Podcast: Fox and Palmer on China Trip

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Nick Fox and James Palmer in China

Over the past few weeks, we have been following the social media posts of Yess BMX Factory stars, Nick Fox and James Palmer on their trip to China to train up some of their long-term Olympic hopefuls.

It was our friends’ first trip to China, and they were ready to soak up every bit of the culture and hospitality for which the Chinese people are known the world over, in addition, of course, to getting down to business at the Training Center.

BMX News caught up with Nick and James just after their return to North America. In this 13-minute “Podcast Short,” the guys talk about their experience, and the respect they gained for the riders they came to coach.

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Nick Fox and James Palmer with their Chinese studentsWe really enjoyed hearing about their experiences, and the professionalism they exhibited in talking about their trip and interaction with the riders under their tutelage.

Next stop for Nick is the USA BMX Grands in Tulsa. James will be taking some time off in his native Canada, and will get back to racing after the holiday break and subsequent off-season.

Thanks for joining us, guys!

—Mike Carruth

The guys put together five vlog posts on their experience. Here’s one of them, and the others are linked below (on Nick’s YouTube channel).


Vlog Posts on Nick Fox YouTube Channel

Nick Fox on Instagram

James Palmer on Instagram

Yess BMX Website

Now…watch the new James Palmer edit by Moonrider Productions

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Podcast: Tyler Brown on SW91 Fundraisers

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Tyler Brown Podcast on SW91 Fundraisers

Following our Sam Willoughby update earlier this week, we had a last-minute opportunity to interview Tyler Brown, who is running this weekend’s fundraiser at his track, Chula Vista BMX, and is also the coordinator of the currently-running eBay auction that is drawing big attention from bidders around the world.

Tyler joins us on the Announcers Tower Podcast for a short episode that gives us some great inside information on how Sam is doing, the efforts that are making a BIG difference in the cause, and the two still-running events that will help YOU make a difference.

Listen Now
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Thanks to Tyler for taking time out of his preparations for the weekend to come on the show and update us on all of the backstory happening on these efforts.

We encourage all of you to take a look at the incredible items up for bid in the online auction or, if that’s not your speed, donating straightaway to Sam’s campaign (links for both, below).

—Mike Carruth

Top Photo Credits: Left photo by Jerry Landrum, right photo by Tyler Brown.


Sam Willoughby’s Page

Sam Willoughby Benefit Auction on eBay

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Podcast: Dale and JRich Recap the Olympics

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Dale Holmes and Dr. JRich recap the Olympics

Dale Holmes and Dr. Jason Richardson posted-up the latest episode of the BMX Pro Podcast Show: Olympic Wrap-Up Edition. The show is definitely worth a couple consecutive listens to get the full-effect of their assessment of all the inside goodies going on in Rio during the Games. Read more

Podcast: Connor Fields on Rio Gold

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Podcast with Connor Fields

Hard to believe that it has not even been one week since the BMX Finals at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. In the short six days since Connor Fields crossed the finish line as the new Olympic Champion, it has been a whirwind of media appearances, hitting the closing ceremonies, letting it all soak in with his Dad, Mike by his side, and flying back to Las Vegas, where he was met by a crush of local media, fans and into the loving arms of his mom, Lisa, the moment he stepped past the security lines at LAS.

Now that Connor is back home, and has had some time to unpack, he was quick to agree to come on the Announcers Tower podcast to tell us the important details of the run-up to the Games, as well as the insider story of time in the Olympic Village, and the racing from Time Trials to crossing the line as the new Gold Medalist.

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Voting is open for the Team USA “Male Athlete of the 2016 Olympic Games.” Connor is in the running, and needs the support of the full BMX community! Voting ends on September 6, and BMXers can vote every day. The BMX community can help make it happen. So, please check the link below, book mark it, and vote every day to get him over the top!

Connor was the first, unofficial guest of “Announcers Tower,” before the Podcast had a name, back on September 4, 2009. This was about two months before I purchased BMX News, and all coverage was via BMXNOW.COM.

The interview was focused on his return to racing after a terrible wreck at the 2009 ABA Super Nationals in Desoto, TX. It’s awesome to hear him seven years ago, and project that optimism to his performance in the Olympic Games. The interview is available at the link below.

A BIG BMX News congrats to Connor on his Gold medal, and for being a long-time friend of News. We look forward to seeing what the future has in store for his career.

—Mike Carruth


Vote For Connor As “Male Athlete of the Rio Games”

Interview: Connor Fields and the Comeback Trail – September 2009

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Bay Area BMXers Bring Bikes to Juvie Hall

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Bay Area BMXers Bring BMX to Juvie Hall

Following a very moving first-person-account post by Bay Area BMXers team member, Chris Kontos on Saturday Night, BMX News took notice of a weekend program Howard Cato’s team undertook at a maximum secutiry Youth Detention facility in Alameda County, CA.

Four team members (Jim Schloffel, Brian Simmons, Chris Kontos and Brandon Cato) loaded up a trailer with bikes and helmets, and created a simple race course for the inmates to ride, following the showing of some racing video highlights from last year’s Grands and some other races.

There was far too much “heart” to this story for us to tell it in text alone—and because of the circumstances, there were no phones allowed for photos or video—so we were pleased to invite Howard, Jim, Brian and Chris on the Announcers Tower Podcast to hear about their event behind the walls of the detention facility—and also their popular after school program that starts up again soon.

Listen Now
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This is definitely not a constituency we had given much thought to. Howard and his group prove that we all might get more involved in our communities to help raise up the hopes and dreams of those kids who, without such influence may-just go down the wrong path.

Big props to Howard and the Bay Area BMXers, and thanks for doing the show to let BMX News readers in on your story.


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Podcast: Logan Collins on the LCQ and What’s Next

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Logan Collins at the 2016 US Olympic BMX Trials LCQ
Late last year, Logan Collins made the commitment to climb the Mount Everest of BMX Racing—a run toward qualifying for the US Olympic BMX Team, headed to Rio this August. It was a decision that took him, first, to Sweden for his very-first World Cup race, and set the table for the 2016 season, where the qualifying calendar would pick up pace quickly, leading Logan to one of many opportunities to make the team.

As we have discussed on News for a while now, the “many opportunities” included 1). Topping the USA Cycling “Power Rankings” points after the World Championships; 2). Winning the US Olympic BMX Trials on June 11; or getting the nod from the nine-member Selection Committee to earn a spot on the team. See what we mean about the “climbing Mt. Everest” reference?

Logan did not top the Power Rankings and was not named to the seven-person Trials team—but he DID have one final shot at racing the Olympic Trials: winning the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ), held the day before the trials. With a win in that race, against a field of 15 other hard-chargers, he would be in the final gate of eight at the Trials, and then it was his to win or lose.

On LCQ day, things were going great for Logan—he was racing for the first time since a bad wreck in Colorado at the end of April, but came out takin care of business, with a 2-1-1 in the qualifying motos. He had first gate pick in the main, chose lane 1, and got his best start and first straight of the day.

But then, disaster struck. Whether it was too much backside into turn one, or the raw adrenaline horsepower that could not be held back, he over-cooked it a bit into the turn, his back wheel broke loose and spun him sideways, to be broadsided by the four other big dawgs behind him.

Being SO close to qualifying into the Trials, only to have fate step in was obviously a big disappointment for Logan, yet when we saw him after the race he was cool-as-ever.

We wanted to get the story of the past nine months, the LCQ in particular, from the man, himself, and were stoked to welcome him on the Announcers Tower Podcast for the first time.

Logan Collins
Give it a listen; it’s a great story.

Listen Now
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Logan’s the kind of guy who doesn’t seek the spotlight, and many of us—even those who follow the pros’ every move— don’t know much about him, but what we do know is that he is one of the good guys, for sure, and we meant what we said about having him on the show again soon for a more “lifestyle” type of discussion.

—Mike Carruth


2016 US Olympic BMX Trials Last Chance Qualifier Recap

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Podcast: Home High School For BMXers

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Bill Redford and Jason Richardson on LAP

Last week, Dr. Bill Redford and Dr. Jason Richardson rolled out a new independent learning program for high school age BMXers and action sports athletes of any stripe. Life Advantages Preparatory (LAP) could be construed as a homeschool curriculum, in that the student engages with the program from their location.

But one thing we learned in the podcast with them was that the LAP program goes beyond curriculum, and includes active mentoring, academic coaching and other facets that are not always present in other curriculum selections.

Dr. JRich is well-known as the sports psychologist to the BMX stars, and he tells us in the interview that some of the services the BMX pros pay thousands of dollars each year for are baked in to the LAP program, making it a highly-potent mix of academic and athletic readiness.

Listen Now
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Most of you who are in school have just finished for the summer break, so back to school may be a thousand miles from your top-of-mind at the moment. But if you are looking to change your academic gearing for the next school year, this is the time to get signed up for the LAP program before it fills up.

We have no doubt it will be an incredible experience for BMXers who want to stay on-track with their studies, and still study their on-track performance full-time. With JRich and Dr. Bill on the case, plus the other mentors and coaches they will bring into the program, you will have everything you need to succeed.

We know that there are a lot of homeschool families in the BMX News readership, and we will be bringing you more homeschool stories in the weeks and months to come.

—Mike Carruth

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Podcast: Jim Moore on “Project Jayhawk”

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Jayhawk BMX Frame

If you were around BMX in the 1990s, you might remember the Hawk BMX frames of the time. They were the frame of chocie for Brian Lopes and Moses Tillmon, and won a lot of races. One of the partners in Hawk was Jim Moore, who stepped out of BMX in 1994 to work for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in So Cal.

Now retired from JPL, Jim decided to turn off Dr. Phil and long lunches in favor of a fresh run at the BMX industry. His comeback product, the Jayhawk frame, is unlike anything we have seen in a BMX frame before.

Instead of using tubing, as most aluminum frames do, the Jayhawk uses sheet stock, coerced into the familiar-form of a BMX Racing frame, using rivets instead of welds in most places–a technique used widely in aircraft construction.

Jayhawk BMX - Top ViewThe Jayhawk definitely gives a powerful first impression–whether you think it’s a thing of artistic and industrial beauty, or a total gimmick that’s going nowhere–one thing you can’t say is that it’s another ho-hum double-triangle.

To learn more about the concepts and inspiration behind the Jayhawk, News invited founder-Jim to be our guest on the 125th episode of the Announcers Tower Podcast. Joining in the fun as guest co-host is George Costa of Rennen Design Group, who tipped us off to the Jayhawk, and was a Hawk BMX fan during his late teen years as a BMX Racer.

Listen Now
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Jim tells us he has sold 10 of the Jayhawk frames so far (actually, it’s a frame and fork set, priced at $800). The Facebook group Jim created (link below) is a central place where questions can be answered, and if you feel like you’re ready to go, Jim will take frame orders via that page as well.

Jayhawk BMX Frame - Bottom BracketWe would definitely like to get our hands on one for some on-track #NewsTeam testing. For now, however, we wanted to bring you some straight-from-the-source scoop on the Jayhawk, and what it’s all about. Keep it here for more, and feel free to leave comments on the Facebook post.

Thanks to George Costa for co-hosting with me!

—Mike Carruth


Jayhawk BMX On Facebook

Rennen Design Group Website

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Greg Hill and Donny Robinson Talk Grassroots BMX

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Greg Hill and Donny Robinson Podcast
Last week, in the wake of the announcement that Derby City BMX would be closing down for most of the Summer 2016 season to upgrade the track to a dual-hill, Supercross/Amateur configuration, Greg Hill posted a message on his personal Facebook page which ended up hitting a nerve in the BMX community, with hundreds of shares, comments and likes from around the world.

Greg’s ire in the post (excerpted below) was not focused directly at Derby City, as he talks about in this riveting podcast interview.

If I see 1 more post about a track that’s building a UCI SX track I am gonna lose it!
—Greg Hill on Facebook, May 12, 2016

Joining Greg on the show is Donny Robinson, who has been working to evangelize BMX Racing in school visits for the USA BMX STEM Program, and as a volunteer at his local track, North Bay BMX.

The interview spends only a little time talking about local tracks installing a dual starting hill configuration, then we dive-deep into our discussion of the state of grassroots BMX Racing, and what can be done to compliment the tools USA BMX provides all tracks, to help get beginners and others who are not-yet ready to boost a set of doubles, and start their national career, out to the track, and keep them there.

Technical Note: Apologies for the sound quality on my microphone. I just installed a new microphone (on the very-day we recorded this show), and it was obviously not quite dialed-in yet. It is fixed now, and will be bold and beautiful for the next episode.

Listen Now
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What’s so exciting is that we are starting to see some early wins show up on the board, as Donny talks about a “beginners-only” day he and the volunteers at North Bay BMX in Napa, CA have been running. It goes beyond the standard-fare “new rider clinic” that is run with the track’s top experts in uniform leading the session, and gets down to the very basics that brought us all here in the first place: Kids. Bikes. Dirt. Fun.

In the closing minutes of the show, we talk about the recent announcement by UCI and USA BMX that they will get involved in sanctioning and promoting BMX Freestyle events.

We hope you enjoyed the show. Please visit and like the BMX News Facebook page (link below) and give us your opinions on the show and topics discussed.

—Mike Carruth

Editor’s Note: In the interview, Greg refers to an annual schedule of “80 Nationals.” He called to ask we correct his words, to a total of 68 national race days in 2016.

Also: I said AYSO soccer had 650,000 participants. According to the US Youth Soccer website, they claim 3,055,148 participants (2014). Even if it is 25% of that, it is 750,000-plus.


GHP BMX Website

Pedals 2 Medals Website

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Podcast: Speedco, Avian, Morphine Update

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Bert Morrison Speedco Sales and Marketing Manager

BMX News has coverted the progress of Mojo BMX Distribution since its inception back in April of 2014. The opening play of Mojo founder Kirk Morrison was the acquisition of the Speedco and Sinz brand names from VSI Products. Read more

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