Podcast: John David on 2019 USA BMX Rule Changes

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John David on 2019 USA BMX Rule Changes

Just prior to the Christmas holiday, USA BMX released the 2019 rulebook and schedule of national entry fees. The specific meanings of the changes on-tap for the new year drew a ton of online discussion, with some hair-on-fire doomsayers foretelling a “number plate police state” where riders’ scores are summarily stricken from the record due to an offending background color or too many logos. To say nothing of side plate enforcement at the nationals.

And, of course, the ongoing saga of “clips versus flats” in BMX Racing where the pedal pirates ply their trade, and argue passionately about the particulars of one over the other. We wanted to know just-what the problem is with clips that half the sport wants to ban them–or at the very-least restrict them.

With all this rumor, speculation and personal-opinion pontificating, News is stoked to welcome one of the key players involved in approving these rules, USA BMX COO John David. It’s always-awesome to welcome JD to the Announcers Tower show, where he never fails to lay-out the specifics of our questions.

This was a pre-Christmas taping, which we held til after Santa had securely returned to the North Pole. Not many podcast listeners on the wire while chestnuts are roasting on an open fire, and Jack Frost is nipping at noses. Today, however, is another story, as we see the BMX world is back to its regular-old-self.

Podcast with USA BMX COO, John David on 2019 Rule Changes
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So, without giving too much away, suffice it to say that USA BMX is not out to create a “Number Plate Police State,” nor impose any other overly-onerous admonitions in Anno Domini 2019.

Editor’s Note: At 23:19 in the show, we ask a question (off the topic of 2019 rules), about how number plate letters are assigned to riders at Nationals. Is it in order of “precedence” (National, NAG, and so-on down the line), or are letters assigned in some other way? This question is as a result of News seeing NAG and even National champions at nationals with letters over their #1s–which seems contrary to the spirit of those “earned” numbers.

At 25:05, John said he would get us a clearer answer on how this works, and that-very-day, we received the clarification from Brad Hallin at HQ. We will run that answer as a separate article, so as not to crowd either story.

—Mike Carruth


Download the 2019 USA BMX Rulebook (PDF)

Download the 2019 USA BMX National Schedule (PDF)

Download the 2019 USA BMX National Entry Fee Schedule

Podcast: John David on Florida State Series

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Podcast: John David on Florida State Series
On May 17, BMX News reported the story of a USA BMX decision to suspend authorization of the Sunshine State Association (SSA) to promote BMX Racing events in the state of Florida (link below). SSA had run the “Florida Cup” series for decades, and there were a fair amount of opinions voiced on both sides of the issue.

A letter sent to tracks on that day, signed by USA BMX COO, John David, and CEO, BA Anderson, promised an all-track meeting on the afternoon of July 21, to “discuss structural options of the new series and finalize the details for 2019.”

That meeting took place, as scheduled, this-past weekend in Orlando. Two representatives from each of the 15 Florida tracks attended.

To recap some of what was discussed, and to give BMX News readers the details of what was ultimately decided, we are joined by John David, on Episode 143 of the Announcers Tower Podcast.

Listen now:
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We look forward to seeing the realization of these plans in the 2019 series, and are also-anxious for your comments on what John said, in the comments below.


USA BMX Shuts Down Florida SSA Series


USA BMX Shuts Down Florida SSA Series

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Logo for the Sunshine State BMX Association
In an odd stroke of coincidence, yesterday was seven years to the day that ABA and NBL officials met in a hotel meeting room to discuss the terms of an NBL/ABA Merger (ultimately leading to the formation of USA BMX). It was also the day that one of the final vestiges of NBL racing Read more

2017 Grands Entry Fees Skyrocket. Or Do They?

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2017 Grands Entry Fees
BMXers woke up to a Tuesday morning in full social media meltdown over entry fees at the upcoming 2017 USA BMX Grand National. Post, after post, after post had the same screenshot from the USABMX.COM (mobile) pre-registration site, along with all-manner of “angry” emoticons, all-caps-jabs Read more

Podcast: John David on 2017 Pro Pay & More

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Podcast: John David on 2017 Pro Pay & More

The talk has been thick over the past 14 days or so about the USA BMX announcement relating to the pro pay scale for 2017. For all the hundreds (maybe thousands) of social media comments on the topic, plus a BMX News article relating to the subject, we have not heard the official USA BMX side of things.

On this episode of the BMX News Announcers Tower Podcast, USA BMX COO, John David, joins us to provide the inside-the-walls account of how the decisions were made, and also some points that affect BMXers at every level.

Listen now.
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What stands out about this episode is that John gives us a rare look at how USA BMX views the pro class, the relationship with UCI, and how that affects the operational decisions made, as well as how cultural shifts in present-day America impact BMX Racing at every level.

Comments are open below, and we invite your opinions and feedback.

—Mike Carruth


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The Empire Writes Back

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John David, COO USA BMX
Last Thursday afternoon, BMX legend, John Purse posted a 14-point “ What Happened to BMX?” list on his Facebook page. This was similar in tone to some of the other threads we have seen from Greg Hill and a few others. The idea was to continue an ongoing discussion on the topic. Read more

Tulsa Voters Clear Path for USA BMX Epicenter

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Footprint of the USA BMX Epicenter Facility

BMX News has reported on the progress of the USA BMX “Epicenter” Project for the past two years. It was our Number 3 story of 2014, in fact, garnering huge interest among BMXers from around the world. The vision was/is to bring USA BMX Headquarters, a covered or fully-enclosed, worlds-caliber Read more

Podcast: Willoughby Closes-Out Pay Dispute

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USA BMX Elite Podium on Friday, May 31, 2013

The pay dispute that prompted the Elite Men and Elite Women classes to walk-off the track on Sunday seems to be at a closure point for all concerned. USA BMX announced Monday that they would make good on the difference in pay between the “enhanced” purses it promised in a December 4, 2012 press release, and what was actually paid out in Oldsmar and Nashville.

USA BMX #1 Pro Sam Willoughby joins us on the Podcast today to talk about the behind-the-scenes perspective of how things got to a point where the only option was to walk off the hill. Sam also talks about how USA BMX handled discussions with the Elites who questioned the payout. Since all of the win money in question is Sam’s, we felt it made the most sense to talk to him about how it all got resolved–and what both sides are planning to do to prevent a similar occurrence in the future.

Listen Now
Sam Willoughby Podcast
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Top Photo: Though not the best photo in the world, it is the starting poing in the weekend’s saga. Friday Night, podium checks were used which did not have any money numbers written on them (for men and women). Thus the issue was not discovered until Saturday’s race was over, and the podium checks for day two were displayed. Sam’s was $1050, when it should have been $3500.


USA BMX Statement on Elite Protest

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Replay: ABA/NBL Merger Webinar Audio

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By Mike Carruth

With the permission of the NBL and ABA, BMX News was allowed to record, and rebroadcast, the evening Webinar, so that the entire BMX Racing community could hear what was going on with the ABA/NBL merger.

Let me say that this is an amazing moment in the history of BMX racing, and if you care about the sport and its future, it is worth a full listen (maybe in a few “bites,” which is why we split it into four segments).

More than 100 questions were answered live, as they came in from NBL Track Directors and others concerned with the process. In our opinion, Gary, BA and John David did an outstanding job of fielding all questions that came in, though some details are still to be worked out, and the “proposal” for the merger, while approved by the NBL board, will be finalized in the coming days/weeks.

Many times throughout the webinar, both Gary and BA made it clear that the letter of intent to do the merger is a “living, breathing,” and “working” document, and that details discussed here may change before the final document is signed, hopefully by June 1.

I recommend you look at the original post from earlier today to read the updates and clarifications that were made, as well as highlights of key points in the segments below.

Many readers have asked “Why is Gary Aragon running this meeting if the ABA is the one assuming the responsibility of running the combined organization?” This is because the webinar is directed to NBL Track Directors, so it is fitting the NBL CEO run the meeting, with BA and John there for “after-the-closing” questions. We, as the BMX Racing community, are a “fly on the wall” in this webinar.

Full-Play Audio of the Evening Webinar:

*note: apologies if the first three minutes of segment one sound like an obscene “breather” phonecall for you headphone wearers. I didn’t realize my headset mic was hot and it was about a millimeter from my mouth

Part 1 of 4:

Part 2 of 4

^^Clarification: At :10 in segment 2, BA says that as of January 1, all riders will be able to race both ABA and NBL tracks with one membership. The riders will be able to “cross-race” (ABA riders can race NBL tracks and vice-versa), as of the start of the USA BMX program (slated for June 1). However, current NBL riders will only be able to redeem their “credits” (as mentioned above) at NBL tracks. This was confirmed after the fact by BA.

Part 3 of 4

Part 4 of 4

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