Winner of the Ssquared Answer Ad Contest

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Alex Ingham from Ohip Wins the Ssquared Ad Contest

Back on April 11, BMX News reported on a unique contest Advantage Bike Corp was running. The parent company of household name brands like Ssquared, Answer and Clayborn put out the challenge to the brand faithful to come up with an ad concept that would star as a full-page insertion in the July issue of Pull Magazine.

The winner is Alex Ingham, a 5x from Loveland, OH, with the headline “When You’re Riding the Best, You’re Always Smiling.”

Here’s the winning ad, with Alex’s winning smile

Alex Ingham from Ohio Wins the Ssquared Ad Contest

News reached out to Alex’s dad, Tony, for some backstory on heir submission. Here’s what he said:

Tell us about the ad you produced for the contest. Who shot the photo, and any other details?

The Photo was shot by Shayne Ross at Dayton Indoor over the winter. Dayton Indoor is Alex’s second home during the winter and is run by Bob Bruns. Shayne Ross is out of Columbus Ohio and takes the pictures at the track and always is able to get great shots like the one we used in the ad.

When Answer/SSquared put the contest out for anyone riding one of their bike I knew that the picture Shayne took would be a great one for the contest because of how he was able to capture how happy he is when he is riding his bike. I downloaded some software and tried my best to make an ad for them that they would like with the picture. 


What was it like around the house to find out you won the contest?

When Marissa contacted me to tell me that we had won the contest his mom and I were super excited but had to wait most of the day to tell Alex since he was in school.

When Alex go home we told him and at first I am not sure he understood what that meant so I went and got last months copy of the magazine and showed him the ad with Brandon Crain and then he understood what it meant.

Being 5, I think his mother and I were more excited than he was but that is also why his nickname is “Iceman;” he takes everything in stride and doesn’t really get worked up by anything. I have pictures of him in staging at a national and I think he is trying to sleep. 


What kind of things were in the prize package?

We have not got the prize package yet because Marissa is waiting until the magazine comes out, but I believe it is going to have a shirt and other Answer swag and 5 copies of the magazine. 

Any final thoughts you’d like to share about your experience in the contest?

I think that the idea of using a rider for a magazine ad to promote the Answer/Ssquared brand is a fun way to make a little kids dream of being in Pull magazine come true.

Every time Pull magazine comes out, the first thing Alex does is go through it to see if he has made any of the race pictures or if he is mentioned in the race reports. So far he has not made it but now he has an ad in the magazine which is way-more exciting for a little kid to see.

Thank you to all the people at Answer/Ssquared for choosing Alex as the contest winner. It’s awesome to help promote such great brands, backed by even greater people. 

What a great story. Even for those who didn’t win, we’re sure it was a ton of fun to get creative and post-up some promo that advanced the cause of BMX Racing among their respective networks.

Big props to John Sawyer, Marissa Caprara, Blake Sawyer and Michelle Senger at ABC for always thinking outside the normal lines.

—Mike Carruth

Make it Big With Answer / Ssquared Ad Contest

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Answer/Ssquared Ad Design Contest
We all keep our eyes on the fast factory flyers featured in our monthly Pull Magazine–especially in the ads. It’s cool to look close and check out what everyone is running, parts-wise…or that trick new colorway that isn’t coming out til Grands, or maybe some proto-ala-moto parts that won’t hit the market til next season.

Between now and April 26, Answer BMX, Ssquared and Clayborn Bicycles are giving you the opportunity to be one of those featured flyers, with a contest for designing the coolest ad for a future issue of Pull.

Here’s what they told us, in a release:

Do you ride an SsquaredBicycles with Answerbmx components? How about a ClaybornBMX bike with AnswerBMX components?

If so this contest is for YOU!!

Design a worthy magazine AD including your bike and you may be the next USA BMX Pull Magazine superstar!

The Winning ad will be featured in the magazine, and will receive a fully-loaded goodie bag including five copies of the magazine for your fans. Winner will be chosen by our awesome All Star Pro lineup.

Submit your design on either Instagram or Facebook with the
#AnswerbmxAD. Make sure your profile is visible and if your using a photo from a photographer, make sure you have permission

Submission deadline is 4.26.18


That is going to be some serious fun! So shine up your scoot, get out to the track with a proper photog, and get some shots to use in your submission.

BMX News always wants to give our readers the best possible chance at things like this, so here are some pro-tips:

- Download logos below (we have made them transparent-background)

- Create your submission to Pull Magazine specs (8.5″ x 11.125″). Make any images run off the edge of the page (called “bleed” in print production jargon).

- Be sure that you have the hi-res version of the photo(s) you use in your submission. This will not matter for the contest submission; you can use 72ppi images there, but you will need a hi-res 300ppi image for the actual ad that will run in Pull.

- If you need product images, go to, and/or and use right-click, “save image” to download them.

- Buddy up with someone who has Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and/or Photoshop. It will be much easier to do this with those production tools. Some public libraries have them, and many schools as well. You might even be able to get exra credit for an art class by doing this “assignment.”

Best of luck! If you hashtag #BMXNEWS in your submission, and you win, we will send you a goodie bag of News swag on top of what you win from Answer/Ssquared/Clayborn.


Answer BMX Logos

Ssquared Logos

Clayborn Bicycles Logos