Ohio Dreams Cancels 2019 Summer Camp

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Ohio Dreams
The concept of a BMX-racing-centered Summer Camp is an idea that makes BMXers young and old howl with delight. Situated in the Ohio countryside, about an hour north of Columbus, is Ohio Dreams, which has been operating for the past 11 years.

A whole generation of BMXers Read more

Five Reasons to Do the Pre-National Clinic

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Five Reasons to do the Pre-National Clinic
By Donny Robinson
BMX Racing clinics are widely used to help riders develop their on-track skills by incorporating highly specific exercises that will fast-track the learning process. The majority of our success at any race is determined by the amount of work we do in the weeks leading up to an event, but when a pre-national clinic is offered, on the actual track you’re going to be racing on that weekend, there are serious advantages to signing up.

In this Pro Gate Training and Coaching section article, I have laid out five important reasons why, if done properly, the teachers at a pre-race clinic can offer your rider the best investment you’d be able to make in ensuring they walk away with the results they’re striving for.

Track Time
With nationals becoming larger-scale events, riders are often limited to just a few laps during their small window of age group practice. The pre-national clinic is a great way to learn the intricacies of a new track–without the time constraints of the practice schedule. Parents are spending big to attend the race, anyway – this is an excellent way to help get the most out of your trip!

Everyone Likes Secrets
All tracks are different. From the gate, to the jumps and turns, all the way down to the prime passing lines, if you can get insider tips on every advantage that a seasoned racer knows about a particular facility, wouldn’t you want to hear that advice? Afterall, most of us teaching the pre-national clinics have been racing these tracks for a loooong time. Naturally, you could learn from trial-and-error on your own, but when the chance arises to learn the tricks-of-the-trade from a trusted advisor, jump on it, whether you’re a local to the track or coming in from another state.

It’s All Mental
The level of performance for national BMX Racing continues to rise; from Novice riders all the way through to the Professionals, racers are becoming more similar in their bike skills and overall physical fitness among their peers. So, then, why do some riders continue to perform far below their potential? It’s all mental, son – you should know that! Many of us train day-in and day-out, working on our bike handling and physical conditioning, but how much of our time is devoted to mental preparation? No amount of strength or speed will overcome a poor attitude or lack of confidence. It’s time to get your mind right. Nothing…and I mean NOTHING…is more important while at the race than your attitude and outlook! Find a place or a person that will help you achieve your full potential – on and off the track. The pre-national clinic has that going on in a big way.

*Parents, I know you can use a helping hand getting your riders to listen to the motivational words you’re likely already sharing with them.

BMX News Training and Coaching, Presented by Pro Gate
BMX Training and Coaching, Presented by Pro Gate

Beat The Nerves!
How many times have I lost the opportunity to qualify for a final simply because I could not get comfortable with my nerves or the race atmosphere before it was too late? Far too many. It’s the same at every level. Most of the time, we show up (likely to a new track), get a limited amount of practice, and are then expected to perform at the top of our ability in the first rounds of qualifying – sometimes it takes longer! The more laps we can get, the more we’re surrounded by other racers, the more we can get comfortable with all the surroundings, the more we can relax when race time comes and focus on the very specific list of tasks we need to complete to transfer through qualifiers and into the main event.

Make The Most Out Of Your Trip
Bottom line is, you need to make sure every box is checked before attending a national event. Are you ready to have fun? Have you dedicated yourself to your training? Well then, what else could you do to make sure all of the hard-earned money you’ve already spent, will not go to waste? Do pre-national clinics cost money? Yes. But in the grand scheme of funds being invested, it’s a drop in the bucket, compared to the difference a proper clinic will provide (and the awkward ride home on Sunday when you have nine hours to ponder the one that got away). We often look at things and ask, “Do we really need this?” My answer is, do what you feel is right, but don’t regret not doing everything you possibly can to help yourself achieve your goals.

Editor’s Note
I asked Donny to write this article after talking with some parents in Rockford last weekend, and getting a sense of how they greet a strange (to them) track, which has big-name national riders who know the track like the back of their hand. The same is true, of course, at any level. One dad said “we really should have done the Redline clinic.” The implication was that his rider could have used some extra track time, tips on the terrain, and a solid coaching-up experience before the big day.

Since dR is doing the pre-national clinic for the next race: the Steel City Nationals in South Park, I thought it would be a great opportunity to hear about his take on pre-national clinics, in general, and maybe get some insight into how he runs his show.

As a thanks to Donny for the above wisdom, please give a click to the link below for more info on his South Park clinic.

—Mike Carruth


Pre-National Clinic: 2016 Steel City Nationals

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12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Clinic

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12 Ways to Get the Most Out of a Clinic
By Donny Robinson

Thousands of BMX racers each year sign up for clinics to help improve their riding and raceday prep. Some are led by the track coach, some by local experts and/or pros, and others by fly-in pros or on-the-road factory teams. Each has their own unique appeal Read more

Zula Clinic and $1K Pro-Am in MD

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Tommy Zula Clinic at Chesapeake BMX

Matt from Time 2 Shine has been working hard on an action-packed weekend at Chesapeake BMX, coming up in a couple weeks. “The Re-Up” is a joint effort with DK Bicycles and the HoleShot Bike Shop to bring a Tommy Zula clinc (on Saturday, also featuring special guest Cody Lynn) and $1,000 Pro-Am Read more

Clinics and Camps With Some Champs

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BMX News Clinics and Camps 1

The grass is greener East of the Mississippi these days–at least greener than it was a month ago–and outdoor season is putting some major players on the road for clinics and camps in the coming weeks and months.

In this, the first of our features on BMX Clinics of the Spring/Summer 2015 season, we’re bringing three sets of go-fast get-togethers, with a gang who knows how to get the giddy-up going in guys and gals from Novice to top-expert. If you have goals for the 2015 season, pick one or more of these to put your good-foot forward.

Donny Robinson, May 9 and 10, Indiana

Donny Robinson Clinic at Steel Wheels BMX
The 2008 Olympic Bronze Medalist is coming to Indiana for a rare two-day camp of unique, skill-building exercises. Here’s a little ditty that dR told News about his camps:

I love doing clinics and camps! When you see me after a session, you’ll see that I am equally as tired as if I had just concluded a day of racing; I put the same effort into helping other riders improve (mentally and physically) as I do in my own racing. I approach my camps as a mixture of exercises and attitude, which I’ve learned through my own career as well as from those who’ve helped me rise through the ranks of the sport (Richie, Ronnie and “Papa A” Anderson; Jim Mack and Jason Rogers).

My goal for riders and parents who attend a training camp is for them to get a taste of something different, something “special.” Improvement and knowledge need to come from somewhere deeper than constantly teaching the basics. I’ve been blessed to have experienced every level this sport has to offer, and I love passing my knowledge on to those willing to make their success a focus for a few hours, while we’re together.

Times: Saturday May 9, 2:30PM-5:30PM and Sunday May 10, 9:00AM-Noon

Where: Imagination Glen (aka Steel Wheels Outdoor), Portage, Indiana

How Much: $100 for both days, or $70 for One Day

How to Sign Up: Online at

Download The Donny Robinson Clinic Flyer
*Shoutout to BMX News Contributor, Bryce Betts, for the fast-looking flyer design

Notes: Camp will happen rain or shine (in bad weather, the camp will move to the Steel Wheels Indoor track (about 8 miles away). They will notify enrolled riders by email if there is a change).

Donavon Long, May 14-16, Minnesota

Donavon Long Clinic at Rum River BMX

10-time ABA/USA BMX Team Champion Manager and Coach, Donavon Long, makes the trip from San Diego to the new Rum River BMX indoor arena.

Rum River Track Operator, Kevin Riedemann told News:

We are all about transferring knowledge. That’s why Rum River BMX has a youth mentor and coaching program that runs weekly. But we believe you learn different things, or pick up different lessons from different teachers so we actively try to find educational programs to help make riders better. We have always had some great riders from our area… Now we just have a lot more as we expand our education base.

Our sport will grow because we provide riders with the skills to compete and have fun, as well as helping them to feel as though they belong. We are really excited to have Donavon coming out to our little BMX community, it’s great that he is willing to share his expertise with us.

It will surely make us better; we are all-about-learning.

Times: Three separate clinics

Wednesday, May 13, 6:00PM-9:00PM (all skill levels)

Thursday, May 14, 6:00PM-9:00PM (all skill levels)

Saturday, May 16, 9AM-Noon (experts only)

Where: Rum River BMX, Isanti, MN

How Much: $35 per clinic

How to Sign Up: Email

Notes: Camp will happen rain or shine; Rum River BMX is indoor.

Justin Posey and Luke Roarty, June 4-9, Maryland

Justin Posey and Luke Roarty Clinic at Chesapeake BMX

2014 USA Cycling Collegiate Champion and meteoric-riser in the AA Pro class, Justin Posey joins with double-F-Fast guy in 19-27x, Luke Roarty, to bring a set of pre-East Coast Nationals clinics to Chesepeake BMX in Severn, MD. This is the place and time to get some pre-nats track time, and dial in your skills at the same time. East Coast Nationals are June 12-14.

Angie Black from Chesepeake BMX told News:

The thing I really like about BMX is the camaraderie between riders of all ages. Luke Roarty was 17 when he met my son, who was 6 years old at the time. Luke rode with him and showed him a few moves. This doesn’t happen in other sports. Clinics are another great example of community and sportsmanship displayed by riders of various ages. Clinics are instrumental for riders to progress and excel in the sport. They provide knowledge, confidence and ultimately, SPEED.

Times: Three separate clinics

Thursday, June 4, 6:00PM

Saturday, June 6, Noon

Tuesday, June 9, 6:00PM

Where: Chesapeake BMX, Severn, MD

How Much: $35 per clinic, pre-reg; $40 per clinic walk-up

How to Sign Up: email or call Angie at 301-254-4197

Download The Clinic Flyer
*Shoutout to friend-of-News, Rolando Camacho for the awesome design work

Notes: Private training is available June 4- 9. Call or email for more info.

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Podcast: Mike and Donny on Pedals 2 Medals

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Podcast: Mike Day and Donny Robinson on Pedals 2 Medals

Most of the top experts and pros do clinics throughout the year, both to promote their sponsors and to give back to the riders who aspire to one day be a top expert or pro.

All the riders we talk to who lead clinics talk about how great it is when they work with up & coming riders, and finally their teaching “connects.” The student gets it, and moves to the next stage of their journey from intermediate to expert, or from expert into the ranks of the “super experts.”

Mike Day and Donny Robinson have done a ton of clinics in their time–and have told News about that “boom” moment, when the rider is pushed beyond their comfort zone, and leaves the clinic with new moves they didn’t have when they pulled their bike off the rack that day.

The thing about live clinics is that, once you have passed out the goodie bags, and said “go get ‘em sport!,” the students tend to stay where they were on that day–or, worse yet, revert to their old behaviors.

To bring a constant state of coaching to the masses, Mike and Donny have come up with an idea to solve the day-to-day doldrums of “do-sprints, do-gates…and now what?”

We sat down with the Olympic Medalists to hear about their new venture, Pedals 2 Medals–which will bring videos, smartphone apps and direct-access to their 45 years of combined BMX Racing experience to anyone who wants to move their racing to the next level.

Listen now.

iPhone users: Paste this URL in your phone's browser:

That is some very exciting stuff these two stars have in store for us in the BMX Racing community. As they count down the days to launch, they have set up an email list, to which they will send a #winningwednesdays tip of the week. It’s a great chance to hear, straight from the Silver and Bronze medalists, how you can jump your game to the next level. Mike and Donny also tell News that members of the list will receive exclusive invites to participate in live Google Hangouts with them, for free, between now and launch.

Click the link below to visit the Pedals 2 Medals website, and join the WinningWednesdays email list.


Pedals 2 Medals Website

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Coaching Certification: You Can Do It!

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William Parker Teaching a Clinic
By Heather Parker

Last summer, William was invited by John Beck, the track operator at Circle City BMX in Dothan, AL, to teach a clinic. The clinic was scheduled for a local race day, and was free with race registration. Cleverly named the “Beginner Spinner” clinic, William had ten eager pupils, some of whom were very new to the sport.

William was a bit shy at first, his voice a little soft, his movements lacking theatrics. Just as I began to worry, I could hear him at the gate. “Roll your wrists forward. That’s it. Stand up a little taller. Good.” He knew exactly what he was doing, and the kids responded and loved it. By the end of the clinic, William was confident, and looking forward to the next one. It was a win-win for everyone.

We noticed something that day. The kids were not intimidated by William, their peer. They weren’t afraid to ask questions, and they all really worked hard!

William Parker Intermediate Clinic
A few weeks later, William hosted a more advanced clinic for intermediates only, and introduced this group to manualing and jumping. It was another hit. (Pictured: William with his advanced clinic participants.)

As word spread, William received requests from other tracks in the area, and we were eager to start scheduling.

Unfortunately, a USA BMX rule change threw a monkey wrench into our plans:

“Any person teaching a clinic at a track as of Jan 1, 2014, must be a USA BMX Certified Coach.”

What!? William, not wanting to give up his clinics, quickly decided that he would become a coach. After carefully reading through the requirements and seeing no indication of an age restriction, John Beck came through for us, and recommended William for the program.

After consulting with USA BMX Head Coach Justin Travis, we learned the omission of an age restriction was an oversight, and William was eligible to be an “assistant coach” only. And what qualifies someone to be an assistant coach? He merely has to be an experienced rider under the age of 18. However, a certified coach still has to be present. Justin advised that I take the course.

Me? Can you see it? My only bike is the turquoise and hot pink beach cruiser my dad gave me when I was 15, and I wouldn’t dream of putting it on a BMX track! OK kids, does anyone else here know first aid because I am about to demonstrate a pull-manual…

It seemed I had no choice. I would do it on one condition: William would do everything with me regardless of the fact that he could not receive the certification. Together we took a First Aid/CPR/AED course, and William showed me up with his strength and youth. If anyone could get a ticker ticking, it’s that kid. He even went so far as to request that Circle City BMX get an AED unit in case he needs to revive someone. Let’s hope not!

WIlliam Parker Studying USA BMX Coaching Manual
After I passed my background check (phew!), we were ready to study the coaches manual and take the exam. I have to admit I was sweating bullets. I knew if I didn’t ace it that my 12 year old would out score me. No thanks! So, I nailed it. When it came time for William to take the test, he gave me an, “Aw Mom, do I have to?” That’s when I laid down the law. If he doesn’t pass the exam, I will not allow him to do clinics. He sighed and got to work (above).

All in all, I was impressed with the thoroughness of the coaching manual. The program is well outlined, and designed to retain riders by giving them a scheduled program that encourages them to show up. It states that new riders must take two intro clinics before they are allowed to race. Once the intro clinics are completed, the new rider may also attend the eight individual skills clinics. The clinics are well-scripted and easy to follow, creating a learning structure to help riders advance.

I do suggest that USA BMX revise the coaching requirements for riders under 18 who wish to teach. While I understand the safety requirement of having a responsible adult present, many experienced riders, whether they are 18 or not, are well equipped to teach and retain incoming riders.

William’s results just came in, and he passed the exam with flying colors. His experience far outweighs the little card that claims I am a certified BMX coach, so I’ll leave the teaching to him. I’ll be on hand however, to make sure things go smoothly. After all, “mom” is a much higher title than “coach.”



USA BMX Coaching Website

Podcast with USA BMX Coaching Director Justin Travis

Heather’s “Adventures of a BMX Mom” Blog

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Podcast: Olijuwon Davis on Pro Gate Clinics

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Pro Gate Grands Clinic Podcast

The free clinics promoted by Pro Gate as last month’s USA BMX Grand National were very popular, with over 250 riders signed up for the two sessions. In the morning session, Mariana Pajon, German Medina and Greg Hill spent more than an hour with the kids, coaching them as they gated up on their form and other things that go in to getting rippin holeshots consistently.

In the afternoon, Tyler Whitfield and Olijuwon Davis rocked the house, Rockford style, with serious tips & tricks for over 100 attendees.

We caught up with OD to talk a little about how the clinics went, and get some tips on how you can give your self a gate clinic every day (both mentally, and on the bike).

Since recording the Podcast over the weekend, we learned that Olijuwon finished at the top of the A-Pro points chase for 2013. There is no title in that class, but we’re very happy for our buddy, nonetheless. Congrats, OD!

Here are some photos from the clinics

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Listen To The Podcast Now:
iPhone users: paste the link below in your phone’s browser


Pro Gate Junior Info Page

Doublecross Bikes website

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Supercamp Offering Super Season Special

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Supercamp Grands Special

Burlin Harris and the SuperCamp rig are heading to Tulsa packin a big deal for the 2014 season.

Local programs across the country love it when SuperCamp comes to town. Sometimes they touch down for only a day, other times it’s two days or even the four-day summer camp they run in the West and Midwest.

We have seen a ton of parents over the years invest in the “season pass,” which gets your rider in the gate at any/all of the regularly-scheduled camps on the schedule. The investment pays big dividends on raceday, and saves a lot of “shoulda, coulda, woulda” on the long ride home.

Enrolling in the camps individually, look for the four-day camps to tip the scales at $350ish, the two day camps at $100 per, and the single day camps at $35ea. But, as a season pass holder, you can jam with Bubba and the boys as much as you want for $500 for the whole season.

Now for that “Grands Special:” Sign up in Tulsa (or before, if the urge overwhelms you), and get the season pass for only $300. Major savings on a big part of your 2014 training toolbox.

Download the PDF below for more info on the 2014 stops on the tour, and the


Supercamp 2014 Season Brochure/Enrollment Form

Pro Gate Hosting Two Free Clinics at The Grands

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Pro Gate Grands Clinic

Thursday at the Grands is all about walking the massive expanse of the Expo Center, catching up with old friends and ripping some gates over at Pro Gate to keep the skills razor sharp before Friday’s ROC. Well, that and your 30 minutes of practice at some point.

This year, Pro Gate is stepping up to put some “Set-em-up” in your Thursday downtime.

Sign up for one of our two FREE gate clinics on Thursday. We are doing two in order to accommodate practice times for all ages.

Morning Session
10:00AM – 11:00AM
Mariana Pajon – 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist
German Medina – Coach, Colombian National Team
Greg Hill – Former Top Pro and Owner of GHP BMX.

Afternoon Session
3:30PM – 4:30PM
Felicia Stancil – Factory GT
Tyler Whitfield – Factory Ssquared-Answer

Registration is free, but spots are limited. Register using the link below to assure yourself a spot.


Sign Up for the Pro Gate Grands Clinic

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