Box Tech Tip: Fix The Hop in Your Chain

August 7, 2018 by · Comments Off 

Box Tech Tips Series: Fix Chain-Hop

Before you take your race ride out for a spin on the track, give your cranks a quick-spin backwards. If it spins, then stops abruptly, your chainring may be off its axis a bit, causing an unnecessary tight spot in the chain.

In this week’s Box Tech Tip, Tyler Brown hops-to the task of helping you nullify that chain-hop.

It is, afterall, an imperfect world, so most BMXers won’t totally eliminate ALL tightness in the chain (because it can come from any-number of components, in combination). That said, you can use this tip to make every-effort to remedy what is fixable.

Equipment: Tyler is running a Box One M35 Crankset with a Rennen Designs 49t chainring and a KMC Chain.


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