Rebel Run Camp Edit

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Rebel Run Camp Edit

A well-placed BMX News tipster sent this one in minutes after it hit the wire, a fresh-in-every-way edit from Travis Postany and Rebel Run Camp.

The facility in Montgomery, Texas, outside of Houston, opened in July 2014, after a two-year build. 2015 put them solidly on the Summer Camp map Read more

Supercamp Offering Super Season Special

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Supercamp Grands Special

Burlin Harris and the SuperCamp rig are heading to Tulsa packin a big deal for the 2014 season.

Local programs across the country love it when SuperCamp comes to town. Sometimes they touch down for only a day, other times it’s two days or even the four-day summer camp they run in the West and Midwest.

We have seen a ton of parents over the years invest in the “season pass,” which gets your rider in the gate at any/all of the regularly-scheduled camps on the schedule. The investment pays big dividends on raceday, and saves a lot of “shoulda, coulda, woulda” on the long ride home.

Enrolling in the camps individually, look for the four-day camps to tip the scales at $350ish, the two day camps at $100 per, and the single day camps at $35ea. But, as a season pass holder, you can jam with Bubba and the boys as much as you want for $500 for the whole season.

Now for that “Grands Special:” Sign up in Tulsa (or before, if the urge overwhelms you), and get the season pass for only $300. Major savings on a big part of your 2014 training toolbox.

Download the PDF below for more info on the 2014 stops on the tour, and the


Supercamp 2014 Season Brochure/Enrollment Form

Vote in the June Photo Trophy Dash

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BMX News Photo Trophy Dash - June 2013

With two big races in the month of June (Nashville days two and three, and Rockford, we had more than enough shots qualify for the Photo Trophy Dash. The eight you see below are the office favorites–the final gate of eight for June 2013.

Click through at the bottom to vote. The image that gets the most votes by July 4 at Noon Eastern time will earn the rider named in the caption a 30×20 canvas print of the shot. Also, one lucky liker of the winning image will win a Rennen Smart Sprint, courtesy of Rennen Design Group.

Marc Willers – BOX Components/DK Bicycles
Vote for Marc Willers in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash June 2013

Jamie Patterson, Hutch BMX
Vote for Jamie Patterson in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash June 2013

Dylan Shipley, Morphine Industries
Vote for Dylan Shipley in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash June 2013

Cameron Moore, Answer/Rennen
Vote for Cameron Moore in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash June 2013

John Miller, Black Crown Products
Vote for John Miller in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash June 2013

Maliek Byndloss, Ssquared Bicycles
Vote for Maliek Byndloss in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash June 2013

Justin Posey, Dan’s Comp
Vote for Justin Posey in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash June 2013

Bubba Harris, Badd & Company
Vote for Bubba Harris in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash June 2013


Vote In The June Photo Trophy Dash

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Badd is Good News For Bubba

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BMX News: Bubba Harris signs with Badd & Company

Since taking over Badd & Company in 2011, Kevin and Allison Elo have been making sure-and-steady progress toward bringing the brand to the mainstream masses. The team has grown past the five or six original members, and we’re starting to see their frames in dribs and drabs outside the radius of their home base, outside Chicago.

Breaking Badd onto the national stage is something that will obviously take recognition on a national scale. Accomplishing this is a multi-pronged effort that includes putting riders on the product who will get fans’ attention at the fence line on race day.

A well-known Elite rider could play a hefty part in making that happen. But whom? On December 10, rumors started popping up on Vintage, that Bubba Harris had built up a Badd & Co. frame. The post and accompanying photo touched off speculation that Bubba would be suiting up for them, come March 2, when the 2013 USA BMX Pro season starts up.

This week, News confirmed that last month’s rumor was just a premature fact. Badd & Co has signed Bubba to a three-year deal, where he will be the marquee name on the team, and will help with product development.

On making the investment, Kevin Elo had the following to say about signing Bubba:

We are absolutely thrilled to have Bubba on the Badd & Co Factory Team! As a three-time ABA #1 Pro and UCI World Champion, his ambition and talent level is unparalleled. There is no doubt that he has a tremendous fan base and is an excellent ambassador for the sport of BMX. Bubba is already ripping gates on his new 23″ top-tube Badd & Co. frame, getting ready for the season opener in March. He has particular goals for the next three years, and we will work together to achieve them. Plus, as a Physical Therapist/Athletic Trainer/Strength Coach, I can help with any residual issues left over from his past injuries. Finally, be on the lookout for some new Badd & Co. product designs, inspired by Bubba.

The rest of the team is stoked to start seeing him in the pit. While Badd & Co has the connotation of being “edgy”, it might be better to think of us as having an edge, with some refinement…a “refined edge,” if you will. Not only does Badd & Co have excellent riders with a lot of heart, but outstanding families as well. Bubba has a wonderful family and will fit in well with this organization.

Bubba added:

I am proud to announce my signing with Badd and Company for the next three years. I can’t wait to show up to an event with my Badd jersey on. I will also be returning as the Supercamp Head Trainer in the West, and with Badd’s help will now be bringing Supercamp to the East as well. 2013 will start a new era in my BMX career, an era I’m confident will be just as successful as any from my past. Can’t stop. Won’t stop. See you in the first turn.

Did you catch that? Bubba will be returning to his role as head trainer for Supercamp in the West. The new Badd & Company partnership will extend to Supercamp, helping to give them a more solid footing in the East. Kevin had the following to say about the Supercamp component of the arrangement:

Badd & Co have joined forces with Supercamp, not only to support the camps that Supercamp has previously offered, but to now expand the reach of the camps East of the Mississippi. There have been many requests by Track Operators to offer this particular camp, with its high level of instruction, back East. With our combined efforts, Supercamps will now be available across the country.

To get that party started, the BMX newlyweds (Bubba & Badd) will be holding their first joint Supercamp session on February 16 and 17, at Steel Wheels BMX in Hobart, IN.

This is a regular stop for Supercamp–and one we have been to before. It is always a popular stop, drawing participation from as far away as Texas, the Carolinas, New Jersey and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Tuition is $125, for two solid days with instructors Bubba Harris and Brandon Brown (Download PDF below for more info).

Congrats to Bubba, Berlin and the Elo crew on getting together. I guess when Jim Riley announces “Baaaad Bubba Harris” on the gate in Phoenix this March, we will have to mentally make that “Badd Bubba Harris.”

We’re diggin’ the new Badd & Co jersey design (top), and may wing-on-over to Steel Wheels for a few snaps at the Supercamp next month. Stay tuned.


Badd & Company Website

Supercamp at Steel Wheels Info (PDF)

Vintage BMX Thread: “Bubba Harris to Badd and Co.”

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Dom Daniels Takes Delivery of Her Doublecross

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Dom Daniels with her new Doublecross bike

Back on June 12, BMX News brought you the scoop that Dom Daniels would join the Doublecross Factory Team, with her first race likely being the Great Salt Lake Nationals at the end of the month.

That schedule seems to be coming along nicely, with Dom taking delivery of her bike and jersey this week (above).

Salt Lake should also be the first time we see Bubba Harris suited up in the orange, black and white, so we will be looking for some tasty snaps of both of them as part of our race coverage.

Podcast: Bob Deily Talks About Bubba Pickup

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Bob Deily of Doublecross Bikes

Bob Deily of Doublecross Bikes rocked the BMX world today, with his announcement that his six-month-old company had signed Elite star Bubba Harris to ride for their Factory Team. The brand has been getting some solid attention in recent months, thanks to strong team presence in Guthrie and Morristown, and other marketing efforts. And while we heard some rumblings in the pits at the Winter Nationals this weekend about possible destinations for Bubba to set down his proverbial gear bag, Doublecross was not part of those rumors.

Bob agreed to sit down with News for a special “Breaking News” episode of our Announcers Tower Podcast, to answer our questions about how the Bubba deal came about, and also a little background on the company, their frame, and the trajectory for the future, now that they’ll have a megawatt star rockin their jersey.

Listen to the Podcast Now

iPhone Users: Paste the URL below into your phone’s browser:


Doublecross Bikes Website

“Bubba Harris on Doublecross” Discussion

Congrats to both parties!

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Bubba and Supercross Part Ways

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Bubba Harris and Supercross Part Ways - BMX News

Some team news leading in to this weekend’s USA BMX Winter Nationals, Bubba Harris and Supercross both released statements to BMX News today, with word that their 18-month relationship was at an end, effective immediately.

It is clear both parties have the utmost respect for one another, and there is no animosity as a result of the split. When asked directly about what he’d be riding this weekend, Bubba made it clear that he was not going to be peeling the stickers off his bike or other “display of separation,” as we’ve heard it called before. So, we expect to see him gated up on his neon Envy, minus the factory jersey.

Here’s the statement Bubba sent to News this afternoon:

I just wanted to let the BMX community know that Supercross BMX and I have decided to part ways. I would like to extend my gratitude to the Supercross Team and family for giving me a great home for the past few years. Supercross BMX has some of the best and most technologically advanced products out there and being able to race and ride them has been amazing.

I have no plans as of yet, and have no idea where the future will take me. I do know that I feel better on my bike than I have in years and plan on adding to my list of accomplishments. Again, I would like to thank Bill Ryan and my former teammates for all the support they have shown me. My career is not even close to being finished and I look forward to my next race. See you in Phoenix.

—Bubba Harris

We received a similarly-toned statement from Bill

Bubba is a true professional and we value the time he was with our program. As Bubba’s dream of the 2012 Olympics gets closer he needs a larger financial commitment than we can help with to allow him to dedicate all of his time and focus on the Olympic goal. We wish Bubba nothing but success for the future and will be cheering for him as he goes for the 2012 Olympic dream.

We asked Bubba what jersey he’d be running this weekend in Phoenix, and he told us he would probably be wearing his 2008 Olympic Time Trials kit–white with blue.

We will keep you posted on further developments, as they occur.

Supercross BMX Brings Five Days of Contests

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Win some great merch form Supercross BMX

Before Bill Ryan and his posse pack up and iTunes-shuffle down I-15 to Chula Vista, they are getting ready to blast out a hearty haul of goodies to five winners with brains for BMX trivia.

Over the next five days (starting today), Supercross will post three trivia questions on each of five riders on the Supercross BMX Factory Team.

Over 6,000 people got in on the fun by checking out the official contest page on yesterday. This is just too much fun for us to be left out of, so NEWS is joining in, with clues, results and other coverage.

TO ENTER: Copy and paste these questions with your answers on the SupercrossBMX Facebook Page.

Saturday was Bubba Harris day (Pictured above, when this article was first posted), Sunday was Kalvin Davis.

MONDAY, March 26: Kenth Fallen

What is the name of Kenth’s Personal Training Business?

What number did Kenth run on his back before his three ABA #1 Vet Pro Titles?

What color was Kenth’s Special Prototype ENVY at the 2011 ABA Grands?

Each day, the contest will close in the late afternoon, and the next one will start up. Once a contest is closed, no further entries will be accepted.


Official Contest Page

Follow @BMXNOW on Twitter for Clues

Post Entries on Supercross BMX Facebook Page

Join BMX News Facebook Page for Clues

Psssst…Clue for Kenth, Question Number Two: In his town, it runs through it

Supercross BMX “Bubba” Saddle

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Bubba Harris Saddle By Supercross BMX at

When Bad Bubba Harris saddles up for battle, this is the saddle he’s using. The Bubba Harris signature saddle, by Supercross BMX is nine ounces of stability when your warming up, cooling down, or haulin the mail into the first turn, and need some leg leverage.

Smilin Bill Ryan, BMX mad scientist, and creator of the trickest BMX brick-a-brack in the known universe says this of the Bubba saddle:

When we first brought Bubba on to the Factory Team over a year ago, we wanted to offer some signature parts. The first item we did was the Saddle– it was a nice experiment to get Bubba’s design ideas out to the public quickly.

The “Pin-it” Graphic style is all Bubba’s idea, and he has wanted to use Neon Green as a signature colorway for years.

Just in: Bubba Harris Signature ENVY decal kits that also add the Neon Green into the graphics on your Envy, to match up with his Signature Saddle and the Lizard Skins Signature Grips.

More Bubba Harris Signature Products are in the works to complete the groupo, along with new Signature Line Products, from a few other key Supercross Pros such as Dani George, Nate Padilla and Jeremy Rommel.

The saddle also sports kevlar corners for shred-protection, and chromoly rails for long-haul haulin.

Available now at J&R for $39.95…but wait! SPOTLIGHT DISCOUNT!

Between now and November 14, 2011 get 15% off on the Bubba Saddle when you use discount code SXBH15 at

Product Spotlight is Presented by: Product Spotlight, Presented by J&R Bicycles

Quick Hit: Barry’s Mini Edit @Bubba’s House

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Barry Nobles #95 SE Racing

Barry Nobles touched down in Phoenix early, getting prepped for the ABA Winter Nationals at Speedworld BMX next weekend. He’s bunking with Bubba Harris & family and, as indicated his latest post on, Bubba’s back yard trails provide shredable space, neatly packaged in Suburban chic.

Little Ride in Bubbas yard. from BarryNobles on Vimeo.

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