GO211 Parent Acquired by Metacafe

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GO211 Parent Action Sports, Inc. Acquired by Metacafe

Action Sports, Inc., parent of popular online streaming service has been sold to online video hub Metacafe, for an undisclosed sum. Metacafe issued a press release today stating that GO211 will remain a “distinct destination” after the acquisition, and that Action Sports, Inc. CEO Sean Aruda will assume the role of Chief Revenue Officer at Metacafe.

Metacafe was an early frontrunner in the pre-YouTube user-generated video space. But rather than be a YouTube “also ran,” management took Metacafe in another direction, instead focusing on professionally-produced content aimed at 18-34 year olds (which, all will agree, is a great fit for GO211′s audience).

“Metacafe is at the forefront of making online video an entertainment genre in its own right, and our acquisition of Go211 bolsters our leadership position and demonstrates our commitment to delivering high-quality premium content.” Said Erick Hachenburg, CEO of Metacafe in a release.

In the same release, ABA CEO BA Anderson said “We’re enthusiastic about the Metacafe-Go211 alliance, which will enable us to reach a larger audience and put the power of online video to use in new and innovative ways.”

A quick look at makes it clear that GO211 is in good hands and poised to springboard to a new level of growth. Metacafe had 7.3 million unique visitors in July, as opposed to GO211′s 1.5 million (source:, though Metacafe’s release touted the post-acquisition combined traffic at over 17 million unique visitors per month).

No doubt that the inevitable cross-promotion between the two will raise GO211′s profile and user base. In GO211, Metacafe gets an established platform for action sports content, and will surely incorporate that content into their forthcoming all-sports “channel,” the release said.

The full press release is on Metacafe’s website

It will be very interesting to see how this development enhances the GO211/ABA partnership and potentially puts BMX Racing on the screens of tons more viewers each month.

We’re talking about it on the Vintage forum, so come on over.

—Mike Carruth

ABA Carpetbombs San Diego With SX Commercial

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2010 Chula Vista Supercross TV Spot

With a little more than a week to go til the world comes to Chula Vista, the ABA has ponied up for an impressive media buy in the San Diego market. September 17 and 18 will mark the second time in as many years that a UCI BMX Supercross World Cup event has been held at the US Olympic Training Center. No question that the fastest riders in the world will be there–the only question is who will emerge as fastest of them all and top the podium on Saturday night.

The SX format and fanfare around the Chula Vista race is about as close as BMX racing gets to a “show” of mainstream interest. Siezing on that opportunity, ABA has developed a 30-second spot that will air some 500 times in the coming eight days. If you’re in the San Diego area, you’re likely to see it on ESPN, MTV, NICK, Speed, Spike, Cartoon Network, Versus and more. Big props to the guys from Gilbert!

Check out the Chula Vista SX spot

New ABA iPhone App Gets You the 411

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ABA announced the launch of its very own iPhone app today. The app takes many of the features commonly found on ABA’s Web site and brings them to the palm of your hand, easy to access and without having to click multiple times in the site to see the content you’re after.

In a release, ABA CEO BA Anderson was quoted as saying “Over 13,000 downloads of the application occurred during the 90 days of beta testing and the feedback was incredible. With technology advancing at a rapid pace, we want to stay in the forefront.”

The ABA has been serving up moto sheets via Wi-Fi at their nationals for some time, and this takes it to the next level.

BA Added: “I am sure we will be adding even more features to the app to meet the needs of our members.”

The new ABA iPhone App includes news releases, schedules, track directory with directions, points, a current rulebook, and a direct link to moto sheets at national events. It is available now as a free download, from the iTunes app store.

Interview: News Gets the Dirt on Dirt From ABA Track Builder Billy Allen

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Billy Allen talks with BMXNEWS about building ABA's national and local tracks

Minutes after the final main crosses the line at an ABA indoor national, Billy Allen and his crew go to work to dismantle what was a perfect track moments before.

No matter who is king of the hill at the end of an ABA Local or National race, chances are that Billy Allen built the hill (and the jumps, and the turns to go along with it). Since Billy and his team have just about the most impact on “rider experience” as anyone else in American BMX, we thought we’d invite him to sit down with us to talk about how he goes about building new tracks, some of the trends in track design, and what might be coming next. Billy gives us all the good scoop, and more—as well as early news on his promotion to the “executive suite” in Gilbert.


Walmart goes Hyper with Donny Replica

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Hyper Bicycles will debut a Donny Robinson Replica BMX Racing bike in Walmart stores this March

BMX Racing has a rich history of “replica” bikes, dating back to the mid 1970s. The definition of a “replica” is, traditionally, a bike produced during the career of a famous rider or team, in the style and image of the bike that the rider is actually riding at the time. Hyper Bicycles has stayed graphically true to that tradition with the forthcoming release of a Donny Robinson Replica complete bike, out this March. The added bit of news on this project is that the bike will be marketed through Walmart stores nationwide. With millions of shoppers per day chain-wide, the dR Replica has a chance to put BMX Racing in front of a massive audience.

Though the initial rollout this March will be a market test to gauge consumer interest, it is still hitting 314 stores, which is bigger than most chains, in itself. Based on this test, Walmart will evaluate whether the bike gets a chain-wide rollout.

According to Donny, himself, on last week’s episode of our “Announcers Tower” Podcast, “This is the lightest bike on the (mass) market…I could easily run the frame—it’s an aluminum frame.”

It is clear that, by way of this model, Hyper hopes to sell some bikes. Commerce is a beautiful thing. But it goes beyond that. We see them making efforts to move merch, yes…but also to promote the sport of BMX Racing to a broad, general interest audience, who may not otherwise know about the sport.

And when promoting the sport is the topic of discussion, you know the ABA is never far off the lead. They have joined with Hyper to create a hangtag to go on all of the bikes on Walmart’s floor. The hangtag offers a free 30-day ABA membership with purchase of the bike—helping break down barriers to getting new wheels on the gate at the local track. Check out the hangtag.

For his part, Donny will be promoting the bike, and the sport in general through his “In Motion” Youth Mentoring talks at middle schools in places like Oldsmar, Phoenix, DeSoto, TX an other ABA National cities throughout 2010.

The bike will retail for $99—which makes it an irresistible starter bike for Joe and Jan Novice. On Vintage, over the past couple days, the forum has been alight with great ideas from people wanting to join in the fun. Tracks are talking about buying a few of them for loaner bikes, and some of the collector types have their eye on it as a “timecapsule” buy of BMX, circa 2010.

BMXNEWS will be keeping our eyes on the progress of the bike, and will show you first-photos when the time comes.

Meanwhile, here is the complete list of Walmart stores where the Donny Robinson Replica will be showing up next month.

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