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2015 Derby City Nationals Photo Galleries

While the 2015 USA BMX Derby City Nationals would go in the books as one of the warmest races in a while, it was also super-heated on the track. The competition was thick, from the first a-Pro rack on Friday to the last 46-Over Expert main on Sunday.

Nearly 100 Eastern Division Championship jerseys were awarded, as also took place in Reno for the Western Division Championships. There was a high-stoke for the riders, as they got to take their spot atop the USA BMX podium for a photo comemmorating the occasion.

BMX News was in the house from Thursday morning, and came back with some great photos and stories to tell from the race. As we hit the road back to HQ, check out the photo galleries, along with our always-free image downloads.

BMX News 2015 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp
BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Thursday Photos
Derik Bergh at the 2015 USA BMX Derby City Nationals

Friday Photos
Anna Johnson at the 2015 USA BMX Derby City Nationals

Saturday Photos
BMX News Coverage of  the 2015 USA BMX Derby City Nationals

Sunday Photos
Tyler Whitfield at the 2015 USA BMX Derby City Nationals

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Photo Galleries: Colorado

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2015 Mile High Nationals Photo Galleries

It was an incredible weekend of dual-hill racing in Grand Junction, Colorado last weekend, as the USA BMX Mile High Nationals came to town. This was also stop number two on the 2015 USA BMX North American Supercross Series, and the grand opening race for the shiny-new Grand Valley BMX facility.

BMX News was on-scene to capture every second of action, through the lens of our trusty Nikon. We brought back three tasty photo galleries, which we’re posting per-usual, as an appetizer to the full-recap of the who’s who, some up & comer disruptors and how they all did.

We’re pulling out of Grand Junction this morning for a not-so-grand drive Eastbound. Only about six Starbucks stops and 1400 miles between the Mile High and home. Meanwhile, check out the galleries by clicking on the images below (will open in a new window).

BMX News 2015 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp
BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Friday Photo GalleryAlise Post Doubles Up in Grand Junction

Saturday Photo GallerySam Willoughby Takes double wins at the North American SX Series

Sunday Photo GalleryChandler Denton at the 2015 Mile High Nationals

Watch for the Recap on Thursday.

—Mike Carruth

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Fields and Post Plus-Up Friday Night Format

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Connor Fields wins Day 1 in Phoenix

The new Friday-Saturday format for pro racing debuted at the Winter Nationals. It was interesting, exciting and a bit frustrating, all at once. With 53 Elite Men and 21 Elite Women on the hill, there’s no question that it brought an element of “show” to the normally-ho-hum Friday night pre-race.

This was an especially-large pre-race—about as large as last week’s national in Florida, at 150ish motos. As a result, it went til 10:15PM. Add in getting some food, maybe a shower to wash the Black Mountain off of you, and it was Midnight before lights out. That’s a tough Friday night, considering Saturday is likely to go late, too.

By the time Connor Fields hit the finish line on his winning pro main lap, most of the parking lot had emptied out– but about 25% of the crowd stayed behind to see every last lap, the munchkins and the mighty, alike, do their thing.

Of course there was some incredible race action between the first pro gate of the night and the last.

Elite Women had a few new faces, with Shay Glynn, Carlie Ferree, Kelsey Van Ogle, and Rachel Mydock. But there is no question that the Old Guard is still well in charge of the class, with Alise Post and Brooke Crain getting tons of lead rider calls from the tower.

Rachel Mydock at the 2015 USA BMX Winter Nationals
First-time Elite Mydock (above) did win the very-first Elite lap of the 2015 season, however, which is one of those “moments-in-history” things. Ferree was toward the front in more than a few laps as well, so we are looking for her to make some big moves as she gets settled in.

In the single-lap UCI main event, it was Alise, Brooke and Belgian Elke Van Hoof to stand on the new-for-2015 USA BMX podium.

Elite Men had some heartbreak mixed in with the action. Some good lead changes down the fourth straight of the long Black Mountain track. Justin Posey had 1-1-1 going in to the quarterfinals, but missed getting to the gate on time, later telling News:

“I never heard them announce ‘Pros to Staging.’ I only heard the first quarter being announced, from the pits. Tough lesson, for sure.”

Sam Willoughby was atomic all evening long, and it looked like he could very-well get the first win of 2015 on Friday night. Of course, Connor Fields was also having a great evening.

When the two met in the semis. It was the unstoppable force versus the immovable object. Both came out of the middle, with Connor in gate 4 and Sam in 5. They were closer than peas & carrots when they went into turn one at Warp 9. Hard to say what happened next, even with the benefit of G-Mo’s awesome video sequence of the situation (below). Both stars, super-close. Looked to us as though Sam just landed funny off the jump leading into turn one–while others said it was a lean-in battle. Whatever it was, it took Sam down to the dirt, and left Connor an open track ahead to do his business.

The wreck took down three of the eight riders, and Sam had an injury to his hand–no word on how bad, but he is racing on Saturday, so .

After all-but-the-expert mains of the pre-race, the two Elite mains ran, with the aforementioned finish of Post, Crain and Van Hoof on the podium for the women, and for the men, Connor had an awesome lap, but was pressed by Nic Long and Corben Sharrah. This was the first time in quite a while we had an all-American Elite Men’s podium.

Alise Post Wins on Day 1 of 2015 Winter Nationals

BMX News 2015 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp
BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

A Little Ditty on the New Format
As we were driving back to the hotel, we had a few minutes to pause and reflect on the new Friday night pro format. There were some bright spots to it–some “pros,” if you will, on the pros/cons list. But there were some aspects that were not as good as the traditional Sat/Sun format.

Time will tell if the gravitational-pull of the pros can lift the Friday night pre-race up to the next strata, and make it something families will want to stick around til 9 or 10 at night to see. Or if the Friday night pre-race pulls the pros down to it’s level of being a lower-wattage opener to the more important racing on Saturday and Sunday. Will the magnetic-poles of BMX stardom flip, making less-expensive-to-sponsor A-Pros more attractive, since they can race at every national, AND might be inclined to race all three days at Elite races; versus the much more limited exposure of the Elites?

The Elites need elevation. They need BETTER exposure to the families who buy the bikes and parts that allow the industry to fund pros. Seeing them race in the shadows, then disappear into the deep-darkness of the pits til next round may not be the way to accomplish that.

From an audience perspective, not everyone is in town yet on Friday night–hence the reason for Saturday sign-ups and practice. It was strange seeing the Elite mains running at 10 at night, with 75% of the people who were there for the first gate already gone.

With the pros now out of the picture (and presumably on their way home) on Sunday, arguably half that facetime opportunity to meet fans is gone. Will this prove to be an unfortunate culture shift for the sport, or a new age of making “Elite” more elite, through scarcity?

—Mike Carruth

BMX News will have more from Black Mountain BMX as Day One of the 2015 USA BMX Winternationals gets under way. meanwhile, take a gander at our photo gallery from the Friday night pro race.


Photo Gallery 2015 Winter Nationals Elite Day 1


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Photo Galleries: Silver Dollar Nats

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Chandler Denton wins A Pro in Vegas

The 2015 season kicked off in the Silver State over the weekend–but not in the location we have all inked on our calendar for the past several years. This time, the Southern Route was taken, as the BMX universe descended on the giganto South Point Resort in Las Vegas.

South Point is the site of the summer race, so nothing overly “new” about BMXers and that place, but in winter–well, we almost typed “RNO” into variuous travel websites, multiple times.

This was said to be the largest season opener on record–with 356 motos on Saturday. A couple notable points, which we’ll cover in deeper detail in tomorrow’s recap: the Junior Devo class has been eliminated from the program for the new year. That is not to say that the Jr. Devo camps will be eliminated. Just that Jr. Devo will likely no longer be a separate class that anxious-for-the-supercross-props 15 and 16 year olds would sign up for. No final/official word on how the Jr. Devo program will determine invitations, but a few hints that it may go the direction that the girls program went a teay or two ago. That is to say: via points in the regular national program.

Also moving the needle in Vegas was the fresh crop of new pros for 2015. A rule change in the 2015 USA BMX rulebook states that when an amateur races a UCI Junior Elite or Elite race, s/he will be moved up to USA BMX Pro (or words to that effect). Thus, lots of guys and gals who want to take a shot at the UCI BMX Junior Elite world title in Belgium later this year would be moved up to Pro in August anyway–so are just getting it going sooner rather than later.

You probably caught the feature Bryce Betts filed on the topic last week. Well, turns out there were a few more on the moto sheets, com Saturday, than even we had anticipated. Tyler Whitfield, Chandler Denton and Hunter Pelham were all holding their own throughout the weekend. The exodus in those am classes definitely made it a little more interesting to watch–all eyes fixed on who would take the main event gate positions usually filled in by our new money makers.

BMX News race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp

BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Lots more to report, but they’re calling final boarding call here at LAS for the late night hop back East. We will have the photo/cap re-cap Tuesday at Noon Central, so be sure to check back for that.

Meanwhile, here are the photo galleries we came back with. Some great stuff to get the season started on the good foot.

Top: Chandler Denton (Center) wins his A Pro debut on Saturday. Teammate Tyler Whitfield and Supercross BMX star Kalvin Davis were also on the day-one square on Saturday.


Photo Gallery: 2015 Silver Dollar Nationals – Saturday

Photo Gallery: 2015 Silver Dollar Nationals – Sunday

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2014 Music City Nationals – Full Photo Set

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2014 USA BMX Music City Nationals Photos

Before we set sail for home this morning, we wanted to get a final post from Nashville on the wires. All three days at the Music City Nationals provided great action, and a perfect setting for us to do what we love doing most–capturing images of the real and the raw on the race track, and bringing them back to you.

In all, there are 400 images that made the cut (out of about 500 total), with good representation of all classes that worked hard to take home the high-hardware from Nashville–from the youngest Novices, on up to Maris Strombergs and Mariana Pajon’s double wins in the Elite classes.

BMX News 2014 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp

BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp


2014 USA BMX Music City Nationals – Friday Photo Gallery

2014 USA BMX Music City Nationals – Saturday Photo Gallery

2014 USA BMX Music City Nationals – Sunday Photo Gallery

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Photos: Music City Nationals Day One

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Maris Strombergs and Connor Fields at the 2014 Music City Nationals

Day one of the 2014 USA BMX Music City Nationals was sunny and steamy, on and off the track. Great weather, and bar to bar racing was in effect from the first Strider moto to the finalmain event of the day, which was decided in the final feet after John Pringle’s last turn charge to take home the win.

With 274 motos on the boards (including seven racks of Elite Men & Women), the race day was long–about 8 and a half hours, but folks were up & at it early, early for Day two (as evidenced by the scooter slam happening outside our motel door at 6:30AM). Sunday morning saw a 30 minute spell of rain, but it moved out quick, and skies cleared, giving way to what looks like another great day of racing in the Music City.

Saturday’s Pro racing had a lot to keep fans on the fenceline. Sam Willoughby missed qualifying, with a fifth in the semi–which wouldn’t really be noteworthy if it weren’t Sam. In the main, Maris and Connor (above) had the lead from the bottom of the first straight, and Kurt Pickard was a solid third into turn two, when his back wheel broke loose, and he spun into the asphalt, giving Logan Collins the perfect opportunity to take up the three spot. This was Logan’s first Elite Main event appearance, in front of his home crowd. How could it be more perfect for him?

In Elite Women, it was Mariana all the way for the win, with Don Daniels back on the podium in second. Brooke Crain had a great trip, and was in for the thiree spot.

We’re stoked for Rusty Nesvig–his win on Saturday put him over the top of the $4,000 needed to move up to AA (being 20 years old, he could have raced UCI Elite anyway, but any points earned would not have counted toward the USA BMX AA Pro class, or allow him to race the top class when it is USA BMX Pro and not UCI Elite). Jeremy Smith and Olijuwon Davis joined Rusty on the podium.

There were a fair amount of wrecks on Saturday, so we’re sending out a big BMX News get well card to the five or six riders we know of who won’t be suiting up today. Day two is usually better in that regard, as people learn to throttle it back, instead of going all wango-tango down the maineater first straight.

BMX News 2014 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp

BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Welp, Sunday racing is underway, so we’d better beat feet out to the track and light this candle for day two. Watch for Day two photos Monday morning, and our Music City race re-cap on Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile, Check out the 255 photo gallery from Saturday’s racing.


2014 USA BMX Music City Nationals – Saturday Photo Gallery

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Photos: Music City Pro Practice

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2014 Music City Nationals

Nashville, TN is the center of the BMX universe this weekend, as the annual USA BMX Music City Nationals kicks off tomorrow. This year’s race is a two-day affair (it was three days last year, as host to the USA Cycling Amateur Championships), and our quick, unscientific parking lot spot check shows license plates from as far away as Colorado, Massachusetts, Lousiana, Florida and even some Californians making the drive.

News is on day eight of our “Westward” tour, which took us to Albuquerque last week, then on an 18-hour hop East to Nashville by Tuesday night. Cooled-off hotspots, dead hotel Internet, and closed-for-water-outage Starbucks locations have all conspired to keep us from getting our ABQ re-cap posted. But, never fear, it IS coming. Think of it this way, if we were in print, like the old days, you’d still have another seven weeks to wait.

Today’s pro practice brought out some of the names we’ll see on the sheets in the top classes this weekend (though some are reportedly still inbound). Albuquerque winners Nic Long and Kurt Pickard (above) are here, as is Sam Willoughby, Maris Strombergs and David Herman–so is Connor Fields, who wasn’t in Albuquerque–plus a “cast of dozens” more. We saw Shanaze Reade in practice, but not Felicia or Dom, so something new could be at hand in terms of a clash of “unusual suspects” in Elite Women. SATURDAY MORNING UPDATE: Felicia, Dom and Mariana are all here, so double-stack the action!

We heard the pre-race was 88(!) motos Friday night, so that could mean a Saturday count of 220 or so, based on one of the many formulas we apply to predict these things. Some here think it will edge more toward 300, so we’ll see who’s right, and shame the loser appropriately and mercilessly.

Saturday’s weather looks good–cooler than today’s 85–and dry. Sunday is too soon to tell on the preciptiation front, with storm clouds on some forecasts after 12 Noon.

As we reported in our Throwback Thursday piece, the track is in tip-top shape, with a fresh topper of asphalt on the first turn, as well as some nipping and tucking where needed. The youngins are having a great time skying over the first-straight table, and it will be interesting to see how many 12-unders bring their pilot’s license to first round tomorrow.

We popped off a few dozen frames in pro practice tonight (link below). That shooting-down-the-first-straight angle is one of our favoritist shooting spots on the whole USA BMX tour, and we just didn’t want to shoot anywhere else in the 30 minute practice today. But still, some rad shots for OUR warm up day. We’ll be getting all around that place the rest of the weekend.

BMX News 2014 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp

BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

BMX News coverage of the 2014 USA BMX Music City Nationals continues tomorrow with tweets from the infield (follow @bmxnews), and Saturday photos posted Sunday morning. Meanwhile, check out the Friday pro set.


Photo Gallery: 2014 USA BMX Music City Nationals – Friday

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Photo Gallery: Gator Nationals Day One

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2014 USA BMX Gator Nationals - Day 1

It’s a pretty rare occurance when the Elite Men class is larger than the largest amateur class. Well, here in Oldsmar, 69 riders were on the sheets on day one–bigger than all the other pro/Elite classes combined. Part of that was owing to the new USA BMX rule, combining Junior and Elite, and part was because it has been a long lay-off season (especially for some of these guys, who did not go to Reno).

It just seemed like the Elite racks kept coming, with household names in all, but with some new talent also getting top-three calls from the tower.

Maris Strombergs was back in top form, as he did battle with Sam Willoughby’s mega-inertia win streak. Elite Men had 1/8 finals to whittle the big field down to a final gate of eight. This also cause a ripple in the running order, as the Elite Men’s main event, usually the fourth main event of the day (after Devo, A-Pro, and Elite Women), had to run after the novices, because the Elite Men semi ran in the usual main event running spot.

Elite Men Finishes
Maris Strombergs – Free Agent/Speedline
Sam Willoughby – Redline/TLD
Connor Fields – Chase BMX/Monster
Steven Cisar – Bombshell
Donny Robinson – SE Bikes
Joris Daudet – Chase BMX
Corben Sharrah – Haro Bikes
Riley Stair – Tangent/Rift

2014 Gator Nationals Elite Women
In Elite Women, we were treated to a 17-rider field, including Mariana Pajon, Alise Post, Dom Daniels, Felicia Stancil and a bevvy of others. Dom had not raced since Disney Cup in October, and was in the mix throught the day, though ended up the afternoon with a snowman in the main. Mariana led the main from the get-go, and Felicia had the two spot sewn up, til the final feet, when Alise got by her for the (camera) left step finish. Final Order for the women went:

Elite Women Finishes
Mariana Pajon – Dan’s Comp
Alise Post – Redline
Felicia Stancil – GT Bicycles
Brooke Crain – Haro
Shanaze Reade – GT
Dani George – Supercross
Teagan O’Keeffe – Promax
Dominique Daniels – Doublecross

We will have more from Oldsmar in our full re-cap on Monday night. Meanwhile, check out our photo gallery from Day One.

BMX News 2014 Race Coverage Sponsored by Dan’s Comp


2014 USA BMX Gator Nationals Photo Gallery – Saturday

2014 USA BMX Gator Nationals Results – Saturday

Photo Gallery: 2014 USA BMX Winter Nationals

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2014 USA BMX Winter Nationals Photo Gallery

The Winter Nationals are always one of the best races of the year. It is generally the race where we start to see who is going to be the fighting force of the season, team wise. Plus, as the first outdoor race of the season, we get a first glimpse of who might be the stand-out riders of the year.

This year, BMX News contributor Tanner Yeager had the awesome responsibility of bringing back a photo gallery that represented the depth of the talent pool, in all classes. We think he did a great job on that front and know you’ll dig it too.

Above: Ryan Pettigrew took the win in Jr. Devo on Saturday, and in 15x on Sunday. Bubba Gonzales was first at the stripe in 15x on Saturday. Phoenix/Box has THREE guys in 15x, so we could not positively ID their guy in this photo, but we thinks it be Brian Ensey.

2014 BMX News race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp


2014 USA BMX Winter Nationals Photo Gallery

2014 USA BMX Winter Nationals Results

Our next race will be the USA BMX Gator Nationals in Oldsmar, Florids this weekend. Pro series racing, and temps in the low-80s will make this a great one, so watch BMX News for Story, Photos and quick hits throughout the weekend. ALso, follow @bmxnews on twitter for as-they-happen updates from the infield and pits.

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Tyler Whitfield Wins Cajun Nats Photo Dash

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Tyler Whitfield - Winner BMX News Photo Trophy Dash

The BMX News Photo Trophy Dash for the 2014 Cajun Nationals is complete. With five full days of voting and over 650 likes on the eight finalists, it was fun watching how the votes were going.

Tyler Whitfield of Ssquared Answer won the dash with 219 likes. That means he gets a 20×30 canvas print of the above photo. Adrian Sanders from Leawood, Kansas was one of the fans who liked the winning photo, and we drew her name at random to receive a $50 Dan’s Comp gift card. Congrats Tyler and Adrian!

Tyler told “News”
“I want to thank all the friends, fans, and family who shared and liked my photo for the Trophy Dash! Big thanks to my mom Delores for tagging every friend on her friends list and Mike Carruth for putting me in the contest! I can’t wait to see how the picture looks on the canvas. Thanks again to everyone.”

About the Photo:
It was captured in the 17-18x Semi on Saturday. Most of the shots that ultimately make it to the Photo Trophy Dash are “Naturals,” meaning I pretty much know as soon as I look at the LCD on the back of the camera that it is one of “those” photos that will either make it in to our race coverage, or the Photo Trophy Dash (if we have one).

Those who know me know I love shooting indoors, and that jump on the last straight was perfect for great action. The shot of Derrick Blackmore in this Trophy Dash was also shot on that jump. I love me some nice motion blur, but the eyes have to be sharp to make the cut. In this case, Tyler’s determined, “eyes-on-the-prize” expression was nice and sharp, with plenty of action blur to tell the story of speed, with or without a caption.

What is a “Trophy Dash?”
Trophy dashes have a long and rich history in BMX Racing. In the early years of the sport, the winners of the pro, top expert and open classes would meet again for one final lap (the last race of the day, usually), and race for the overall title of “Trophy Dash Winner.” This was the “winner among winners.” In fact, the very first BMX Racing World Champion was decided when Anthony Sewell won the 14-Over Trophy Dash at the Jag World Championships in 1978.

Keep an eye out for more Photo Trophy Dashes in the coming months.

—Mike Carruth

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Ssquared Bicycles Website

Answer BMX Website

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