Streaming: UCI Worlds 14-Over 20″ Classes

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2018 UCI BMX World Championships - Day 3
Day three of racing at the 2018 UCI BMX World Championships will kick-off in Baku, Azerbaijan at 1:30AM US Eastern Time on Thursday. On the sheets for today will be 14-Over 20″ classes, including Masters (which is kinda-like US Vet Pro, but not-exactly).

In Masters, we’ll be watching 2017 champion Tyler Brown defend his W1 plate, as well as New Mexico flyer Tomas Fernandez make his way through the rounds. In the other classes, we’ll be watching for our beloved Team USA riders up-front, and in the viewfinder of on-scene photographer and friend-of-News, Craig Dutton.

The race is streaming live, or available on-demand after the final main event. Watch below:

While, or after, you watch the action, browse Craig Dutton’s photo galleries from the previous days. We will update this page with Thursday’s gallery, once it’s posted, so check back.

Top Photo: Team USA’s Keegan Steiger, 16 Challenge Boys. Photo by Craig Dutton

Photos By Craig Dutton

Challenge Class Practice, Day One

Challenge Class Practice, Day Two

Challenge Cruiser Racing

13-Under Challenge Racing

14-Over Challenge Racing


Cruiser Results (PDF)

12-Under Results (PDF)

14-Over Results (PDF)

Streaming: UCI Worlds 12-Under 20″ Classes

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2018 UCI BMX Worlds - 12-Under 20" Classes

Day two of the UCI BMX World Championships is in motion in Baku, Azerbaijan. Tuesday saw solid cruiser action, with the sole USA W1 plate going to Mckenzie Gayheart in 16-Under G cruiser.

Wednesday, it’s time for the 12-Under 20-inch classes. Team USA has a ton of horsepower ready to gate-up Read more

In the Turns it’s “Tidy Up, Tidy Up” in Manchester

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Vacuuming The Turns

If you have ever been to an indoor BMX race, you know the “SCF” (Snot Clarity Factor) can get pretty bad, as you find yourself blowing boulders of track surface out of your nostrils for days after the last gate falls.

The National Cycling Center in Manchester is a US$40 Million facility, built with BMX Supercross in mind. So when it comes to keeping the turns clean, the track crew doesn’t groom with a broom. No sir, these berm butlers vacuum the turns to keep noses clear, and the air in the place set to amaze, instead of haze, the fans.

If the NCC were a car, it would definitely be a Bentley (Manchester is 35 miles from Crewe!).

*Full disclosure: Some brooms were seen in the vicinity when this photo was taken.

Photo by Craig Dutton for UCIBMXSX