboard)

Hi-Top (Blue Checkerboard)

BMX Industry Jobs Open at J&R

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Help Wanted at J&R Bicycles, via

Unless you’re training like Willers, Maris and Sam, one way to turn your BMX racing career into some consistent greenbacks is to turn your BMX experience into a career in the BMX industry. Start with something entry level, and work your way into something with more oomph. A lot of us started started that way: truing wheels at GT, stickering up plates for Bob Haro, or selling plates and jerseys for Owen Scheppman at Zeronine.

News just got an email from J&R with a few such jobs they are trying to fill at their HQ in Largo, FL (a pull-manual away from Oldsmar, and four other awesome tracks). Here’s what they have going on:

J&R BMX Superstore has immediate openings in our Sales, Service and Race Event Vending Departments. Applicants to all positions shall posess a thorough knowledge of BMX Racing or Freestyle equipment and should be active in the local BMX riding community.

Applicants for the Race Event Vending position are required to be at least 25 years old with a clean driving record.

Applicants to the Service Department positions shall posess excellent bicycle mechanic skills with previous experience as a professional bicycle mechanic.

These positions are hourly paid full time positions with benefits. Starting wage is dependent upon your experience.

J&R features the largest “BMX only” showroom and is located in sunny Largo, Florida. With it’s active cycling community including five BMX race tracks, Skate Park of Tampa (SPoT) and it’s white sandy beaches, the Tampa Bay area is a great place to be!

If you’re into it, gussy-up your resume (or create one, if you don’t have one already), write a well-worded cover letter, and send to Doug Stuart over there ( Pro Tip: your “work” resume will differ from your riding resume. We have included links below to a couple “writing your first resume” articles.


J&R Bicycles Website

J&R Bicycles Help Wanted Flyer

Writing a First Resume – on

How to Write a First Resume –

Speedco Top Story, Presented by Speedco Bicycles

Word Travels Fast on Intense Sonic

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Intense Sonic Complete BMX Race Bike on

Complete bikes are traditionally awesome for people looking for a good deal on “something reliable” that will not break the bank. Expectations are generally not very high in the way of trick stuff to make your comp in staging take notice– but the complete gives you an off-the-shelf sled to shred, for not a lot of bread. The second you pay for it, you’re back to saving your pennies for upgrades like carbon forks and better cranks.

Intense has turned that theory on its head in 2013 with the intro of their new Sonic line of completes. These are high-end hardware from the get-go, no major upgrades needed.

The Sonic comes with a re-imagined Intense frame, hydro-formed from 6061 aluminum. Totally new styling for 2013, as Intense moves away from the long-in-tooth “Podium” form factor.

Onboard the Sonic complete, you’ll find all the familiar-and-favorite Sinz components you have seen out there under the top stars, including the stealth carbon fork, two-piece alloy cranks with an external-bearing BB, a legit wheel set with sealed cassette hubs, bladed spokes and ITS tires. The Sonic is also laced up to Sun Envy rims front & back (32/36 hole) for the larger sizes.

Size-wize, there are seven Sonic sizes to choose from (say that fast, three times). The Mini and Junior carry the lowest pricetag, then the Expert, then the three pro models and a Pro Cruiser. Intense decided to keep it simple in the new year, with a flat black and red accents as the only color way.

We scoped the sonic up on a display rack at the USA BMX Silver Dollar Nationals in Reno earlier this month. It looks even better in person. These just landed at J&R before Christmas, so we’re starting to see them out at the local tracks (indoor and otherwise) as well. Stepping off last year’s model, and on to a super Sonic is definitely the stuff of some serious psych-up in the new season.

Specs vary by size, so we’re going to give you links to each, and you can peruse the particulars personally.


(will open in new window)

Intense Sonic Mini Complete – $774.95

Intense Sonic Junior Complete – $774.95

Intense Sonic Expert Complete – $799.95

Intense Sonic Pro Complete – $849.95

Intense Sonic Pro XL Complete – $849.95

Intense Sonic Pro XXL Complete – $849.95

Intense Sonic Pro 24″ – $879.95

Product Spotlight is Presented by: Product Spotlight, Presented by J&R Bicycles

Outside-the-Box Boxes

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Box Components shipment arriving at Box HQ

We have been monitoring the progress of Toby Henderson and his new Cycle Group, Inc. (CGI) brands, Box Components and Promax since he announced them late last year. It was a pretty major undertaking to complete in one year: fully design two complete lines of original parts, start ramping up marketing, sales and distribution, sign Marc Willers–all whilst hopping back and forth over the Pacific to make sure the on-paper vision was showing up in the proverbial steel.

Waves of Box and Promax product is starting to show up in the States, placed lovingly by burly Longshoremen onto a perfectly-good semi and trucked over to Anaheim, where it will not stay long before heading to the bike shops.

Case in point: J&R already has the Promax P-1 Brakeset on their site, ready for action at $29.95; and the oh-so-awesome Box “Genius” brake lever–both ready to ship in time to put some stopping in a Christmas stocking.

We’re definitely looking forward to seeing the full line as it makes its way into the vending trailer and local hot shops like Spoke Monkey in Rockford.

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