Jeremy Rommel Berm Jump No-Hander

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Jeremy Rommel Pro Set No Hander

Last week, we wrote about how AA practice at the grands was a little different than other practices in recent memory. Everyone was still getting used to the second straight, and taking short, very-measured runs at it–most shutting it down just before the berm jump.

Jeremy Rommel was the first one to hit it during the 40-minute practice, then expanded on that headline with a no-hander later in the session. The run was captured on phone video by BMX News buddy Ben Chandler.

It’s always a treat to watch “The General” and his air game. Big thanks to Ben for sending this over.


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It’s all Downhill at the Supercross Playground

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Supercross BMX Playground Gets SX Hill

Or maybe the better headline would be “It’s all down THE hill…” as in, the starting hill. Got an email overnight from Bill Ryan and the Supercross/Anarchy/Speedline gang. Seems work has resumed on “The Playground–” their private SX stomping grounds, situated adjacent to their global HQ.

News has been bringing updates on progress at the three-acre playground since February last year. The bobcats have been bobbin, and all the surface stuff has been dialed (well, it was dialed, until they decided to go bigger on some of the features this week).

One component that was missing, though on the drawing board from day one was a starting hill to capture the quick kick in the pants needed to attain SX-style warp speed.

The whole point of the Playground was to give team riders, and friends of the brand a private place to practice for the SX races between now and the next Olympics.

The new hill, which is currently a roll-in, but will likely soon have a gate, is “four Jeremys high” to the deck–about 24 feet, and five Jeremys high to the rider.

We’re always interested in the “how much” of things, but Bill was fuzzy on the math, saying “I really don’t want to total up all of the receipts, but lets just say that a Lexus is-F would have been cheaper. But the Lexus would not get Dani, Jeremy and the rest of our riders the extra hill time to try to get them to the 2016 Games in Rio.”

Factory Supercross star, Tristan Mitchell at the helm of the Bobcat
We even spied new-to-the-team 10x, Tristan Mitchell at the controls of the Bobcat, pushing and grading. Team space, team effort.

Next time we’ll be within striking distance of Apple Valley will be next month, when we’re in Vegas for the USA BMX Summit. Who knows? If the weather cooperates, maybe we’ll blow off our Monday flight, and head over to the Playground for a photo shoot. Stay tuned!


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Supercross Giving Two Frames for a Super-Story

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Supercross BMX is giving away two envy frames, via

As the drone of election night returns were at maximum, we got an email from smilin Bill Ryan over at Supercross. Seems they have two frames that were too small for their intended pilots and came back to the Supercross factory after the bigger-size swap-out had occurred.

Well, they have been built-up, so they can’t be sold as new. It was around that time they hatched a plan to bring an early Christmas to two lucky mini-movers who have a compelling story on why the $500 worth of aluminum awesomeness should flow their way.

Here’s how it breaks down:

Well here is the deal. If you are a little ripper and are in need of a new frame, or if you are a parent of a little ripper, it is time for you to get busy. We are accepting mailed-in requests only.

All entries must be post marked by No. 30th , 2012

We will be selecting the two winners on December 7th.

Sorry, but this is only open to residents of the Continental United States. (International contests may be popping up soon at some International Distributors so keep your eyes open )

We need a handwritten letter to the best of the riders ability, addressed to Dani or Jeremy, explaining why they need a new frame.

The riders must be valid USABMX members. Parents, you need to send in a list of race results, a copy of a current report card if applicable, a photo of the riders current bike and how you think the frame would help out your child.

This current contest is limited to the 2 2012 Supercross ENVY’s pictured. One White, One Teal. They are Mini Frames, so it is most likely going to fit a child of 8 years old or younger.

By entering the contest you are agreeing that Supercross can publish the winners photo and name in conjunction with this giveaway. Odds on winning are dependent upon the number of entries we receive.

So if you think that you or your rider is in need of a new frame and has a valid reason why, shows effort at school and on the track. Now is the time to get writing and see if they can win. Good Luck everyone!

Commenting from the USA Cycling camp currently under way in Chula Vista, Dani George said:

“In a sport as small and interconnected as ours, it’s important to give back to the younger generation so that they grow to love it and eventually help the sport itself develop.”

—Dani George

Jeremy Rommel added some soulful syllables of his own:

I wanna hook a lil dude up with a frame because the lil guys are the future of the sport. and i love stoking out the lil dudes. I want them to tell me about how much the love to ride their bikes, and their favorite part about riding.

—Jeremy Rommel

A great gesture from some great people.

Click below for info on how to submit your story.


Why I need/deserve a Supercross Envy Frame


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Sweet Stomping Grounds @ Supercross HQ

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The Playground at Supercross BMX HQ

We first started hearing about the concept for Bill Ryan’s private “Playground” track/trails…gee…about a year ago or more, when Supercross moved in to its new offices and warehouse. In touring local space in and near Apple Valley, Bill set foot on the property, and knew the search was over. It had it all: much-needed expansion for the Supercross BMX, Speedline and most recently, Anarchy empire, and yes, ample “yard space” (which industrial properties sometimes have to park big rigs and store raw materials.

In the SX scenario, the “Big” would come in the form of Big air, and a great private playland for Supercross-affiliated riders. It must have been a “field of dreams” moment for Bill…looking out over this wide expanse, and enivisioning the possibilities. Very cool.

Fast-forward 18 months. “The Playground,” as they have taken to calling it, is coming together in a big way, and we hit up Bill for a little backstory on how it all came together.

The Idea for the Playground came about about a year an a half ago, at that point we had some riders such as Bubba Harris, Dani George, Jeremy Rommel, Nate Padilla etc… That were all looking at the Olympics in their future but couldn’t get the track time they needed on the big hills and big tracks to really fine tune their skills. So we got thinking that if we built our own, they could practice whenever they wanted to, we could change obstacles as needed to fit the changing needs of the tracks and it also provides the best testing ground possible for our products.

So as we were looking for a new building as we had outgrown our last one, land was a major consideration and we settled on an older building that had three acres of land so we could build our Playground. Originally we wanted to break ground on it a year ago, but getting dirt proved to be a problem, with the economy and construction on the downslide, there was not good clean fresh dirt anywhere we looked without paying a huge premium. So it took us just under a year to get the 270 dump truck loads of dirt we needed to build this 6 straight 4 turn monster.

When it came time to do the layout, we did an impromptu round table discussion with Bubba, Dani, Kenth, Jeremy, Nate and Austin Hiatt about what obstacles needed and what would be the best to build as a training center. And once we had a consensus of what everyone wanted, we gave Austin the measurements of the yard, he did a quick sketch and then put it into a CAD program so we could tell the tractor driver where to start dumping the piles.

From that point, Jeremy became the master builder and I became the voice of reason. And now we have the monster that is the playground!

The Roll-in at Supercross BMX HQ's Playground

(Above) We still have to finish the start hill, at the current time we have a 15ft high temp hill for testing the lips of the jumps , but we will be taking it up to full UCI height.

The Playground at Supercross BMX HQ
It starts out with a 40ft double, then a 25ft double, a 38ft triple going into the first turn, and as you exit the first turn you have two straights to choose from, on your right is the gnarly side, it has a 22 ft step up, a 22 ft step down and a 25 ft step up, to the left you have a 20ft long and low into a 28 ft Banzai step up to a 14ft long and low to a 38 ft Banzai Berm jump over the first second turn. As you exit the second turns the gnarly side has a typical rythym set of Step up, roller, roller, roller, step up, roller roller roller, step up in to the last turn, the Super Gnarly side has a step up, Double, Roller, Lip to Box, to Box, to roller, into the last turn, then as you exit the last turn you have a 28ft step hip that goes to a 44ft quad.

All in all a pretty fun place to ride, and help our riders hone their skills.

News will be heading out there on our trip to Chula Vista in March, so stay tuned for the exclusive BMX News photos!