Felicia Stancil Joins Factory Supercross

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Felicia Stancil Moves to Factory Supercross
It’s always great when we see two friends join forces to do some good in the world of BMX Racing. Today’s team news scoop involves two-such friends of News. Felicia Stancil, who we have followed with our camera and covered with our keyboard for our 10 years back in the sport; and Bill Ryan’s Supercross BMX–a key brand in the sport for 30 years, with a history of long-term relationships with riders.

Felicia spoke exclusively to BMX News about joining the Supercross family, saying:

The past two years, I’ve been balancing time between going to school at Marian University and racing collegiately as well as professionally.

Now that I have graduated, I am looking to take my racing to the next level and with that I was looking for a great frame and team that would go along with my goals.

I am thrilled to announce I will be riding for Supercross this upcoming season who has great history in the sport, an amazing carbon frame, and great people on the team. I’m excited to be racing on my purple and silver carbon at both the domestic and international races next season!

We caught Bill Ryan between supervising Fed-Ex shipments to far-reaching points on the globe. Here’s what he said:

As we enter the 30th year of Supercross BMX, we love to Welcome the one and only Flyin’ Felicia Stancil to the Supercross BMX family.

With a rich heritage of Fast girls who love BMX, Felicia fits the mold and more. Felicia and I have been friends for years and I have been a huge Fan of her racing and the way she interacts with the kids, she just purely and truly embodies the #loveBMX culture.

And we plan on Felicia being here thru the 2020 /2024 Olympics and more as we help her with her Olympic Dream and she helps others achieve their dreams. It is a perfect Win/Win situation. And we are excited to be able to start work with her on a Supercross BMX / Felicia Stancil line of components like we had in the past with Olympian and USA BMX #1 Pro Samantha Cools.

We also got a bonus “stoke statement” from Supercross BMX Operations Manager, Melissa Hammonds, who works closely with the riders, in addition to running air traffic control on lots of other things at Supercross HQ in Southern California.

I actually didn’t know Felicia personally before the process of her joining the Supercross family began. Of course I had watched her race, and I knew she was a phenomenal and very accomplished athlete.

The way she interacts with little girls—and all the younger riders at the races helped me to form a really good impression of her. When her name got thrown into a meeting about the team, I was definitely interested in seeing how she was on a personal level.

There’s the job I have in BMX on one hand, but I’m also the mom of a girl rider. I always pay attention to the women’s classes, how they ride, and how they carry themselves while not racing. She is strong, fast and fearless, but she is also kind and giving of her time. For our girls in this next generation, women like Felicia are great role models. It’s important for them to see this great athlete, that is also smart, kind, and goal oriented, that loves to ride her bike. Just a kick ass chick in general!

I’m really excited to expand our Supercross Family to include her, and can’t wait to see what she accomplishes with her new Envy BLK 2!

The 2019 Pro season opener isn’t for 48 days, but we may-just see Fly’n Felicia out in her brand new gear sooner than that, who know? One thing’s for sure, these two are going to be quite a force, both on the track and off. A big BMX News Congratulations to all involved.

—Mike Carruth


Supercross BMX Website

Felicia Stancil on Instagram

Anthony Dean Locks-In With Supercross

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Anthony Dean Locks-In With Supercross

It may seem to be a slow news day when we’re reporting that someone is NOT leaving their sponsor, but with Grands in sight, and end of year not far behind that, the traditional stepping-off platform for riders and brands to bail on BMX for the new year is certainly upon us. Read more

Supercross Envy RS7 – Evolution for Your Revolutions

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The RS7 Aluminum BMX Race Frame by Supercross BMX
Supercross BMX chief, Smilin Bill Ryan, is always at the drawing board, designing and refining the next generation of what thousands of BMXers will ride in the next couple years.

Of course, we don’t hear about the bulk of his test subjects, which are part of the “refine” stage of his long-standing iterative process.

You know what? We may-just see them on the track, and not even know what we’re looking at; they are painted and stickered-up to look like current SX product…but be sure that the next-gen stuff is being track-tested so it is race-ready when the time comes.

Enter the Supercross Envy RS7, the next model in the evolutionary-line of Envy BMX Race frames.

Product Spotlight is Presented by: Product Spotlight, Presented by J&R Bicycles

Here’s what Bill told us about the evolution baked-in to the new model, via a release:

For last three years, while we have been working to perfect carbon BMX racing technology with the ENVY BLK, we have been making notes, taking feedback and listening to what the riders around the world have been saying about the ENVY v5. All in the pursuit of building you the perfect aluminum BMX racing frame. The RS7 is the result of that work, and incorporates the following seven evolution points:

The RS7 Aluminum BMX Race Frame by Supercross BMXEvolution #1 – New, wider, flared seat masts for better BB support and faster launching. You will see that all seatmasts from the Micro to the Pro XXXL use a new forming tool, each size optimized for rider weight and strength to maximize launch.

Evolution #2 – Refined butting profiles to maximize strength and stiffness while minimizing weight. Every Supercross ENVY RS7 gets new triple-butted 7005 ULR tube sets that use our own proprietary molds and dies, specific for BMX Racing. This allows the frame to be stiffer, stronger and lighter.

Evolution #3 – Refined head tube shaping. This may seem like we are being overly critical, but we listened, and during travel, a few people stated they had problems with the airlines denting the head tubes on their ENVY’s, so we have developed a new head tube that more closely mimics the shape of the ENVY BLK head tube and has thicker bearing race seats and walls. So while it looks like a larger heavier head tube, it is actually a stronger and lighter head tube.

The RS7 Aluminum BMX Race Frame by Supercross BMXEvolution #4 – New dropouts. The new Supercross ENVY RS7 dropouts, are still 3D-finished on the CNC, and are now cold forged to increase the strength and durability. And while we were spending the money on the new cold forging die, we also changed the shape, ever so slightly to allow your chain tensioner to work easier by maximizing the contact patch on the end of the dropout for ease of use.

Evolution #5- New Cold Forged Bottom Bracket Shells with cold rolled threads. We have always machined our BB threads after the final heat treating process to ensure the truest and longest lasting threads, but now we are using a new cold forged BB shell with a tighter grain density to better handle the extra power you are putting out and the new threads are rolled rather than cut to increase the life of your frame by ensuring the threads have a longer life.

Evolution #6 – Enhanced tubing diameters, a few tube sizes have changed in outer diameters to ensure that the frame stiffness is enhanced, without adding extra weight.

Evolution #7 – This may be the largest of the changes, on Pro size and larger frames, we have always used a “lug,” on the BB. The chainstays are welded into the BB lug and the lug is welded to the BB shell. By doing this, we maximize the weld area over having two tubes connect directly to the BB. Now on the ENVY RS7, we have taken that concept to the next level by having the chainstays meet the BB shell at the widest point possible, and have now completely boxed in the chainstays with .058 7005 sheet aluminum so the BB area is now a larger box that we accomplished with the old lug style, and increased your launch out of the gate where it is now nearing the performance of the carbon fiber ENVY BLK.

And with that you have the new Supercross ENVY RS7. Available in 18 sizes to fit every rider, and eight stock colors to fit every aesthetic.

And if one of the stock colors isn’t striking your fancy, we still do custom anodize and powdercoat finishes to enable you to make your Supercross ENVY RS7, your very-own.

Thanks for all that detail, Bill. There sure is a lot of tech baked into that puppy.

Click here for a large version of the top photo, so you can ooh and ah til your heart’s content.

The RS7 will be available at Supercross BMX dealers worldwide, starting July 31st, 2017. MSRP is expected to be $649. Hit up J&R to pre-order yours today–tell ‘em you saw it in the BMX News Product Spotlight.

—Mike Carruth

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The RS7 Aluminum BMX Race Frame by Supercross BMX

Bay Area BMXers Sign With Supercross

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Bay Area BMXers Sign With Supercross

Howard Cato and the Bay Area BMXers team have made some impressive moves, both on and off the track in recent years. In fact, one of the fan-fave episodes of the Announcers Tower podcast was with Howard and some of his crew, doing an intro to BMX event at a youth detention facility in Nor-Cal (link below).

For 2017, the 20-rider squad is plus-one, with the addition of 13G Grace Padilla, and also aboard a new frame sponsor, with Smilin Bill Ryan and Supercross BMX.

Here’s what the guys told News in a statement.

I want to give a big thanks to Bill Ryan at Supercross for the opportunity for Bay Area BMXers to be Co-Sponsored by his elite brand for 2017. I’m looking forward to a super year with our team and our new sponsors!

—Howard Cato

The Bay Area BMX team has made quite a bit of noise on the National scene and we are proud to be supporting them in their pursuit of the National #1 Bike Shop team. We know that between Bay Area BMX and Eric at Northwest BMX, you will be seeing many more Supercross’ leading the pack in Nor Cal and the Great Northwest.

—Bill Ryan

Two great guys, with eyes on the prize! Here’s how the roster looks for 2017:

Bay Area BMXers / Supercross BMX
2017 Team Roster

Brandon Cato – Elite Men

Maxwell Mitchell 8X

Michael Mitchell 9X

Andrew Trejo 10X

Dom Duran 10X

Coby Witten 13X

Jacob Allen 14X

Kenny Cross 17-18X

Donnie Gomez 19-27X

Andre Norles 19-27X

Lloyd Sherrod 28-35X

Jeff Anna 41-45X

Daniel Mendieta 41-45X

Brian Simmons 46-over X

Howard Cato 46-over X

Corey Mitchell 36-40C

Eleanor Phillips 8G

Stella Sunseri 10G

Grace Padilla 13G (new for 2017)

Patty Metzger 46-50WC

All will be all tearing up the track on their Speedline-equipped Supercross ENVY race rides.

Keep an eye out for them on their first trip out, next week in Las Vegas.

—Mike Carruth


Bay Area BMXers Bring Bikes to Juvie Hall

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Kevin Pauls Joins Factory Supercross

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Kevin Pauls Joins Factory Supercross

Last weekend, Kevin Pauls wrote a Facebook post bidding a fond farewell to his time on Haro Promax. Kevin signed off his post by saying “As I begin the next chapter of my racing career, I am hyped for what is in store with my new sponsor and even more thrilled to release the spicy news that is currently brewing.”

Indeed, it was. In the two days since Kevin’s post, the NewsTeam has been chasing down leads, trying to confirm where KP would land in the new year. Just then, our “Big Ears” news ticker picked up some faint whispers that seemed to be coming from somewhere between LA and Las Vegas. Only one source we have on the board in that quadrant: Bill Ryan and Supercross BMX!

Just as we were picking up the phone to call, it rang. Guess who?

Bill served it up, in full, on that call, telling us about bringing Kevin on board, and said the following:

We have been huge fans of Kevin and the Pauls family for many years, and we cannot be more happy to have Kevin officially join the Supercross Family for 2017 and years beyond.

Every national we go to, we have always been happy to see Kevin and the Pauls family. An now to have them officially in the family and in the pits will make the nationals that much more fun.

Kevin has always been a great friend, and a wonderful role model for younger riders around the world.

He is as dedicated to his schooling and racing as we are to building the best bikes, so we are excited to be working with Kevin for many years to come as he finishes his amateur career and will eventually transition into his Pro career, and ultimately retire from BMX after a long career on Supercross.

We caught Kevin between final exams, probably when he was supposed to be eating lunch or something.

Kevin Pauls Joins Factory Supercross

I honestly couldn’t be happier to become part of the Supercross BMX family. It is an honor for me to be able to represent the Supercross image and to work closely with both Bill Ryan and Kim Hayashi.

My family and I have been good friends with Bill over the years, and it has always been a good time to see Bill at the races. As I graduate high school and move on to college, I am looking forward to the progress that I will make in both my education and BMX next to Bill and Kim.

As I cannot wait to whip out my new Supercross frame to the national circuit in 2017, I have a strong feeling that I may have found my permanent home with the Supercross family.

Well, this sure was, as Kevin called it, a “spicy” news story. Thanks to Bill and Kevin for bringing it to BMX News first, and best of luck to the whole program in 2017.

—Mike Carruth

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Supercross Envy BLK Carbon Frame

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Supercross Envy BLK Carbon Frame

When you’ve been in the business for over 25 years and have won Golden Crank Bike of the Year twice, you know your doing something right. Supercross BMX proves to be one of the top frame companies on the market year after year, and their newest frame is no disappointment.

Bill Ryan gives us the insight on how the Envy BLK came about:

As far as the history on the Supercross ENVY BLK, that could be quite a story, as you may or may not know, we were one of the first BMX companies to play around with Carbon in 1993, it did’t go too well as they had Dirt Jumpers testing it, and gave our company a pretty big black eye, but we believed in carbon and where it was headed, but we knew it had some inherit material flaws for our sport, but as technology changed and evolved, so did the way that you could use Carbon and after a few special meetings with Torray, and agreed that carbon would be the future of BMX technology if you really wanted to build the best. But it was not a simple task, tons of engineering, testing, molds made, molds changed, redo FEA, re examine structural shapes, try to predict the future on what people would want in the next 8 years, and how technology would change and do it all over again. And then a short 4 years later we launched the ENVY BLK.

If your looking for a stylish yet performance proven frames this is it. Racers like Rachel Mydock, Corey Salas, Magalie Pottier oh, and a dude named dR have chosen to go to battle with the Envy BLK and it’s yet to let them down.

“The Supercross Envy BLK is an all around great frame. I can feel the stiffness of the frame all around the track but predominantly in my first few pedals out of the gate as well as coming out of the turns. The frame provides the stiffness, however it is still very responsive and easy to maneuver. The frame is very durable as mine has taken many bad tags and cases and is still going strong! On top of all that it is also very clean and luxury looking with the graphics that Supercross provides. I am very confident in how the frame handles and would recommend it to any rider looking for an all around great carbon frame.”
– Rachel Mydock

“The Supercross brand in my opinion is one of the most recognizable companies in BMX with a ton of history behind it. The Envy BLK is by far the stiffest frame I’ve ever ridden. The geometry of the frame suits my riding style perfectly as well. Add in the rad color ways and I wouldn’t ever want to ride any other frame.” – Corey Salas

The Supercross Envy BLK comes in six stock colors, which is more than any other carbon frame on the market right now. Shipping now from J&R for $1,199.95, available in Pro, Pro Plus, Pro XL, Pro XXL. The frames are ready to ship from J&R, so go get you one!

But wait, there’s more! If you’re going for it, you may-as-well go for it. The prime pairing to the Envy BLK is the Supercross SLT Mono Carbon fork. It matches-up perfect to the BLK, and puts some serious stiffness in your frontside (link below).
Supercross BMX Carbon Fork

Use discount code JRSPOT15 for 15% off your order of $75 or more at checkout (and save about $230 on a frame and fork combo!)


Supercross Envy BLK – Yellow/Cyan

Supercross Envy BLK – Silver/White

Supercross Envy BLK – Red/White

Supercross Envy BLK – Blue/White

Supercross SLT Mono Carbon Fork

Product Spotlight is Presented by: Product Spotlight, Presented by J&R Bicycles

Supercross Goes Full Tilt in 2016

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Full Tilt Bikes Goes Supercross in 16

It may be better said as “Full Tilt goes Supercross for 2016,” but our way makes a better headline. Full Tilt Bike Co, out of Minnesota has been turning in some terrific…no…blurrific race day results from sea to shining sea. In 2016, they have plussed-up the already-powerful roster with some fast and feared flyers. More on that later.

What we’re here to fill you in on today is the new-year, new-gear move that will put the whole team on Supercross frames in 2016. Full Tilt took home second in the 2015 USA BMX Bike shop team chase, which sets the table for a 2016 run at the title.

Here’s how Smilin Bill Ryan and Full Tilt honcho, Fritz Voight announced the happy news:

Full Tilt Bike Co and Supercross BMX have had a long time relationship and even though Supercross had not been a title sponsor of the Full Tilt Bike Co team, many of their riders had previously been on Supercross BMX race Frames, such as 2014 #1 Am Cruiser champ, Kiegen “Bam Bam” Perlberg, Peter Choat, Raul Gomez and others.

Now, with Supercross BMX backing, Full TIlt is armed with some of the highest technology BMX frames and components available as they make the run for the #1 Bike Shop title.

Fritz Voigt, owner of Full TIlt Bike Co said: “We are proud to be working with Supercross as a lead sponsor of the team. We have always sold a ton of Supercross and Speedline parts and we knew it was the best quality out there, so with our push for the #1 Bike Shop Team Title this year, we are proud to make sure that all our riders are on the world’s best equipment: Supercross, Speedline, Onyx Hubs and FLY gear.”

Bill added: “We are proud to officially be working with Fritz and his Full Tilt Crew, aside from being a great shop for Supercross BMX products, they have a great team with a great group of riders and parents and we are proud to help them achieve their goals of #1 Bike shop aboard their Supercross BMX frames.”

The Full Tilt / Supercross BMX race team is powered by FLY Racewear, ONYX Racing Hubs, Speedline Parts, Tioga Tires, ODI Grips, Granite City Roll On, SMA Insurance and Cheryl Post “Cherylstrong” #nevergiveup

For More information on the Full Tilt /Supercross BMX race team please visit the SUpercross Website or Full Tilt Bikes on Facebook (links below).

We know that some of the Full Tilt crew is converging on Las Vegas for the 2016 season opener, so we’ll be sure to bring you some first-photos of the frontrunners rockin the house at the SouthPoint.

Congratulations to Bill and Fritz for putting things together in grand fashion for the riders.

—Mike Carruth


Supercross BMX Website

Full Tilt Bikes on Facebook

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Anarchy Dropping Great Deals on the Way Out

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Anarchy BMX shutting down

The Anarchy BMX frame brand has been around for more than 10 years. Bill Ryan purchased the assets of the company out of bankruptcy in 2010 after the previous owner filed Chapter 7 the previous year, citing $665,000 in liabilities on $18,000 in assets.

Once the transaction closed, Bill cleared a place at Supercross HQ and set about relaunching the brand a couple years later.

Fast-forward three years, and Bill has decided to put Anarchy on pause as he narrows his focus on the Supercross and Speedline product lines, which are seeing strong sales this year.

As part of this action, he has posted some incredible deals on the final Anarchy frame inventory – $169.95 (versus a $499 retail).

The Anarchy frame is a solid race ride, and if you’re looking for something new, this could be your opportunity to trade up from your current scoot. Pro, Pro Plus and 24″ Pro sizes are still available. Check out the link below to go directly to the info page.

But beyond the last-chance dash to save you some cash on a new frame, we wanted to hear more from Bill on how he came to this decision. Here’s what he said:

Supercross Industries is having its best sales year yet, and this move is about focus. In a time when the BMX industry is going through some tough times, and some are diversifying their product offerings, we are fine-tuning things to continue on the current growth pattern by focusing in and refining our core business.

With the Anarchy brand, we never really intended upon having a second frame brand, but when Anarchy Inc. the holder of the Answer BMX license filed bankruptcy years ago, in lieu of monies owed, we ended up with the Anarchy and Drive brands, along with the remaining inventory. We are still sitting on the DRIVE name and with Anarchy we sat on it for a few years, and when the time was right we decided to launch Anarchy in a different manner to try to help fix what was wrong with the BMX industry.

With Anarchy, we were not selling to teams, we were selling to Bike Shops. No bro deals, no flooding the market with product, we had a simple plan. One major distributor, only one authorized mail order outlet and two riders– 1 Pro, 1 Am. We started advertising in PULL and built an amazing frame at a price point that was well below it’s value.

And off we went. Our one-am, one-pro team (KJ Romero and Austin Hiatt), which rapidly turned into to a two pro team as both KJ and Austin turned up.

Our first year, we sold 100 frames. Not a lot for a frame company and it was losing money. But the second year we invested more. Our pro, KJ Romero, won Rookie Pro of the Year Golden Crank and we were getting decent exposure. But it was still losing money. The next year we invested a little more into it and sold 80 frames. BMX Plus! tested the Anarchy that year and raved about what a great race bike it was, but sales were still flat.

We started keeping track, there were more and more companies getting involved in BMX racing and there were now over 70 Brands of BMX racing frames. So it made sense. We kept taking good money from our other brands and putting it into Anarchy to make it grow, but it just wasn’t taking off.

After KJ left for a better offer from Staats and Austin left due to co-sponsor conflicts, we never picked up any more riders, we just let the brand go; we didn’t want to keep putting good money into it. Supercross and Speedline Sales were growing and we needed to focus those efforts.

When we started the Anarchy experiment, there were around 40 BMX Racing frame brands world wide. Today, there are over 80.

So with that, we are going to try to be a part of the solution to building a stronger industry. We are putting the Anarchy brand in storage. We are focusing on the growth of Supercross and Speedline to give the BMX riders the best products available and concentrate on that growth.

—Bill Ryan

Sounds like a solid plan, Bill. And the prospect of seeing Anarchy in the BMX News viewfinder again at some point in the future is always there.


Anarchy BMX Frame Closeout

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Kim Hayashi New TM of Factory Supercross

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Kim Hayashi Supercross BMX Team Manager

We last saw Kim Hayashi talkin business at Interbike with Supercross BMX chief, Bill Ryan. No big news there, as Kim has been long part of the Supercross family. But were headlines afoot in the days after the show, and News now has the lowdown on what, just yesterday, was on the down-low.

Bill air-dropped this in our priority “scoop” mailbox last night.

We at Supercross are very proud to announce that, effective immediately, Former UCI World Champion and five-time NBL #1 Pro, Kim Hayashi, is taking on the responsibility as Team Manager for the Supercross BMX Factory Team.

“Lil’ Kim,” as she is known to fans, has been a staple on the BMX circuit for nearly two decades. As she finishes up her degree, Kim has punched the pause button on racing to concentrate on her studies. The *TM* position fits her desire to stay active in the sport, and our need to have someone keeping day-to-day hands on running the Factory Team. And we could not think of a better person for the job.

She has been “in” at the highest levels of the sport, and has the work ethic of a champion, which she will now bring to running the team.

Kim has already secured a few new riders to bring in to the Supercross Family for next year, and she is working on relationships with new co-sponsors, and enhancing the value our current sponsors see from the team. With Kim on board, look for us to revitalize the support team program, for our support teams around the world.

The general dynamic of the Supercross BMX Family experience will remain the same, as Kim has been with the program for five years already as a rider. Kim and I share the vision of how the team should be run: win or lose always give 100%, and we always celebrate the effort.

Look for more big news out of the Supercross BMX camp soon.

—Bill Ryan

It will be great to see Kim back out at the races. We know she will make a top-notch shot-caller for those in the Supercross BMX kit. Congrats to both her and Bill on getting this deal done.


Supercross BMX website

Speedline Parts website

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Dani George Parts With Supercross

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Dani George Departs Supercross BMX Factory Team
In Chicago baseball, Ernie Banks is known as “Mr. Cub,” for his long tenure on the North Side team. Seeing him in another team’s colors would be like opening a Diet Coke and finding Sprite inside.

Yesterday, just as we were executing the daily power-down procedure here in the BMX News Global Command Center, we received the following email from long-time Supercross Factory star, Dani George:

As of June 16, 2014, I will no longer be representing Supercross BMX. I had a great run with Bill Ryan and the whole Supercross BMX family, but after four years with the team, I have decided it is time for me to move on.

I want to thank Bill for all the support he has given me as an amateur and as I continued my career into the Elite class. I wish him and the team well.

I will be in Rockford for the USA BMX Midwest Nationals June 27-29 and then in South Park the following weekend.

It takes a lot to shock us battle-hardened news warriors here at HQ but, we have to admit, that was a surprise. Dani sent the news hours after returning from the Berlin World Cup in Germany. Sometimes those long flights get you to thinkin that it’s time for a life change.

We asked Dani what she would be riding in Rockford, jersey and bike wise, and she said “It’s up in the air at the moment.”

Supercross BMX chief, Bill Ryan sent News the following statement:

We are sad to announce the departure of one of Supercross’ Elite Riders, Dani George from the team. After four years on the Supercross Factory team, not to mention numerous other years on Supercross Support teams, it has come time where Dani has decided that she would like a fresh start on her Elite career.

Dani came on to the team as an amateur, but with the attitude of a professional and carried that thru with her in her BMX career as she won the 2011 ABA BMX #1 Amatuer Woman Title and the 2012 USAC Junior Women Title, as well as the last two years making Elite Women Mains at USA BMX events and UCI Supercross Events. We at Supercross have tried to support Dani in the best manner possible, but as Dani is moving forward with her Elite Career she is looking for a fresh start and we at Supercross wish her nothing but the best with the rest of her Racing career. It will be hard to not have Dani in the pits as well as the Playground, but this is a decision she has made for herself and we wish her the best with everything life has in store for her.

—Bill Ryan

It’s going to be strange seeing Dani in something other than her Factory Supercross kit, aboard her purple Envy–just as it would be if, suddenly, Mr. Cub were wearing a White Sox jersey. At the same time, we realize how, sometimes, a clean-slate change is needed to change up the mental game.

We’ll bring you more on what’s next for Dani, as part of our Midwest Nationals coverage next week.


Follow Dani on Twitter

Supercross BMX Website

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