That Was Quick! – The Hill Will Return

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The Hill BMX Will Restart

Last week, BMX News ran a story on USA BMX revoking the sanction agreement of The Hill BMX in Elgin, IL. There was a great outpouring of support for the track, opinions, concern for the future of The Hill, and a few hurt feelings on both sides of the issue.

We closed the article by quoting USA BMX Senior Track Director, Brad Hallin’s letter:

“USA BMX has been in contact with the City of Elgin. We will continue to work with them to minimize the impact to the riders while they go through the process of selecting a new Track Operator.”

That process appeared to us, at the time, as if it might be a long and arduous one that would keep the track closed for months. The wheels of government sometimes move slowly, afterall.

Not in this case, as the City of Elgin and USA BMX put this on the “fast track” (no pun intended) to get The Hill re-opened sooner, rather than later.

USA BMX arranged for Jackie Altizer–the very-buttoned-up Track Operator of Steel Wheels indoor and Imagination Glen in Northwest Indiana–to meet with Elgin officials and begin developing a plan to get The Hill racing again within 10 days.

It is important to note that Jackie will not be there as a permanent TO, but as a temporary manager to work with what is presently in place at the facility, and begin bringing the local folks together around the common cause of doing what’s best for BMX Racing in Elgin.

While that’s happening, the City of Elgin will be talking to interested parties, and interviewing to select a permanent Track Operator for the long term.

Most importantly, the track will be open and racing during the back-office preparations that will help it transition to a new management team. We are in the height of the summer, and back to school is approaching. Riders want to get as much track time as possible before they have to start raking leaves and doing homework.

The go-forward plan Jackie laid out for News this evening is for an “all-parties” meeting at 7PM this Thursday night, at the “Centre of Elgin” (directions below). That is the time/place for riders, parents, maybe a media outlet or two, and any prospects who wish to throw their hat into the ring for the TO role to come together, talk things out, and begin brainstorming ideas for righting the ship.

This Saturday, August 2, will be a scheduled work day, where volunteers will begin to get the track ready to practice the following week.

And August 9 is the projected re-start date for racing.

There was some concern on social media from people who had pre-paid for practices and races prior to the track closing last week. Jackie assured us that any/all of those pre-paid sessions will be honored.

We applaud the extraordinary efforts of USA BMX and The City of Elgin–and, of course, Jackie’s willingness to drive an hour and a half to help the cause. Everyone involved, including the local families who call The Hill home, is joining together to say “this track is not closing, and we’re going to see to it that it comes back stronger than ever!” Awesome stuff, right there.

BMX News will be there on Thursday, both to participate as a member of the local ridership, and to bring back any new developments that update this story.

Thursday Meeting:
7PM, Thursday, July 31, 2014
The Centre of Elgin
100 Symphony Way
Elgin, IL 60120


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