Coaching Certification: You Can Do It!

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William Parker Teaching a Clinic
By Heather Parker

Last summer, William was invited by John Beck, the track operator at Circle City BMX in Dothan, AL, to teach a clinic. The clinic was scheduled for a local race day, and was free with race registration. Cleverly named the “Beginner Spinner” clinic, William had ten eager pupils, some of whom were very new to the sport.

William was a bit shy at first, his voice a little soft, his movements lacking theatrics. Just as I began to worry, I could hear him at the gate. “Roll your wrists forward. That’s it. Stand up a little taller. Good.” He knew exactly what he was doing, and the kids responded and loved it. By the end of the clinic, William was confident, and looking forward to the next one. It was a win-win for everyone.

We noticed something that day. The kids were not intimidated by William, their peer. They weren’t afraid to ask questions, and they all really worked hard!

William Parker Intermediate Clinic
A few weeks later, William hosted a more advanced clinic for intermediates only, and introduced this group to manualing and jumping. It was another hit. (Pictured: William with his advanced clinic participants.)

As word spread, William received requests from other tracks in the area, and we were eager to start scheduling.

Unfortunately, a USA BMX rule change threw a monkey wrench into our plans:

“Any person teaching a clinic at a track as of Jan 1, 2014, must be a USA BMX Certified Coach.”

What!? William, not wanting to give up his clinics, quickly decided that he would become a coach. After carefully reading through the requirements and seeing no indication of an age restriction, John Beck came through for us, and recommended William for the program.

After consulting with USA BMX Head Coach Justin Travis, we learned the omission of an age restriction was an oversight, and William was eligible to be an “assistant coach” only. And what qualifies someone to be an assistant coach? He merely has to be an experienced rider under the age of 18. However, a certified coach still has to be present. Justin advised that I take the course.

Me? Can you see it? My only bike is the turquoise and hot pink beach cruiser my dad gave me when I was 15, and I wouldn’t dream of putting it on a BMX track! OK kids, does anyone else here know first aid because I am about to demonstrate a pull-manual…

It seemed I had no choice. I would do it on one condition: William would do everything with me regardless of the fact that he could not receive the certification. Together we took a First Aid/CPR/AED course, and William showed me up with his strength and youth. If anyone could get a ticker ticking, it’s that kid. He even went so far as to request that Circle City BMX get an AED unit in case he needs to revive someone. Let’s hope not!

WIlliam Parker Studying USA BMX Coaching Manual
After I passed my background check (phew!), we were ready to study the coaches manual and take the exam. I have to admit I was sweating bullets. I knew if I didn’t ace it that my 12 year old would out score me. No thanks! So, I nailed it. When it came time for William to take the test, he gave me an, “Aw Mom, do I have to?” That’s when I laid down the law. If he doesn’t pass the exam, I will not allow him to do clinics. He sighed and got to work (above).

All in all, I was impressed with the thoroughness of the coaching manual. The program is well outlined, and designed to retain riders by giving them a scheduled program that encourages them to show up. It states that new riders must take two intro clinics before they are allowed to race. Once the intro clinics are completed, the new rider may also attend the eight individual skills clinics. The clinics are well-scripted and easy to follow, creating a learning structure to help riders advance.

I do suggest that USA BMX revise the coaching requirements for riders under 18 who wish to teach. While I understand the safety requirement of having a responsible adult present, many experienced riders, whether they are 18 or not, are well equipped to teach and retain incoming riders.

William’s results just came in, and he passed the exam with flying colors. His experience far outweighs the little card that claims I am a certified BMX coach, so I’ll leave the teaching to him. I’ll be on hand however, to make sure things go smoothly. After all, “mom” is a much higher title than “coach.”



USA BMX Coaching Website

Podcast with USA BMX Coaching Director Justin Travis

Heather’s “Adventures of a BMX Mom” Blog

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Podcast: Olijuwon Davis on Pro Gate Clinics

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Pro Gate Grands Clinic Podcast

The free clinics promoted by Pro Gate as last month’s USA BMX Grand National were very popular, with over 250 riders signed up for the two sessions. In the morning session, Mariana Pajon, German Medina and Greg Hill spent more than an hour with the kids, coaching them as they gated up on their form and other things that go in to getting rippin holeshots consistently.

In the afternoon, Tyler Whitfield and Olijuwon Davis rocked the house, Rockford style, with serious tips & tricks for over 100 attendees.

We caught up with OD to talk a little about how the clinics went, and get some tips on how you can give your self a gate clinic every day (both mentally, and on the bike).

Since recording the Podcast over the weekend, we learned that Olijuwon finished at the top of the A-Pro points chase for 2013. There is no title in that class, but we’re very happy for our buddy, nonetheless. Congrats, OD!

Here are some photos from the clinics

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Listen To The Podcast Now:
iPhone users: paste the link below in your phone’s browser


Pro Gate Junior Info Page

Doublecross Bikes website

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Time 2 Shine with dR in Maryland Clinic

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Donny Robinson Clinic at Chesepeake BMX
We always hear great things about the clinics our pal Donny Robinson puts on for up & coming rippers (ha…”rippers”…get it?). Next weekend, he will be boarding a shiny bird and heading East to Maryland for a Time 2 Shine clinic at Chesapeake BMX in Severn.

Matt and the Time 2 Shiners always throw a good event as well, so this is gonna be two great tastes that taste great together.

Here are the details on the two-day dealio:

September 21, 2013 – Donny Robinson Clinic
September 22, 2013 – Donny Robinson Clinic followed by Single Point Race & $2,000 Pro-Am Payout w/ $150 Holeshot award from BOG Racing

Price: $45 per rider, per day (50-rider max)

Call Theresa Sinchak to pre-register at 410.977.2963. (Clinic is almost full!)

Time 2 Shine will be vending the entire weekend and will have the entire 2014 SE Complete Bike line and Frames on display.

Here’s what dR says about the festivities:

Huge thanks goes out to and SE Bikes for helping to put on my first ever clinic on the East Coast! Chesapeake BMX in Severn, MD will be the host on the weekend of September 21-22. I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge with some of the most naturally talented riders in the country, but more importantly, spending a nice weekend with some good people. Even if the clinic doesn’t interest you, I would love if you still came out to say hi.

Again, that pre-reg number is 410.977.2963. Call now.

More Info

Download the Clinic Flyer

Time 2 Shine Website

SE Bikes Website

Answer/Rennen Kingston Clinic

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BMX Racing News - Answer Rennen Clinic in Kingston

Answer/Rennen puts on some pretty powerful pre-national clinics. We’ve reported on them before (on the before and after side of the festivities).

For those heading over to Kingston, NY later this month, there lies a golden opportunity in your future: Hit the highway a day early for the Empire State National, and sign up for Answer/Rennen’s Kingston clinic. This is prime track time with some of the most primo pedal pushers on the A/R roster–all focused on YOU, and helping refine your game for the race.

One of the things we love about their clinics is they always include some (optional) to-dos for moms & dads who want to learn more about optimizing the situation. In Kingston, Rennen chief, George Costa, will be leading the off-track discussion on gearing, rollouts and other nuts and bolts of the drivetrain down-low. Included in the $30 tuition, no less!

“Scheduled to appear” instructors include AA Pro Austin Loebe, A Pro Max Egdorf, Cruiser bruiser, Jeremy Knapper, and warp-drive 16x Justin Knapper. Lead instructor is none other than Shawn DiPrete, who takes his clinic training as serious as his racing (that’s a beefy bonus for you, by the way).

Download the official clinic info sheet below (PDF), and get on over there.

To sign up, show up.

Location: Kingston Point BMX, Kingston, NY
When: July 25, 5PM-7PM
Tuition: $30


Answer/Rennen Kingston Clinic Flyer (PDF)

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Sunday: Megawatt Clinic With Faoro and Posey

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BMX Clinics - Justin Posey and Tyler Faoro Clinic

If you want to get your mojo in the motos and mains on-point, the best way to do it is by being coached and mentored by those who have been in the mix themselves.

This Sunday, at Okeeheelee BMX in Florida, you have a rare chance to get with two of those peeps.

Tyler Faoro and Justin Posey are hosting together a four-hour clinic to bring your on-track attack from good to great. In addition to the on-track stuff, they will take the group from home training tips & tricks, to bike maintenance, to the stuff you should always, always pack in your bag on raceday.

So much of the art of the win is laid-down before your bike comes off the rack in the parking lot, and the fact that it’s in the program here is good stuffs!

The $100 clinic fee includes all the above, plus a swag-bag, snacks and water. Part of the proceeds will go to Kyle Bennett’s daughter, Kylie’s fund, which is just what we’d expect from this pair of aces.

Time: 9AM-1PM
Where: Okeeheelee BMX, West Palm, FL

Sign up by messaging Tyler or Justin at the links below.

Here is the whole flyer, skillfully-designed by Nor Cal shredder Bryce Betts.

Tyler Faoro and Justin Posey BMX Rcing Clinic at Okeeheelee BMX


Tyler Faoro Facebook Page

Justin Posey Facebook Page

Rider Sponsors:

Dan’s Comp

Ssquared Bicycles

Profile Racing

Phoenix Pro Cycles

Re-Cap: Time 2 Shine Dirt Dreams Weekend

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BMX Racing News - Time 2 Shine Dirt Dreams Weekend

Last week, BMX News reported on the forthcoming “Dirt Dreams” weekend happening in Hagerstown, Maryland last weekend. BMX Mail Order company, Time 2 Shine set up the special events of the weekend, including a two-part clinic with So. Cal AA Pro, Derek Sipkoi, a $2,000 Pro-Am and a freestyle jam.

Well, now that the weekend is over, we wanted to report back on how it all went, complete with a video edit, and quotes from a couple of the key people involved in making it happen.

We had our eyes on the weather all weekend and it could not have been better. They race had a solid turnout, and the clinic attracted big interest both days.

Derek told News:

Back at home and working again with a positive attitude and a clear mind. My weekend in Baltimore was set to be work and race only but turned out to be more of a family gathering/vacation. Track support was unreal at the event. so many local volunteers and track staff working from sun up to past sun down each day of the event. Time 2 Shine headlining the event was so big. Kids were flooding the T2S pits after the clinics and taking interest in all the parts Dkoi bikes and Alius parts have branded. I couldnt of asked for a more enjoyable time. Can’t even begin to say thank you enough to all the fans, people who supported me during my stay and of course time 2 shine for promoting me and giving me a place to stay and keep refreshed during the long weekend.

Again thank you to everyone for a great time i will not forget. Came as a friend. Left as Family.


Matt McEvoy, owner of Time 2 Shine, had this to say about how it all went down:

Myself and Time 2 Shine can not speak highly enough of Derek Sipkoi. He fit in like a brother we haven’t seen in a while! Put on a classy clinic where both the kids and parents had a great time! The positive response was overwhelming for Derek and his products. We have been stocked on DKOI and Alius products, but now the east coast can put a face to the brand, and Derek’s brand is in even more demand now!

Then gettin to watch Sippy race against some of the best talent on the East Coast capped off the weekend as one to never forget. Be sure to be on the lookout for Derek back out here next year for Dirt Dreams 2014! Also, don’t forget that Time 2 Shine is fully stocked on everything DKOI and Alius! Sippy is for sure a member of the Time 2 Shine Family for the long haul!

Pro-Am Results

Derek Sipkoi
Philip Delizia
Leonardo Ferreira
Niles Austin
Geraldo Echevarria
Cody Lynn
Rolando Camacho
Austin Loebe

Video Edit

Scott Cantner put together a cool minute-and-a-half video edit with some highlights of the weekend.

Top Photo courtesy of Erwin Ribera Photos


Photos on Time 2 Shine Facebook Page

Time 2 Shine Website

DKOI Bikes Website

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Time 2 Shine Brings Spring to Maryland Scene

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Derek Sipkoi BMX Clinic at Hagerstown BMX May 4-5

If you’re within striking range of Hagerstown BMX in Maryland, put May 4 and 5 into your phone under “critical alerts” right now. That is the time and place for Time 2 Shine’s “Dirt Dreams Weekend Bash.”

Each day will start off with a clinic by visiting-from-So-Cal AA Pro, Derek Sipkoi (clinics start at 8AM, with race registration immediately after). After the Saturday clinic, get your invite to the Redline Cup Finals tied down at Maryland’s only Redline Cup Qualifier.

Then, after Sunday’s clinic, give your district points a pop with a double pointer; watch the fastest guys gate up for a $2,000 Pro-Am, and after racing is over, the fun continues with a freestyle jam featuring the King City Clothing crew.

Podium finishers for the Pro-Am will get a Rennen Smart Sprint along with their greenbacks.

Throughout the weekend, you’ll get in on giveaways from event sponsors, including Time 2 Shine, DKOI Bikes and Alius Parts.

It’s going to be a great weekend, so get signed up today (info below).

Sipkoi sent the following quote on the weekend:

I know first hand most of the riders from East coast are burdened with snow or foul weather from a long winter, so its fun to see anticipation and excitement of a fresh riding season when spring finally hits. I love traveling, and this is what makes my days all worth it. Smiling kids, teenagers with diehard attitudes of wanting to win races. Count me in!

The sponsors that support me have donated duffle bags of clothes, hats, stickers and much more to pass out to all the talented riders that will be attending the event. A lot of people have messaged me to say they’re coming out, so I know it’s going to be a great weekend of BMX in Maryland.

Time 2 Shine has come on super-strong over the past year. The first time we saw them on the scene was in Morristown last year. Since then, they have emerged as a top-tier mail order company, and have struck-up relationships with some great teams, including Answer Rennen, Ssquared/Answer and The Nationals mega-squad. Matt and his gang are making all the right moves, and News is stoked to see T2S supporting the scene through events like this one.

For those of you out of range, we’ll bring you some photos and a re-cap from the weekend to let you know how it all turned out.

Saturday Clinic Registration
Tuition: $40 per rider
Call: 1.888.714.5553

Sunday Clinic Registration
Tuition: $40 per rider
Call: 1.888.714.5553

Where: Hagerstown BMX, Hagerstown, MD
Race Info:
Tina Rau – 240-285-0246


Sipkoi has some of the raddest personal trails known to man or beast. Here’s a promo for the “Dirt Dreams Weekend Bash,” which includes footage of Derek cutting loose out at his personal stomping grounds.


Time 2 Shine BMX Pro Shop

Dirt Dreams Event Flyer

Rennen Smart Sprint Info Page

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Dominique Daniels Clinic at Rockford

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Dominique Daniels Rockford Clinic

We have been a fly-on-the wall at some of Dominique Daniels’ clinics in the past, hanging out, popping off some shots, and enjoying riders young and old getting some awesome tips and tweaks from the three-time ABA #1 Girl Pro and her dad/coach, Tim.

The clinics Dom and Tim run focus on all the important elements on the track, but also work closely with parents who have questions and want to do the right things to attain peak performance and gains.

BMX News will be in the house on August 25 in Rockford, giving away some goodies, and shooting photos for a report we’ll be doing on the day’s festivities.

The clinic is happening the day before the Illinois State Championships, and the week before the Eastern Division Championships in Louisville, so never a better time to dial in the finer points of your game, on and off the track.

The whole shootin’ match is sponsored by Spoke Monkey Cyclery–a local bike shop on the Rockford scene, that you absolutely HAVE TO see and experience for yourself.

Jason Parratt sessioning at Spoke Monkey
Housed in a converted movie theater, owners Marc and Becky Miller have created a BMXer heaven that features a two-man pro-gate with 100-ft sprint lane (and timers for you to race your pals). Add to that, a wooden pump track that has both a novice and expert run…and, of course, a fully-equipt BMX pro shop and build area, where ace mechanics dial in the details of your whip. The above photo is from a Chill Session we did for the Rockford show. Jason Parratt rockin the pump track on a 1980s Hutch.

The clinic runs 10AM to Noon on Saturday, August 25, then everyone heads on over to Spoke Monkey for a 1PM chill session with Dom. The shop is about five minutes from the track, so plenty of time to grab lunch on your way over. This is a great opportunity to get up close and personal with 3D, check out her new Doublecross ride, and grab and autograph you’ll tell your grandkids about someday.

Check below for registration details, and we’ll see you there!

Clinic Details
Where: Rockford BMX – 4950 Safford Road Rockford, Illinois 61101
When: Saturday, August 25, 2012, 10AM – Noon
How Much: $20 per rider
Registration: Call Spoke Monkey at 815-904-6793 or email

Clinic is limited to 40 riders, so call today!

Post-Clinic Chill Session
Where: Spoke Monkey Cyclery – 890 West Riverside Boulevard Rockford, IL 61103
When: Saturday, August 25, 2012, 1PM-3PM
How Much: Free to all (whether signed up for the clinic or not)
Registration: None necessary, just show up!


Redline Flights School is Touching Down Soon

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Jason Carnes and the Redline rig are on the road again this summer– with a coast-to-coast “Flight School” tour.

Start out this weekend at Cowtown BMX in Fort Worth, TX and follow the red dot on the map, to Retro BMX on Sunday 5/27, then on to Cargill Park in Louisiana on 5/28…and Cabot BMX in Arkansas on 5/29. (say hi to our good buddy “Elvis” while you’re there).

Your $20 Flight School tuition gets you three hours of up-close-and-personal attention by Carnes, a swag bag that will have you rollin factory fresh all summer, and a who-knows-who-might-show-up component that makes every Redline Flight School stop unique.

Download the official flyer below for the above-mentioned stops, and keep your eyes here on BMX News for stops coming you your local track.


Download Redline Flight School Flyer
(HA-HA…get it…Flight School…’flyer”)!

Doublecross Sponsors Supercamp

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Doublecross Bikes Sponsors Supercamp

Doublecross Bikes, out of Oklahoma, rocked the BMX world a few weeks back with their announcement that they signed Bubba Harris as their lead pro. Fast-forward a fortnight or so, and there is more news: Doublecross is also signing on as sponsor of big poppa, Burlin Harris’ wildly-popular BMX Supercamp tour. The release told it like this:

Doublecross Bikes has become the main sponsor or BMX Supercamp–the VERY BEST BMX training camp since 1994. Supercamp instructors will be riding Doublecross Bikes starting this weekend at Sand Springs BMX in suburban Tulsa, Oklahoma.

As a Supercamp rider, you will able to purchase a Doublecross frame at special, “camper” pricing.

Here’s a photo of Supercamp instructor Fernie Jacquez’s Doublecross whip from Sand Springs:

BMX Supercamp Instructor, Fernie Jacquez, Doublecross BMX Race bike

It’s awesome to see Burlin and Doublecross founder Bob Deily come together to get the program from coast to coast for the Summer 2012 season, and beyond. Check the links below for more info!


Doublecross Bikes

BMX Supercamp

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