Louisville Mega Cavern Levels BMX Jump Lines

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Louisville Mega Cavern Removes BMX Jumps
On September 16, 2014, BMX News brought some early details on a unique underground bike park being built in Louisville, KY. The Louisville Mega Cavern chunked out 325,000 square feet of their 4 million square foot facility, and opened at the end of 2014.

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“DirtWorld” coming to SF Bay Area

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DirtWorld in Richmond, CA
Richmond, CA is a city at the top of the East Bay section of the San Francisco Bay area. It is right at the East-side entry of the San Rafael Bridge, adjacent to Berkley, to the South, and not far from Oakland.

The closest BMX track is North Bay BMX in Napa, which is 40 miles away (or about an hour drive).

But now, a seven-member steering committee has worked with the City of Richmond to develop a two-acre plot (a city block-wide) of vacant land into “DirtWorld,” a riders’ paradise of terrain for all skill levels — pump tracks, jump lines, a mini BMX track, as well as a mountain bike skills loop.

DirtWorld Steering CommitteeThe DirtWorld Steering Committee (above) is (left-to-right): AC Thompson, Jasmine Malabed, CoCo Ramirez, D2 Dennis Hoskins, Howard Cato, Troy Thompson and Alex Fowler.

Howard Cato, leader of the Bay Area BMXers team, and one of the DirtWorld Steering Committee members told News:

We’re launching this cool project, bringing a BMX practice track, pump tracks, and jump lines into the heart of the city. The project is aimed at getting more urban kids and youth of color on bikes and into BMX.

We’d love for you to let people know about the project and share our go fundme link.

The site is declared as an “adopted site” by the city which, Howard tells us, means they are required to maintain the spot with the goal of reducing blight and contributing to neighborhood beautification. This includes picking up trash and general upkeep/maintenance.

The first phase of construction of the site is set to begin on Feb. 1, 2018.

As we post this, a GoFundMe campaign for DirtWorld is at $3,095 of a $10,000 goal, so more help is needed, in this final “sprint” phase, to help make it happen.

There is no doubt that DirtWorld, once opened, will be a major contributor to getting people–particularly kids–back on bikes.

We urge you to visit the link below, and pledge whatever you can to the GoFundMe effort.

BMX News will bring you updates of the progress, including first photos.

Meanwhile, please donate whatever you can to get kids back on bikes:


GoFundMe – Richmond Bike Park: FINAL SPRINT

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“Big Line” at Louisville Mega Cavern

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The Big Line at the Louisville Mega Cavern

On September 16, BMX News reported some early details of the 320,000-square-foot bike park coming to the “Mega Cavern” in Louisville. Course builder Joe Prisel has been spending a ton of time, moving and shaping tons of dirt in recent weeks, and now we get our first glimpse of the “Big Line” getting some early run-in.

Thanks to Max Eden for posting it up!

Keep an eye on News for more on this future hot-spot, including the happenings around opening day, and what is going down over there during the upcoming 2015 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals, February 6-8.

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BMX News Article on the Mega Cavern Bike Park

Some Cyclocrossers got a crack at the Mega Cavern too last week, here are some photos
Neon Velo Cycling Team at the Mega Cavern

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