Podcast: John David on 2019 USA BMX Rule Changes

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John David on 2019 USA BMX Rule Changes

Just prior to the Christmas holiday, USA BMX released the 2019 rulebook and schedule of national entry fees. The specific meanings of the changes on-tap for the new year drew a ton of online discussion, with some hair-on-fire doomsayers foretelling a “number plate police state” where riders’ scores are summarily stricken from the record due to an offending background color or too many logos. To say nothing of side plate enforcement at the nationals.

And, of course, the ongoing saga of “clips versus flats” in BMX Racing where the pedal pirates ply their trade, and argue passionately about the particulars of one over the other. We wanted to know just-what the problem is with clips that half the sport wants to ban them–or at the very-least restrict them.

With all this rumor, speculation and personal-opinion pontificating, News is stoked to welcome one of the key players involved in approving these rules, USA BMX COO John David. It’s always-awesome to welcome JD to the Announcers Tower show, where he never fails to lay-out the specifics of our questions.

This was a pre-Christmas taping, which we held til after Santa had securely returned to the North Pole. Not many podcast listeners on the wire while chestnuts are roasting on an open fire, and Jack Frost is nipping at noses. Today, however, is another story, as we see the BMX world is back to its regular-old-self.

Podcast with USA BMX COO, John David on 2019 Rule Changes
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So, without giving too much away, suffice it to say that USA BMX is not out to create a “Number Plate Police State,” nor impose any other overly-onerous admonitions in Anno Domini 2019.

Editor’s Note: At 23:19 in the show, we ask a question (off the topic of 2019 rules), about how number plate letters are assigned to riders at Nationals. Is it in order of “precedence” (National, NAG, and so-on down the line), or are letters assigned in some other way? This question is as a result of News seeing NAG and even National champions at nationals with letters over their #1s–which seems contrary to the spirit of those “earned” numbers.

At 25:05, John said he would get us a clearer answer on how this works, and that-very-day, we received the clarification from Brad Hallin at HQ. We will run that answer as a separate article, so as not to crowd either story.

—Mike Carruth


Download the 2019 USA BMX Rulebook (PDF)

Download the 2019 USA BMX National Schedule (PDF)

Download the 2019 USA BMX National Entry Fee Schedule

Podcast: John David on Florida State Series

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Podcast: John David on Florida State Series
On May 17, BMX News reported the story of a USA BMX decision to suspend authorization of the Sunshine State Association (SSA) to promote BMX Racing events in the state of Florida (link below). SSA had run the “Florida Cup” series for decades, and there were a fair amount of opinions voiced on both sides of the issue.

A letter sent to tracks on that day, signed by USA BMX COO, John David, and CEO, BA Anderson, promised an all-track meeting on the afternoon of July 21, to “discuss structural options of the new series and finalize the details for 2019.”

That meeting took place, as scheduled, this-past weekend in Orlando. Two representatives from each of the 15 Florida tracks attended.

To recap some of what was discussed, and to give BMX News readers the details of what was ultimately decided, we are joined by John David, on Episode 143 of the Announcers Tower Podcast.

Listen now:
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We look forward to seeing the realization of these plans in the 2019 series, and are also-anxious for your comments on what John said, in the comments below.


USA BMX Shuts Down Florida SSA Series


Podcast: Steve Spencer Talks GT 2017

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Podcast: Steve Spencer of GT BMX

Since the Grands, we have been watching for signals from the GT tent as to what their on track forces would look like for 2017. To this point, there have been some indirect indications that the team would live-on, even amid rumors to the contrary.

Well, we’re please to put all the rumors to bed, and bring you the straight story on all-things GT BMX for 2017. Joining us on this episode of the BMX News Announcers Tower Podcast is Steve Spencer, GT Bicycles Sports Marketing Manager for BMX and MTB. Steve is also a familiar face at the BMX track, as a key player at Rad Canyon (indoor and outdoor) in Utah—which is one of the top attendance tracks in the US of A.

Once the GT tales are told, this show goes into a “state of the sport” discussion, in which we hear Steve’s learned opinions on the subject of pros, BMX Racing grassroots, and national riders racing locals. It’s quite an episode, and we know you’ll enjoy it.

iOS users: paste the URL below into your device’s browser to listen

A big thanks to Steve, and GT Bicycles for bringing BMX News readers and listeners the straight story, directly, without us having to read about it in the nooks and crannies of someone’s social media profile.

—Mike Carruth

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Recap Podcast: Manchester SX

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BMX News Recap Podcast - Manchester SX

In the hours following Sunday’s Manchester SX, BMX News posted a brief recap of the race, along with videos of the main event laps and the full webcast…but we really wanted to get an up-close-and-personal account of the Team USA angle of the race. So, we invited the three top USA finishers from the race, long-time friends of News Brooke Crain, Nic Long and Alise Post.

Alise started the weekend out strong, with a Saturday win in the time trial Superfinal (the first of her career). She looked razor-sharp throughout Sunday’s racing, until misfortune visited her in the final feet of the main event, and let a coming-on-strong Caroline Buchanan slip by for the win. The rejiggering of the lead also gave Brooke the opportunity to race in for third place, and join Caroline and Simone Christensen on the podium.

For her part, Brooke had a week that is a story worth hearing as well, contracting Avian Flu, which is common in the UK, the week leading into the race. Through strict determination and the help of USA Cycling support personnel, plus her teammate Nic Long’s help and encouragement, she made it back to be strong enough to race. In this podcast, Brooke takes us through how she made that remarkable recovery and qualified-through to the main event.

Nic went 3-2-2 in the motos, won his quarterfinal, and took second in the semi, to fellow Team USA star Corben Sharrah. Nic started in lane two in the main event, with Corben in lane one, and hit turn one in fourth place, with eventual podium trio Liam Phillips, Kyle Evans and Renaud Blanc up front. Nic finished fourth.

BMX News 2016 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp
BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

We will pick it up from there with our show, the 122nd episode of the BMX News Announcers Tower Podcast.

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Editor’s Note: I had a great time on this show, and it was very refreshing to hear the personal stories of each guest, and their focused outlook. We look forward to seeing all three of our friends in Rock Hill next week, and BMX News will bring you three days of story and photos from the Novant Health BMX Supercross facility.

—Mike Carruth


BMX News Recap: 2016 Manchester SX

Haro Bikes Website

Troy Lee Designs Website

Redline Bicycles Website

Nic Long’s “Idol Hand Gloves” Website

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Podcast: Louisville’s Top A-Pros

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Podcast: Top A-Pros in Louisville 2015

Last weekend’s Bluegrass Nationals was the third stop on the 2015 USA BMX National tour. The A Pro class has been amped-up at all three stops, owing largely to the fresh influx of talent flowing in from the am classes.

Kenneth Gustafson took home two of the three top podium spots in the Derby City (Saturday/Sunday). Friday’s win was the first Pro topper for Tyler Whitfield.

In his first weekend as a pro, Cole Tesar hit the podium all three days, with a second and two thirds. Jeremy Smith, who was also racing very well in Louisville, was the only other guy to podium at the Bluegrass, with a second on Saturday.

So, for this week’s Announcers Tower Podcast, we brought Kenny, Tyler and Cole together to talk about their experience in Louisville, and cover some of the points that you would never hear otherwise.

Listen Now
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BMX News 2015 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp
BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

We had a great time with this episode, and look forward to seeing these three fold-well into the Elite ranks at the upcoming Pro Series races. We think they will serve up some surprises, so get on the fenceline if you’re there, or watch BMX News for the story when it happens.

—Mike Carruth

Top photo via Cole Tesar’s Facebook


Kenneth Gustafson on Twitter

Kenneth Gustafson on Instagram

Tyler Whitfield on Twitter

Tyler Whitfield on Instagram

Cole Tesar on Twitter

Cole Tesar on Instagram

While you’re listening: Check out the photo galleries from the Bluegrass Nationals

Photo Gallery: 2015 Bluegrass Nationals – Friday

Photo Gallery: 2015 Bluegrass Nationals – Saturday

Photo Gallery: 2015 Bluegrass Nationals – Sunday

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Podcast: John Sawyer on Oldsmar SX Facility

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Footprint on new Oldsmar BMX SX Facility

John Sawyer and the crew at Oldsmar BMX have distinguished themselves in hosting the Gator Nationals the past several years. That event has become one of the marquee events of the USA BMX National Series, and has been recognized by regional media and sports officials alike.

Four years ago, as it started to become clear that BMX Supercross was here to stay, and would be an important part of any facility where “progression” was one of the goals, John and the Oldsmar BMX board began putting plans in place to add a BMX SX track to their facility.

Such a move would require expanding the footprint of the existing facility, which would either require moving the whole shebang somewhere else, or annexing an adjacent ball field for the new track (which was the ultimate solution).

As the project inched its way through the governmental approval and funding process, seeing setbacks, and leaps forward, the plan was refined to keep pace with the current needs of riders and teams who will use the facility for training.

This week, the project received funding approval by Florida officials in Tallahassee, which will now make it possible for the earth movers and ground shakers to start making it happen.

For the full details on what they have planned, now that they have the funding to make the vision a reality, we invited John Sawyer to join us on this week’s episode of the Announcers Tower Podcast.

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The image above is from an aerial video shot after the 2013 Gator Nationals. The green outline represents approximately the new footprint for the facility.


Oldsmar By Air – BMX News March 16, 2013

Top image: Screen capture from a video posted by Rick Hayes and John Nicholson, via Vimeo

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Podcast: SLC Recap and Berlin SX Preview

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Podcast Recap of 2014 Salt Lake Nationals
This was the first BMX News Announcers Tower Live show since last August, and we were stoked to be back on the air with four great guests. The topic of the day was to re-cap the 2014 USA BMX Great Salt Lake Nationals, but we drifted in and out of a prelude to the Berlin SX and some other great topics that BMX News readers care about.

Listen Now, and check out the show notes below
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Show Notes

Bryce Betts talks about the race size and general vibe

Brooke Crain on the variety in Elite Women this season

Donny Robinson talks about the Elite men presence in Salt Lake

Brooke gives details on the Rad Canyon track

Donny talks about the “Standouts” at the race

Bryce on A Pro and Jared the Jet’s double in A Pro

Mike on Jeremy Smith and Bryce Hocking getting second and third both days

Bryce on Austin Hiatt’s new ride

Brooke talks about her Haro Carbon Clutch

Donny gives a recap of the pre-show with Tyler Brown back as host. Dani George, Rusty Nesvig and Joris Daudet

Mike and the panel talk about the new Tioga vid by Corrine Walder with Joris Daudet

Bryce on amateur classes in Salt Lake

Donny and Brooke on heading off to Berlin next for the third stop on the 2014 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup tour.

2014 Berlin SX Track Illustration
Brooke on the illustration of the Berlin track (above)

Donny talks about his commentator role in Berlin and how the track looks leading in to the race.

Mike asks the panel about the social media talk leading into Berlin, “At what point does a track design cross the line to where it is no longer ‘BMX’–the ‘Helltrack’ phenomenon.”

Brooke says “change is good” and talks about how she likes the variety of the SX series.

Donny talks about being part of every modern-day SX race, and comments on Mike’s question: “What could they add that would cross the line in making it a new “species” of riding–no longer BMX.”

Mike asks about the rider opinion on “unconventional” tracks, now that Olympic points have started up again.

Donny, then Brooke respond to that question.

Brooke talks about Papendal and going down the SX ramp in the pouring rain

Back to Salt Lake

Jordan Miranda joins the discussion and talks about his SLC weekend

Jordan on the GT team visit to co-sponsor Skull Candy and how GT brought in the “Atherton” Mountain Bike pit to put on a huge “moto-like” experience

Bryce talks about the all-American Elite Men podium on Sunday

Brooke takes us through her winning lap on Saturday and how she and Shanaze Reade both unclipped in the first turn

Bryce re-caps the Elite Men main events both days

Jordan weighs in on the Elite classes

Mike raises the issue of the Women’s rollout in Nashville and the panel talks about the need for a women’s rollout on a consistent basis

Donny gives a first-person account of how it is to be in a pro rollout, and talks about how the women deserve the same rollout as the men

Around the table: Where our guests are off to next, along with some nice tidbits in addition to the travel schedule

As part of Brooke’s “next steps,” Mike talks about Derek Betcher moving on from his position at Haro. Brooke gives her reaction to his departure. Says DB will be in South Park.

Donny’s next steps. Berlin, Canada, Rockford, Colorado and South Park. “Grateful to be on the circuit doing everything I can.” Also talks about his new coaching platform with Mike Day “Pedals 2 Medals” (

Bryce going to Vegas, and doing some Chase/Stay Strong Clinics with Cristian Becerine. Talks about being on Dale Holmes’ team, then about his “Roadtrip Notebook” reports for News.

Jordan declares he is going after the USA BMX Amateur title this year, and contemplates his next races and how the back-to-back races recently have impacted his training.

Mike comments about the strategy behind deciding what races to hit for an amateur trying to get the title.

BMX News 2014 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp

BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Panel applauds USA BMX rig driver Ron Jones for all the coast-to-coast hauls he makes.

Mike asks the panel about a reader letter we got in to the BMX News Command Center about the UCI “Chaperones” at the races. What are they all about?

Donny tells the story, and his experience with anti-doping control, with all the peeing-in-a-cup details.

Brooke jumps in with some of her recent stories.

Mike asks “what’s that experience like” (of peeing for anti-doping).

Brooke “Oh yeah, they’re right there, checkin you out.”

Mike asks about the first time our panel had to do anti-doping test

Donny talks about the first time and how, out of competition, they can show up any time. “We pull our pants down, to our ankles, like we’re in second grade.”

Brooke gives her story of her first time in anti-doping, at age 16 in Spain.

Mike asks if you really have to let them know your whereabouts at all times?

Bryce jokes that he thinks being “on the (USADA) program” is something to celebrate, because it means he has done something in the sport, but he isn’t there yet.”

Jordan tells a funny story about his first time, a few weeks ago. Watching movies and going to the track with his anti-doping officer in tow, until he was able to provide a valid sample. Took six hours.

Final thoughts from the panel.


Thanks to (in alphabetical order) Brooke, Bryce, Donny and Jordan for joining us today!

Also to Barry Nobles for the aerial shot of the Rad Canyon track.

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Podcast: Mike and Donny on Pedals 2 Medals

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Podcast: Mike Day and Donny Robinson on Pedals 2 Medals

Most of the top experts and pros do clinics throughout the year, both to promote their sponsors and to give back to the riders who aspire to one day be a top expert or pro.

All the riders we talk to who lead clinics talk about how great it is when they work with up & coming riders, and finally their teaching “connects.” The student gets it, and moves to the next stage of their journey from intermediate to expert, or from expert into the ranks of the “super experts.”

Mike Day and Donny Robinson have done a ton of clinics in their time–and have told News about that “boom” moment, when the rider is pushed beyond their comfort zone, and leaves the clinic with new moves they didn’t have when they pulled their bike off the rack that day.

The thing about live clinics is that, once you have passed out the goodie bags, and said “go get ‘em sport!,” the students tend to stay where they were on that day–or, worse yet, revert to their old behaviors.

To bring a constant state of coaching to the masses, Mike and Donny have come up with an idea to solve the day-to-day doldrums of “do-sprints, do-gates…and now what?”

We sat down with the Olympic Medalists to hear about their new venture, Pedals 2 Medals–which will bring videos, smartphone apps and direct-access to their 45 years of combined BMX Racing experience to anyone who wants to move their racing to the next level.

Listen now.

iPhone users: Paste this URL in your phone's browser:

That is some very exciting stuff these two stars have in store for us in the BMX Racing community. As they count down the days to launch, they have set up an email list, to which they will send a #winningwednesdays tip of the week. It’s a great chance to hear, straight from the Silver and Bronze medalists, how you can jump your game to the next level. Mike and Donny also tell News that members of the list will receive exclusive invites to participate in live Google Hangouts with them, for free, between now and launch.

Click the link below to visit the Pedals 2 Medals website, and join the WinningWednesdays email list.


Pedals 2 Medals Website

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Podcast: Eddy King Recovering From MTB Injury

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BMX News Podcast with Eddy King

On October 14, 2013, BMX News reported a story about the mountain bike accident BMX Hall Of Famer Eddy King suffered the previous week. At the time, Eddy was in an LA-area hospital, recovering from the immediate injuries inflicted by the accident. Doctors confirmed that Eddy had a spinal injury, which left him effectively paralyzed from the waist down.

Within a week or two after our report, Eddy moved to a long-term physical rehabilitation facility at Loma Linda University Medical Center. Friends and fans from all over the world began sending messages of support, and Eddy’s competitive spirit took control of the situation, as he fully-immersed himself in the work required to get back to his old self.

In the four months since that point, Eddy has come a long way, and is now riding an AirDyne exercise bike (which allows his upper body to help his legs along), and beginning to take the initial steps outside the confines of his wheelchair.

Long-time BMXer and friend, John Crews, jumped with the “Believe” T-Shirt campaign (BMX News, November 6, 2013), and hundreds of the shirts have been sold to help Eddy offset the soaring cost of his medical bills and recovery (in the following interview, Eddy tells us that the LifeFlight helicopter transport from Big Bear to Loma Linda, alone, cost almost $50,000).

We were excited to talk to Eddy and hear, from his own lips, how it’s going, and learn a little more about the accident and his condition. It was a great chat, and we know–whether you know Eddy or not–you’ll enjoy his story.

Listen Now
iPhone/iPad users: paste the URL below into your device’s browser to listen

On March 1, Eddy’s brother, Mike, and Chris Morgan from MotoUp apparel are holding a “Legends Ride” at Ray’s MTB/Cleveland (link below). The day promises to be an amazing afternoon of riding, and an evening of fun and food, toppe doff by a silent auction to benefit the Eddy King Foundation.

Above Photos (clockwise from left): Eddy (center) with fellow BMX legends Harry Leary and Stu Thomsen; Eddy on his AirDyne bike; Eddy at NextStep Fitness/LA with Stephen Murray.


Eddy King on

Eddy King March 1 “Legends Ride” Event Tickets

Eddy King Foundation T-Shirt (on Bicycles Plus Website)

Eddy King Recovering in LA-Area Hospital – October 14, 2013

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Podcast: Arielle Martin on Retirement/What’s Next

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Podcast: Arielle Martin on Retirement-

We just could not leave it with a few sentences at the end of our Chula Vista article. We wanted to hear more about Arielle Martin’s retirement, and the story behind it. We also wanted to hear more about what was next for our friend.

The podcast we recorded today captured it all so well. AMV was still at the OTC this morning, like any other day…only this time, she was on the other side of the number plate, coaching the Junior Development camp, alongside the team of professionals who were coaching her just days ago. In the interview, she talks about how her career trajectory has always been coaching–her degree is in a related field, and her passion (off the bike) is working with athletes to help them go faster and attain more.

Listen Now:

Arielle Martin Retires

iPad/iPod users: paste the link below into your device’s browser:

Arielle Martin at the 2008 Disney Cup
At the end of the interview, I share a tidbit about the first time I became acquainted with Arielle when I came back to the sport in 2008. It was at the Disney Cup, and I was taking a break from shooting, during second round. Third round of Pros came up, and I was in the stands. The girl pros were up, and I noticed the lead rider boosting the first set in the second straight. I got my camera ready, and even though there was no flash, I popped off a pretty awesome shot of her launching into turn two. It was only my secnd national back, and I really did not know any of the top riders’ names yet. But the above photo was one that would make me an Arielle Martin fan forever. We have shared a lot of interviews since then, and I am sad to see her retire, but looking forward to seeing her working with our up & coming riders, and “coaching” in Strider practice in three or four years.

—Mike Carruth

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