Podcast: Toby Henderson on Fake BMX Parts

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Toby Henderson

As it becomes more common to order goods directly from the Chinese factories that produce them, it is no surprise that we are starting to see more and more BMX-style products appear in the factory-direct online marketplaces. Notice how we said “BMX-style.”

And while some make a case for purchasing apparel items, fish filters or reptile lights off Alibaba, to purchase a non-branded product from an unknown factory, for BMX racing use, could result in serious bodily harm.

In order to drill-down on some of the potential pitfalls of ordering Asia-direct for BMX parts, we enlisted the help of Toby Henderson–president of Box Components, and someone who has extensive experience working with sources in Asia, and around the world.

At just-over 15 mins, it’s a short segment. Listen now:

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We are not saying that all Asian product is bad, or dangerous–far from it. We ARE saying that most, if not all, of the branded product on the market today, purchased through a reputable source like your local bike shop or favorite mail order outlet is vetted and tested, and likely carries the right certifications and product insurance. You still have to exercise consumer judgment, but it’s easier to do so when you know who you’re dealing with.

Going factory-direct on generic products, via online purchase, is a full-stack gamble. You take on all the risk to your rider if something goes wrong with a product that has not been properly tested and vetted.

It’s just not worth it.

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