Tech Tip: Tightening Your Stem Bolts

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Box Tech Tips: Stem Bolts
This week in the Box Tech Tips series, Tyler Brown takes us through a bike maintenance step that every whip-wrencher should know: tightening the stem bolts properly. It’s easy to think “heck, just cinch ‘em up, and send the kid out there,” but THAT is where the “tips” part of “tech tips” comes in. Read more

Crupi I-Beam Stem

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J&R Product Spotlight: Crupi I-Beam Stem

BMX Racing is constantly-evolving, but there is one thing that remains constant—kids are always growing! One of the biggest challenges in our sport is dialing-in the bike. Often-times, at the track, you’ll hear someone giving advice Read more

The Outta-Sight CCH Superlite

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CCH Superlite Stem

Back on February 3 of last year, we brought you a “Proto Peek” on the CCH Stem that was making its way through development.

That product, with a few refinements, would ultimately become the CCH Superlite Stem you see before you, ready to ship.
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