Letter: Where Was Alise in Papendal/Zolder?

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Where was Alise in Papendal/Zolder

I watched the Papendal and Zolder SX races on YouTube, and did not see Alise Post. Why wasn’t she there? Did she get hurt?

AS, Midwest

Thanks for writing AS! We are big AP11 fans ourselves, and had a head-scratch moment over not seeing Alise on the moto sheets in Papendal, when we sat down with our popcorn at 9 in the morning.

We reached out to Alise after receiving your letter, and here’s what she said:

It was a late decision between myself and USA Cycling for me to pull out of Papendal (editors note: and, by extension, Zolder).

I love that race and would’ve loved to be there, but during the lead up a lot of things came up at home and with so many moving parts it just wouldn’t have been fair to expect myself to go there and perform. We all agree that it’s almost more important to be 100% mentally prepared than physically for these events to get results and stay healthy, so I chose that being supportive to Sam and getting home life in order as the priority for this period of time.

As much as we would have loved to see another sky-ride into the first turn in Papendal (above), we have to applaud Alise’s decision to put family first.

The good news is that she is said to be enroute to Nashville, for the next round of the 2017 USA BMX Pro Series. We hope you’ll be listening to the webcast as she gets it done!

Top Photo: News regards this as one of the best BMX Racing photos of all-time, but do not know who actually snapped it.

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