All-Six Gold Cup Finals Announced

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Locations of 2019 USA BMX Gold Cup Finals
USA BMX usually releases the location of the Gold Cup finals in dribs-and-drabs, earning cheers and jeers from racing families eager to book up hotels and arrange days off work (and just quench the thirst to know…it’s the not-knowing that is always the hardest part).

Well, for 2019, the good guys in Gilbert have graced us with all-six locations, all-at-once. DK Bikes is back as the series sponsor, and you’ll be starting to see the qualifiers on the calendar of local tracks near you–a few already in the rearview.

Here’s how it looks:

Locations of 2019 USA BMX Gold Cup Finals

Burdette Park – Evansville, IN

Central Texas BMX – Austin, TX

Tanglewood BMX – Clemmons, NC

Emerald Valley BMX – Eugene, OR

Shoreham BMX – Shoreham, NY

Chula Vista BMX – Chula Vista, CA

USA BMX put together a video, featuring all-six tracks making the pitch to lure you to their locality.

Some exciting places to see, and new tracks to conquer. Get your quals in and go for the gold (plate).


DK Bicycles Website

2019 DK Legend 26″ Cruiser

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DK Bikes Legend 26" Cruiser
In looks, the 2019 DK “Legend” 26″ Cruiser harkens back to the early days of cruiser racing, but it has the goods to go fast on today’s tracks, or style-it-up on the streets when you’re gettin-out on that family bike ride (you guys DO ride bikes around the neighborhood, right?).

Let us say from the get-go that we are huge fans of the classic “Chrome & Black” colorway. So, it’s no surprise that dads among us, in the BMX News Global Command Center, are ga-ga over this new go-machine by DK Bikes.

It’s a high-standing, all-chromoly, looptail steed that has modern-day geometry and a quality parts package that makes it a perfect complete for daddy-o to get busy.

A bit on that, from the DK guys, themselves:

Doublewall alloy rims and sealed bearings throughout make for easy rolling and hassle free maintenance. Three-piece chromoly cranks and a well-thought-out 25-11 gear make to it go, while Wise U-brakes make it stop. Aftermarket DK grips, Jump stem, and PC pedals round out the parts package.

The complete specs are available for those who want all the details, at the link below.

Shipping now, direct from DK Bikes, at $449.99.


Specs/Ordering on

Spencer Cole Returns to DK

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Spencer Cole Returns to DK
Spencer Cole Returns to DK

On January 20, 2015, BMX News ran the story of Midwestern hotshoe, Spencer Cole’s move form Factory DK to the Dan’s Comp squad. Just-shy of the three year point, and now based in Florida, we learn today that Coletrain is heading back to DK, effective immediately Read more

Preview: 2018 DK Completes

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2018 DK Sprinter Complete

Just in time for the late-season comeback you’re about to make, Grands 2017 and Christmas 2017, come two new-year models from DK Bicycles.

The 2018 Swift and the up-market Sprinter have a history of being great entry-level and entry-level-plus bikes, respecitvely. The Swift is a track favorite Read more

DK Golf Travel Bag

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DK Golf Travel Bag
Travel bag inequality on the airlines dates-back, practically to the Wright brothers. Bicycle boxes and even purpose-made travel bags are slapped with a fat fee of $100 or more, each way, while basically-the-same-size-and-weight golf bags sail through, fee-free. But why?

Well, probably because the well-heeled business travelers airlines covet the most are golfers, and bring their clubs to cut deals for big green, on the green. Meanwhile (in airline thinking) bikes mostly accompany “leisure” travelers, and we can be shoveled-around a bit easier than the CEO hell-bent on hitting a few.

Borrowing from our Wright bros. reference above, another family bike business from Dayton, OH has the air travel of your trusty BMX steed well-in-hand.

DK Bicycles’ wildly-popular travel bag is dressed-up in the respectable cloak of a golf bag, complete with embroidered “DK Golf” monogram to give you instant, just-off-the-links cred with skycaps, counter clerks and any other pre-flight fee seekers.

The bags have been sold out, globally, for a good-long while, but they’re back in stock at J&R now, in four colorways, to suit your on-the-course game (just don’t tell ‘em it’s the RACE course).

Features include; padded side pocket, wheels for easy-rolling, carry and pull straps, inner tie-down straps and a protective plastic back.

DK has designed and tested the bag to fit all 20” and most 24” bikes.

These sell out every time they are in stock, so order now, and pay for it in one round trip of fee-free flying.

BMX News readers: use discount code JRSPOT15 for 15% off your order of $75 or more at checkout


“DK Golf” Travel Bag

Product Spotlight is Presented Product Spotlight, Presented by J&R Bicycles

DK Golf Travel Bag

Location of 2017 Gold Cup Finals Announced

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2017 Gold Cup Finals Locations

Regional racers will rejoice at the news, today, that USA BMX has announced the location of five of the six Gold Cup finals. DK Bikes is back as presenting sponsor of the series, which promises to have more in store than ever before.

For 2017, there will be roughly 75 GC qualifiers throughout the six regions Read more

Michael Gamstetter Goes to DK / Airborne

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Michael Gamstetter Heads to DK/Airborne
Just as we were about to put the BMX News Global Command center into weekend mode, a news flash came across our “Big Ears” ticker. Michael Gamstetter, former Brand Manager at Box Components, has announced he will be moving on from that position to take the Brand Manager role at Read more

Zula Clinic and $1K Pro-Am in MD

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Tommy Zula Clinic at Chesapeake BMX

Matt from Time 2 Shine has been working hard on an action-packed weekend at Chesapeake BMX, coming up in a couple weeks. “The Re-Up” is a joint effort with DK Bicycles and the HoleShot Bike Shop to bring a Tommy Zula clinc (on Saturday, also featuring special guest Cody Lynn) and $1,000 Pro-Am Read more

Caroline Buchanan Worlds Edit

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Caroline Buchanan Worlds Edit

A mere 24 hours after the Elite Women’s main event crossed the finish line in Zolder, Caroline is out with a short and sweet edit that talks about her 2015 UCI BMX Worlds experience, and getting through the soggy, runny race day.

We all know Caro as a pro when it comes to promoting Read more

Coletrain Rolls to Dan’s Comp

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Spencer Cole joins Dan's Comp

With the new season just getting started, there is plenty of team news still yet-to-be-disclosed. A big piece of the 2015 team puzzle was filled-in today, as Dan’s Comp announced that Spencer Cole, rock-star-caliber 13x, and one of the best brand ambassadors without a drivers license has joined the team.

Dan’s bearded bro-on-the-go, eternal friend-of-News and Dan’s TM, Rayn Chappelle, gave us an early heads-up on the lovely low-down, saying:

“How can I be part of the Dan’s Comp family?” “What does it take to earn a lightning bolt-stricken green jersey?” As team manager, I’m asked these questions all the time. There’s no set-formula to it. No complex mathematical calculations. We don’t use a Magic 8-Ball, Ouija Board, tea leaves or fortune cookies to answer these questions.

Truth is, you have to be chosen. You have to do things right, on and off the track, and have certain special “magic” that gets you noticed, and makes riders like Justin Posey, Matt Pohlkamp, Alden Volle and Tyler Faoro get excited to welcome you into the fold.

For 2015, we have just such a rider. A dude who does it all: gets-it-done on the track, helps up & coming riders, represents his sponsors with pro-size polish, and brings that magic I talked about above.

It is my pleasure to welcome 13-year old phenom, Spencer “Coletrain” Cole to the Dan’s Comp Factory Team! Spencer is one of the most talented young men on the track today. With his amazing talents and personality, Coletrain is a great addition to the Dan’s Comp Factory Team. Welcome, Spence! You have more-than earned your place in our family!

Spencer has been synonymous with DK for as long as we can remember. And, as you might notice, he will still be aboard a DK frame, even when he trades his DK green jersey for a Dan’s Comp bolt.

Coletrain sent-along his own words on the change:

First, I want to thank everyone from DK Bicycles for everything they have done for me the past 5 years to get me where I am today.

I am VERY excited to be joining the Dan’s Comp team for the 2015 season, while still riding a DK frame. Dan’s Comp has the perfect team environment, along with the support from my teammates and the crew to keep me going.

It feels great to be on the best team possible, while riding the raddest frame out there!

We gotta give him some serious props for a savvy “stoke statement” like that.

Big congrats to the Dan’s Comp crew for adding a real gem to their already diamond-studded squad.

Look for Coletrain in his new duds in the Derby City for the 2015 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals.


Dan’s Comp Website

DK Bicycles Website

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