Yess BMX Canadian Grands Edit

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Yess BMX Canadian Grands Edit

With more and more BMX Racing edits coming out each month, we have decided to give an entire section over to “Featured Videos,” so Newsians will have a go-to place for all the latest edits. We are proud to welcome Yess BMX as the sponsor of this section.

They have been doing some awesome edits in their own right, and this Canadian Grands highlight reel showing here for the first time, is a fitting starter to the Yess BMX Featured Videos section. The 3:17 edit has some great production values, and features some cool fly-over shots and other fancy camera work of the Yess BMX Factory Team as they get down to business in Chilliwack.

The season ends with champagne corks popping over the national team title win.

A big thanks to Bill and Renny at Yess BMX for their support of this new section. We know it’s going to be super-popular.

If you have a video you’d like to submit, please email us a link (Vimeo or YouTube only) to


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Extreme Team Rocks The Canadian Grands

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Extreme Team at the 2014 BMX Canada Grands
By Josh Smith
Last weekend the BMX Canada Grands went off in beautiful Chilliwack, British Columbia with a dominant- force of Extreme Team riders taking top finishes throughout the weekend.

Wayne Brown went up with heavy hitters Justin Wike (28-35x), Robby Patterson (19-27x), Danny Patterson Read more

O Cup Decided By Wildcard on Sunday

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2014 BMX Canada Maple Leaf Nationals

The 2014 BMX Canada Maple Leaf Nationals ran this weekend in Milton, Ontario. The three-day national was a “cup” race, like the Disney Cup in October.

News kept an eye on the weather for the weekend as of Monday. Friday looked good, but Saturday and Sunday were dicey, with a 50% chace of rain on Sat and an 80% chance on Sunday. As the week marched on, folks started posting their photos crossing the Ambassador Bridge, and other entry points to the East, the Saturday forecast started smiling upon the BMXers heading to Milton.

There were 86 motos on the sheets for Friday’s race, 98 on Saturday, and 80 for Sunday.

The Canadian nationals are a little different than the US nationals–one thing you’d notice right away is the lack of Novices on the moto sheets, at least in Milton. On Saturday, as the bigger of the three days, no Novice class had more than four riders, and only five classes made at all. On the Intermediate side, 12 classes had enough to get it on, and all had 10 riders or under. Naturally, the rider base is smaller up North, but we’d be interested to see if the Canadian novice and intermediate riders think of nationals differently than we do here in the States.

The girl and expert classes were another story. Lots of long-reaching participation, with riders from as far aways as Florida, British Columbia, Colorado, and all stops along the Eastern Seaboard of the US.

Back to that weather report. Friday and Saturday’s race was done completely in-the-dry. But, Sunday morning’s wake up call was to angry skies, pouring down on an un-covered track. Never a good combination–especially that second part.

There was just no way to hold a full-lap race in that muck. So what do you do? The BMX Canada/USA BMX on-site staff made the quick-call to run the third race as a first-straight-only sprint, to the base of the second jump. This has been used before as the “go to” format when the weather made the track unraceable. Remember: only three nationals were ever canceled in ABA history.

As miserable as we’re sure it was out there, nobody went home without a final score, and the weekend’s “O Cup” was decided over an actual race–however messy it may have been. We have to applaud that.

Now, should EVERY national track have tarps in place for the fairly-likely event that it rains on either Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday of their national weekend? Yes, no question. But that is “woulda, coulda, shoulda” material at this point. But still a good lesson. Jake at Rockford can have the entire track covered with tarps in 43 seconds. That comes from years of experience of knowing that it will, universally, rain on his parade every June.

On Sunday, if you had eight riders or fewer, all transferred straight to the main. Others ran a one-moto-transfer, ultimately ending up in a main (9x was the only class with semis).

BMX News 2014 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp

BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Of course, within a few hours, the rain passed and the sun was out, and at the very least most overall winners got to stand on the podium with their cup, with fairly bright skies overhead.

Travis Shinabery, a 19-27x from Michigan, snapped the top photo of the 100-foot sprint, covered in hay (the cones are the finish line). We asked him for his assessment of the weekend, as a whole. Here’s what he told us:

My first impression of the track was good. Friday went well, other than it being super cold. We ran mains under the lights which is always fun.

Saturday was a nice day. The track was faster and on-point, races ran smooth. They had two announcers going back and forth on the race action, which felt a little more moto than usual, so that was super sweet.

Sunday, we pulled up to the track knowing it was going to be soaked. I took one look at it, and wanted to start packin up. But they announced they were still gonna run the race…No way! It wasn’t long before a bunch of volunteers started spreading straw on the first straight. Not sure if that did anything to help–I would have rather picked a rut in the mud and layed it down on my super-sick Cyclecraft, like “braaaap!”

Anyway the race was run as smooth as possible. My strategy was to try and get a killer gate and lean back to get as much traction as I could and lay down the ponies..

I don’t think my “genius” strategy really made a difference, but I ended up with a third (Editor’s Note: Trae Proctor got first for Staats Bicycles, and Travor Payton got second for Star BMX Products).

Overall the weekend was a good one, but Sunday was pretty gnarly, racin half the first straight on a muddy, hay covered track. Shout out to Milton BMX and the BMX Canada/USA BMX staff for still makin it happen.

I’d like to give big thanks to Jared Wilson for all the help and support he and his family have given me, and of course Cyclecraft BMX for supporting me with their great products. And finally to Pyscho Customs for the best frame paint in the business.

Thanks for the photo, and the quote, Travis.

If you remember back to some of your best BMX stories–we’ll bet that the top three involve less-than-ideal conditions– maybe a tornado chasing BMXers haulin bananas out of the parking lot, or running mains at 2AM (to the end of the first straight, no less), maybe three inches of snow the night before the race, with hay and diesel fuel set-ablaze to dry the track. Those are always better than the ones where you get home, and say “welp…nothing much happened but some BMX racin.” The folks who made the trip to Milton sure can’t say it was an uneventful weekend.

Here’s a two-minute edit from the non-rainy days, courtesy of Rick Meloff from One Cut Media. Results will be linked below.

And one vid showing the conditions on Sunday, during the main events. This is the 11x Main. With only eight riders, this class got one shot at it, and how you crossed the line was your finish. Gavin Freewalt won this one, and aced-up Friday and Saturday as well, to take home the overall “O-Cup” win for Haro Promax.

Edit (9/23/14): We incorrectly reported that the “Disney Cup” name would no longer be associated with the Fall Nationals. We apologize for the error.


2014 BMX Canada Maple Leaf Nationals Results

Check out Travis Shinabery’s sponsor:
Cyclecraft BMX Website


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2014 BMX Canada National Schedule

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2014 BMX Canada National Series

For those who like to make a run for the border and race some of the Canadian nationals, and Canadian crankers who like to take in a national on native soil, the 2014 BMX Canada national schedule is ready for inspection.

Six races, plus the Grands in Chilliwack–brought to you by our friends at Yess BMX.

Here are the dates:

May 9 – 11 
Fraser Valley Nationals – Chilliwack, BC – Indoor

May 30 – June 1
Limestone City Nationals – Kingston, ON

June 20 – 22
Firestorm Nationals - Kelowna, BC

July 18 – 20
Vancouver Island Nationals – Cumberland, BC

August 15 – 17
Northern Lights Nationals – Prince George, BC

Sept. 19 – 21
Maple Leaf Nationals – Milton, ON

October 10 – 12
Canadian Grands – Chilliwack, BC – Indoor

We asked Renny Husada of Yess BMX for a few syllables on the Canadian national scene, and his stoke-factor on being involved in the series:

The BMX Canada National series is growing in popularity every year. It’s great to see our riders getting big-race experience right here at home.

As a Canadian company, Yess BMX is especially proud be involved in helping BMX Canada/USA BMX put on the series through our sponsorship.

I’m super proud to be helping develop the sport in Canada, and watching all the participants grow these past three years. There is no doubt in my mind that BMX Canada has helped connect our nation’s riders, and we all appreciate the opportunity to come together with BMX as our medium.

Keep an eye on BMX News for coverage from North of the border.


Download the 2014 BMX Canada National Schedule (PDF)

National Report: Limestone City Nationals

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BMX Racing News - BMX Canada Kingston, ON

Story and Photos by Jim Paiva

As the FBN Plastics tour bus pulled away from the station and headed north for the BMX Canada Limestone City Nationals in Kingston Ontario, Canada, it occurred to me that this was only the second time I had ever ventured North in search of a BMX national. The first was in 1979 as a 16 expert on the NBA Schwinn Tour’s stop at Niagara Falls, NY. It would also be the first time I had raced in another country.

For those of us living in the Northeast, you either head south or west. Just two weeks ago it was 18 hours south to North Carolina. But with Kingston only eight hours away, it was a no-brainer to make the trip north. So with passports in hand, and FBN Plastics owner Rick Bell at the wheel, our day began.

As we approached the border crossing, we made sure we had everything in order, still we were asked to pull off to the side for extra scrutiny. Did they fear we were hiding illegal factory riders onboard so as to win the team sheet? Did they fear we were smuggling in illegal breakfast tacos? (No lie, it’s on the banned list.) After waiting for some time and seeing two other groups of BMXers get pulled over including Jeff Orlandi, SBC Army Northeast who picked up a couple wins in 36-40 Inter, I started to think it was the former. Then without warning we were given the green light to leave and with that we were off.

Arriving at Woodbine Park where the track is located, we were not sure what to expect. Our first impression was that it was going to be a small national. Missing were many of the familiar vendor and factory rigs and tents, and it felt more like a local or regional event. The second thing we noticed was that the track was soaked, and no practice was running. As we ventured to the edge of the track, we got our first lesson on Canadian soil (literally): this stuff sticks like glue. There was no way we were going to run today. The last thing we noticed was the cold! It had to be 50 out (or 10, for those following along in Celsius). It was windy too, with the wind easily whipping at 15-25 KPH.

So with practice canceled and the pre-race rescheduled for after national #1, As there was no camping allowed at the park, we headed to the campground to set up the rig. The KOA campground, just a few miles from the track, was the logical place to stay. When we pulled in, we found that many other BMX families and teams had made the same choice. Over the next couple of days, it wasn’t uncommon to see kids tooling around on their bikes or racing each other on the rented pedal-powered go-carts. It was the perfect choice.

Overnight, everything was transformed. The track had dried, more tents and teams were on hand, and there was a national feel to it. The track itself was converted from an SX track I am told, and you could still see the family resemblance. Hyper’s John Paul Pfeiffer commented that the track was one of the raddest around, and he showed approval by not losing a lap all weekend. The wind and cold were still a factor early on and would blow you sideways if you aired the doubles in the second straight. After the US and Canadian national anthems, the racing went off without a hitch. With 76 motos, and the BMX Canada crew moving things along, the mains were on the track by early afternoon.

Sunday’s races got underway at 9:00 am, not the usual 8:00 am thanks to schedule C, and that extra hour was welcomed for sure. The weather was warmer today, with temps around 15oC, less wind, and with 72 motos we were in uncharted territory and looking to finish in record time. Again, the track was dry and fast and the BMX Canada crew kept things on a good pace.

With all things considered, it was a great weekend of racing, and a lot of fun. We all marveled that we could race a national – in another country – and still be home before dark. Amazing. I look forward to another trip north.

Notable performances, with 4 wins each were turned in by:
Hayden Robinson, Alltow Wrecking Crew/Yess
Abby MacLeod, Answer/Rennen
Bobbi-Jo Patrick
John Paul Pfeiffer, Hyper Bicycles
Rochelle Wooding, FBN/Supercross
Ryder Gatzke-McIntosh, ROK
Tyler Bailey, FBN/Supercross

Factory Team was won on both days by FBN/Supercross

By the way, we will be back in “Kingston” this July–Kingston, NY for the Empire State Nationals.

BMX News will be in Nashville, TN this weekend for the USA BMX Music City Nationals and the USA Cycling National Amateur Championships. Coverage starts Thursday night!


BMX Canada Limestone City Nationals Results

BMX Canada Limestone City Nationals Photo Gallery

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Yess BMX Tulsa Team Report

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Yess BMX Factory Team, on
Well the dust has settled on another great season of BMX racing. It has been a huge year for the Yess BMX Factory team, from winning the BMX Canada factory team title, to winning eight CNAG #1 titles and two USA BMX NAG #1 titles.

Submitted by Renny Husada

At last month’s USA BMX Grand National, the QT Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma was abuzz with title hopes and aspirations on the line. There was only a small contingent from the YESS Factory Team in attendance, but the results were anything but small. Trevor Brown won the 41-45 cruiser title, Alex Tougas won the 14x title and Drew Mechielsen took home two third places. James Palmer, Jared Oberndorf and “Wild Bill” Will Jones were also in Tulsa, doing well in their respective classes.

It has been a huge team effort this year, and we are looking forward to an even bigger year in 2013. With the addition of the Yess bikeshop team for 2013 we are hoping to see even more Yess frames on the podium.

On behalf of the team consisting of Jim Brown, William Jones, Trevor Brown, Laurie Harding, Taylor Brown, Alex Tougas, Ryan Tougas, James Palmer, Drew Mechielsen, Amelia Walsh, Justin Hailey, Jared Oberndorf, Ryan Murphy, Santiago Young and Georges Kreuzkamp, we would like to thank all of our sponsors.

Crit Number Plates, Fly Racing, LDC, Tioga, Lizard Skins, Hawk Racing, Blackspire, Ogio, Leatt Brace, Time, Blotout Graphics, Custom Racing

Editor’s Note: Link added to highlight companies who are also BMX News advertisers


Yess BMX Website

2013 BMX Canada National Schedule

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2013 BMX Canada Schedule, via

This just in to the BMX News center: The 2013 BMX Canada national schedule is out, and already drawing solid interest from both sides of the border.

With six events, plus the Canadian Grands, the schedule does a good back-n-forth between BC and Ontario, and gives enough time between races to also enjoy some of the offerings on the USA BMX side of the house.

Yess BMX won the first BMX Canada Factory Team title last year (above), and we’re sure they’ll be back to go for a repeat.

There will be some rule changes comin down the pike, but they will not be announced until February at the USA BMX/BMX Canada Summit in Las Vegas. One change BMX Canada gave us a peek at is that a rider’s best five scores, plus the BMX Canada Grands, will determine their overall CNAG ranking. One of those scores can be earned on the Saturday of C-Grands weekend, thus enabling riders from Eastern Canada to compete for CNAG plates with only one trip out west!

Without further ado, here are the stops:

2013 BMX Canada National Schedule

Fraser Valley Nationals
Chilliwack Heritage Park (INDOOR)
Chilliwack, BC
May 10-12

Limestone City Nationals
Kingston BMX
Kingston, ON
May 24-26

Cactus Classic Nationals
McArthur Island BMX
Kamloops, BC
June 14-16

Vancouver Island Nationals
Greater Victoria BMX
Victoria, BC
July 5-7

Maple Leaf Nationals
Milton BMX
Milton, ON
August 23-25

Sea To Sky Nationals
Squamish BMX
Squamish, BC
September 13-15

BMX Canada Grand Nationals
Chilliwack Heritage Park (INDOOR)
Chilliwack, BC
October 11-13

BMX News will have more on the 2013 BMX Canada National Series as it becomes available.


BMX Canada Website

Yess BMX Website


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Final Days of the Yess BMX Design Contest

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Yess BMX Frame Decal Design Contest, on

Only five more days to get your design ideas in for the Yess BMX Frame Decal design contest.

They started the contest late last month, and have been getting brisk response and some wild concepts submitted. We’re anxious to see who the top contenders are, but Yess honcho, Renny Husada said we’d have to wait to peek under the curtain.

Renny gave News a little background on the contest:

We’re a small company –and one of the advantages of that is we can react to requests and feedback from customers, then adjust/create quickly.

Customization plays an important role in the market. Initially, with our design we wanted to bring our identity to the community and showcase the craftsmanship and quality in our products.

Busy graphics detract from the detail and attention-to-detail that we put into every one of our frames. It was our expectation that providing a lot of real estate on our frames allows Yess customers plenty of room to get creative with decals, graphics and paint.

This contest will spark creativity from designers and riders with a flair for graphics (Any kind of media will be accepted for submissions as long as they are made into the provided template. This means you can use software such as Photoshop, Paint, or even sketches by hand using markers or crayons!). The best ones will be put to a vote be our Facebook fans, and they will choose the best of the best as the winner. Interaction between our company and the community is important to us, and promotions like this make it fun for everyone.

We have our own designs, naturally. In fact, thousands of requests come in each year for the graphic kit we use solely for our factory team. But with the contest, we can give people options as when we select an idea, we will create one of a few graphic options that you can apply onto your Yess frame.

The Top five designs chosen by the Yess factory crew will be posted on the Yess BMX Facebook fan page, where the fans will decide on the best design. The winner will receive a Yess frame, featuring their custom designed graphics.

Click below for more info on the Yess Decal Design contest. Deadline for entries is October 15, 2012.


Yess Frame Graphics Design Contest

2012 USA BMX Rulebook Released

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2012 USA BMX Rulebook Download

With perfect timing, the ABA released the brand new 2012 USA BMX and BMX Canada rulebook, 24 hours before the first (Pre-race) gate drops in Reno.

We wanted to get this posted ASAP, so have not had a lot of time to go through it yet…except to say that new rules appear with a grey shaded box.

A sampling:

Page 6: Any current Cruiser rider earning a NAG (#1-10), Redline Cup or ROC plate, with a 20” license, will be classified as NO LESS than an Intermediate rider.

Page 12:
A Pro Class Qualifications
1. A rider must be 17 years old the day of the race.
2. A rider earning $4000 in one season in either A Pro or through the Elite/AA Pro race series will be advanced to AA Pro.

And a full section devoted to the East/West Championships (Page 41).

Download the Rulebook now as a PDF

We’re talking about the USA BMX Rulebook over on Vintage…so come join the discussion.


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The ABA's Canada Solution to USA BMX

USA BMX is a great name for a BMX sanction. As long as you’re in the “Free 52.” Since the moment news of the merger between the ABA and NBL, under the USA BMX Umbrella, was first announced, there were questions asking “What about Canada?” What about Canada, indeed.

News was just talking about this subject at the recent Interbike trade show with some folks from up that way, and the sentiment was that they really didn’t mind the USA BMX moniker, as applied to their brand of BMX Racing up North. “I mean, it doesn’t exactly fit, but whatever” said one racer.

Well, no need to shoehorn the Canucks into the program, because Gilbert’s got ya’ covered. Little did we know that plans were underway to give Canada a league of their own, via BMX Canada. We spied the above shot on ABA’s Facebook page earlier in the week, and gOrk confirmed that this was the BMX brand for the Northland.

The above rig will roll on Canadian soil this weekend, just in time for the 2011 ABA Canadian Grand Nationals, held at Chilliwack Heritage Park in Chilliwack, BC.

Keep it right here on BMX News for more developments from the Arctic Circle to

Oh, and we’re reasonably sure that yellow “boot” is a security device so the trailer won’t get stolen. Looks too new to have five parking tickets already :)

#SingItWithMeNow – O Canada