Tech Tips: Crank-Down Some New Cranks

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Box Tech Tips - Crank Installation
There’s almost nothing worse than an old, creaky, stiff-as-a-wet-noodle pair of cranks. However-much power you put down to the pedals, an out of date pair of crank arms and a slightly-twisted spindle will surely bleed your need for speed.

This week in the Box Tech Tips series, Tyler Brown has a new frame, ready to accept a spankin-new set of Box Vector cranks (including bottom bracket).

The process is virtually the same whether you’re building up a new frame or retrofitting your old-faithful for another go-fast season. Same goes for the cranks. Most pro-size cranks install similar to the model depicted in the video (with the exception of the bottom bracket tool). Mini cranks are a bit different with their “square-taper” spindle. We will get into that in a future Box Tech Tips vid.

Tyler breaks it down in three bite-sized morsels:

Crank Installation #1

Crank Installation #2

Crank Installation #3

Give your feet a firm handshake with the track via some new cranks. Now that you know how to navigate the install yourself, it’s easier than ever. Check the links below for more info on the vector cranks, and to order-up a set if you’re in the market.


Box One M35 Crankset (172.5mm – 180mm)

Box One M30-M Crankset (145mm-155mm)

Box Components Website

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