T-Hoff’s “Project Freewheel” Gets Traction

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Freewheel Ministry

Back on February 28, BMX News posted a Podcast with Napa Valley Crush rider, Tony Hoffman. It was a compelling interview, with Tony talking about his road back to BMX racing after years of following the wrong path, using drugs and ultimately resorting to a life of crime to fuel his habit. A multi-year stint in a California prison and, while there, epiphany of faith, helped Tony turn his life around 180 degrees.

He came back to BMX racing literally within hours of leaving prison walls, and he has been on his bike nonstop ever since. His experience over the past several years puts him in a unique position to help young people stay on the right track. To hear Tony tell it, it isn’t just young people that could use that help on occasion, and he’s there for them.

Shortly after our interview was recorded (and shortly before it was posted), Tony launched “Project Freewheel” (which has now evolved into Freewheel Ministries), to use BMX racing as a means to give his “flock” (for lack of a better word) a positive outlet to direct their energy and attention.

Above is a photo from yesterday’s meeting of the group. Only the second official outing, Tony and his volunteers drew 60 kids out to the Fresno BMX track for an afternoon of riding, and learning the important lessons Tony is speaking on.

BMX News promised a follow-up on Tony’s Progress as part of the February interview, and we will be doing just that this weekend in Nashville. But as an appetizer, we wanted to let you know about Tony’s awesome program, and how he has taken his passion for BMX racing, and channeled it into doing something that helps the sport, his members, and society, as a whole.

If you haven’t caught Tony’s interview, listen now: