Danica Anderson Ages Up and Moves-Out

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Danica Anderson logged six wins in Vegas
Danica Anderson took her NAG 1 skinny digit out for a first (national) run last weekend at the 2019 USA BMX Silver Dollar Nationals. As the top photo confirms, it came up all-aces for the Lil’ Avalanche in Vegas, with six wins for the three-day national.

Sunday served up some special treats, as Danica aged-up to 12 Girl and destroyed her new-class competition by a country mile. Let’s go to the tape:

We’re looking forward to another year of Danica dominating the comp, and watching the other riders step-up their game in the process.

Well done, Danica…And Happy Birthday!

—Mike Carruth

Video and top photo courtesy of Lorinda and Rich Anderson, used with permission.


2019 Silver Dollar Nationals Recap

Box Components Bulks-Up Factory Team for 016

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Sean Gaian's Factory Box Jersey
With the biggest race of the year still on the horizon, those forward-lookers at Box Components are getting ready for a great showing in Tulsa, AND looking beyond the first of the year to the 2016 Pro Opener at the Winter Nationals in February.

In Tulsa, Marc Willers will exit the Elite stage, putting in the final laps of a storied and very successful career. Once Marc moves over to his new role as Box Brand Ambassador, the Team will add two new Elite jerseys to the Factory ranks.

Sean Gaian moves over to Box from GT in 2016. Sean was Junior Men World Champion in 2013, and has been keeping things real for the A-Pro class.

Trent Jones Factory Box JerseyAlso making a 2016 debut in the Factory Box colors is Trent Jones–New Zealand’s top-dawg in Elite Men.

Sean and Trent join Jared “The Jet” Garcia as the three-man Elite squad, ready to attack tracks from sea to shining sea, and then some. Box is plussing-up its ranks in non-elite classes as well, adding Danica Anderson and Harry Leary to represent in the non-elite classes (we are simply NOT going to call Harry Leary an “amateur” so don’t even wait for it).

You probably recognize Danica’s name by her sterling performances in 8G this year. She has been getting support from Team Toby for much of the year, but this takes things up a notch and makes it an official, in-the-jersey gig.

Thrill BMX is Factor Box new frame sponsorSo, the stage is set for a strong squad in 2016. Add to that, a new frame sponsor to promote to the masses. Thrill BMX (above) has been selling in Europe and Asia for a while, but has not made it over to the US just-yet. Well, that’s changing fast,as new distributors are being lined up, and hooking up with a horsepower team like Factory Box shows that the right moves are being made to go big in the biggest BMX market in the world.

We don’t have much in the way of information or specs on the Thrill frames just yet, but Box told News, in a release:

Thrill frames feature 20-mil dropouts, PF30 bottom bracket shells and tapered headtubes, which are compatible with BOX hubs, cranks and the forthcoming X5 forks. Thrill has been an OE customer, specing BOX components on its BMX bikes. (Full release below)

We will be keeping eyes peeled for the new Factory Box uniforms, and their chill Thrill builds. So keep it right here on BMX News for the latest.

—Mike Carruth

Official Release

Starting at the 2016 USA BMX Winter Nationals in February, Jared Garcia and his new BOX Factory pro teammates Trent Jones and Sean Gaian will race for the first time on Thrill BMX frames. Thrill recently signed a multi-year deal to sponsor the team.

Virtually unknown in North America, Thrill frames have been sold in Europe and Asia for several years. Currently negotiating with distributors, Thrill plans to offer its frames to the U.S. market starting in 2016.

“We are very excited to add this sponsorship to our deepening relationship with Thrill. BOX and Thrill share a desire to innovate and push the envelope on product design. We look forward to collaborating with them and helping Thrill establish a foothold in the US market over the next few years,” said BOX president and founder, Toby Henderson.

Thrill frames feature 20-mil dropouts, PF30 bottom bracket shells and tapered headtubes, which are compatible with BOX hubs, cranks and the forthcoming X5 forks. Thrill has been an OE customer, specing BOX components on its BMX bikes.

Joining Jared Garcia on the team for 2016 are Trent Jones (23), New Zealand’s top-ranked elite man (plus a long-time #BOXRider), and Sean Gaian (19), a former Junior World Champion, top-ranked A-Pro and developing Elite racer. Garcia and Jones both have strong shots at representing their countries in Rio at the 2016 Olympic Games.

Marc Willers, BOX’s original factory rider, will race his last Elite race this weekend at the USA BMX Grand National in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Willers will continue to ride for and represent BOX as brand ambassador.

BOX also is adding Harry Leary and Danica Anderson to the team. Both will race on Thrill frames, too. Leary and Richie Anderson, Danica’s father, are both early BMX legends and have known Toby for more than 40 years.

Other co-sponsors of the team include Fly Racing, KMC and Maxxis Tires.


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