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2015 Mile High Nationals Photo Galleries

It was an incredible weekend of dual-hill racing in Grand Junction, Colorado last weekend, as the USA BMX Mile High Nationals came to town. This was also stop number two on the 2015 USA BMX North American Supercross Series, and the grand opening race for the shiny-new Grand Valley BMX facility.

BMX News was on-scene to capture every second of action, through the lens of our trusty Nikon. We brought back three tasty photo galleries, which we’re posting per-usual, as an appetizer to the full-recap of the who’s who, some up & comer disruptors and how they all did.

We’re pulling out of Grand Junction this morning for a not-so-grand drive Eastbound. Only about six Starbucks stops and 1400 miles between the Mile High and home. Meanwhile, check out the galleries by clicking on the images below (will open in a new window).

BMX News 2015 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp
BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Friday Photo GalleryAlise Post Doubles Up in Grand Junction

Saturday Photo GallerySam Willoughby Takes double wins at the North American SX Series

Sunday Photo GalleryChandler Denton at the 2015 Mile High Nationals

Watch for the Recap on Thursday.

—Mike Carruth

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This Weekend: Watch The Angelholm SX Here

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UCI BMX Supercross - Angelholm, Sweden
**UPDATED 10:30PM EDT 8/15/15**
After a three-month break, the 2015 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup series is back this weekend, in Angelhol, Sweden. This is the first time a BMX World Cup will be hel in Sweden (which also happens to be the home-country to Supercross promoter, Johan Lindstrom). The Saturday/Sunday race will be webcast (below), allowing BMX Supercross fans the world-over to see how their favorite stars are performing.

There has already been news made in Sweden, as Marc Willers announced that this would be his last international race. Friday was practice day in Angelholm, and the reports from the ground are that the track is solid, and there will be some great racing for the fans.

Saturday had some unexpected weather developments, which changed the racing program from the usual schedule. Here is what was posted on the Saturday race.

Extreme winds at the site have caused a delay of several hours in starting Saturday’s program. Reports are conflicting as to what the program will actually end up being today, with some reports saying it will be Elite Men only on Saturday, starting 7PM local time (1PM US Eastern Time), racing a two-moto transfer qualifying round, and no Time Trial Superfinal (with auto-qualifiers seeded, instead, by World Cup ranking). Elite Women will qualify on Sunday, then go into the normal Sunday program.

**Angelholm time is +6 hours from US Eastern time

Check the link below to download a PDF with the men’s qualifiers.

While you’re waiting for the program to get started, check out the “track visit” vid from June, and Friday’s Dan’s Comp Pre-Show, below.

BMX News 2015 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp
BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Sunday’s Racing

2015 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup – Women Qualifying and Sunday Racing

Previous Videos

2015 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Angelholm – Track Visit

Angelholm, Sweden BMX Supercross – Drone View

2015 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Pre-Show (starts at 1:39 in the vid below)

2015 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Saturday Men’s Qualifying (two-moto transfer)

It’s going to be a great weekend of racing in Sweden, and many of these athletes will cross the Atlantic next week to be in Grand Junction, Colorado, USA next weekend for the USA BMX Mile High Nationals and stop-two on the 2015 USA BMX North American Supercross Series. Big bucks available, so it will be two weeks in a row of megawatt BMX Supercross racing.


2015 Angelholm SX – Elite Men Saturday Qualifiers

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Recap: 2015 Carolina Nationals – Part I

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Recap of the 2015 USA BMX Carolina Nationals
Story and Photos by Mike Carruth

As one of the most anticipated regular-season races of the past 12 months, BMXers from across North America, and beyond, rolled in to Rock Hill, South Carolina for the late-March Carolina Nationals.

One of the reasons for the high level of anticipation was the fact that it would be the first time many of us got to see the multimillion-dollar Novant Health BMX Supercross facility up-close, and in the flesh. This facility will play host to several important events in the coming years, including the UCI BMX World Cup Finals this year, and the UCI BMX World Championships in 2017, among other we’re certain are in the talking stages behind closed doors. Bottom line: we know we’ll be making the trip to Rock Hill at least a couple times a year.

The track is located in “The Riverwalk,” a 1,000-acre masterplan project which is redeveloping the site of a former chemical plant, along the Catawba River. The place is a beehive of activity, with hundreds of homesites, condos and other development underway, as well as the already-completed velodrome and of course, the BMX track just up the hill. Like other BMX-friendly communities (Louisville and Nashville come immediately to mind), the people we encountered in Rock Hill knew about the BMX track, and were glad to see us.

Homesites under construction in Rock Hill, SC
Looking at some of the home sites, it is not hard to imagine a brisk Airbnb business in the neighborhood leading up to the 2017 worlds. Have some extra cash on hand? Here’s a list of for-sale properties in the development. The sites shown above are within sight of the track, about two blocks away. How cool is that?!

This race, much like a couple of the Chula Vista races in recent years, had multiple events happening within the confines of the weekend schedule.

Here’s a rundown of the Rock Hill weekend:

Dual Starting Hills at Novant health BMX Supercross Track

Dual Starting Hills at the Novant Health BMX Supercross Track

On the five-meter “challenge” hill (right)

Friday Night: Pre-Race for the Carolina Nationals.

Saturday/Sunday: Carolina Nationals – Regular USA BMX National with 268/239 motos, making it a good-sized race. Riders from all over the East Coast, as well as Midwest, and many from California and points West made the trip. Competition was deep in most classes.

On the eight-meter Supercross Hill

Friday Night: USA Cycling BMX National Championships. Open to US Citizens only. Racing for the title of “National Champion” and the right to run the flag sleeve for the next year. Also, a prize purse in accordance with UCI guidelines (we think the winner received about US$873). Also, the regular pre-race “Pro Open,” which ran off the big hill.

Saturday: Stop One of the USA BMX North American Supercross Series. Open to Elites of all nationalities. A $20,000 purse for the men and a $10,000 purse for the women. Top Elite Woman would receive $3500 for her win, and winning Elite Man would receive $7000. Three other NASX stops are scheduled for 2015 (Colorado, Chula Vista and Oldsmar), and they will have the same super-sized purse as Rock Hill.

Sunday: UCI BMX North American Continental Championships. Quite a mouthful to say. Open to Elite and Junior Elite riders from Canada, USA, Mexico, as well as select island nations. To our knowledge, only the aforementioned “big three” were represented. All riders must run their country’s jersey. Apart from UCI points (which are admittedly-important leading into the 2016 Olympic cycle), it is not clear what purpose the Continental Championships serve. No stripes/jersey awarded, no number plate to run, no title, per se. A BMX News reader emailed in the same question after the race on Sunday, and we forwarded that inquiry to UCI headquarters in Switzerland for a response. We will publish it as a reader letter, if/when we receive a reply.

BMX News 2015 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp
BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Something New

Luke Roarty in the USA BMX SuperX Amateur SX Open Class in Rock Hill, SC
Also off the big hill, all three days, was the first-ever running of the USA BMX “SuperX” Open class. This class gives amateurs a crack at the big hill, in front of a cheering crowd, and next to seven other go-for-it pedal-plonkers. Previously, amateur racing on the SX hill was confined to mock races at the Devo camps in Chula Vista. And that was IF you earned an invite, and IF you could afford to go. This definitely opens up more opportunity for the talent pool. Both boys and girls classes are offered, but it takes five riders to make a class. Since five girls did not sign up, it was boys only in Rock Hill.

The ams followed the same track as the Elite Women (no berm jump). Given the talent on display, it would not surprise me at all to see the SuperX men hitting the Elite Men side of the track in future years. We TALK a lot about “progression” in the sport. This was a rare opportunity to see it before our very eyes, and it is capital-I Impressive.

ABOVE: Hyper’s Luke Roarty leads a gate full of SuperX in a Friday Night Moto

If there was any downside to all this Elite racing, and SuperXing happening for three days and nights straight, it was the possibility that it had a dulling-effect on the national racing that was happening between gate drops on the big hill. At least it did for me and some of the peeps in the pits I talked to.

I caught myself sitting-out some of the am classes I would normally be shooting on Saturday, with the expectation that the Elites would be up again soon. I checked myself, and got my butt down to the infield to shoot some awesome race action (which you’ll see in the photo galleries).

USA BMX streamed the full race weekend via YouTube Live–over 20 hours in all. All three days are available, in full, to watch, but we went through, and picked out the finals for some of the top classes for your expedited viewing pleasure. Feel free to scrub through to find your favorite class after watching these gems.

*Links below will open in a new window.

SuperX Open Men Video Clips
SuperX Open Final – Friday
SuperX Open Final – Saturday
SuperX Open Final – Sunday

Elite Women Video Clips
Elite Women Final – Friday
Elite Women Final – Saturday
Elite Women Final – Sunday

Junior Men Video Clips
Junior Men Final – Sunday

Elite Men Video Clips
Elite Men Final – Friday
Elite Men Final – Saturday
Elite Men Final – Sunday

USA BMX North American SX Series – Rock Hill

Elite Women
Alise Post – $3,000.00
Simone Christensen – $1,600.00
Dani George – $1,000.00
Shealen Reno – $800.00
Felicia Stancil – $660.00
Kelsey Van Ogle – $500.00
Lauren Reynolds – $400.00
Brooke Crain – $320.00
*Plus $1720 in semi money, for a total purse of $10,000

Elite Men
Sam Willoughby – $7,000.00
Joris Daudet – $3,500.00
Connor Fields – $2,000.00
Nic Long – $1,800.00
Jared Garcia – $1,500.00
Quentin Caleyron – $1,200.00
Justin Posey – $800.00
Corben Sharrah – $480.00
*Plus $1720 in semi money, for a total purse of $20,000

Top Photo: Sam Willoughby with the holeshot in the Saturday night dash-for-the-cash main event.

NEXT: 2015 Carolina Nationals Recap – Part Two


USA Cycling BMX Elite Championship Photo Gallery

2015 USA BMX Carolina Nationals – Saturday Photo Gallery

2015 USA BMX Carolina Nationals – Sunday Photo Gallery

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New “Amateur SX Open” Class At NASX Races

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SX Open Class at NASX Races

As the first race of the USA BMX North American BMX Supercross (NASX) series inches closer on the calendar, a new kind of Open class will be available to allow experts 15 and over an opportunity to compete on the big hill.

**Several updates made since this article was posted**
Please read to the bottom for the most current information.

Starting with the first race in Rock Hill, SC this month, an “Amateur SX Open” will be made part of the program. Here is an excerpt from an email USA BMX recently sent to riders in the qualifying classes:

To allow the amateurs the opportunity to compete using the Elite hill, USA BMX will be offering a SX Open class, both Friday and Saturday. This will be open to any rider with an Expert classification that is at least 15 years of age. The SX Open will have a $35 entry fee and will follow the same format as the Elites, using the total points system for the qualifying rounds

Pre-registration is now open at

From the sound of it, the SX Open will start on the big hill, and will race the same track as Elite Women (and amateurs).

Apart from the SX Open news, the email also states that A-Pro and Vet Pro will run one main on Saturday in Rock Hill (there was no notation on what the Sunday main format would be).

For the Elites, the Rock Hill race will be different than others on the four-stop NASX tour, in that Friday’s race will be the USA Cycling Elite National Championships (US Citizens only, with Junior and Elite Racing), Saturday will be the USA BMX NASX race, and Sunday will be the UCI BMX North American Continental Championships.

Experts must be registered for the SX Open in order to participate in practice on the big hill. Here is more info on the schedule:

Friday Practice
3:20PM – 4:05PM – Practice for SX Open, A-Pro, Vet Pro, Junior Women & Elite Women

Saturday Practice
11:00AM – 11:30AM – Practice for SX Open, A-Pro, Vet Pro, Junior Women & Elite Women

*Amateur SX Open will be raced on the Elite Hill, racing on the amateur side of the track.


After posting this article earlier this morning, we received some reader questions. Here are the questions, and corresponding answers from USA BMX:

Will there be a girls class for the Amateur SX Open?
**Updated 5:20PM CDT 3/9/15** USA BMX issued the following info, mid-afternoon:
- Both a Men and Women’s class will be available for eligible riders 15 & Over.
- Five riders will constitute a class
- If there are less than five riders in the Women’s class, they will be moved to the men’s class (or have the option to withdraw).

Will this class be at all the NASX races?

Is there a money prize, or a trophy?
It’s an amateur open. Trophy or saver stamps.

Does this Open Class affect a rider’s amateur status (the “must turn pro” rule).
No. There is no money and it is an amateur class.

Regarding the Sunday UCI Race: Will Junior Elite be offered as a class?

If I race Junior Elite on Friday or Sunday, will I have to turn USA BMX pro immediately?

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Bike Check: Jared “The Jet” Garcia

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Jared Garcia Factory BOX Bike Check

Back on November 19, BMX News reported that Jared “The Jet” Garcia would be parting ways with long-time sponsor Supercross BMX, and joining Marc Willers as part of a Dynamic Duo on the BOX Components Factory Team in the 2015 season.

The Jet finished out his 2014 commitment to Supercross like the gentleman he is, signing autographs til the final hour of his time in Tulsa.

But with a new year ready to kick off next week, and the pro opener at Black Mountain exactly 59 days away, we are getting a first-look at his new runway-rail.

Rather than use the zoom-tool and try to zero-in on what kind of BOXware he has bolted-up to this beauty, we asked him to send over a full parts list, so we could ooh-and-ah over every detail.

As we might expect, it’s a rolling showroom of the full BOX line.

Here’s how it pencils out:

Frame: DK Professional V2, XXL with PF30 BB Shell, Black
Fork: BOX X2, Carbon Fiber
Headset: BOX Glide, Integrated
Stem: BOX Delta, 53mm, LTD Orange
Stem Lock: Promax ST-1, black
Bars: BOX Maximus, Black, 8” Rise
Grips: BOX Hex by ODI with BOX Genius Left Clamp
Seatclamp: BOX Helix QR, LTD Orange
Seatpost: BOX Echelon Carbon
Saddle: BOX Echelon Carbon
Brakes: BOX Eclipse Linear Pull Brake Arms with BOX X-Ray Pads in LTD Fuchsia
Lever: Prototype BOX Carbon Fiber “Genius”
Cranks: BOX Vector, 175
Bottom Bracket: BOX Vector PF30
Chainring: BOX Cosine 7075, 43T
Chain: KMC
Wheels: BOX Focus Front Rim and Focus Rim in LTD Orange, laced to BOX Hollow Hubs
Freewheel: BOX Buzz, 16T
Tires: Maxxis Torch – 20 x 1.95 Front and 1.75 Rear
Pedals: Time Atac DH4
Number Plate: BOX Phase One (number “187″)


Shoes: SIDI Drako
Pants: FLY Racing Kinetic Glitch bicycle pant
Jersey: FLY Racing Kinetic Glitch (BOX Factory Edition)
Glove: FLY Racing Lite race glove
Helmet: Fly Racing F2 carbon
Goggles: Oakley “Airbrake” MX

Did you catch that? Some proto-ala-moto action with that “Genius” lever. You can bet we’ll be getting some up-close-and-personal, hidden-camera, spy shots of that one real soon, so keep your eyes peeled for it, here on News

When there’s no doubt, share it out:


BOX Components Website

Promax Components Website

Jared the Jet Lands at BOX for 2015

Jared Garcia on Twitter

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Fresh Oldsmar Rendering

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New Oldsmar BMX Rendering

The dual-hill do-over of the Oldsmar BMX track is nearing its groundbreaking phase. We found this recent rendering on Facebook this morning, showing a bit more detail of how the facility will be arranged, and how the starting hills will interact with the first straight. Read more

Louisville Mulls Derby City BMX Upgrades

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City Mulls Derby City Upgrades

Last month, BMX News reported some early details on the 2015 USA BMX North American Supercross Series (NASX). Among those details was the number of stops for the inaugural season. On the 2015 USA BMX Schedule, the Derby City Nationals over Labor Day weekend was originally designated as an SX series event, making the season five stops in all. That designation has been removed on the most current posting of the schedule. In our interview for the October 20 article, USA BMX COO John David said the Louisville stop for the SX series is pending, as funding for track upgrades is sorted out.

The 2015 Derby City Nationals will, of course, go on regardless of the Supercross upgrades–but not as part of the NASX. But a recent news story in Louisville media points to the possibility that the 30-year “Louisville-on-Labor Day” tradition could be at risk in future years if the $250,000 in track upgrades are not made.

Those upgrades are yet-unspecified, but we have heard talk of reworking the first straight to accommodate a dual-hill configuration, as well as lengthening the first straight beyond it’s current position. It may also involve some additional improvements, but those were the few we have heard bandied-about, and make the most sense, given the SX direction things are taking.

The segment, which aired on local station WDRB, said that the funds for the upgrades to Derby City will likely come from city, state and “private” sources. The report also said that USA BMX will commit to bringing the Derby City Nationals back to Louisville for 10 years, if the upgrades are made. The Louisville Sports Commission, who has been a big supporter of BMX in the Derby City for many years, says the economic impact of the track, once the upgrades are made, will be $27 million over the next 10 years. That makes the $250,000 price tag to keep the big race seem both a great investment, and hopefully close to being in the bag in time for the 2015 running.

That said, there was no indication of where the city/state funding bodies alluded to in the segment were in the process of pondering this princely plus-up.

BMX News will keep you updated as more details emerge on both the North American SX Series, and the Derby City upgrades.

—Mike Carruth

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See the segment on WDRB News

New Details on USA BMX SX Series

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Flashback: First UCI BMX Supercross Race

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First UCI BMX Supercross Race

Flashing back today to the very-first UCI BMX Supercross race, at Camp Woodward, in 2003. Lots of names out there that are still involved with the sport on some level, but we’re pretty sure Tyler Brown is the only one who made the main that is still racing today.

Johan Lindstrom, then the UCI’s BMX Read more

10 Observations on the 2015 USA BMX Schedule

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2015 USA BMX National Schedule

Last Friday, USA BMX released the dates and places for the 2015 national series. There will be a total of 26 national weekends, with 31 races; plus three Gold Cup finals and the Grands. That means five “double national” weekends, where nationals will be happening the same day on the West and East Coasts (or, more accurately, West and East of the Mississippi). Lots of the regular-favorite places on the schedule, plus a few new ones and a couple we are returning to.

Here are 10 observations about the season ahead.

1). The season will start in Las Vegas, breaking the long tradition of Reno in January.

2). The Pro season starts in late February, at the Winter Nationals, which are coming back to Black Mountain.

3). The pro series has 14 races in all, including the Grands. New stops in Rock Hill, Ventura, and Grand Junction.

4). Note the little “SX” icon on five of the pro stops. No details yet, but it foreshadows a US domestic SX series. Rock Hill, Grand Junction, Louisville, Chula Vista and Oldsmar. Sam Willoughby tweeted over the weekend that he had “inside word” that there would be “more prize money” for 2015. No word on whether the SX races will be a separate event to the USA BMX #1 Pro title-chase, or will be counted as part of it.

5). The USA Cycling National Championships appear to be in Rock Hill in March (note the USAC logo).

6). We will be in Nevada and Florida three times each.

7). No confirmation on which races will be three-day nationals in 2015. We have received loose confirmation that Louisville/Reno will remain three-day, but that is all we had by deadline.

8). Make plans to hang out in Florida from the 16th to the 25th to take in the big open for the Oldsmar SX track, then the Disney Cup.

9). Gold Cup West will be in Chula Vista, along with the SX series race, but the Central and East are TBA.

10). The Hall of Fame will likely stay in Chula Vista, in October (unconfirmed).

11). Bonus! The Las Vegas national in July will also be a Vet Pro race. The icon appears the same as the “Pro” icon, but look super-close and you’ll see it’s two words.

We’re excited for the season ahead, and anxious to see how the domestic supercross series unfolds. It’s pretty rare that we have a whole new species of BMX racing coming to the fans, so we will keep you posted on the details as they become available.

Meanwhile, get our your digital Sharpie, and start circling dates–download the PDF of the 2015 USA BMX national schedule.

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Download 2015 USA BMX National Schedule (PDF)

Podcast: John Sawyer on Oldsmar SX Facility

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Footprint on new Oldsmar BMX SX Facility

John Sawyer and the crew at Oldsmar BMX have distinguished themselves in hosting the Gator Nationals the past several years. That event has become one of the marquee events of the USA BMX National Series, and has been recognized by regional media and sports officials alike.

Four years ago, as it started to become clear that BMX Supercross was here to stay, and would be an important part of any facility where “progression” was one of the goals, John and the Oldsmar BMX board began putting plans in place to add a BMX SX track to their facility.

Such a move would require expanding the footprint of the existing facility, which would either require moving the whole shebang somewhere else, or annexing an adjacent ball field for the new track (which was the ultimate solution).

As the project inched its way through the governmental approval and funding process, seeing setbacks, and leaps forward, the plan was refined to keep pace with the current needs of riders and teams who will use the facility for training.

This week, the project received funding approval by Florida officials in Tallahassee, which will now make it possible for the earth movers and ground shakers to start making it happen.

For the full details on what they have planned, now that they have the funding to make the vision a reality, we invited John Sawyer to join us on this week’s episode of the Announcers Tower Podcast.

Listen Now
iPhone users - paste this URL into your device's browser:

The image above is from an aerial video shot after the 2013 Gator Nationals. The green outline represents approximately the new footprint for the facility.


Oldsmar By Air – BMX News March 16, 2013

Top image: Screen capture from a video posted by Rick Hayes and John Nicholson, via Vimeo

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