Podcast: Factory Redline 2018

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Podcast: Factory Redline 2018
The last time we saw someone rockin a Factory Redline jersey was at the 2016 Grands, most notably, on Alise Post hoisting the cup on the Saturday night, as 2016 the #1 Pro Woman.

Redline paused the Factory Team program in 2017, as a corporate shake-up changed the game. Read more

Hilltop Ranch January Jam

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Hilltop Ranch January Jam

Story and Photos by Kirby Cronk
The Red Bull “Trail To Dreamline” crew first put a shovel in the dirt at Hilltop Ranch BMX in early October of 2014. It was the beginning of an epic task to build a set of trails that would later host the January Jam.

Following Dreamline, Bubba, Regina and Hunter Pelham, owners of the facility in Willis, Texas, brought “trail boss,” Joe Carroll, of CTY Woods, back to complete the job. The vision was created, the plan was put into place and the work began with an amazing group of trail builders.

The January Jam was originally set for Jan 3— an aggressive goal for the volume of work needed. They were ready, but Mother Nature wasn’t, as she dropped record rains throughout November, December and in the days leading up to the post-New Year Jam date. Nevertheless, the boys from CTY kept their shovels in the dirt, and after several delays, the Jam was fit to fly on the final 48-hours of January.

Landry Wycough at the Hilltop Ranch January 2015 Jam

The event began with a roar on Friday night, with a Ride-In Jam, and hosted over a hundred riders from all over the country. Event sponsor Red Bull brought in their entertainment big-rig full of music and video screens, along with large coolers of product to give the jammers added “wings.” Jason Carnes pulled in with the Redline Bicycles rig, chock-full of tools and parts in case anyone needed a helping hand. Additional event sponsors, 1NDUST, CTY, Profile Racing and S&M Bikes pitched in with boxes of parts for the riders who rode in multiple competitions on Saturday.


The parking lot was packed both days, as riders of all levels showed up to shred the trail lines that were both fun and challenging.

The two-wheel talent on-scene included a constellation of stars from all ends of the BMX galaxy, so get ready! Brandon Dosch, Jason Carnes and Hunter Pelham from Redline, Kenny Gustafson from Doublecross Bikes, over from OKC, Lee Lewis (Double R Rentals/Haro), Chad Street and Jack Parkin from Haro/Promax, Yo Thach from YESS Bikes, Paul Caldwell (CTS), Beau Richards (ORP), Jeremy Dann, Sheridan Dowhower, Quincy Rogers, Joe Ladd, Todd Littleton, Colin Gunderman, Davis James, Chad Hill, Sam Robey, Austin Brunger, Jackson Jenkins (Godfire), Landry Wycough (LDC, above), Bryce Meyer, Darren Lankford, Rayne Lankford, Blake Lankford and Trenton Sherrill (Gold’s Gym), Bryan Perry, Parker Finton (Inspiration Racing), Craig Swafford, Jason Harris, Travis Kincaid, Justin Hayne, Alex Hammett, Cody Anderson, Cameron Muilenburg, Bryce Gentry and Nathan Standish.

On Saturday, the festivities began at high-noon, with the sun peaking-through scattered clouds. The sunshine made the Texas-orange dirt glow for the riders who pushed the limits after the practice runs of Friday night.

Hilltop Ranch January 2015 Jam

The Jam really took off as the competition runs began with the Best 360 Combo, Highest Jump, Best Whip and Best Trick, all on a run through the biggest dirt wave in Texas. The video and still cameras were buzzing all day, as the riders put on a great show for the spectators who came to cheer on their favorite riders.

The rain held off until the very end, and the weekend was a huge success for all involved. The buzz coming from the riders as people were packing up was that next year’s Jam is a “Must Attend” on their calendars.

The word is out about Hilltop Ranch after the weekend, and that word is “WOW!”

More photos on the Hilltop Ranch Facebook Page (link below)

Hilltop Ranch BMX Website

Hilltop Ranch BMX on Facebook

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Redline adds Pelham and Hudson

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Hunter Pelham and Collin Hudson Join Factory Redline

One of the big secrets that everyone seemed to know at the Grands was the post-race change that would be occuring in the Redline team roster. We caught up with Carnes & Co. just before the semis, where we were able to snap the above shot.

Redline has been pretty light on the amateurs the last couple of seasons, so the addition of Hunter Pelham and Collin Hudson to the squad puts some Red, White & Black on the track a little later in the moto order.

Hunter comes over from Donavon Long’s Haro Promax Team, and Collin has been in Crupi green for as long as we can remember. Though still amateur, these guys handled the transition like pros, telling News the following about the 2014 switch-em-up:

I have watched the best– from Carnes to Purse, Stein to Harris, and Nyhaug to Willoughby, and never, in a million years, did I think I would ever be be presented the opportunity to represent Redline.

I remember when I was four years old my first-ever bike was a John Purse signature Redline bike, and to think that I now have a full factory ride with the bike it all started on, absolutely amazes me.

I’d like to thank Steven Behen at Seattle Bike Supply and Jason Carnes at Redline for helping to make this happen for me.

I would also like to thank my 2013 sponsors: Donavon Long, Derek Betcher at Haro, Michael Gamstetter, Tony D, Ray at Fly, Aki at Stealth, and Alan at Bell for all they have done for me. Without y’all, last year would not have been possible.

Redline is the next step in my career, and I am ready to ride with the team of a lifetime.

—Hunter Pelham

I’m super-excited to join Factory Redline for 2014– it’s like a dream come true. Can’t thank the guys at Redline enough fpr this opportunity!

I also want to send out big thanks to everyone at Crupi. They did a great deal for me, and I enjoyed being a part of their program.

—Collin Hudson

Hunter Pelham takes his new Redline for a test flight.
Reno is 35 days from today, so we will look forward to the first photo of Collin and Hunter suited-up. Meanwhile, Hunter posted this shot yesterday, to give a little appetizer of his factory-freshness.


Redline Bicycles Website

Edit: Hunter Pelham’s Personal SX Track

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Camp Pelham - Hunter Pelham's Private SX Track

We have seen some pretty awesome backyard trails in our time. The setup usually includes a gate, and mini first straight for sprinting, maybe a legit second straight with local track caliber jumps. Often-times, a pump track component to bring some fun into the equation.

Well, everything’s bigger in Texas, and Hunter Pelham’s family has taken that to a whole new level recently, as they built a full-scale BMX Supercross track, SX hill and all.

Hunter posted an edit of one of the first sessions on the nearly-finished track (embedded below), and News has priced tickets to Houston to go see it firsthand.

We asked Hunter to give us some of the backstory on the build. here’s what he said:

My parents bought 16 acres in Willis, Texas to expand their business. Little did my mom and I know, pops had an idea of building a training facility on it. After they purchased the property, it wasn’t long before my dad started talking about the SX Track and started digging. Hubert Jackson and my dad went to work like usual and started scraping away at the massive hill on the property. We dug the whole hill out that was on the land and used the dirt from the hill as a base to the track. After a couple months, we decided to bring C&K ( Clark and Kent ) out from the UK for two weeks to finish the track out. We ended up asphalting the turns and some of the lips, and put the identical UCI Supercross in to the start of the track.

Now that the track is done we eventually want to host events and camps for kids to come and ride. I really want to finish what Kyle (Bennett) started, or wanted to start. He wanted to have camps and train kids from all around the world.

We have a house on the property that we want to turn into a bunk house, we have barns that we want to remodel and make into gyms and workout rooms, there is a Chicken Coupe that we want to make into a lounge, and a lot more land to build on. Aside the riding aspect, my dad and I use the land for dove hunting and just recently built a lake on the property that we are gonna stock for fishing. This place is the ultimate playground and I can’t thank my parents enough for the opportunities they have given me.

We asked Hunter if the spot had a name yet–it doesn’t.

We will keep you posted with that and more as things move forward. Big props to the Pelhams!

Now, here’s the three minute edit by Sam Robey

Kyle Bennett Armadillo Downs Track Closes

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Last night at Kyle Bennett Armadillo Downs

Within hours following the tragic loss of Kyle Bennett, near his home in Conroe, Texas, last October 14, the BMX community came together at his home track, Armadillo Downs, to celebrate Kyle’s life, mourn his loss, and begin the long process of healing.

The track, by then renamed Kyle Bennett Armadillo Downs, served as a town square of sorts in the months since the accident, with a memorial plaque placed near the spot where Kyle set down his pit during local races.

Then, a few weeks ago, another setback: Kyle Bennett Armadillo Downs had abruptly lost its lease, and would need to vacate the property by the end of the month (March 31).

USA BMX got involved in discussions with the City of Conroe to try and find a new location for the track, and many in the local scene feel very confident it will happen soon.

Kirby Kronk is a friend of ours down there, and had this to say when we asked for a comment on the situation:

The owner informed the TO only a few weeks ago…so it was a shock to all…not many other details are really needed, because it was so sudden.

You can imagine the hurt…this was where many of the current-crop of riders started out, so it’s their BMX home. It was also a place that saved many lives, because those kids had riding as an alternative to other pursuits. If they didn’t have that…who knows what would have happened to them?

This place was not just a place to ride…it was their home, and now they are “homeless,” with their family spread over a wide swath of open land, waiting to come back to the family reunion at their new place.

There were lots of tears, and stories told last night, and in the days leading up to the closing. It’s bittersweet to leave, but “KB Dillo” will live again real soon. When it does, the BMX family will join together there and celebrate the life of our dear friend Kyle Bennett, as we continue his work there.

Kyle Bennett Memorial at Armadillo Downs BMX
National star Hunter Pelham is a local there as well, and told BMX News that the KB memorial (above, with friends), has been picked up, and will be re-installed at the new location (photo via Facebook).

News wanted to take this opportunity to show our support for KB Dillo, and tell everyone who is part of the scene that we look forward to seeing the first photos of the new digs.

—Mike Carruth

Thanks to Kirby and Hunter for their contribution to this story, and additional appreciation to Kirby for the group photo.

Hunter Pelham Wins Photo Trophy Dash

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Hunter Pelham wins the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash/Chula Vista

The second BMX News Photo Trophy Dash is now concluded, and we’re happy to announce that Hunter Pelham of J&R Bicycles has won the three-day contest, hosted on Facebook, with 300 votes exactly.

With almost 1,000 votes cast overall, Hunter garnered nearly a third of them, which is a great testament to his base of fans.

For winning the Photo Trophy Dash, we will be sending him a 20×30 canvas of the above image as the “Trophy” in trophy dash. Also, as one of the 300 people who voted up Hunter’s image, Ian Noerenberg was the selected-at-random liker who will receive a duplicate canvas of the winning shot.

Here are the final results:

Hunter Pelham, J&R Bicycles – 300
Alise Post, Team USA/Redline – 233
KJ Romero, Anarchy BMX – 187
Bubba Harris, Factory Supercross – 126
Collin Hudson, Factory Crupi/Rhythm – 102
Connor Fields, Chase BMX – 55
Danny Caluag, Lindsey Wilson College/Speedco – 43
“The Fans” – 9

Congrats to all eight finalists!

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Visit the Chula Vista Trophy Dash Gallery

The BMX News Photo Trophy Dash will start April 24th, after the USA BMX Winter Nationals in Phoenix,AZ. Be sure to Like the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash page for photos of the canvases before they ship to the winners.

—Mike Carruth

Knapper Wins Photo Trophy Dash

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Justin Knapper of Answer/Rennen wins Photo Trophy Dash

There was some vigorous competition, and great participation in the first-ever BMX News Photo Trophy Dash. Hunter Pelham had been holding a comfortable lead for a day or so before the voting closed…but going in to the last hour, Justin Knapper pulled even, then ahead. By the final minutes, Justin’s lead was in the bank, with a 20-odd-vote margin.

At High Noon, the voting closed, and this is how all eight contenders finished:

Justin Knapper – Answer/Rennen – 677 Votes
Hunter Pelham – J&R Byclcles/Speed/TLD – 652 Votes
Cole Tesar – Felt/SC Actionsports – 201 Votes
Chandler Denton – Factory Profile – 185 Votes
Timothy Bryson – 9 Cruiser Main – 63 Votes
Justin Figgs – 19-27 Inter Main 59 Votes
Myles Wamsley – Factory Crupi – 49 Votes
Mike Caldwell – Zero Tolerance – 21 Votes

Total= 1907 Votes

Congrats to all participants who rallied their friends, families, fans and sponsors to vote their photo up.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the voting, and sharing. For winning the Photo Trophy Dash, Justin will receive a 20×30-inch gallery-wrap canvas of the above image.

We also selected one of the readers who voted up Justin’s photo for the win to receive a companion canvas.

Congrats to Dylan Riedemann of Saint Cloud, MN!

We will be in touch to get your shipping address, and look forward to posting photos of both canvases, hanging on the winners’ wall.

Our next BMX News Photo Trophy Dash will start the Monday after the Chula Vista Mega BMX Racing weekend, and will likely feature photos from the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup, the USA Cycling BMX National Championship, the USA BMX US Open National, and the USA Cycling BMX Collegiate Championship.

It will definitely be tough to pick EIGHT photos out of all that action…so be sure to stay tuned.

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