Factory Supercross adds Kamren Larsen

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Kamren Larsen Joins Factory Supercross
Our first Story of 2019 leads off as a companion to similar big news from 2018, namely high-wattage pro additions to the Factory Supercross Team. This time, it’s the addition of 2018 Golden Crank Rookie Pro of the Year, Kamren Larsen.

There’s no doubt that Kam has been making all the right moves to transition from expert to A-Pro, and now to Elite. We have been watching his progress, and 2019 looks to be a promising season–now, more than ever. We caught up with Kamren for a quick “stoke statement” on the move. Here’s what he told us:

I am super-excited to start the next chapter of my Pro racing career with Supercross BMX. It has always been a huge goal of mine to land a ride in the Elite ranks, and when this opportunity fell into place, it seemed like it just came together perfectly.

The vision and atmosphere of this team is second to none, and I believe that 2019 has the potential to be one of the biggest years for the brand yet.

With the heavy hitter amateurs, the recent announcements of Felicia Stancil and Bethany Shriever joining the team, as well as already having Anthony Dean, I believe that this makes for the ultimate #dreamteam.

I am really looking forward to building my career with the brand for years to come, and can’t wait to debut the new Supercross colors in 2019 with the team, as the brand celebrates its 30-year anniversary!

Watch for Kamren, Felicia and the full stable of Supercross stars at the 2019 USA BMX Winter Nationals on February 15-17. As usual, the Winter Nat serve as the pro opener of the season, and it is not one to be missed.

—Mike Carruth


Supercross BMX Website

Kamren Larsen on Instagram

Felicia Stancil Joins Factory Supercross

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Felicia Stancil Moves to Factory Supercross
It’s always great when we see two friends join forces to do some good in the world of BMX Racing. Today’s team news scoop involves two-such friends of News. Felicia Stancil, who we have followed with our camera and covered with our keyboard for our 10 years back in the sport; and Bill Ryan’s Supercross BMX–a key brand in the sport for 30 years, with a history of long-term relationships with riders.

Felicia spoke exclusively to BMX News about joining the Supercross family, saying:

The past two years, I’ve been balancing time between going to school at Marian University and racing collegiately as well as professionally.

Now that I have graduated, I am looking to take my racing to the next level and with that I was looking for a great frame and team that would go along with my goals.

I am thrilled to announce I will be riding for Supercross this upcoming season who has great history in the sport, an amazing carbon frame, and great people on the team. I’m excited to be racing on my purple and silver carbon at both the domestic and international races next season!

We caught Bill Ryan between supervising Fed-Ex shipments to far-reaching points on the globe. Here’s what he said:

As we enter the 30th year of Supercross BMX, we love to Welcome the one and only Flyin’ Felicia Stancil to the Supercross BMX family.

With a rich heritage of Fast girls who love BMX, Felicia fits the mold and more. Felicia and I have been friends for years and I have been a huge Fan of her racing and the way she interacts with the kids, she just purely and truly embodies the #loveBMX culture.

And we plan on Felicia being here thru the 2020 /2024 Olympics and more as we help her with her Olympic Dream and she helps others achieve their dreams. It is a perfect Win/Win situation. And we are excited to be able to start work with her on a Supercross BMX / Felicia Stancil line of components like we had in the past with Olympian and USA BMX #1 Pro Samantha Cools.

We also got a bonus “stoke statement” from Supercross BMX Operations Manager, Melissa Hammonds, who works closely with the riders, in addition to running air traffic control on lots of other things at Supercross HQ in Southern California.

I actually didn’t know Felicia personally before the process of her joining the Supercross family began. Of course I had watched her race, and I knew she was a phenomenal and very accomplished athlete.

The way she interacts with little girls—and all the younger riders at the races helped me to form a really good impression of her. When her name got thrown into a meeting about the team, I was definitely interested in seeing how she was on a personal level.

There’s the job I have in BMX on one hand, but I’m also the mom of a girl rider. I always pay attention to the women’s classes, how they ride, and how they carry themselves while not racing. She is strong, fast and fearless, but she is also kind and giving of her time. For our girls in this next generation, women like Felicia are great role models. It’s important for them to see this great athlete, that is also smart, kind, and goal oriented, that loves to ride her bike. Just a kick ass chick in general!

I’m really excited to expand our Supercross Family to include her, and can’t wait to see what she accomplishes with her new Envy BLK 2!

The 2019 Pro season opener isn’t for 48 days, but we may-just see Fly’n Felicia out in her brand new gear sooner than that, who know? One thing’s for sure, these two are going to be quite a force, both on the track and off. A big BMX News Congratulations to all involved.

—Mike Carruth


Supercross BMX Website

Felicia Stancil on Instagram

Answer-Rennen to Become Factory Answer in ’19

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Factory Answer Rennen Becomes Factory Answer in 2019

Team changes are historically held til after the Grands, out of respect for the current sponsor. In this case, however, the current sponsor IS the new sponsor, so we’re cleared to take off the duct tape on this one going INTO the Grands, instead of as a post Grands report.

For longer than some BMXers have been alive, there has been a Factory Answer/Rennen team (and Rennen/Intense, before that). George Costa has been one of those guys who has perfected the art and science of moving the chess pieces around on his BMX Ouija board just-so, ultimately leading to back-to-back USA BMX Factory Team cups in 2016 and 2017. The squad comes into Tulsa third place in the 2018 points.

George announced recently (in a blurb carried in Pull Magazine) that he would be stepping away from the team scene in 2019, leaving many to wonder what would become of his constellation of BMX stars. Would they be the hot properties to seek out for other teams looking to move up in the pecking order? Would they go “plain-wrap” for a season, or would it be something else.

Well, turns out, it’s something else alright. Long-time team title sponsor, John Sawyer of Advantage Bicycle Corp (parent company of Answer BMX) has stepped up to announce that the Answer/Rennen team would be absorbed into the Factory Answer BMX team, as would the Factory Squared team, creating a 28-member mega-squad for next season.

Here’s a press release John sent over to BMX News about the plans:

Advantage Bike Corp is pleased to announce the following team changes for the 2019 season. The Factory Answer BMX team will be absorbing the Factory Ssquared team as well as welcoming riders from the Answer/Rennen team.

We would like to thank George Costa at Rennen for everything he has done involving the Answer/Rennen team over the years. George will be stepping away from the team aspect of BMX for the time being and we wish him the best with his new warehouse endeavors.

Glen Knapper will be active Factory Answer BMX Team Manager moving forward. The Knapper family has been a staple not only in the race programs, but also from the grassroots level as a Track Operator for countless years.

2019 Team Sponsors:
Answer BMX
Ssquared Bicycles
MJT Designs
Custom Racing
Carve Tires

2019 Team Roster
Tory Nyhaug, Elite Men
Justin Posey, Elite Men
Lauren Reynolds, Elite Women
Saskja Lack, Elite Women
Larry Dardini, Vet Pro
Justin Knapper, A-Pro
Andre LaCroix, A-Pro
Ronan Weber, A-Pro
Markwane Billingsley
Bailey Brannen
Sebastian Chavez
Brandon Crain
Marshall Gehrke
Dustin Hammond
Tyler Holland
Jeremy Knapper
Tyler McGuire
Matthew Meekins
Kater Montellano
Aubrey Palmer
Al Roybal
Ronalds Ritins
Tyler Rooney
Michelle Senger
Robert Slatter
Jeremy Thompson
Jacob Trujillo
Sumi Yuki

Lots of familiar names on there, from the Answer Rennen days, also some high-wattage Elite presence in the bring-together of Tory, Posey and Lauren Reynolds, plus some names we are not familiar with. Looks like 2019 will be a very interesting year in the team scene. It always is, of course.

And a big Congratulations to our friend, George Costa on an incredible Team Manager run (since 2012 for Answer/Rennen, and with Rennen/Intense before that).

Naturally, George isn’t “retiring” to his rocking chair on the front porch of Rennen HQ. He just built a brand new manufacturing facility (a large part of which was with his own two hands), and we’re quite sure he will be cranking out chainrings and other moto-morsels very soon.

News will bring you updates on all of the above, as they happen.

—MIke Carruth


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