Podcast: George Costa on His Team Retirement

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Podcast: George Costa on Team Retirement
It has been a long road of ups & downs, with some big successes along the way for George Costa, owner and team manager of Factory Answer/Rennen for the past seven seasons. Before that, he was title sponsor for Rennen-Intense, and got a feel for how the Factory Team scene works. Read more

Greg Hill Announces GHP is Shutting Down

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Greg Hill announces closing of GHP

BMX frame manufacturers are having a tough time nosing their way to the front of consumers’ minds lately. The massive influx of dozens of garage brands into the fairly-small BMX Racing marketplace over the past couple years leaves smaller slices of an already-small pie for which BMX Racing brands can compete.

Still, it was a big surprise to the BMX community when Greg Hill announced, on Sunday afternoon, that that he was shutting down the GHP frame brand after the current inventory is gone. The brand had seen three appearances on the BMX market, the first dating back to the 1980s, during the heyday of Greg’s storied racing career. This time, it was a 12-year run.

Here’s what he said in the Facebook announcement:

I am getting asked if were blowing out frames to make way for new ones, the answer is no. Basically, with over 150 different brands in the frame market it’s simply not a healthy market to be in.

We’ll be selling out our current inventory and moving out of the frame business and closing GHP down.

I appreciate all of your support this past 12 years it’s been fun, thank you all once again.

Immediately, everyone was writing “RIP” posts like the man, himself, had passed into the great beyond. Thankfully, nothing like that is the case. It’s the end of an era, to be sure. But, as the saying goes, “one door closes, another opens” (or something to that effect).

Greg, did not say he was getting out of BMX entirely-—only that the GHP brand of frames was shutting down. It remains unclear, but he still has his REMIX line of parts, and his Speed Seminar clinics, as many happy customers can attest.

BMX News will keep an eye on what’s next for our long-time friend, as he starts his post-GHP work. He did say, in another post, that he was writing another book about his life, so we will look forward to seeing that as well.

—Mike Carruth

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The GHP BMX Racing frame brand is shutting down