Final Hours: Vote in the Cajun Nats Photo Trophy Dash

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2014 Cajun Nationals Photo Trophy Dash

Voting ends 5PM Central time today on the Cajun Nationals Photo Trophy Dash. The image with the most likes on the image page in the Photo Trophy Dash Gallery (link Below) will win a 20×30″ canvas print of the winning image for the rider named in the caption.

One lucky liker of the winning image will win a $50 gift card from Dan’s Comp

As of 9AM on Monday, Tyler Whitfield was leading with 207 likes. Olijuwon Davis and Walker Finch were bar-to-bar, with 141 and 138, respectively. Trophy dashes are winer-take-all events, so rally your social media posse, and vote up your favorites.

Also, it’s not too late for the mid-pack:

John Anderson from ORP/Rickard Bikes
Alec Nesbitt from Lindsey Wilson Cycling
Ashlee Hill of CCH Bikes
Derrik Blackmore of Phoenix/Box
Brandon Ceslok of Ssquared Answer


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Re-Cap: 2014 Cajun Nationals

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2014 Cajun Nationals Re-Cap

The BMX News convoy could have just as well been called the “Quick-Trip Caravan” this weekend, as we blazed in to Cajun country in the dark hours of Friday night, and hauled (organic) bananas out of town, moments after the last gate on Sunday. All told, it was 25 hours in the car for 11 hours of the most prime pedal pushin on God’s Green Earth (this weekend, at least).

As we noted in our photo gallery teaser yesterday, the track was a crowd-pleaser, with a “U-inside-a-U” design. The first and second straights being the inside of the U. Out of turn two, there was a below-grade dip, in to the double that gave-way to the long third-straight rhythm. The last turn was a sweeper that held some dynamic moments from the first gate to the last, which made for awesome racing all weekend long.

Pit space was available inside and outside. Plenty of teams put down stakes on the grass, and among the free parking in the adjacent lot. A close-in parking spot was an easy-get, even after our Sunday mid-second-round arrival.

All this made for a very happy bunch of BMXers, complete with stories of crawdad and shrimp dinners, Duck Commander visits (3 miles from the Ike Hamilton Expo Center), and the resonant “quack, quack, quack” of the finest duck calls in the land in the pits, parking and vending area.

There was hella-heavy competition on the track, but the overall vibe was Southern-easy.

This was our first time at the Cajun Nats, and even though it was a haul-and-a-half from HQ, we can definitely see ourselves making the trip next year, if it’s on the schedule.

Moto-count-wise, Saturday was at 195, with 180 on Sunday.

Here are some of the highlights, and don’t forget to click-visit the photo galleries at the bottom, as we have free image downloads for all.

Strider coverage of 2014 Cajun Nationals

No, this Strider dad is not taking a cell call while his daughter is on the track. Texan Nora Flynn is blind, but participating in the Saturday Strider program! Nora has a Bluetooth headset under her helmet, and her dad guides her along the track using the paired cell phone. Amazing!

Chandler Denton at the 2014 Cajun Nationals

Chandler Denton is back in a big way. Our Georgia pal had some setbacks after New Year’s Eve goofin ended up with a bottle rocket shot into his eye. If that wasn’t bad enough, just as the doc cleared him to start pedaling around on the street, his hand-tight front wheel came off, and he caught a chain-tensioner to the top of the head. All is well now, and he is back on the bike, and back in the mix. Saturday saw him leading some laps, ultimately booking a second, behind Tyler Whitfield. On Sunday, half the pack crashed just after the first jump, leaving the Chanimal with a seventh.

Rico Bearman at the 2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals

Rico Bearman was tops of the 10 year olds, taking a double-double in 10x and 9-10 Open. Fierce enough to earn him a new award USA BMX is giving out on Sundays before the mains on national weekends.

Shan Hatfield at the 2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals

Shan Hatfield was back on the track in Louisiana, after a long layoff recovering from an injury suffered at the World Championships last year. Shan the Man was looking his fast old young self, til a wreck in the first turn of Saturday’s Cruiser main took him down. He was DNS for the 20″ main, and we didn’t see him on the sheets for Sunday. Hopefully, he was just sore, and we’ll see him again in Oldsmar.

Crupi's Colin Whittington at the 2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals

Colin Whittington cranked his Crupi to twin wins in 14x at the Cajun Nationals.

Brandon Elmore wins A-Pro at the USA BMX Cajun Nationals

Brandon Elmore was king of the Cajuns’ top class on Saturday, but had some strong comp in the persons of Will Grant and Lee Lewis, who went 2-3 on the podium on day one.

Lee Lewis wins day two at the 2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals

Lee the Flea had his teflon fully in place on Sunday, as he made it through carnage to take the win in mains one and two. Elmore won main #3, but LtF had the low points for the overall. Alan Hudson and Olijuwon Davis occupied double steps for Doublecross with second and third.

Caleb Wall into the second turn at the 2014 Cajun Nationals

Caleb Wall has been making some serious tracks in the 2014 season. We had our eye on him in Reno, and it seems the Texas Flash has been training-up and downing some Green Machine shakes, because he was riding with purpose at the Cajuns. A win in Jr. Devo on Sunday, and a third in 15x. Keep watching what this Amarillo slim has in his hand for the rest of the season.

Hayden Robinson of Ssquared Answer at the 2014 Cajun Nationals

Hollywood Hayden Robinson is settling in to his new Ssquared Answer ride in fast-forward fashion. Railing the last turn in Sunday’s main event, on the way to a double-double in 12x/12c.

Charlie Golwyn at the 2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals

Shock and “awww.” Charlie Golwyn– On the track: layin the smackdown, Stealth Bomber style, to all who show up. After a quick-change, following a fierce first-round transfer: a mild-mannered six-year-old, muggin for the camera and causing all-kinds of “awww” among BMX moms and post-K pretties in the Profile pit. Double wins in 6x.

Bailey Brannen at the 2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals

“Bad Girl” done good. Bailey Brannen had a great weekend in Louisiana. The sole Answer/Rennen emissary to the Cajun Nationals came up all-aces, both days in 11-12 Girl Cruiser and 12G.

Walker Finch of Haro/Promax at the 2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals

Walker Finch, out of the first turn, and in command of Sunday’s main. Walker doubled-up in Louisiana. On Saturday, the Juice, Justin Richmond got the deuce, and Collin Schmidt hit the three-step. Then, on day two, it was Finch, with Doublecross dude, Chris White in the two-spot, and Justin the with the third. Oh yeah, and Walker aced-up on 15-16 open both days too!

Keep an eye on BMX News next week for Dan’s Comp-sponsored coverage from the USA BMX Winter Nationals in Phoenix. Then we’re icing-down the Pellegrino for our trip to Oldsmar for the Gator Nationals, complete with full pro-series action, on the 22nd and 23rd.


2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals Photo Gallery – Saturday

2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals Photo Gallery – Sunday

BMX News 2014 Race coverage is sponsored by Dan’s Comp

BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Photo Gallery: Bluegrass Nats Day Two

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Kenneth Gustafson 19-27 Expert

The 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals is now in the history books. Day two ran smooth, and the track was slightly improved, after some post-race work on Saturday night.

Sunday saw 251 motos on the sheets, and some good back & forth racing in practically all classes in the main events.

A-Pro was amped-up, with 24 riders. Maliek was lookin strong all day, but in the end it was Max Egdorf from Answer Rennen who got the overall win after the three mains. Maliek was second and Corey Ross from Lindsey Wilson was third.

Top Photo: Kenneth Gustafson (above, in the Sunday Semi) had a great weekend in the Derby City, scoring twin wins in 19-27x.

Lots more to report from Louisville, so watch for our photo/caption re-cap Monday night before lights out.

Meanwhile, here’s a pixelicious appetizer in the form of the day two photo gallery.

BMX News Race Coverage Sponsored by Dan’s Comp


2014 Bluegrass Nationals Day Two Photo Gallery

And…if you haven’t seen Day One yet, Click to open in a new window.
2014 Bluegrass Nationals Day One Photo Gallery

BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Photo Gallery: Bluegrass Nats Day 1

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Maliek Byndloss of Ssquared Bicycles

BMX News is back in Louisville, Kentucky for the first of three trips in 2014. The Bluegrass Nationals kicked off Saturday in Freedom Hall of the Kentucky Expo Center.

The star of the weekend (or maybe the villian) was the track, itself, as some ornery damp dirt made for mushy moto conditions, and gave plenty of common ground to complain about. Billy Allen and his crew worked hard all weekend to get it firmed up. We’ll have more on that in our re-cap on Monday.

Day one of the Bluegrass Nationals had 273 motos on the sheets, including 28 A-Pros. Joining the class for the first time was 2013 National #1 Amateur, Maliek Byndloss, who started the day off with a crash, but ended it with a splash, winning the top class (also won the Friday Night Pre-Race, which was his official pro-opener).

We are heading back to the arena for day two, but before we hauled buns from the hotel, we wanted to post the Saturday photos for your viewing and downloading pleasure (free image downloads, as we always do). Over 170 curated photos in all.

Watch for the Sunday photos late tonight, and the re-cap before lights out on Monday in the new Dan’s Comp Race Coverage section.

BMX News Race Coverage Sponsored by Dan’s Comp


2014 Bluegrass Nationals Day One Photo Gallery

Day Two Photos Also Posted!
2014 Bluegrass Nationals Day Two Photo Gallery

BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Letter: Why So Uptight About Photo Credits?

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BMX News - Photo Credit Etiquette

We have been receiving more and more reader email lately, and finally decided to start publishing some of them. This one hits close to home, as the topic of photo credit etiquette is addressed.

Send your questions, comments, etc. to If we use yours, we’ll send you a BMX News T-Shirt.


I always hear that photographers are super sensitive about having a photo credit on their photos, even on someplace like Facebook. What’s up with that?

—Steve, New Jersey

Hey Steve,

Thanks for writing, and asking the question that lots of folks don’t ask before re-posting someone else’s photos.

Historically, a photographer credit next to an image is akin to a byline that runs over a story or other written work–it’s the way the world knows who created a particular work.

We have seen similar credits across the ages in the arts–from an artist signing a masterpiece painting during the renaissance, to an actor receiving “top billing” on a performance playbill, to a photojournalist getting a side-by-side credit with the author of an important piece of editorial work.

Whether you are a painter, or a writer, or photographer, etc, the work being created is often deeply personal to the artist. Giving the creator of the work, credit for it when you use it is considered the least someone can do (in addition to paying him, of course).

When you capture an image, or create other kinds of work that fall under copyright, you, as the creator of that work, have certain rights to limit how that work is copied. We retain those rights until expressly released or assigned to a third party.

In my case, I allow BMXers to post my images freely–with two restrictions. “Free *Online* use permitted *if BMX News logo is preserved in full.*” That means, you can’t use it in print without obtaining further permission, and please respect “the code” by leaving the logo in the shot.

I am not going to ugly-up my photo by putting a huge watermark across it–I WANT people to enjoy it. But, at the same time, I want credit for the time and expense that went in to creating the work.

Sometimes, people will take a photo OF a photo with their iPhone to get it onto social media more efficiently. I do it too. Most of the time, they lose the logo in that process, which is a real bummer to me. Then, they tend to tag-up the description with things like #10sponsors #BMX #livinthedream #wayhigh #goinfast, etc. But no #mikecarruth #bmxnews, or Photo: Mike Carruth,

To me, that is worse than sitting down to a four-hour meal, and not leaving the waitress a tip. You’d never do that, would you? Credit for the image doesn’t cost you any money, so why not give it generously?

Cropping out someone’s tastefully-placed corner watermark is impolite. Cropping it out, then not mentioning them at all is down-right rude. Some photographers get very hot & hostile when someone uses a photo without authorization, payment or credit. Who can blame them?

Some of us take a more future-facing approach, and just stop photographing those people–no more work left to pilfer. Not trying to be passive-aggressive about it, but if folks can’t observe a bit of manners in using the free photography they have been given access to, then what’s left?

As I said above, I want my photos to be seen and enjoyed by the BMX community–as much as possible. I make them available for personal use on social media freely, and expressly–as long as the BMX News logo remains in the shot. If you are using my work without permission for commercial purposes–in a print ad, packaging, etc without permission…well, now you got a problem. But that’s a different topic.

Bottom line

Photographers: If you are posting your work online, don’t get bent out of shape when someone uses it on their Facebook or personal site–when proper crediting is observed. If you are that tweaked by it, don’t post the images. Or put a full-frame watermark on it, if you must (though I don’t recommend that, as you are only diminishing the work).

Everyone Else: If you want to use a photo you didn’t shoot, here are some tips:

A). Ask the photographer if it’s OK to use it (unless it states “free to use” or is made available under a “Creative Commons” license)

B). Put a “Photo by:” credit with the photo. If using it online, a link back to their website is good form.

C). If there is a watermark or logo on the image you are using, observe that, or ask the photog for a fresh placement of the logo in the cropping you want to use. I do it all the time for people who ask, no sweat.

D). As long as you are tagging #heavymetal and #yourthirdgradeteacher in the photo, it’d be nice for you to tag us as well.

I’m sure that, for every 10 photographers you’d interview on this topic, you’d get 25 opinions about how it should go. Some are “uptight” about people even using their work at all. Others are cool with personal use, but want the credit for creating it.

Thanks again for writing in.

—Mike Carruth

BMX News reader letters can be sent to If we use yours, we’ll send you a BMX News T-Shirt.

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Photos Gallery: Louisville Day Two

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Derby City Day Two Photos

Day two in Derby City was all about fluidity. Hydrating fluids to keep you up & running in the 90 degree heat. Stifling humidity that made it feel, at times, like you were breathing through a damp wash cloth, and later in the day, two rain delays–the second of which was spurred on by two lightning strikes on the track property.

The pros got their respective mains in the books before the fireworks from the sky ended the day (before the driving rain ended it anyway). As you look at the photos, you can see the clear blue sky we started under, then some clouds rolling in…then overcast. Then bright sun again (following a 2-hour-plus rain delay), then clouds roll in again, and we ended up with the skies looking like the photo above of Maris Strombergs winning the Elite Men’s main.

Racing was suspended during the expert open classes, and picked back up around 9AM sunday morning. The balance of the mains were run under hazy sunshine. Starting before sunrise, the crew raked and rolled kitty litter, quikcrete and whatever else was available at Home Depot in industrial sizes. By the end of the leftover mains, reports from the pits were that the track was coming back to its old self.

Racing is currently under way on the Day Three race, which is running under a one-moto-transfer system. We’ll be out there for the semis and mains, but before we left the building, we wanted to get you the Day Two photo galleries.

More photos Sunday Night, and our re-cap of the weekend late Monday, after the drivin’ and camera bag clean-up are done.


2013 USA BMX Derby City Nationals – Day Two

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Vote in the June Photo Trophy Dash

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BMX News Photo Trophy Dash - June 2013

With two big races in the month of June (Nashville days two and three, and Rockford, we had more than enough shots qualify for the Photo Trophy Dash. The eight you see below are the office favorites–the final gate of eight for June 2013.

Click through at the bottom to vote. The image that gets the most votes by July 4 at Noon Eastern time will earn the rider named in the caption a 30×20 canvas print of the shot. Also, one lucky liker of the winning image will win a Rennen Smart Sprint, courtesy of Rennen Design Group.

Marc Willers – BOX Components/DK Bicycles
Vote for Marc Willers in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash June 2013

Jamie Patterson, Hutch BMX
Vote for Jamie Patterson in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash June 2013

Dylan Shipley, Morphine Industries
Vote for Dylan Shipley in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash June 2013

Cameron Moore, Answer/Rennen
Vote for Cameron Moore in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash June 2013

John Miller, Black Crown Products
Vote for John Miller in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash June 2013

Maliek Byndloss, Ssquared Bicycles
Vote for Maliek Byndloss in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash June 2013

Justin Posey, Dan’s Comp
Vote for Justin Posey in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash June 2013

Bubba Harris, Badd & Company
Vote for Bubba Harris in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash June 2013


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Rockford Photo Galleries

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BMX Photos From 2013 Midwest Nats Rockford

It was a long weekend of racing in Rockford. No, it wasn’t one of those three-day nationals that REALLY put a hurt on ya. But a LOT of racing, rain and reminiscing was packed into the 48 hours that was the 2013 USA BMX Midwest Nationals.

Saturday posted 251 motos on the moto boards at Rockford BMX, and Factory Row was stacked with BMX Brands big, small and embryonic.

BMX News was on the infield, and probing the pits for scoop and other stuff you need to know. We’ll be back with all that later today, but thought we’d get you started with an order of hot-takes. Here are the “Rockford Files” (yuk-yuk), a collection of 202 images from Saturday, and 108 from Sunday. These are free mid-resolution downloads, so feel free to use them in your social media posts, web site, or to make prints.

The only thing we ask, is that in exchange for all the hard work that went in to getting the shots, you leave the BMX News logo in the shot. It would sure be neighborly if you’d tag #bmxnews and the photographer (#mikecarruth) if you’re tagging other things in your post.

Check back here later today for our Re-Cap of the weekend.

2013 USA BMX Midwest Nationals Photo Galleries

2013 Rockford Photo Gallery – Saturday

2013 Rockford Photo Gallery – Sunday

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ATL Photos: Thor Buchanan Joins Photog Corps

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Gavin Freewalt and Nate Coyman at 2013 Dixieland Nationals

Story By Mike Carruth

One of the things I love about BMX Racing is that it’s a sport that encourages people to get involved… and to try new things once they’re here–even off the bike.

You want to try your hand at announcing? Come on up and speak on it. You want to start a team, and enhance the experience for the local kids? Awesome…here’s the number to a few of the top jersey guys. You want to try your hand at shooting photos? Come on out (just don’t get hit).

A full 32-years ago, that’s how it happened for me. I told my mom I wanted to write a story and take pictures for the NBL national that was coming to our local track (Itasca BMX), and she said “well, then you should!” In that moment, was the start of a career and lifelong passion for writing and shooting. The story/photo package got published in Super BMX magazine (might have been the October 1981 issue, but the issue got wiped out by a flood in the 90s).

Thor Buchanan joins the BMX Photog Corps
Recently, 13-year old Thor Buchanan (above, 13x and 13C for Ssquared/Answer) saw a legit shooting rig in the van, and decided to pick it up and give it a go.

His dad, Jim, who runs the team tells it like this:

I bought the camera to take pictures of the team and our road trips. The camera had thousands of miles and no pictures. One day, Thor asked me if he could use the camera, and he just started taking picture.

We’ve known Thor for a long time, and know him to be a fan of BMX Action magazine from the 80s-era, which is as close to a textbook of BMX photography as we get in this business.

For the recent Dixieland Nationals in Atlanta, I was unable to make the trip, due to a family commitment, and that presented the perfect opportunity to give Thor the nod to shoot it for us. He hasn’t quite earned his infield stripes yet, so he found a couple good angles in the stands and on the second turn, and came home with a very solid gallery.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of his shots here on BMX News, and I hope you will too.

Welcome to the club, Thor! I will now share some of the bro-secrets of the group. If you need AA batteries, they’re in the front-left pocket of my camera bag…just help yourself. Jerry Mania keeps sunscreen in his backpack (which has rescued me more times than I can say–thanks Jer’), and you can sometimes grab some sit-time on Krenek’s folding chair during Novice class on Sunday, when he doesn’t pick it up after the race on Saturday. Plus, maybe the most important one of all, as John Ker taught me in 1984, “never turn your back on the action!”


Check out Thor’s Dixieland Nationals Gallery


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Vote in the March Photo Trophy Dash

April 1, 2013 by · Comments Off Photo Trophy Dash for March 2013

March seemed like a long, LONG month. It started in Phoenix, with the USA BMX Winter Nationals. That was the season opener for the pros, and they turned out in droves to soak up some Southwestern sun, and spin the cranks for the first time since the Grands.

The very next week, we were off to see John Sawyer and his amazing facility in Oldsmar, FL for the USA BMX Gator Nationals. That was also the weekend for the first UCI race of 2013–the UCI BMX North American Continental Championships. Wow, that’s a mouthful.

Skip a week to get some laundry done, and we were back in the suitcase, destination: the big D–and by that, we mean Desoto. All manner of strangeness was visited upon the BMX faithful, as more than an inch of hailstones fell from the sky, and the anticipated balmy Texas temps were swapped-out with something more suiting the produce room at Costco.

A total of 7,500 miles on the toteboard for the month. Through it all, BMX News was there, snapping the shots that quicken the pulse, and bump the brands on the backs of the fastest BMXers in the known universe. Of the 1035 photos that made the cut from the three races, we took the past week to distill that über set down to 30, then 15, then a final gate-of-eight, to bring you the March 2013 Photo Trophy Dash.

Vote For Your Favorites

In the gate for the Photo Trophy Dash are our eight favorite shots from the month. Now you, the readers and fans, will pick the fairest of them all. Why these eight? Well, each had that little something extra. Maybe it was the lighting, exposure and composition of the shot; maybe it was the style on the rider; maybe it was repping awesome racing action. Whatever it was, it caused us to say “THAT is a killer shot!” from the moment we saw it on the monitor.

Cast a vote for your favorite by clicking through to the gallery page at the bottom of the page. The photo with the most Facebook likes at 12 Noon on Thursday, April 4 will win the trophy: A 30″ x 20″ canvas print of the winning shot.

But wait…there’s more!

Like the BMX News Facebook Page, and follow @bmxnow on Twitter, and we will choose one lucky liker of the winning image to win a Rennen Smart Sprint BMX Speedometer (a $90 value). Links are below to get that done, as well.

Here is the rollout for the BMX News March 2013 Photo Trophy Dash

Click Below to Vote for Ryan Zinzow of Ssquared/Answer

Vote for Ryan Zinzow in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash

Click Below to Vote for Seth Michalowski of Badd & Company

Vote for Seth Michalowski in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash

Click Below to Vote for Spencer Cole of DK Bicycles

Vote for Spencer Cole in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash

Click Below to Vote for Alden Volle of Dan’s Comp

Vote for Alden Volle in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash

Click Below to Vote for Donny Robinson of SE Bikes

Vote for Donny Robinson in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash

Click Below to Vote for Brian Kirkham of Intense BMX

Vote for Brian Kirkham in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash

Click Below to Vote for Alex Tougas of Yess BMX

Vote for Alex Tougas in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash

Click Below to Vote for Corben Sharrah of Haro Bikes

Vote for Corben Sharrah in the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash


Vote In The March Photo Trophy Dash

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