2019 Silver Dollar National Recap

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BMX News Recap of the 2019 USA BMX Silver Dollar Nationals

It has became a tradition for racers around the nation to pack their new uniforms in their suitcases and roll them into the South Point Casino on the second weekend of January. Just 47 days after the Grands, riders have secured their new sponsorships and have a chance for a fresh start. While some are hoping to carry momentum from last year, others are excited to get a full system reboot. No matter the previous circumstances however going into this event everyone is tied for amateur number one.

first jumpRacing at South Point has given-birth to a whole new term in our sport; “short track racing.” And a short track it was, with six rollers, two step ups, and one triple for the entire track. USA BMX does it’s best to keep things fair however, as you can see with the slanted first jump. When asking riders they mentioned the inside was more challenging than the outside, but they were still able to go over it without missing a pedal. Many riders were even pedaling all the way over the triple into the turn, not stopping once down the first straight.

warm up
The Las Vegas National plays host to many amenities that make the race special. Not only can you walk straight from a South Point hotel room to the track, there is a fully covered warm up area connected to the back of staging. From the first to last gate drop this area is swarming with riders warming up and cooling down on their outrageously tall seat posts.

bar track viewWhile it can be pretty peaceful watching the races in the saloon, it isn’t always the same on the track. The tight course makes for intense racing which often leads to drama. THRODWN’s Matt Wilcox and Robby Patterson were the center of drama all weekend. Matt opened the season with a banger, high-lowing Robby in the second turn and holding him off as he slid out in the last turn trying to catch back up. Day two Robby got the best of Matt who rolled in for the second. To break the weekend tie-breaker Robby took the early lead, all the way until the last turn when Matt went for the win. Both ended up crashing inside of the turn taking down other riders with them while Shaun Chandler of Tuscon carefully rolled around the top of the berm to steal the win away. After the move some words were exchanged in the turn, which continued at the finish line. Track official Chris Luna was between the two to make sure nothing further happened, as there is clear animosity between the two. It will be interesting to watch the battle for 26-35x supremacy for the rest of the season.

ronniekimAmateur number one rider Ronnie Kim was on hand racing open, cruiser, and class. Although he still had the white w1 on his plate, it was apparent how he earned the elusive Amateur title last year. Of the nine main events Ronnie entered, he crossed the finish line first every single time. Ronnie mentioned that he did not make his AM1 plate yet, but he planned on running the black background later in the year.

remix wheelsIt looks like Remix is making a large push for some marketshare in 2019 and beyond. News just broke that Brooke Crain has signed a co-sponsorship with Remix BMX. The wheel company was set up all weekend showing off their carbon and aluminum wheelsets. They also had Brooke Crain and Rachel Jones in-booth, signing autographs and talking with fans.

Al Roybal was apart of a small crew of the new Factory Answer team. The always-smiling racer was showing off their new black gear with flo logos. You will notice that the gear actually features a “retro” logo dating back to the early 2000′s. After finishing third in 46-50 expert Roybal mentioned that Answer planned on incorporating their retro logo back onto some future parts. Stay tuned to NEWS for updates.

race fast uniformSpeaking of new teams, Patrick Coo made his debut on “RACE FAST”. The team has a reported laid back atmosphere that all the riders seemed to praise. Patrick definitely-did “race fast” all weekend as well taking home two out of three 16x victories including an impressive lane 8 win on Saturday.

dream teamThe first Las Vegas national isn’t just about *factory* riders showing off their new jerseys though. Jameson Forrest is a nine year old expert and graduate of Donny Robinson’s BMX Racing League in Napa. Although he did not qualify into the main events he still had a blast and quoted the “best part was being here with his friends”. Jameson was also seen handing out the first place trophy slips on Sunday.

gaerne shoesThe American distributor for Gaerne shoes (GIZMO GEAR) is from Las Vegas. They are known to bring a bunch of shoes into the arena and had screaming below-retail sales on all lines of shoes ranging from $60, up to $300.

usa bmx shirtsIn addition to Garne, USA BMX was set up as usual selling not only the event shirt but also various BMX-related merch. The first race of the year also always has the infamous “$10 table” where you could buy last year’s shirts at a large discount.

Alpha debuted their new gear at the Grands, which “popped” under the arena lights. The unique colorway is modeled here by Jake Brown. Alpha started the year off great with a team sheet win on Friday, really showing they are a contender for the national title.

Bay Area BMXers was another team to show off their new gear. The bright color way stood out on the track especially on top riders like Gaige Gomolicke who took home both a 10 cruiser and 10 expert win. London Johnson shown modeling the gear is definitely a rider to watch this season though. London was seen at Northbay BMX less than two years ago racing in a football helmet. Now he goes into the 2019 season NAG 4, with an 36-40 expert Grands win under his belt. Unfortunately his weekend was riddled with crashes, but the season is long and there are plenty of races left. Look for London to continue to progress this year.

The WiaWis cutout bike was on display right as you entered the arena. The distinct display is a definite eyecatcher and shows off the true craftsmanship put into a carbon frame. Some may still say steel is real but carbon is quicker!

Zack Van Kammen won Pro Open at the 2019 Silver Dollar NationalsOn the pro side of things Zack Van Kammen made his debut on Factory THRODOWN and looked about as fast as one could go on this small track. Zack was on the podium all three days, taking wins on Friday and Sunday. The Bad Boy, Billy Russel won pro open on Saturday with Zack taking third (Alan Hudson was second).

jake plateOverall racing was tight and exciting at the Silver Dollar Nationals. It is always exciting to see riders take to the track in their new gear, and the mains are always electric. All of the riders have a seemingly new spark with a hope for better outcomes in the new year. The track may not be exceptional (owing to limited floor space in the arena), but the crew at USA BMX definitely do all they can do to make the race the best it can be. There is not a better crew in the world that could run as many races as they do flawlessly throughout the weekend. As for me, it’s always nice to visit with old friends and relive my many years lining up behind the gate trying to achieve goals. The South Point is a great home for the USA BMX season opener and it’s apparent it won’t change locations soon. If you have not been to this national I encourage you to spend a day or two after to enjoy the great city of Las Vegas.

—Bryce Betts


2019 Silver Dollar Nationals – Results

2016 Interbike Recap

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photos and story by Bryce Betts

As the BMX Race season is blowing by, the national schedule is getting shorter, many are left starting to plan for the next season. One thing that is certain however, is that all the manufactures, suppliers, and retailers at Interbike 2016 have already planned for 2017 and are already looking forward to the time beyond. People from all parts of the globe have flown into McCarran International Airport yet again to walk into the the halls of the Mandalay Bay to handle business, show off product, rekindle friendships, and everything in between.

The BMX Racing booths are few and far between in the large expo, but we still were able to find plenty of BMX-Race-Awesomeness between the cracks.

HT Pedals have really been making a name for themselves in the BMX scene. On display at the show they had all of the custom Olympic pedals. Corben Sharrah was running the X2SX pedals, while Niek Kimmann, Jelle Van Gorkom, David Graf, and Luis Brenthaeur were all on the T1SX. The cage on the X2SX pedals are a little larger (and heavier), but it is the pedal that Corben prefers.

The interesting thing about the HT pedals is that they are actually BMX specific. They took advice from their pros, and changed their enduro pedals to the needs of BMX racing. The pedals have tighter springs, and combined with their “BMX SX Cleats – X2″, it should be hard to unclip. The BMX specific pedals are out now, and if you have the older enduro pedals (HT T1), you can buy the BMX – SX rebuild kit to change out the springs / cleats.

KHE (parent company of Free Agent) was showing off their Manhattan Hot Rod. This sweet old school bike comes in black, orange, and now red. The complete bike is only $269 – $289, making the bike a perfect addition to the garage for cruising through the pits or to your local corner store.

Stealth now has a 20mil disk hub which is out now at the same price as their normal hubs.

Hyper/SNAFU had a popular booth. Although the likes of Travis Pastrana and Ryan Williams from the Nitro Circus may have distracted most, they also had new products under their tent. Snafu now has 20mill forks and new bars with a sleek crossbar available in black and jet fuel.

Profile Racing always comes out with some sweet limited edition color ways. This color way is brought to you by freestyle pro Lima Eltham. The color-way works for both freestyle and race however, as it comes in the mini hubs, elite hubs, and the push topload stem.

SE racing was showing this awesome tribute to the OM flyer himself – Scott Breithaupt.

Along with the tribute bike comes the new 2017 PK Ripper from SE. This bike features a tapered head tube/forks as well as closed 20mill dropouts.

6D helmets came out with new graphics for the ATB-1 helmet. The new graphics come in Black-White-Red (shown) and Black/Carbon. The new helmet will be out in december, and features a new more angled mouth piece to comply with European safety standards and make the field of vision larger. This graphic is also moving into the youth helmet, which will feature a new more edgy visor.

Razor is always a fun booth to check out every year. The booth filled with fun toys is essentially a sneak peek into what will be flying off the shelves come December for BMX boys and girls alike. Pictured is the new Crazy Kart Shift. This is a revised version of the Crazy Kart, geared more for kids. This newly designed ride is more simple for the young ones, getting rid of the drift bar. Built for riders 8 and up, it is set to come out this fall at a friendly $199 price point.

This Park-Tool is pretty sweet. The IR-1.2 is the internal routing kit, perfect for the newer frames with internal routing. This easy to use tool speeds up the process of internal routing with a magnet. Although this isn’t a new tool, there is now a new attachment which makes it easier for smaller frame holes. The product is in stock and shipping to distributers now with a MSRP of $69.95

Sidi came out with their new Tiger, which is their new top of the line shoe. The Tiger not only looks sweet, but it is also jam packed with new features making it a truly awesome shoe. The newly designed tongue takes shape from a modification many were doing themselves, by slitting a V into the top of it. The Techno-3 Push dial system is also now relocated to the top of the shoe, which not only provides a more even closure, but also could hold up better in the event of a crash. These shoes are also of course equipped with their top of the line SRS carbon sole, ensuring that all of your power will be applied to the ground.

GoPro had a huge booth, which is always a fun one to check out. On display were their new hero and session 5 cameras (shown above), as well as the new Karma drone. GoPro has done a great job staying at the top of the food chain in a progressively more competitive market, by making a truly cohesive ecosystem of products. If you have any questions about the confidence many have in GoPros’ new line, just take a look at their stock which has jumped from $12.80 on September 13th to 17.15 on Sept 23rd.

A while back we debuted BOX components new logo, as well as their inclusion of the BOX HEX LAB, BOX ONE, and BOX TWO lines. The process of rebranding has started, as seen above. In the top left corner is their newest product, the BOX ONE alloy handlebar. This handlebar should be out within the next month, and offers a great transition for riders from carbon to chromoly. It has a nice anodized black finish, and will be available in 6, 6.5, and 7 in rise within the next month.

Beside the new handlebar also sits the the BOX X5 forks which will be available in late December.

The Shimano XC90 has been one of the favorite shoes of the stars for a while now. The XC90 is now out with the old, and the S-Phyre XC9 is in with the new! The entire Shimano shoe line has been refreshed, and the S-Phyre is their top of the line shoe. This shoe has all the bells and whistles with Boa enclosures, a stiffer lower sole, and even a new partnership with Michelin who makes the rubber for the bottom of the shoe. The S-Phyre will retail at $400, and come in black, blue, and flo yellow.

100% has been making its way into BMX rapidly over the past few years putting their goggles on tons of top pros and experts. They have now launched their “next phase” in premium bike apparel. The R-Core Jersey and pant are completely designed to move and compliment a riders movements with high quality materials. The DH jersey and Pant (pictured in the front) are available now for $59 and $139 respectively.

On the topic of new race gear, Hot Shoppe was on display with their new Q-ONE race pant. The pant as seen winning the Olympics is available in all sizes youth through Adult 42. The lightweight pant features a Kavlar knee, airports on the front, and ventilation on the back. There is a 4 week lead time from art approval, and the pants retail for a fair price of $149 to $109 depending on quantity.

Nic Longs custom Olympic bike was on display at the Haro booth, producing a lot of “ohs” and “ahs”.

This G-Form display with half a set of Connor Fields gear was a great visual.

Leatt also had a new line of race gear which they were showing off. Pictured is the 5.5 IKS pant. IKS stands for “Internal Knee brace system”, which is essentially their 4 layer knee which reduces wear in the knee. These pants are extremely light weight, and jammed packed with featured. The new pants are 75% stretch material, and 25% hard material. Although this is an MX line, the pants available in sizes 28-36 would make for a great BMX race pant should you desire. The IKS 5.5 pant comes in at $179 and they also have a 4.5 line which will retail at $119. Both pants will be out next month.

Last but certainly not least comes one of our favorite products of the show by Bop Worx. BOP stands for Bicycle Outer Protection, and thats exactly they do. This new company specializes in Bike protection during transport (on a rack, in a car, or in a bag while shipping). In the back of the frame you can see a bumper which helps against impact. There is also a a double bumper, which is showcased holding the seat post. But the product that interested us most was the Bop Wraps. there are two sizes, the large, and small – and both wrap around various parts of your bike to give a customized amount of protection. The Bop Wraps should be out in January at a very fair price point – large $19.99, and small $14.99. These products will be carried in all REI’s as well as online in America. Not bad for a new born company!

As everyone was packing up, we overheard many types of conversation. Some were excited, looking forward to their new leads. While many were excited, many seemed distraught. As some were giddily discussing new opportunities, many were complaining. While we didn’t hear anyone question their product, many blamed the audience for “not getting it”. Every year there are wacky one off companies who make their big debut at Interbike, only to be never heard from again. But with every failed company (or two), comes a triumphant entrepreneurial story of another successful company. There is no way to know what the next big thing in BMX is, but we guarantee there will be something!

Interbike vlog

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Bryce Betts Explores Strider Worlds With dR

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The Strider World Championships came to California for the first time last weekend. The event welcomed nearly 300 “striders” including over 40 international competitors. With the event located at Pier 35 in San Francisco, Donny Robinson and I decided to take the short trip to the event, and see what it was all about.


I first met up with Donny and his wife, Tiffany, in Walnut Creek where we hopped on BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), and rode into the city.


We got off at the Embarcadero station, and it was a short 10ish minute walk to pier 35. The weather was picture-perfect in San Francisco, and the walk was a pleasure. Not-as-much for Donny, who was weighed down by 100 autograph posters posters, and an Olympic Medal in his duffle bag.


We weren’t sure what we were going to encounter when walking-up on the scene, and from the outside the event seemed fairly small. But once we stepped inside, it was a Strider paradise that went back as far as the eye could see.


From the moment we walked in, Donny was being stopped for photo ops. Here he is taking a photo with Levi “Crazy Legs” Voyer (Right) of Stockton, CA., who was the youngest competitor, at 18 months old. He’s been on his Strider Bike since he learned to walk, at 11 months.


When the riders signed in, the line was so long it went into the street and the police had to help organize the crowd. It was all worth it in the end however, as the kids were hooked up with this sweet numberplate which opened the floodgates for hours of riding time on the course.


After we walked past registration, we were immediately greeted by the “merch tent”, which was popular with the kids and parents.


Beside the merch tent, a bunch of “demo” striders were on a mini bike rack. Non-Participants of the event could test out the striders on a small course, featuring a few wooden jumps and coned-off turns.


And kids definitely loved the course!


Along side the demo section, there was an activity zone. The coloring table was definitely popular, but so was the plastic BMX track equipped with mini bikes and kids imagining jumping some doubles.


After walking past the Strider zone, we walked to the actual competition course. As kids waited in the “Chutes” it was interesting to see them interacting like all BMXers do in staging! Pictured is part of team Japan hanging out, just like their older BMX-brethren would do waiting for their moto.


I just liked this picture of a Strider rider walking up the starting hill.


During practice about as many riders as possible cram into the gate, and a “Strider Coach” gave the starting command before the riders meet the course. Everyone had different starting techniques, but since the Japanese Toddlers Swept the Strider Cup, it’s safe to say their technique was best.


Even Donny threw a volunteer shirt on, and helped stage the kids.


After the first straight, the track veered right, before heading outside of the building, making for a great photo spot. Boys and Girls race together. The Japanese female phenom, Miku Shiozawa (pictured above in the pink tutu), crossed the line first taking home the Strider Cup in the Two and under category.


Once the track came back inside, there were a few more turns followed by some wooden ramps.


The most interesting feature of the course, was definitely this fence on the ground. The super bumpy feature was intimidating for some, so there was a detour around it, but it definitely was slower than the “pro section.”


After checking out the course, I headed to “the pits” to see some of the trick Striders. These custom wheels were cool, and the Schwalbe tires were really popular amongst the top Striders.


Strider raffled off two custom rigs, equipped with chrome rims which look totally trick.


There were groups of Striders from 13 countries, all brought together by the love for racing their Strider bikes. Pictured above is Team Ecuador.


Donny brought his 2008 Olympic Bronze Medal, which created a very popular photo op for the younger racers as well as Special Needs racers.


After some photo ops with Donny, emcee and friend-of-News, Al Roybal, brought everyone together for the opening ceremony.


Strider Founder, Ryan McFarland, gave a great opening speech which outlined the growth of the Strider Cup over the past few years.

BMX News 2016 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp
BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp


Donny followed up Ryan with some powerful, and to-the-point remarks. Donny’s shirt says “How Far Can Two Wheels Take You?,” which is the rallying-cry in the he has been doing this year. dR took this mantra and crafted a truly inspirational talk that captured the attention of the kids and adults alike.


Flatland pro Pete Brandt gave a final show after Donny was off-stage, with some pretty spectacular tricks. My favorite part of this was after he finished; when a few striders went to the flatland, and did their interpretations of what they saw. It was cute seeing kids spin around with their bike, and stand on the seat, but it was also a good reminder about how impressionable kids are and the importance of positive influences like Strider had on stage at the event.


Donny was quite the crowd favorite, especially after giving his inspiring speech. Here he is posing with the 2015 World Champion from Japan after signing a poster for him.


Once it was all said and done, we were able to spend some more time with Strider president Ryan McFarland, as we shared some great stories of our favorite moments of the day. This is a truly-special event, and without Ryan (as well as his great team) it wouldn’t be possible.


Overall the event was more than I could have expected. Obviously seeing two year olds putt around on a track with an ear to ear smile is something you can’t help but enjoy watching. But it wasn’t just that.

From seeing the different riders’ approaches to the course, to noticing similarities between two year olds in staging and myself, to just appreciating the families spending quality time together is really amazing. Ryan invented the Strider in 2007, and since then it has erupted into a worldwide company, and now a sport unto itself.

It is cool to watch the growth of the Strider movement, and also be able to see some of the Strider riders funnel into our passion of BMX racing. I look forward to continuing to watch the growth of Strider, and I expect the next World Championships to be even larger and include even more countries.

- Bryce


Strider Website

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Social Media Recap – BMXers take on July 4th

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Independence Day in the United States, better known as the Fourth of July, is possibly the most celebrated federal holiday on the calendar. Everyone in America gathers with family, friends, and the community to enjoy themselves and show their love for America. In a time where photos are posted constantly on multiple social media channels, we thought it would be fun to share how BMXers celebrated the 4th.

A photo posted by JR. (@retromodbmx) on

This retro Robinson is themed up to be Red White and Blue, and just screams patriotism.

A photo posted by Noah Jones (@noahjones09) on

Want to be the coolest kid at the 4th of July Party? Tape an American flag to your red strider and it is no contest!

Speaking of strapping flags to your bike, the entire North Bay BMX Crew got together and participated in their local parade, riding through the city in their race gear on their bikes.

Alpha Bicycles had a great post with one of their team riders holding some sparklers. PRO TIP: If you want to please your sponsors, send them a picture for different events, such as holidays, so they can share online.

A photo posted by Louise Hansen (@hansenlouise) on

Is there better way to celebrate the 4th of July than wearing a Stars themed Troy Lee jersey at the track? We couldn’t think of one.

Racing in an American Flag morph suit? No matter your position at the finish line, you automatically won by having the most fun.

Winchester BMX shared this post of an extremely decked out USA beach cruiser. Although this isn’t a race bike, its still awesome. Maybe next year someone could recreate this with their personal race bike? Or possibly the U.S. Olympic team could draw some inspiration from this cruiser fit for Captain America.

A photo posted by Omaha BMX (@omaha_bmx) on

The “flag lap” is a pre race tradition, dating back as long as we can remember. Although the homage to the “Star Spangled Banner” is appropriate before every race, there is no better day to share a photo of it than on 4th of July!

A photo posted by Daniel Galusha (@1bmxfiend1) on

Being able to enjoy the same sport with your son is something that truly makes BMX awesome.

Austin Hiatt spent some quality time with his older brothers at his neighborhoods block-party, rocking some sweet USA themed shoes.

A photo posted by Tommy zula (@dktz559) on

Tommy Zula seemed to have a blast at his July 4th party – extra points for his star background.

It is amazing the quality of photos GoPro’s can produce these days. Justin Mclintock showcased his creativity with this awesome long exposure GoPro shot.

The World Champion Frenchman may have not posted specifically about July 4th, but if spending your day celebrating your cute dogs birthday isn’t freedom, we’re not sure what is.

Barry Nobles spent his 4th doing what everyone would expect from him – on some sort of outdoor adventure.

A photo posted by Connor Fields (@cf11) on

Connor Fields also decided to spend some time near the beach. Here he is shown taking a nice ride between training sessions along Mission Beach with good friend Sean Gaian.

Kurt Pickard is a Kiwi who has gone from racer to coach from 2012 to 2016. He is currently in so-cal getting his athlete Nic Long ready for Rio, but it looks like they still had some time for fun at the San Diego County Fair.

A photo posted by Brooke Crain (@brookecrain32) on

Olympian Brooke Crain showed off her patriotic Oakley goggles and matching Troy Lee helmet, making for a perfect Independence Day sponsor shoutout.

A video posted by Kevin Pauls (@k.pauls) on

Amateur Number 1 Kevin Pauls has a fun quirky personality and isn’t afraid to share it! Thanks to K Pauls for the laughs.

A photo posted by Al Roybal (@al.roybal) on

The Lumberjack Nationals went down last weekend just outside of Seattle. BMXer Al Roybal decided to stay in Seattle to enjoy their firework show, and it looks like it was worth it!

A video posted by Soren Zengerle (@zenbmx) on

Seven year old expert Soren Zengerle is enjoyiong a summer trip to Woodward West, and it looks like they had plenty of fun activities for the campers during the holiday weekend.

A photo posted by looper520 (@looper520) on

Check out these shredders enjoying a pizza before fireworks in their favorite USA themed BMX shirts.

USA #bmxracing #usabmx

A photo posted by Bryce Betts – graphic design (@brycebettsdesigns) on

And here’s a throwback-share to earlier this year, when I whipped-up a concept mockup for the U.S. Olympic team gear.

A video posted by MoSwo PR (@moswopr) on

We’d like to leave you with some words from Alise Post as she chimed in with some elite BMX tips during what appears to be a photoshoot.

Overall it seems like everyone had a blast celebrating the great nation of the United States. July 4th is a great day where everyone with different beliefs can get together and enjoy some great BBQ, fireworks, and freedom. So whether you like clips vs. flats, chromo vs. carbon, or supercross tracks vs. traditional tracks, you definitely like racing BMX in the good ol’ US of A. Do you have a favorite Independence Day celebration? Share your photos in the comments!

—Bryce Betts


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“Shark Week” BMX Tribute

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Shark Week BMX Tribute
By Mike Carruth

The 2016 installment of Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” is nearing its end, this Sunday, July 3. Since 1988, Shark Week has been an annual Discovery staple which has been wildly popular in millions of US households (how cool was it that “Jaws” author, Peter Benchley hosted in 1994?!). What is it about sharks that compels us to watch and watch and watch?

Well, they’re stealthy, big, brutal and unpredictable. Kind of like some of the best BMX racers in the game—and we love watching them, too!

#NewsTeam member and graphic designer Bryce Betts, a big Shark Week fan, sat down Saturday night and started putting together a BMX-themed tribute to Shark Week.

“Shark Bicycles” is a fictional BMX brand with a dorsal-fin-above-the-surface as an awesome graphic device.

Bryce expanded the application of the graphic treatment to a jersey, helmet, frame graphics, number plate and gloves. And it is all-the-way-AWESOME!
Shark Bicycles Tribute Branding

So, the “biting” question is: will this become an ACTUAL brand in BMX Racing? Answer: Probably not.

BUT Bryce did leave the door open after I asked that question, saying “I didn’t do it for that—it was just a tribute for “Shark Week.”

There have been a lot of positive comments on Social Media from people who like it, though. I’m definitely not doing anything myself, but if someone came along who wanted to talk about it, I would talk to them.”

Spoken like a true BMX entrepreneur!

Back on June 5, Southwest Airlines did their own Shark Week Tribute by adorning one of their planes with the sign of the shark.

And here’s a quick Friday flashback to the 80s, when Shark Week was created: “Shark Attack” by Surf Punks:


Discovery Shark Week Website

Shark Bicycles Tribute on

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QUIZ – How Well Do You Know USA BMX Tracks?

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BMX News Quiz: How Well do you know your USA BMX Tracks?
Do you think you’re a BMX Guru? Have you studied BMX Racing across the nation, and refer to locations based on proximity to BMX “landmarks?” This is your time to shine! Get ready for this, the first of many BMX NEWS quizzes.

Post your score in the comments below.

How to play:
For each question/track, select the photo that matches the name. If you get it wrong at first, keep trying until you get it right. Your final grade will be based on number of attempts.

—Bryce Betts

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Bryce Betts Reporting From Medellin – #2

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Bryce Betts Reports From Colombia - #2
Episode two of #NewsTeam member, Bryce Betts’ vlog gives us an up-close-and-personal look into the around-town Medellin experience. Ask anyone who has been to a UCI World Championships in the past, and they will tell-you-true that the off-track experience is just as rich as the practice and race days. These are memories that will endure for decades.

BMX News 2016 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp
BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

We really-enjoyed watching the full show Bryce put together, and know you will too.

Some of the highlights:

* Local Track Session

* Do they have menus here, or is it just “locals only.”

* Strange fruits

* “Fresh cuts”

* High-steppin horses in the streets

* THoff’s modern-day “motor-drive” photos

* The local mall. Pretty-much the same as any mall in Heartland USA–but “just a little different”

* Test-driving the Español at the pastry shop.

* A little “favorito” requested at the latte stand

* Meal-for-three for US$25

* Nay-nayin on the roof of the Air BNB accommodations

We are definitely looking forward to the next episode, and hope you are too.

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Bryce Betts 2016 UCI BMX Worlds Vlog – Ep 1

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Bryce Betts 2016 UCI BMX Worlds Vlog 1

NewsTeam member, Bryce Betts found time (and a strong enough wifi connection) to file the first of his Vlog (Video Blog) episodes from the 2016 UCI BMX World Championships in Medellin, Colombia.

The saying goes “getting there is half the fun,” and Bryce had the good fortune of an open middle seat, and bike/bags making it to Medellin, even after a missed connection in Bogota.

Bryce is proto-testing the new Blackjack Action Camera on this trip as well, so we’ll be interested to see how that works out.

His first crack at checkin out the track comes on Sunday, so keep it right here on News for the next report, as well as 2016 Worlds coverage throughout the week, by Bryce and other NewsTeam members, both at the race, and at home.

Practice for Team USA (as well as Bolivia, Mexico and Canada) is Monday and Tuesday from 10:40AM – Noon. Racing starts on Wednesday with 12-under Challenge classes.

BMX News 2016 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp
BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

The good news, for those of us going to Nashville instead of Colombia, is that the Big-dawg Elite Racing is on Sunday, and the 1/8 finals-on don’t start til 2:50PM (US Central Time). With many US amateurs out of the country, chances are the Music City Nationals will be finito by 2PM, allowing plenty of time for a drive-thru run, and to get some place with WiFi to watch the 2016 Elite World Champions be crowned.

See the link below for the full schedule of events.


2016 UCI BMX World Championships – Schedule of Events

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