Greg Hill Announces GHP is Shutting Down

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Greg Hill announces closing of GHP

BMX frame manufacturers are having a tough time nosing their way to the front of consumers’ minds lately. The massive influx of dozens of garage brands into the fairly-small BMX Racing marketplace over the past couple years leaves smaller slices of an already-small pie for which BMX Racing brands can compete.

Still, it was a big surprise to the BMX community when Greg Hill announced, on Sunday afternoon, that that he was shutting down the GHP frame brand after the current inventory is gone. The brand had seen three appearances on the BMX market, the first dating back to the 1980s, during the heyday of Greg’s storied racing career. This time, it was a 12-year run.

Here’s what he said in the Facebook announcement:

I am getting asked if were blowing out frames to make way for new ones, the answer is no. Basically, with over 150 different brands in the frame market it’s simply not a healthy market to be in.

We’ll be selling out our current inventory and moving out of the frame business and closing GHP down.

I appreciate all of your support this past 12 years it’s been fun, thank you all once again.

Immediately, everyone was writing “RIP” posts like the man, himself, had passed into the great beyond. Thankfully, nothing like that is the case. It’s the end of an era, to be sure. But, as the saying goes, “one door closes, another opens” (or something to that effect).

Greg, did not say he was getting out of BMX entirely-—only that the GHP brand of frames was shutting down. It remains unclear, but he still has his REMIX line of parts, and his Speed Seminar clinics, as many happy customers can attest.

BMX News will keep an eye on what’s next for our long-time friend, as he starts his post-GHP work. He did say, in another post, that he was writing another book about his life, so we will look forward to seeing that as well.

—Mike Carruth

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The GHP BMX Racing frame brand is shutting down

Flashback: Midwest Nationals – Elkhart

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BMX News Flashback - 1980 Midwest Nationals
Going to nationals has always been a special experience. And for a 13-year old Novice, traveling 122 miles to race the 1980 ABA Midwest Nationals was a really big deal. The race was in Elkhart, Indiana that year, and we knew lots of the factory stars we read about in the magazines were going to be there.

This weekend, BMX News will be heading 82 miles in the opposite direction, to the USA BMX Midwest Nationals in Rockford, IL. The excitement and the anticipation of seeing all our BMX friends is still the same today as it was 34 years ago (wow…34 YEARS!).

We dug up the August 1980 issue of Bicycle Motocross Action magazine to revisit Bob Osborn’s coverage of the race, and see who was doing what on the track.

It just so happened that we were on the phone with Greg Hill as we were doing this readthrough, and later realized he won the “Pro Money” class that day (pro used to have two classes: Pro Money and Pro Trophy, and the winners would race the ams in the 15-over Trophy Dash–the last race of the day). We got Greg back on the phone for an impromptu podcast about what he remembers about the race. It’s a great interview!

A few interesting things you’ll see if you download the PDF of the BMXA coverage (link below):

Todd Kingsbury at the 1980 Midwest Nationals^^On page three of the PDF, we see Todd Kingsbury (far left) hanging out with friends in the pits. Tragically, Todd would soon be diagnosed with leukemia, and would die less than 18 months after this photo was taken, on September 13, 1981, at 12 years old. He would be the motivation for ABA starting the “Race for Life.”

John Kiernan at the 1980 Midwest Nationals^^It was probably the first time a video was used in reviewing what happened in a main event. Local BMX dad, John Kiernan, had one of the first video cameras on the market and taped the pro main. Kevin McNeal and Brent Patterson crashed in the second turn. McNeal had a reputation as a Kamikaze rider, and went for the pass, taking himself and leader, Brent, down, also throwing Stu Thomsen off his third place pace, paving the way for Greg Hill to get the Pro Money win that day. John allowed ABA head official Gene Roden to review the tape of the race. As a result of the video review, Kevin McNeal was suspended for the next two nationals.

Richie Anderson at the 1980 Midwest Nationals^^A 13-year old Richie Anderson has this now-famous photo in the coverage. Richie won 13x and the 13-14 Trophy Dash, beating another legend, who was a year older at the time: Pete Loncarevich. Richie (Rich, now, but he’ll always be “Richie Anderson” to us) will be back at the Midwest Nationals this year, as pit dad and coach to his 7-year old daughter, Danica.

David Marietti at the 1980 Midwest nationals^^We see a photo of Dave Marietti, who got second in 14x. Dave now owns The Hot Shoppe, who makes all the NAG and open jackets for USA BMX, along with many factory team jerseys.

Toby Henderson at the 1980 Midwest Nationals^^And Toby Henderson, who is riding for Raleigh at this race (far left). He’s on the inside, ready to move to third in this Pro Trophy main. Today, Toby is founder and chief at BOX and Promax, sponsor of the BMX News “Top Story” section, and one of our sport’s top manufacturers. Note: everyone is running a “Bicycle Motocross Action” visor. That was one of the Pro contingencies that year, so if you won with that visor, you got paid.

The podcast with Greg is awesome because he sees the events of how the main went down a little differently than reported in the story. Greg walked away with $1350 that weekend– $500 pro money win, the $400 or so in contingency money and $450 won in a pit-pool on the exact minute when the last moto would cross the line. That $1350 would be the equivalent of $3800 in today’s money–at 15 years old. Righteous bucks!

Greg also offers up one of his famous opinions on BMX Supercross, and today’s riders versus the old schoolers. You don’t want to miss it!

Listen Now:


Download the BMX Action Coverage (PDF)
Copyright Wizard Publications, Inc. Used with permission

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BMX News Flashback - 1980 Midwest Nationals

GHP Dips Toe into MTB Market

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GHP 29-inch Mountain Bike

A BMX News tipster in the Southeast sent us this tidbit over the weekend. Greg Hill and GHP BMX are doing a limited edition 29″ Mountain Bike. As you can see, it looks awesome, and has a respectable parts group on it (not that we know much about Mountain Bikes, but if we know Greg, it’s legit).

Greg told News that they are limited edition, and he already has some solid interest, so expects they will not last long–especially at the $679 out the door price.

Check the link below for the spec sheet, which has Greg’s email address and phone number to buy one directly from the man himself.


GHP 29-Inch Mountain Bike Spec Sheet (PDF)

Podcast: Kyle Bennett and Greg Hill

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Kyle Bennett  goes to GHP/Risen Team

Mid last month, a few whispers hit the Internet that Kyle Bennett might be moving to GHP for the 2012 season. Nothing was confirmed or final at that point, so that news dove back under the bed until today, when we sat down with Kyle and Greg to talk about the go-forward plan.

Listen to the Podcast Now
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Here is the official press release:

Kyle Bennett has teamed up with GHP BMX/ Risen BMX to continue his success on the track, look for KB out front at a USA BMX National event near you! Kyle will be training with Greg Hill in preparation for a successful 2012 season, Kyle brings years of experience along with three UCI Pro World and 3 NBL Pro titles, KB has a lot of fuel in the tank and has his sights set on adding more titles to his resume in 2012 and 2013…”I am very excited to be working with the guy’s from GHP/Risen BMX and working with Greg will take me to the next level” KB
We want to welcome Kyle to our GHP and Risen BMX family, it’s on for 2012, watch the magic unfold this year as KB does work! I am very happy to be working with one of the sport’s most accomplished athletes. –GH

While Bennett will be fully equipped with the full range of GHP and RISEN BMX products. He will also be supported by Dan’s Comp, Tioga, Alienation and Crit Plates.

Kyle Bennett Signs With GHP

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Kyle Bennett Signs with GHP

Hot off Greg Hill’s Facebook Wall is news that GHP has signed Kyle Bennett for 2012. GHP was pro-free in 2011, and is diving back in with a big name. This news was eight minutes old when we saw it, so there are probably more details to come.

BMX News will have more on this developing story as it becomes available.

—Mike Carruth

Photo via Kyle Bennett’s Facebook Page