Jelle van Gorkom Seriously Injured

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Jelle van Gorkom Injured in Papendal

This just in from Dutch news sources: Jelle van Gorkom, 2016 Olympic Silver Medalist and long-time fixture on the Dutch National BMX team suffered a laundry list of injuries while training at Papendal SX on Tuesday, reports say.

Dutch website Algemeen Dagblad (AD) reported Wednesday that Jelle “has broken ribs, a fracture in the face, a tear in the skull and damage to the liver, spleen and kidneys. Van Gorkom is currently being kept dormant at the hospital.”

Being “kept dormant” may mean that he is currently in a drug-induced coma, which makes things seem even-more serious.

It is hard to decode, via the translation in the article (link below), what exactly happened to cause the accident, but it seems a chain on the starting hill was involved–possibly placed across the ramp to prevent people from using it in the off hours– and Jelle just did not see it before dropping in–though that is purely speculation on our part.

Still, picturing a rider hitting a chain placed across the ramp, at full race speed, is about as scary as it gets.

BMX News was not able to independently confirm the reports carried in Dutch media, but will continue our attempts to do so. We will keep you posted on further developments to this story, and to Jelle’s recovery progress. Meanwhile, please raise up our friend in your thoughts and prayers in the coming days and weeks.

—Mike Carruth

* Top photo via JvG Facebook.


“BMXer Van Gorkom badly injured after collision with chain”
(on – use your browser’s translate capability to read in English)

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Jelle van Gorkom Injured in Papendal

USA Cycling Creates All-Discipline “National Team”

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USA Cycling National Team
It was like Hall of the Justice League at the US Olympic Training center in Colorado Springs, CO earlier this week, as 23 of the newly-named 51-member USA Cycling “National Team” came togdether for a day of briefings and meet & greet.

Top stars in seven disciplines were represented (BMX Freestyle, BMX Supercross, Mountain Bike, Cyclocross, Road, Track Endurance and Track Sprint).

This was the first time we got a glimpse of the Freestyle team as one unit, and got to hear their take on how conforming to the fairly-ridgid USAC/UCI/Olympic format squares-up with their decidedly anti-conformity sport.

“Whoever doesn’t want to ride the Olympics doesn’t need to, and whoever does…this is a great opportunity.”

That was how Freestyle site, Vital BMX, opened a video highlighting the team, with an on-camera quote by Pat Casey, one of the eight-member Freestyle squad.

The USA Cycling National Team was selected, not based on “teacher’s pet” rules, but based on certain results-specific criteria (see table below).

In BMX Racing, there are three levels (not surprisingly: Gold, Silver and Bronze) of support for which an athlete may qualify.

The USA Cycling National Team Members, and the results that qualified them to the program, are:

Connor Fields – Top 3 World Cup Overall
Alise Post – 1st at the World Championships
Corben Sharrah – 1st at the World Championships

Sean Gaian – 15th World Championships
Dani George – 11th at World Championship
Mika Shaw – 16th at World Championship

Don’t let the “Gold/Silver/Bronze” levels confuse you, as it did us at first. Unlike the medal stand, where there is but-one Gold medalist, multiple people can qualify into the Gold level, and some levels (like silver in BMX) may not have anyone qualified.

Gold-Level qualifiers receive $25,000 in annual support from USA Cycling, and all-kinds of support services to keep their eyes on the prize between now and Tokyo. See the graphic below for the full table of bennies.

Bronze qualifiers are in a rarified environment, to be sure, but there is no financial support, per se.

News Caught up with Connor Fields, who qualified at the Gold Level for his top three finish in the 2017 World Cup standings. here’s what he told us about being named to the National Team:

I am super excited to have been a part of the official USA Cycling National Team launch this week in Colorado Springs.

I have been involved with USA Cycling for nearly 10 years now and this is the best program I have seen from them in that time.

It is easy to understand the different levels of support involved now. It is crystal clear how to earn them and what they include.

It was also great to meet and interact with members of the team from all different disciplines of cycling. We have access to so many recourses through USAC and USOC and to learn about more of them this week was great.

For me personally, I was most excited about the opportunity to learn more about all of the ways we can try to become better BMX racers with the resources available to us.

With the help of USA Cycling, I attained the following results:
2016 Olympic Champion
2017 USA BMX #1 pro
2013 UCI BMX World Cup overall Champion
2011 Pan American Games Gold Medalist
2012, 2013 UCI BMX World Champion – Time Trial
2012, 2014, 2016 USA Cycling National Champion

Thanks to Connor for taking the time to give us a first-person account of the experience.

We should add that membership on this “National Team” does not interfere with the athletes’ participation on their respective factory teams (“trade teams,” in USAC parlance). It also does not guarantee inclusion on the world championship team or world cup race delegations, all of which have their own qualification criteria.

We will have more on the USA Cycling National Team program, and how the athletes are making use of the services provided, in a future report.

—Mike Carruth


USAC National Team Qualification Criteria and Benefits

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Sarasota SX Ready to Rock, Post-Matthew

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Sarasota SX Ready to Rock Post-Matthew

After a week spent checking multiple weather apps, making early-return-flight backup plans and chillin around town in the Sarasota area, the Hurricane Matthew scare has now passed to the North, and BMX Supercross is the next big thing making headlines in Florida.

Even though the Category 4 hurricane prompted strong advisories from Florida officials, Matthew was churning in the Atlantic, about 150 miles away from Sarasota. All they caught was some wind and rain, as folks on the other coast were battening-down the hatches.

BMX News 2016 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp
BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Today, an updated schedule of events was posted for Saturday’s qualifying rounds and Time Trial Superfinal.

The action starts at 3:15PM US Eastern Time with three rounds of qualifying motos to decide who goes on to race in the big show on Sunday. Watch it live here.

The Time Trial Superfinal will go off at 5:45PM, Eastern Time. If you’re a time trial fan, you need to set an alarm to watch the live stream below; this may be the last time trial of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup. There are wide reports that next year, the Time Trial will no longer be part of the program.

All in all, there will be 114 riders from 20 nations competing.

We can’t wait to see how the podiums sort out, and the 2016 SX Championship title.

Top Photo: via Sarasota BMX Facebook Page. Photographer unknown.

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“Matthew” Not Expected to Impact Sarasota SX

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Hurricane Matthew Sarasota SX

The talk of the track this week is actually about a different kind of track than the usual BMX Track chatter. The focus is on the “track” of Hurricane Matthew, as he makes his way North to threaten the Atlantic Coast of Florida and on-up through the Easter Seaboard.

The storm has killed more than 60 people as it ripped through the Carribbean, mostly in Haiti.

Lots of BMX tracks in the path of this storm, including the almost-finished track in Daytona.

Hundreds of BMX Supercross athletes are in Sarasota for this weekend’s 2016 UCI BMX World Cup finale. The race will be held on Sarasota’s newly-opened dual-hill facility.

If there can be any “good” news taken from the headlines that a Cat 4 Hurricane is headed straight for your state, it is that the storm is not expected to cause much of a disruption of the Sarasota race, paprt from some wind and rain.

By Sat, day one of the two-day event, the forecast is partly cloudy skies, and a below-20%-chance of rain.

For the main race day on Sunday, we should be seeing nothing but blue skies smiling down.

Tickets are $15-$75. Check out the info at the link below.


2016 Sarasota SX Tickets

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Recap: Rio 2016 BMX Seeding Rounds

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Recap of Rio 2016 BMX Seeding Rounds
After years of preparation—even for the most-seasoned, past Olympians— all the sacrifice, the struggle, the social media hype and heartbreak hanging over their shoulder, ready to pounce, every step of the way, it all comes down to this for the 48 BMXers at the Games of the XXXI Olympiad. Wednesday, the BMX events got underway with time trial seeding rounds to establish gate choice, and how Thursday’s Quarterfinal racks would be populated. All riders in the time trial qualified into their respective next phase (quarterfinals for the men and semis, on Friday, for the women).

It’s no secret that we, here at the BMX News Global Command center are not big fans of time trials. It feels decidedly “un-BMX” to have run after run of single-rider laps. But whatever, that’s next week’s rant.

In the US, today’s event was streamed live on, and was also broadcast into the living room on tape delay, 90mins later, via NBC Sports Network. Viewers who watched it on TV were either royally cheated, or the luckiest among us, depending on your opinion of Time Trials; NBC Sports only showed the bottom half of the roster for the women, then the men (with a break for canoeing). So, y’all missed seeing Twan van Gendt’s run, which was one of the highlights, holding the hotseat for 15 riders before Connor Fields (who was the first rider shown in the telecast) unseated him. It gets much more exciting from here.

Recap by Bryce Betts

First to ride was Nadja Pries, who looked great on the cover of German Playboy this month, but cased it a few times down the first straight in her run. A few riders later, Priscilla Stevaux Carnival got in the gate for Brazil, and although the stands weren’t packed – they were loud for the hometown rider. She ultimately placed 15th overall, but looked smooth on the track and ready for a challenge in tomorrow’s rounds.

It was interesting to see Gaby Diaz, the oldest BMXer at the Games (35) roll out of the gate and not do the first straight. After the lap she continued to point to her wrist, signaling that she was riding through the injury and didn’t want to risk jumping the first straight in time trials–at least that’s the way we read it.

As we got further into the program, the riders were higher ranked, so the times continued to rise. First, Simone Christensen of Denmark dethroned Merle Van Bentham off the hotseat, but Simone was quickly kicked out by by Miss Consistency, herself, Stefany Hernandez.

Lauren Reynolds Rio 2016 Time TrialHernandez lead held through Belgium’s Van Hoof (where the TV audience joined the fun), and Australia’s Lauren Reynolds (above), who was first to send it on the triple into turn one. American sweetheart Brooke Crain had a few mistakes in her run, but looked great down the ramp and through the second straight, enough to put her temporarily into fourth.

London 2012 Olympic Bronze medalist Laura Smulders always seems to do well in time trials. The Dutch rider is super smooth, and never really looks like the fastest rider, but smooth equals fast! This was proven as she surpassed Hernandez by 0.088 seconds, taking the “hot seat”. Team USA’s Alise Post was next, and caught a heavy case into the first turn in the triple, which killed her momentum and put her at 8th for the day.

Caroline wasn’t the first to air-it-out over the triple into the first turn, but she was the first to smoothly land on the backside, and cary a bunch of momentum into the rest of the track. Caroline’s lap was seemingly perfect except for a slight mistake down the second straight, but it was still enough to take the lead by 0.362 of a second with just one rider left.

Mariana Pajon Rio 2016 Time Trial RunThat one rider was the defending Gold Medalist, and World Champion, Mariana Pajon. The Colombian Queen of BMX was fast from the start. Mariana pedaled at the bottom of the hill before the first jump, which was uncommon for the rest of the women – but nearly universal among the men. Maybe the extra pedal was the difference, or maybe Caroline’s mistake down the second straight cost her, but either way Pajon passed Caroline by 0.224/sec.

The stage is now set for women’s semifinals on Friday. After today’s single-lap showings, we have to say that Caroline and Mariana are the standouts. Of course, we all know group racing is a whole different animal. Americans Brooke Crain, and Alise Post both seem to excel in the pack, moreso than TTs, so there is no counting them out, by any means, at this early stage.

BMX News 2016 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp
BMX News Race Coverage and Olympic Countdown is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Recap by Mike Carruth

The order in which all Rio riders would run their time trial was determined by UCI Individual Qualifying points. For the men, Nic Long had the most points, at 1155, and would start last. Nic was followed/preceded by Liam Phillips at 1150, and so on, all the way up the order to Kyle Dodd, who had 185 points and would start first. You may remember that at least 10 points were required to compete in the Olympic Games.

As the first of the men to hit the track for the 2016 Olympic Games, Dodd started it out on a solid foot, well in control of the bike, picking it up and setting it down with relative precision. Kyle’s lap time was 36.454 to start things off, and ended up 26th out of 32.

It was clear that some of the riders were still getting the track wired, as there were a few over-jump-to-front-wheel landings on the first straight, and herky-jerk traverses on the third straight.

I have to say that, at this level, it is a clear certainty that all of the riders here are turning laps that are of the highest caliber. And all 32 deserve props for their level of conditioning and track skills. Unfortunately, we can’t go lap by lap and cover it that way (no thanks necessary), even if we want to scrutinize each lap to the last tire placement. But the truly stand-out laps and the hotseat changes *are* the most important of these all-important laps, so here’s how those break down.

Yoshitaku Nagasako was third in the running order, and turned an impressive lap which was enough to unseat Dodd from the hotseat and net him a 12th place finish–just behind Amidou Mir of France, and ahead of Bodi Turner of Australia.

After Niklas Laustsen from Denmark, Twan van Gendt turned one of those standout laps which was not only enough to boot Nagasako from the hotseat, but enough to hold off the next 14 riders, including Dutch teammate Jelle van Gorkom, Renato Rezende (BRA), Kyle Evans (GBR) and Tory Nyhaug (CAN).

Renato Rezende Fans in RioRezende is always a crowd favorite, having introduced himself to hundreds of thousands of fans via compelling YouTube videos. In his home country, it’s more so, and some fans were wearing Renato face masks during his run (above). The clock did not tell the story of Renato’s lap; he rode the heck out of it.

Down the order another eight laps was Latvian Edzus Treimanis, who gave us the first-and-only wreck of the day. It happened on the first straight, where he seemed to over-clear the first set, and blew out of his pedals, going cleats-up. He logged a DNF for the day.

Just as an observation: none of the national champions were flying their flag sleeve colors in Rio. Not sure if that is an Olympic rule, or just part of the custom of the Games to foster cohesiveness among their other teammates. In addition, neither world champion was running their #1 plate.

A couple more laps, then it was Team USA’s first appearance in Elite Men, with Connor Fields. This was the point at which the NBC Sports telecast joined the program.

Connor Fields Rio Time TrialConnor was off the bike in any major way for two months after a training accident in England back in April. It’s pretty incredible that he went through complex surgery, and brought things back into focus in time to get the Selection Committee nod to round out the team, and shoot a slick video edit for ODI on the comeback.

Microscope analysis of his lap might nitpick a few points for improvement, but to us, the lap was sweet music, even on mute. His characteristic in-air flair was on full display, and all those moves were more than enough to unseat van Gendt, with a time of 34.768, and an eventual fourth place finish on the day.

Riding 22nd in the rundown was The Machine, Maris Strombergs. The only BMX Gold Medalist in history had a lap that we’d grade right-up there, but it was not enough to unseat Connor.

Rio BMX Last Turn Sweet SpotAs we go through the time trial laps, watching the riders hit almost the exact same spot into the last turn (above) gives us a nice point of analysis for the group racing to follow. Though you can see some tire marks inside of this spot, almost-nobody was going that far inside in competition. It will be interesting to see how everyone handles the pack, guarding the inside and keeping their speed for the final straight.

Four more laps down, we had David Graf. David was wide-open in his run, and those horses caused him to over-clear the triple into turn one, past the backside. It didn’t matter much, however, as David hit the stripe .090/sec ahead of connor (34.678) to unseat him from the top spot.

Back in Switzerland, kids from his local track were cheering for him at a watch party. Here was their response to the lap, via Instagram.

A video posted by David Graf (@davidgraf48) on

Sam Willoughby was next in the gate. Sam brought his new Aussie-colors Redline out for a pre-Rio run in South Park a couple weeks back, taking the win on Friday (he didn’t race on Sat). His time trial lap was stoke all-the way, but .036/sec off Graf’s pace–yet still solid enough for a third overall when the final time was in.

Joris Daudet Rio Time TrialFive riders to go, and Joris Daudet was in the gate, ready to put that World Champion pizzaz to the pedals. Wowza! Not only an all-but-perfect lap, but one that topped the charts for the day at 34.617 (.061 faster than David Graf).

Even though the history books were already written, the world didn’t know it yet. We have to give some shouts to the home team (well, OUR home team, anyway).

Corben Sharrah showed a full tank of confidence and skill on the track. We have followed his past eight weeks of training with Coach G, via social media. It was all-the-way awesome, to get a peek behind the curtain on how the real work gets done, leading up to the biggest race of a storied career. Corben, if you remember, was the mens alternate for the London Games, and he took his place in Olympia like a full-patch member. He ended the day in fifth, just behind Connor.

And then we come to the final run of the day, courtesy of Nic Long. His first straight was slammin, with all the perfect put-downs on the backsides. He bonked it a tad-bit on the early part of the second straight, but had smooth runnings for the balance. Nic ended up ninth, a little under a half-second off Joris’ time.

In fact, less that a half a second (.478, to be exact) separated 10th place (Liam Phillips) from Joris Daudet’s winning time. So, you see what we mean when we say that these laps were about as tight as it gets.

Today, we’ll be back in the BMX News Global Command Center for the Men’s Quarterfinals. See the links below for full results from Time Trial day, as well as the moto breakouts for the quarters.

The Dan’s Comp “Countdown to Rio” ticker has long-hit zero, and has now been reset to “Countdown to BMX Medals,” coming Friday afternoon. Keep it here on News for the in-depth coverage of the Quarterfinals, All Semis and the two medal laps, slated to start at 2PM Eastern Time.

The full streamed show is available on (link below). It may be USA-only, and require login for your cable provider.

Check the BMX News Links below for more.

—Mike Carruth and Bryce Betts


Breakouts of Elite Men Quaterfinals

NBC Olympics Replay of Seeding Rounds

Women’s Olympic BMX Results

Men’s Olympic BMX Results

THURSDAY (Mens Quarterfinals) Live Stream – 12:30PM EDT

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Schedule: LCQ, Trials and Hall of Fame Nats

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Schedule for 2016 US Olympic BMX Trials
People are starting to make their way from all points East and North to just-about as far South and West* as you can get in the USA: Chula Vista, CA for a FIVE event weekend that kicks off early Friday morning with the Last Chance Qualifier to the US Olympic Trials.

We wanted to brief you Read more

Recap: 2016 UCI BMX SX World Cup – Papendal

May 10, 2016 by · Comments Off 

Story by Bryce Betts | Photos by Jerry Landrum

The third round of the 2016 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup tour stopped at the Dutch Olympic Training Center in Papendal, Netherlands. This season is flying-by, due to the Rio Olympics, now less than 100 days away. This is beneficial for fans Read more

Derby City BMX Closes for SX Makeover

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Derby City BMX Closes for SX Makeover
It has been in the works for a while now– a couple years, really–but Derby City BMX in Louisville,home to the Derby City Nationals over Labor Day weekend, has closed for a 12-week makeover. That makeover will feature the addition of a dual starting hill configuration, an 8-meter hill for the Elite classes and what is said by track officials to be a 3-meter hill for the amateurs.

UCI spec for challenge (amateur) class starting hills is 5 meters, but it looks like Derby city is taking a prudent approach and making it more approachable for the local program they need to run out there on the other 362 days there is not a national in town.

The 8-Meter hill will shoot into a newly-crafted Supercross first straightaway, and both straightaways will empty into a pushed-back, bigger and badder first turn.

Here is a full briefing that the track management posted to social media Monday evening:

As you all know the track is undergoing a rebuild starting today. This week will consist of utility marking, tree marking, setting up temporary electric for the work site, removing fencing, setting up tempory work site fencing and preparation for demolition. If everything goes as planned, the demolition phase could begin this week. After the demolition phase is complete, the construction of the starting hills will begin. This construction consists of an 8 meter Supercross hill and a 3 meter Amateur hill.

Billy Allen, USA BMX track builder, and his crew are scheduled to arrive June 26th. They will be here for 2 weeks. Their portion of the rebuild consists of blowing out the 1st turn and moving it back, reworking the 1st straight to merge both starting lanes before entering the 1st turn, reworking the 2nd straight when exiting the 1st turn, rebuilding the 3rd turn, reworking the end of the 3rd straight entering the 3rd turn, and straighten out the last straight. Once this portion is complete the 1st and 3rd turns will be paved. The track will then be ready for soiltac.

Once the rebuild is complete and Derby City BMX is back up and running, the Supercross hill will be locked unless we are hosting an event. The track will remain open to the public except during scheduled events.

There will be a meeting between the contractor, park staff and Derby City BMX President & Track Operator weekly. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page and allow us to update you on the progress weekly.

I hope this answered a lot of your questions. We are looking forward to a smooth and timely rebuild, but please be aware that things happen and alot of the rebuild hinges on good weather.

Russell Maurey, President

Tony Cline, Track Operator

Change is always a tough thing to accept, and BMXers have been making their opinions known for the past few days, bidding a fond farewell to their “old friend,” a track some have raced on for decades, and one that has had substantially the same layout for much of that time.

As one of the old-favorite “classic” BMX tracks in the USA BMX system, Derby City’s bigger, badder makeover begs the question of how many more dual hill facilities may be coming our way. It seems to be the hot new trend that is being considered in all the places you’d expect, and quite a few you would not expect.

If all goes to plan, the 2016 USA BMX Derby City Nationals will be run on the new track, with the pros presumably starting off the SX hill. No word on whether this race will be upgraded to a big-purse SX race, since it was not on the North American SX Series schedule.

Others are sharing their favorite images from the soon-to-be-gone Derby City “Classic Edition” track, and we put together some from our archives as well (see slideshow below).

Louisville Moments

All the best to the Derby City crew as they make this move toward a new era for Louisville BMX.

—Mike Carruth

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Recap and Photos: 16 Mile High Nats

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Recap: 2016 USA BMX Mile High NationalsStory By Bryce Betts, Photos (Mostly) by Chris Cavallaro.

After just five short days since the last national and North American Supercross Series race, riders from across the nation gathered in Grand Junction, Colorado. Many were checking their preferred weather app nervous for a weekend of rain.

Although there was rain and snow for many on the drive to the Mile High Nationals, the forecast for the weekend overall was fairly decent. Sporadic sprinkles on Friday left some worrying, but it cleared up the rest of the weekend, despite some periods of strong winds.

Grand Valley BMX features an 8-meter Supercross hill and an amateur hill. The racing surface was soft on Friday with some small ruts and a spongy “give” in the lower parts of the track (between doubles, etc). Luckily, the soft spots firmed up throughout the weekend.

As the final stop on the 2016 USA BMX North American Supercross Series, both Elite classes has plus-sized purses and, for the ams racing the Mile High Nats, plenty of NAG points and bragging rights on the line on a great, wide-open track, making for many amazing battles with more than a few going all the way to the wire.

Friday Elite Men Main Event at the 2016 USA BMX Mile High NationalsMaris Strombergs came out of the gate fast in Fridays main event, taking home the answer hole-shot award (above). Joris Daudet and Sam Willoughby were in hot pursuit however and the National Number 1 pro ended up carrying some speed from the second straight into the third and made the move past Maris, while Willoughby followed closely for the third.

Joris Daudet at the 2016 USA BMX Mile High NationalsJoris Daudet is aboard the new Chase RSP 3.0 and had an unreal amount of track speed all weekend. Even though Maris holeshotted both mains, the USA BMX and French National champ was as smooth as a shot on a gimbal, making a pair of epic passes on the two-time Olympic Gold holder.

Sean Gaian and Cole Tesar at the 2016 USA BMX Mile High NationalsBox Components Sean Gaian (left) was riding strong and confident all weekend. Sean walked away with the win on Friday, but was edged out by Cole Tesar (right) on Saturday, finishing a respectable third place. Layne Gainer took Sunday’s five-rider Pro Open class.

Alise Post at the 2016 USA BMX Mile High NationalsAlise Post was untouchable all weekend. Without losing a lap all the way until the final main event. Alise ended up unclipping down the hill in Sunday’s main, leaving the door open for her training partner, Lauren Reynolds, to take home the win.

LRG_DSC04572/>Lauren has been in the USA BMX scene for a few years now, but she had yet to land on the top step, until day two. “Lozzabear,” as her friends and family call her, picked the right weekend to win, with a $3,500 purse.

Noah Ramos at the 2016 USA BMX Mile High NationalsTangent Rift’s Noah Ramos looked great in 14x, winning two out of the three days, only losing to Supercross BMX star, Gavin Bowers on Sunday.

Todd Parry at the 2016 USA BMX Mile High NationalsTP Todd Parry was on-point all weekend. The Kuwahara crusher was skying the doubles down the second straight, and took home a “Big Six” (6 wins) in 46-50 Cruiser and 46-over Expert.

Alec Bob at the 2016 USA BMX Mile High NationalsFree Agent’s Alec Bob has been on a tear this year, and this weekend was no exception. Although Alec crashed in Friday’s amateur Supercross Open semi, in an epic “Jeff-Upshaw-in-Manchester” style wreck (above), he dusted it off and went on to win his 19/27x main event ahead of Corey Salas. Alec went on to win SX Open Saturday, and finished on the podium Sat and Sun in 19/27x which was won by J&R’s Josh Banuelos.

Jason Carnes at the 2016 USA BMX Mile High NationalsJason Carnes was on fire all weekend in his Redline badged Troy Lee kit. Jason won four out of five mains, only losing a lap to Charles Robinson where an epic battle through the last turn dropped him to fifth.

Cannon Wood at the 2016 USA BMX Mile High NationalsCannon Wood made the trip to the Centennial state from Yukon, Oklahoma and looked great walking away with a win in 10 cruiser Friday and 10 expert Sunday.

Jordy Scott at the 2016 USA BMX Mile High NationalsHyper Bicycles Jammin Jordy Scott didn’t hole shot every main event, but she did manage to make some passes allowing her to add two first place finishes to her NAG points tally. Emily Hayes from Colorado was able to win on Sunday for Factory Blaze.

Karter Montellano at the 2016 USA BMX Mile High NationalsAnswer Rennen’s newest pickup Karter Montellano, is making a difference on the team, taking home three wins in class, and two wins in cruiser.

Chandler Gunderson at the 2016 USA BMX Mile High NationalsChandler Gunderson is one of the most skilled young riders on the circuit. The semi-soft track didn’t hinder Chandler from “Taking it up stairs” on his way to twin-wins in 10x (Fri-Sat), and a second behind Cannon Wood, who made a great move in Sunday’s main.

Leo Hile at the 2016 USA BMX Mile High NationalsHaro/Promax heavyweight Leo Hile dominated the 13 expert class winning all three mains without contest.

Hunter Brown and Jesse Welch at the 2016 USA BMX Mile High Nationals15x was an epic battle all weekend between Jesse Welch, Hunter Brown (above) and Derek Phipps, who swapped positions all weekend. Jesse took home the win Friday and Saturday but Phipps pulled it together to win Sunday.

BMX News 2016 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp
BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Honorable Mention, but no Photos:
The Lil Avalanche, Danica Anderson had a great weekend aboard the factory Box Components ride. Danica saw three wins in 9 girls, and two out of three in 10 and under girls cruiser.

Olivia Armstrong and Sofia Foresta have both held the number one amateur cup above their head on Grands Weekend, and it was apparent in their battles all weekend. On Friday, Olivia Armstrong made a bold-but-textbook high/low on Sofia in the second turn, taking home the win, and backed it up with a win Saturday. Sofia learned from Friday however, and took home the win Sunday in the 15-16 girls class.

17/18x had a surprisingly-low rider count. Although they went straight to the main Friday, and only three groups Sat-Sun. Makieva Hopson, Nick Deters, and Sully Finch battled it out for the top three positions.

Heading Home
The #NewsTeam would like to Nick Adams and the crew at Grand Valley BMX, and all the track officials who worked hard all weekend keeping the track in the best condition possible, working overtime between laps.

As great as the track is in Grand Junction, the outside-the-fence facilities are awesome as well, with pavement, grass, and large bleachers for the fans. The dual-hill makes for a perfect spot to host an pro race, and we hope to see it back on the schedule next year.

Top Photo: Sean Gaian leads a pack of A-Pros into turn one at the 2016 USA BMX Mile High Nationals. Layne Gainer is in second here, and won the Pro Open class on Sunday.

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Friday Photos – 2016 USA BMX Mile High Nationals

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USA Cycling Announces Elite Worlds Team – Part I

April 20, 2016 by · Comments Off 

The UCI World Championships are just one month away, and the anticipation is building. On the Elite side of things, a lot more than just rainbow stripes are on the line this year as important Olympic qualification points are up for grabs. For Team USA elites, an automatic Olympic team nomination is the carrot that will meet any rider who podiums at this high pressure event. USA Cycling put out a press release on Wednesday, announcing the first eight riders headed to Medellín, Colombia.

Here’s what the official release said:

The first eight members of the 2016 UCI BMX World Championships team were named on Wednesday, nearly one month ahead of the May 25-29 competition in Medellin, Colombia.

Four men and four women were selected to the team, while another two men are still to be named following the May 7-8 World Cup #3 in Papendal, Netherlands.

In addition to potential world titles, Olympic spots are on the line for Team USA, as podium finishes would punch American athletes’ tickets to Rio. Up to three men’s and up to two women’s spots are available to those who podium, and any men’s athlete who places in the top eight will earn a nomination to the Olympic Long Team given that all three men’s Olympic nominations are not decided in Medellin.

Brooke Crain (Visalia, Calif./Haro Bikes/Dan’s Comp), Alise Post (St. Cloud, Minn./Redline USA) and Felicia Stancil (Lake Villa, Ill./GT Bicycles) each earned automatic nominations to the World Championships, while the other five selections were discretionary.

Men’s Team
Nic Long (Lakeside, Calif./Haro Bikes/Dan’s Comp)
Justin Posey (Winston-Salem, N.C. / Dan’s Comp)
Corben Sharrah (Tucson, Ariz./Daylight Cycle Co)
Jeffrey Upshaw (Dayton, Ohio/Kuwahara USA)

Women’s Team
Brooke Crain (Visalia, Calif./Haro Bikes/Dan’s Comp)*
Dani George (Palmdale, Calif. / Stay Strong)
Alise Post (St. Cloud, Minn./Redline USA)*
Felicia Stancil (Lake Villa, Ill./GT Bicycles)*

*automatic nomination

The automatic nominations were determined by the those riders placement in the top 16 men and top eight women in the UCI individual rankings as of December 31, 2015.

Automatic nominations do not deduct from the number of nation-qualified spots a federation can send.

According to the 2016 UCI BMX World Championships Competition Guide, the United States has qualified riders in the following classes (in addition to automatic nominations):

Junior Women: 1
Junior Men: 8
Elite Women: 4
Elite Men: 6

The balance of the team will be named after Papendal, which sure is a short runway between races. The NEWS TEAM will follow up with the complete team following their announcement.


2016 UCI Worlds Competition Guide

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